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Fire Alarm Systems FPA‑5000 With Functional ModulesFPA‑5000 With Functional Modules Modular configuration allowing for easy extension Easy adaptation to country-specific regulations andconditions Complete set-up with up to 46 modules per controlpanel Interconnection of up to 32 Panel Controllers,Remote Keypads, and OPC server Loop or bus connection with redundancy Connection to BIS Building Integration System viaOPC server Control of up to 4096 addresses (stand-alone panel),or of up to 32512 addresses of a network with 2032addresses per control panel Installation and auto-detection of functional modulesby simply inserting them into the Panel Rail Large LCD display with touch screenThanks to the modular configuration, the innovativeFPA‑5000 Modular Fire Panel is easily adapted to localcircumstances and regulations. Due to the differentfunctional modules, country-specific characteristics areaccommodated in the connection just as quickly as therespective alarm handling.An Ethernet interface allows for the connection to aBuilding Management System (BIS Bosch BuildingIntegration System) via an OPC server.The fire panel is available with two different housings: Housing for mounting directly on the wallFrame installation housings which are fitted to themounting frame and can be swiveled.With the aid of special mounting kits, the housings can bemounted in 482.6 mm (19") cabinets.FPA-5000EthernetFMR-5000OPCBISAll housings can be extended with various additionalhousings for all conceivable applications.The entire fire detection system is configured via a laptopusing the new programming software FSP-5000-RPS.The FMR‑5000 Remote Keypad offers the decentralizedoperation of a control panel or control panel network.Thanks to the external CAN bus interface, several PanelControllers and Remote Keypads can be interconnected.Using either a loop structure or bus structure, thenetwork adapts to every application conditions.FPA‑5000 systems can be connected to the BoschUGM 2020 Universal Security System and thus, beintegrated into a large network system.www.boschsecurity.com

2 FPA‑5000 With Functional Modules-System E1BTStAörTuEnRgIE2FAULTATACFBAUL1L-T BAT1- BAT2- -T F AUAIN M-2.IN1IN2IN3IN4IN5IN6IN7IN8GNDGNDGNDGNDBCM0000A AU-2 AU-3 AU- AU-5 AUX-1 AUXXX4XX-6F ireTest1City TieAA2BC3DEFCity Tie FaultGround FaultCBattery al SilenceBypassedSupervisory3.?-B C B ATOUT - B C B ATINEN AC 3N AC 1NAC 7N AC 5N AC9D10A N AC 2NAC 6N AC 4N AC 8N AC10B AT 225 A -PS 2 -PS 3 - -PS 5PS 4 PS625 A Bri dge 2- 3-B A T1 A Bri dge 3- 4Bri dge 4- 5Bri dge 5- 6B AT1 NO1ANI0016AZONE3StörungL - a -b AU - a -b AU XL1S N 1 X L2S N 2LSN 0300 ACZM0004AZONE4StörungRMH0002A - - - - - - AUX1 OUT1 IN1 AUX2 OUT2 IN2Selection of a basic housingOptional Extension HousingsOptional Power Supply HousingsOptional kits for installation in 482.6 mm(19") racksOperating and Display Unit with Panel Controller- Selection from the various language variantsPanel Rail- Selection according to housing type and/ornumber of required functional modulesFunctional modules- Selection based on planning and country-specificrequirementsPower supply- Batteries- Additional power supply facilities- Power Supply Brackets are preinstalled ex-worksfor Frame Installation Housings- For Wall-mount Housings, Power Supply Bracketsare selected as neededAdditional accessories- Front Doors- Printer with Frame Installation Housing- Cable Sets for special applicationsF1 F2RELAIS2StörungZONE1StörungRELAIS1StörungAUX3 OUT3 IN3 AUX4 OUT4 IN4 - - - - - - FB1 -FB2 -MThe functional modules are autonomous, encapsulatedunits that can be inserted into any control panel slot using"plug-and-play" technology. Thus, the power supply andthe data traffic to the control panel are indicatedautomatically without any additional settings. The moduleis automatically identified by the control panel andfunctions in the default operating mode.Pos.DescriptionAFunctional ModulesBADC Address CardsCPanel ControllerDDistributor, optional (RLE/RLU/HPD)EPanel Rail ShortModuleDescriptionFPower Supply Bracket (installed in Frame InstallationHousings ex-works)BCM‑0000‑BGPower SupplyBattery Controller Module module that controls batteries and power supplyHHousing (in this case: HCP 0006 A)ANI 0016 AIPanel Rail LongAnnunciator Module with 16 red and 16 yellow LEDs, freely programmableLBatteriesLSN 0300 AMRemote KeypadLSN improved Module 300 mA for the connection of an LSN loop with up to254 LSN improved elements or 127 standardLSN elements, maximum line current 300 mALSN 1500 ALSN improved Modul 1500 mA for the connection of an LSN loop with up to254 LSN improved elements, maximum linecurrent 1500 mA, or with up to 127 standardLSN elements, maximum line current 300 mAFPE‑5000‑UGMInterface Module for the connection to a UGM‑2020 SystemCZM 0004 A4 Zone Conventional Module for the connection of existing conventional peripherals, with four monitored conventionallinesFunctionsWiring to external components is performed usingcompact connector/screw terminals.After a replacement, only the connectors need to bereinserted; extensive rewiring is no longer required.Modular Structure of the FPA‑5000 Modular Fire PanelDue to its modular structure, the FPA‑5000 Modular FirePanel provides complete flexibility and thus customizedsolutions for any application.Depending on the requirements, the following selectioncan be made when planning:1. Housing type: Frame installation or wall-mount

FPA‑5000 With Functional Modules 3ModuleDescriptionModulesDetection PointsIOS 0020 A20 mA Communication Module sports an S20 interface, an RS232 interfaceand an S1 interface for a connection with a voice alarm system Plena via RS232CZM 0004 Aup to 4IOP 0008 Aup to 8ENO 0000 Brequires a detection point only if an FSE releaseelement is connected and programmed via theFSP-5000-RPS programming softwareInterfacesDetection PointsFLM-420/4-CONup to 2FLM-420-I8R1-Sup to 8FLM-420-I2up to 2FLM-420-O8I2-Sup to 2FLM-420-O1I1up to 1FLM-420-RLE-Sup to 2FLM-420-EOL-2W-W1 detection point for each interfaceIOS 0232 AENO 0000 BIOP 0008 ARS232 Communication Module with two RS323 interfaces for a connection with a voice alarm system Plena, a printer or laptopFire Service Interface Module for the connection to fire service equipmentaccording to DIN 14675Input/Output Module with 8 digital inputs and 8 open collector outputsRML 0008 ARelay Module with 8 relays for low voltage applicationsRMH 0002 ARelay Module with 2 relays for mains power (250 V) andwith feedback inputs (can also be used as aninterface to extinguishing systems)NZM 0002 ANotification Appliance Zone Module with two monitored primary linesNetworkingUp to 32 Panel Controllers, Remote Keypads, and OPCserver can be connected to a single FPA‑5000 network.Depending on the usage, Panel Controllers and RemoteKeypads can either be defined as a group or as a networkor as a local node. Within a group, only the conditions ofthe control panels belonging to the defined group can bedisplayed. From the network nodes, the conditions of allcontrol panels, regardless of their classification as agroup, can be displayed and edited.When networking via CAN1 and CAN2 interfaces, there arethe following three connection topologies: Non-redundant bus via CAN1Redundant bus via busses CAN1 and CAN2Redundant loop via CAN1 and CAN2For networking with optical fibers, you can use variousconverters. For detailed information on suitable convertertypes and maximum line lengths, refer to the FPA-5000System Description (available online for download).Detection PointsThe following interfaces do not require the allocation ofdetection points: FLM‑420‑NAC, FLM‑420‑RHV,FLM‑420‑RLV1, FLM‑420‑RLV8, FLM‑420‑O2.Signaling devices and outputs have no detection points!Certifications and ApprovalsThe provided options according to EN 54‑2:1997/A1:2006include: Output to fire alarm devicesControl of fire alarm routing equipment- Output to fire alarm routing equipment- Alarm confirmation input from fire alarm routingequipmentOutputs to fire protection equipment- Output type A- Output type B- Output type C- Fault monitoring of fire protection equipmentDelays to outputsDependencies on more than one alarm signal- Type A dependency- Type B dependencyAlarm counterFault warning condition- Fault signals from points- Total loss of the power supply- Output to fault warning routing equipmentDisabled condition- Disablement of adressable pointsTest conditionThe Address Cards activate detection points. TheFPA‑5000 governs up to 4096 detection points. Each element and input which, after the programming, isable to set off an alarm requires a detection point.RegionCertificationGermanyVdS-SS205106 BS FPAVdSG 205106 FPA-5000DIBtZ-6.5-2027 (B) FSA 5000 LSNInputs are considered as detection points if they areprogrammed accordingly in the FSP‑5000‑RPSProgramming Software.This applies to all manual call points and automaticdetectors as well as to the following modules andinterfaces because of their inputs:Z-6.5-2027 (E) FSA 5000 LSNSwitzerlandVKFAEAI 19197 FPA-1200 FPA-5000Brandmeldesystemwww.boschsecurity.com

4 FPA‑5000 With Functional CPD-20818 FPA 5000PFB007/BM-PSys/019/1 FPA-1200/5000BrandmeldesystemAustriaMax. number007/BM-PSys/020/1 1 FPA-5000Hierarchie In network, per control panel2032Detection points / detector zones Stand-alone4096 stand-aloneIn Network32512In network, per control panel2032Limits per Fire PanelSets, e.g. bypass group128BelgiumBOSECTCC2-894 FPA-1200 FPA-5000Total number of modules, per control panel46PolandCNBOP2662/2008 FPA-5000Printer40400/2008 FPA-5000Alarm counter (external, internal, revision)Number of entries in the event database310000CzechRepublicTZÚS080-011414 FPA-5000FSP-5000-RPS programming interface1HungaryTMTTMT-32/2005 FPA-5000Time control channel20MOEUA1.016.0008784-11 FPA 5000Time control programs19365MacaoCB4620/DT/2010 FPA-5000Programming defined daysSingaporePSB022767 FPA-5000User10Access level4System Limits Functional ModulesInstallation/Configuration Notes Country-specific standards and guidelines must beconsidered during planning.Connection conditions for the regional authorities andinstitutions (police, fire service) must be maintained.It is preferable to use the loop formation owing to thegreater security of loop lines compared with stublines.It is possible to combine LSN interface modules andLSN detectors on one loop or stub line.For a mixed connection of LSN classic elements andLSN improved elements, a maximum of 127 elementsare permitted.Existing conventional detectors can be connected to aCZM 0004 A module. A CZM 0004 A module providesfour DC primary lines (zones).In accordance with EN 54‑2, control panels with morethan 512 detectors / call points must be connectedredundantly. To that end, a second basic housing witha second MPC Panel Controller is used.For operation of the fire detection system accordingto EN 54‑13, it is necessary to terminate every stuband T-tap with EOL-modules. BCM-0000-B8ANI 0016 A32LSN 0300 A32LSN 1500 A11FPE-5000-UGM4CZM 0004 A32IOS 0020 A4IOS 0232 A4ENO 0000 B8IOP 0008 A32RML 0008 A32RMH 0002 A32NZM 0002 A8Loop topology32Bus topology8NoteMax. numberControl Panels/Remote Keypads/OPC server innetworkAddresses Max. numberSystem Limits for Each LSN 0300 A Module Up to 254 LSN improved version elements or127 classic LSN elements can be connected Output current- LSN 0300 A: up to 300 mA- LSN 1500 A: up to 1500 mA Cable length- LSN 0300 A: up to 1600 m- LSN 1500 A: up to 3000 m Unshielded cables can be usedGeneral System Limits Functional moduleStand-alone4096 stand-aloneIn Network32512Owing to the FSD (Fire System Designer)programming software, the planning of firepanels in compliance with the limits (e.g.concerning cable length and power supply) isquick and easy.

FPA‑5000 With Functional Modules 5Installation Notes Fire panels can only be installed in dry, clean interiorrooms. To ensure optimum battery service life, the controlpanel should only be operated at sites with normalroom temperatures. The following environmental conditions must benoted:- Permissible ambient temperature:-5 C – 50 C- Permissible relative humidity:Max. 95 %, non-condensing Operating and display elements should be located ateye level. Frame installation housings require at least 230 mmfree space on the right next to the last housing; thisspace is for swiveling out the attached housing forconnection, maintenance, and service. Sufficient space should be left underneath and next tothe control panel for any possible extensions, e.g. foran additional power supply or an extension housing. Do not operate devices showing condensation. Only use the mounting materials specified byBOSCH ST. Interference resistance cannot otherwisebe guaranteed. If connected to a Building Management System (BISBosch Building Integration System) via the Ethernetand an OPC server, please verify with the responsiblenetwork administrator that in case of a networkspanning multiple buildings- the network is designed for connections acrossmultiple buildings (e.g. no interference bydifferent potentials of the ground connection)- all users are assigned to the network.Ordering InformationOrdering InformationFLM-420-EOL2W-W EOL Module LSNfor EN 54‑13 compliant termination of LSNstubs or T-tapsFLM-420-EOL2W-WFPE‑5000‑UGM Interface Modulefor connecting the fire panels FPA‑5000 andFPA-1200 to superordinate systems(UGM 2020, FAT 2002/RE, FSM‑2000)FPE-5000-UGMCZM 0004 A 4 Zone Conventional Modulefor connecting conventional peripherals; provides four monitored conventional linesCZM 0004 AFLM-320-EOL2W Conventional EOLModule 2-Wirefor EN 54‑13 compliant termination of conventional linesFLM-320-EOL2WIOS 0020 A 20 mA Communication Moduleprovides one interface each of S20, RS232and S1IOS 0020 AIOS 0232 A RS232 Communication Modulefor connecting two devices, e.g. voice alarmsystem Plena, a laptop or a printer, via two independent serial interfacesIOS 0232 AENO 0000 B Fire Service Interface Modulefor connecting fire service equipment in compliance with DIN 14675ENO 0000 BCPA 0000 A Cable Set AT 2000Used to connect an AT 2000 to the MPC andthe ENO 0000 B.CPA 0000 AIOP 0008 A Input/Output Modulefor individual displays or flexible connectionof various electrical devices, providing eightindependent digital inputs and eight opencollector outputsIOP 0008 ARML 0008 A Relay Moduleprovides 8 change-over contact relays (typeC) for low voltageRML 0008 ARMH 0002 A Relay Moduleprovides 2 change-over contact relays(type C) for high voltage, for monitored connection of external elements with feedbackRMH 0002 ABCM‑0000‑B Battery Controller Modulemonitors the power supply of the fire paneland the charging of the batteriesBCM-0000-BANI 0016 A Annunciator Moduledisplays the status of 16 individually programmable detection pointsANI 0016 ALSN 0300 A LSN improved Module 300 mAfor connecting an LSN loop with up to 254LSN improved elements or 127 classic LSNelements, with a maximum line current of300 mALSN 0300 ANZM 0002 A Notification Appliance ZoneModulefor connecting 2 separate notification appliance zone lines, provides 2 monitored primary linesNZM 0002 AFLM-420-EOL2W-W EOL Module LSNfor EN 54‑13 compliant termination of LSNstubs or T-tapsFLM-420-EOL2W-WNMC 0000 A Cable HPD/NZMUsed for synchronization in accordance withUL requirements, cable length 90 cmNMC 0000 ALSN 1500 A LSN improved Module1500 mAfor connecting an LSN loop with up to254 LSN improved elements with a maximumline current of 1500 mA, or with up to127 classic LSN elements, with a maximumline current of 300 mALSN 1500 Awww.boschsecurity.com

6 FPA‑5000 With Functional ModulesOrdering InformationAccessoriesFLM-320-EOL2W Conventional EOLModule 2-Wirefor EN 54‑13 compliant termination of conventional linesFLM-320-EOL2WFLM-420-EOL2W-W EOL Module LSNfor EN 54‑13 compliant termination of LSNstubs or T-tapsFLM-420-EOL2W-WFDP 0001 A Dummy Cover PlateFor available module slotsFDP 0001 APSK 0001 A Labelling Strips, Wide20 sheets each with 6 strips, printable,for the functional modules BCM‑0000‑B,LSN 0300 A, LSN 1500 A, CZM 0004 A,NZM 0002 A, RMH 0002 A, CTM 0002 A andENO 0000 BPSK 0001 APSL 0001 A Labelling Strips, Small20 sheets each with 10 strips, printable, forthe ANI I0016 A Annunciator ModulePSL 0001 AAmericas:Bosch Security Systems, Inc.130 Perinton ParkwayFairport, New York, 14450, USAPhone: 1 800 289 0096Fax: 1 585 223 sEurope, Middle East, Africa:Bosch Security Systems B.V.P.O. Box 800025600 JB Eindhoven, The NetherlandsPhone: 31 40 2577 284Fax: 31 40 2577 .com Bosch Security Systems 2011 Data subject to change without noticeT1736298635 Cur: en-US, V49, 18 Jul 2011Asia-Pacific:Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd, Security Systems11 Bishan Street 21Singapore 573943Phone: 65 6258 5511Fax: 65 6571 .asiaRepresented by

using the new programming software FSP-5000-RPS. Thanks to the external CAN bus interface, several Panel Controllers and Remote Keypads can be interconnected. Using either a loop structure or bus structure, the network adapts to every application conditions. FPA‑5000 systems can be connected to the Bosch UGM 2020 Universal Security System and .

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