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Export Drilling International, LLCExport Drilling International, LLCis a diversified oilfield supply company providinga complete range of equipment and replacementparts. We offer professional, dedicated services tothe international drilling industry, including Australia, Asia, Europe, and North Africa.EDI is a well-resourced company, striving forexcellence and total customer satisfaction. Wedirectly serve our customers by offering our exceptional supply capabilities and service. As a resourceful company, EDI aspires to become one ofthe leading oilfield suppliers providing effectivesolutions to its valued customers.We have extensive experience and expertise to handle and execute all aspects of oilfield procurement.Our experience guarantees the customer with highquality, cost effective, prompt and professionalparts and services.ABOUT USAs an exporter and international supplier of oilfield equipment and relatedparts, EDI has significant capabilitiesand expertise to ensure the efficientand timely movement of goods andmaterial worldwide. Both our warehouse facilities in the USA and TheNetherlands are in close proximity toports and airports as well as relatedservices including foreign freightforwarders, packers and containeryards. Our multi-lingual facilities andlogistics personnel provide packing, documentation and specializedservices.Contact EDIfor completeoilfield services,oilfield equipment& oilfield supply.

Procurement ServicesProcurement has become a strategic, proactive process that contributes toprofitability, corporate growth and a competitive advantage.PackingDocumentationSpecial Services Consolidation-multiple orders,multiple manufacturers Packing lists-detailed,accurate, multiple copies Inspections - on siteor at dock Marshalling & staging Witness testing Crating-to any specification Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Compliance,Certificates of Conformity Phytosanitary wood packingmaterials Commercial invoices legalized & chamberized Expediting - order tracking,status reports Marking and tagging Cargo receipts Special financing Lagging-wire & cable Hazmat certificates Letters of credit Containerization-packing,blocking, bracing, drayage Material safety data sheets(MSDS) Sight Drafts Air and ocean shipments- LCL,full container and break-bulk Waybills, bills of lading Wire transfers Pro forma invoices Delivered pricing, to port, airport, door, or jobsiteanywhere Hazmat certified packing Air and Ocean shipments Nesting Plant inspections Time drafts Trans-shipments International SourcingUtilizing our export and international services, our customers receive their material in goodcondition as ordered, while obtaining real cost savings by taking advantage of our agencycontracts and eliminating the necessity for this exacting work to be in-sourced.

Partial Customer ListAlgeriaAnadarko (GroupementBerkine Sonatrach)Dalma Energy & Co LLCENAFOR (Entreprise Nationalede Forage)ENAGEO (Entreprise Nationalede Geophysique)ENSP (Entreprise Nationaledes Services Aux Puits)ENTP (Entreprise Nationaledes Travaux aux Puits)HESP (Halliburton Entreprise DeServices Aux Puits Spa) SonatrachAustrailiaAJ Lucas MitchellDrilling Tools AustraliaMB Century DrillingChinaQuanzhou Twindisc Trading Co.LtdlIndiaAban Offshore Ltd.Dalma Energy & Co LLCDeep Water Services (India) Ltd.Essar Oilfield Services Ltd.Great Offshore Ltd.Jagson International LTDJindal Drilling and Industries Ltd.Punj LloydQuippo Oil and Gas InfrastructureLtd.IndonesiaCV. DNR Global Tama SupplyCV. Energy Putra PerkasaNations PetroleumPT Barata Nusatama PrimaPT Mitrasejati UtamaVision Drilling Pte. Ltd.ItalyDrillmec SpALP Drilling SrLPerazzoli Drilling S.R.L.PetrevenRevoil S.R.L.EgyptOGDC Nafta PilaPyramid Drilling S.ASakson Egypt S.A.E.MadagascarMadagascar Oil S.A.South AmericaPetreven, C.A. – (Argentina,Peru, Venezuela)TunisiaCompagnie TunisienneDe ForageMaretapMauritiusEssar Oil Fields Services LtdThailandCentury Energy ServicesOmanDalma Energy & Co LLCMB Petroleum Services LLCShaleem Petroleum CompanyS.A.O.C.United ArabEmiratesArabian Ocean ServicesBlue Sea Industrial EquipmentSaiffee Marine LLCQatarDalma Energy & Co LLCKazakhastanCapital DrillingIndeco LLPJSC KarazhanbasmunaiMaersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbhFranceEngineered Products & ServicesKuwaitBurgan CompanyVietnamEssar Oilfield Services Ltd.ScotlandDrill Pipe and Equipmen

Parts and ProductsExport Drilling International, LLC specializes in the supply of a wide rangeof drilling equipment, and spare parts. We supply API Equipment for overall drillingefficiency for demanding oil and gas applications in a full range of sizes and types.Air CompressorsBlowout Preventer AndControl SystemsBlowout Preventers &SparesBrakes & PartsBrake Rims & BandBushings, Master & KellyButterfly Valves &Gate Valves & PartsCasingCementing EquipmentCentrifugal PumpsCentrifuges, Drillingmud/fluidChoke & Kill HosesChoke ManifoldsCirculating HeadsClosing Units andRelated SparesControl SystemsCrown BlocksDesander, DesilterDouble Studded AdaptorsDrawworks & sparesDrawworks & PartsDrill BitsDrillpipe, Drillcollars,Hevi-Wate Drillpipe,StabilizersDrill PipeDrill Pipe ElevatorsDrilling Choke ControlSystemsDrilling Control EquipmentEngines & PartsElevatorsExplosion Proof AndTEFC MotorsFiltersFishing Tools &Downhole EquipmentGate Valves for BOPHydraulic DrillingGate Valves & PartsGeneratorsHandling ToolsHeavy-Weight Drill PipeHigh Pressure RotaryHosesHooks & Swivels & PartsHole OpenersHoses, Rotary, Standpipe,SteelHydraulic AmplifiersHydraulic Casing TongsHydraulic Clampsfor DrillingHydraulic FishingInstrumentationJunk Catcher Junk SubsKellycocks, Kelly valves,Inside Bops & PartsKelly and Casing Tongs,Drilling RigKelly and PipeStraightenersKelly Wipers, Drill PipeWipersKelly Spinners,Kelly CocksKelly Pup JointsLight TowersMud Agitators,Desanders, Desilters,Shale Shakers,Degassers & PartsMud pump Suction HosesMud Pumps & PartsMud screens & shaleshakersOilfield Hoses: BOP,Rotary, HPOvershots Sucker RodPup JointsReleasing and CirculatingOvershotRig Instrumentation& PartsRig Lighting AndElectrical & PartsRig Safety SystemsRig ToolsRotary SwivelsRotary Hoses,Vibratory Hoses,Choke & Kill HosesSafety Clamps SlipsSafety JointsSCR Systems & PartsSolids Control, Drillingmud treatmentStabilizersStabilizers, Oilfield DrillStringSubsSwivel JointsSwivels & HammerUnionsTemperature Indicators/RecordersThread ProtectorsTraveling BlocksTongsTop DrivesTurbines and DownholeMotorswin Disc TorqueConverters and FluidCouplingsValves, BallValves, ButterflyValves, CheckValves, FloatValves, GateValves, KellyValves, ManifoldValves, MudValves, Mud PumpValves, NeedleValves, PlugValves, ReliefWashpipeWatermakers & PartsWelding EquipmentWinches

we are Proud Distributors forCPCB.O.P. Closing Units, Test Units:www.cpcmfg.comJoliet Equipment CorporationDC Motors, AC Motors, High Torque DrillingMotors, Traction Motorswww.joliet-equipment.comNRP JonesHydraulic Hose, Hydraulic Fittings, HydraulicAdapters, Hydraulic Assemblies, B.O.P. Hose,Rotary Hose, Choke & Kill Hose:www.nrpjones.comTSC Manufacturing and Supply, LLC.Fluid Ends, Drill Pipe, Mud Pump Expendables,Pulsation Dampeners: www.tscsupply.comTwin DiscPower Take Offs, Pump Drives, ElectronicControls. EDI is not a distributor but arepresentative/supplier of genuine Twin Disc Products. Twin Disc is a registered trademark ofTwin Disc Inc.: www.twindisc.comGlobal ManufacturingKelly Valves, Top Drive Valves, IBOP Valvesand Pump-In-Subs: www.globalvalve.netBOP Products LLCLicensed API 16A (Pending) B.O.P.’s and spareparts, Ram Blocks, Flanges - Blind & Weld Neck,Double Studded Adapters - all sizes, riser spoolsbuild to specification.Through Hendra, our strategic partner in theNetherlands, we are also distributors for:American BlockDrilling equipment - sheaves, travelling blocks,hooks, rotary tables, swivels, mud pumps, Flowline - hammer unions, cementing and circulatinghoses, swivel joints, integral fittings and pupjoints, ring gaskets: www.americanblock.comBlohm Voss Oil ToolsLinks, elevators, elevator/spiders, slip lifter, floorhand, pipe spinner, power slips, manual tongs,bushings, manual slips, safety clamps, dualelevator system: www.blohmvoss-oiltools.comCustom Safety ProductsSafety pad II FR for rotary table, safety pad II FRfor moveable pipe rack, safety pad II FR for derrick area and steps, safety pad CS 150 for piperack: www.customsafetyproducts.comDrillmecDerricks and offshore, masts, substructures, mobile drilling rigs, hydraulic drilling rigs, hydraulictop drives, triplex mud pumps, drawworks, HHseries drilling rigs, mechanically driven MRseries rigs, G-series drilling rigs :www.drillmec.comDrives IncorporatedRoller chain, conveyor chain, precisionattachment chain, auger products:www.drivesinc.comInnovative ElectronicsIntegrated drilling cabins, drawworks controls,automatic drilling systems, travelling blockcontroller, electronic crown protector, rig floorinstrumentation - analog and digital:www.innelect.comJC ValvesGate valves, globe valves, check valves,ball valves, forged valves:www.jcmiddleeast.comLogan Oil ToolsOilfield fishing tools (overshots, impressionblocks, spears, die collars, junk baskets, ditchmagnets, fishing magnets), drilling, milling andcutting tools (junk, subs, rotary subs, junk mills,cutters), bumper, subs, wireline jars,hydraulic jars: www.loganoiltools.comMCM Oil ToolsChokes, kill line, choke line, Cameron type F,FC & FL valves, WKM type valves, Shaffer typevalves, Flocon type valves, check valves,cup testers, pulsation dampeners:www.mcmoiltools.comO’Drill / MCMCentrifugal pumps, cyclone pump, skidpackages, gate valves, shear relief valves,reset relief valves, float valves, butterfly valves,plug valves, shale shakers, mud cleaners &conditioners, shaker screens, mud agitators,desilters & desanders, mud hoppers,mud guns, mud buckets: www.odrillmcm.com

CONTACT USUSA OfficeAlgerian OfficeNetherlands OfficeHendra Trade FranceExport Drilling International, LLC16173 Whittier BlvdWhittier, CA90603 USAPhone : 1 562 947 3341Fax : 1 562 943 0414Email : info@exportdrilling.comH.K. Pootplein 12636 GJ SchipluidenThe NetherlandsPhone : 31 (0) 15 285 55 72Fax: 31 (0) 15 257 17 98Email: logistics@exportdrilling.comSalim Igloui – ManagerHassi MessaoudMobile: 213 550 967 376Fax: 213 29 731 830Email: edi.algerie@gmail.com(Strategic Partner)La Source30140 Corbès, FrancePhone: 33 (0) 4 6661 8486Fax: 33 (0) 4 6654 9463www.hendra.nl

FC & FL valves, WKM type valves, Shaffer type valves, Flocon type valves, check valves, cup testers, pulsation dampeners: www.mcmoiltools.com o’Drill / mCm Centrifugal pumps, cyclone pump, skid packages, gate valves, shear relief valves, reset relief valves, float valves, butterfly valves, plug

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