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Tire Changer AccessoriesFor Hunter Automatic and Conventional Tire ChangersIncludingAccessoriesfor the NEWTCX575

Standard AccessoriesTCA-Series Tire ChangersThe standard Auto34 tire changer comes equipped to handle virtually allcommon tire and wheel combinations. Certain specialized applications canbe handled or optimized with accessories.TCA-Series Standard Accessories:A. Quick ClampB. Bead Depressor Tail & Traction BarC. Lubrication OilD. Paste BrushE. PasteF. Pin Protector (2)G. Pin ExtensionH. Support Plate Cover (2)I. Operation DVDJ. Air ChuckK. Finger ToolL. GlassesM. Cone two-sidedN. Toolhead (2)O. TPMS Wall Chart (not 5-2)(RP6-1157)(RP6-710011940)(5675-T)TCA34W ShownCEBADHFGJ2LKINM

The following options can be used to enhanceservicability of specialized applications.TCA-Series Optional Accessories:A.B.C.D.E.F.G.Wheel LiftPax KitFlange Plate KitMirrorInsert-Ready ToolheadInsert for Toolhead above (50)Contoured Press ACDBGFE3

Optional Wheel Lift SystemAll ModelsServicing large, heavy SUV, light-truck and customwheels requires extra effort. The optional pneumaticwheel lift helps lift wheels to prevent potential injuriesand fatigue from lifting heavy wheels into place.The pedal-controlled wheel lift quickly raises the wheel,leaving the technician’s hands free to control the wheeland position it on the tire changer clamping system.A wheel lift can be ordered with newly purchased tirechanger or separately as a retrofit kit. See the chartbelow for part numbers.TC3710EW shown withoptional 20-2201-1Wheel Lift System.Base Tire ChangerModel Number withWheel Lift IncludedWheel Lift Part NumberIf Ordered 45-1TCX535ETCX535EW20-2045-1Other TCX500------20-2045-1TCX575 shown withoptional 20-2044-1Wheel Lift System.4

Integrated Wheel Lifts Boost Productivity.Help Prevent Injury and FatigueThe Hunter Wheel Lift Systemmakes servicing large wheelseasy! Roll the wheel on the lift.†. activate the automatedlifting device by pressing thelift foot pedal.The lift automatically positionsthe wheel at an ergonomicheight. Simply position wheelas needed.† It’s that easy!Wheel Lift for TCA34/TC3700/TC3500/TC3250 utilizes a roller-based system that helps slide and lower the wheel into position.5

Optional High-Performance Clamping KitsTC3500 / TC3250Euro-Style Tire ChangersThe Large Wheel Clamping Upgrade Kit increases TC3500/TC3250 wheel service capacity to 26” wheel diameter and to 28” for theTC3510. The Large Wheel Upgrade Kit components may be ordered separately.Note: Any increase in maximum bead loosening diameter using these kits results in a corresponding decrease in the minimum diameter.TC35XX Large Wheel Kits Include:A. Mounting Belt KitB. Column SpacerC. Storage RP6-13599)* HSC Note: Order as RP6-7900113100Short Cone (2)Cam Plate Spacers (4)Cone ProtectorTwo-Sided ConeCam Plate Assembly shown withRP6-13719 Rubber Pad (2)I. Shaft Protection SleeveJ. Quick Disconnect Center ShaftK. Rubber Pad (2) (Not en used with TC3500-SS:- Max bead loosening diameter is 26”, Min becomes 16”.- Clamping up to 26” may be done w/ jaw extensions or cam plate.When used with TC3510:- Max bead loosening diameter is 28”, Min becomes 16”.- Clamping larger than 22” must be done w/ cam plate (unless- RP6-G1000A17 is used, then 26”).IHJThe HP Kit enhances high-performance wheel clamping, bead loosening and tire mounting of many high-performance and customreversed drop-center wheels. The HP Kit is suitable for TC3510 and TC3500-SS models.TC3500 High-Performance Upgrade Kits Include:A. Mounting Belt KitC. Storage Bracket(RP6-G1000A8)(RP6-13173)* HSC Note: Order as RP6-7900113100D.F.I.J.**Short Cone (2)Cone ProtectorShaft Protection SleeveQuick Disconnect Center Shaft(RP6-1460)(RP6-1156)(RP6-8703)(RP6-11522)HP kit fits TC3500 & TC3510 changers equally.Part #DescriptionKit IncludesHP 20-2156-1 Fits TC3500-SS or TC3510 with QD Support High-Performance Kit - Center Support, Cones, Mounting BeltLarge 20-2014-1 Fits TC3500-SS without QD SupportQD Center Support Kit (RP6-10822), TC3500 EVO 26” Upgrade Kit (RP6-10669)WheelKit 20-2015-1 Fits TC3500-SS or TC3510 with QD Support Large Wheel Kit (RP6-10669)†6Part number listed is for the individual part only. An additional quantity of this part is included to complete the kit.

High-Performance Upgrade Kits Provide Multiple Methods of ClampingDifficult Tire and Rim CombinationsWithout Extensions.With Extensions.Conventional Drop-CenterWheel With Inside RubberPad Clamping UsingCenter SupportLarge Wheel KitHigh-Performance KitConventional Drop-CenterWheel With Inside RubberPad Clamping Using AddedCenter Shaft & ConesLarge Wheel KitHigh-Performance KitReverse Drop-Center WheelWith External Jaw ClampingLarge Wheel KitHigh-Performance KitConventional or ReverseDrop-Center Wheels WithCam Plate & Cone ClampingLarge Wheel KitHigh-Performance KitWith Two-Sided Cone.7

Standard Accessory PackagesEach Hunter TC-Series tire changerincludes a variety of accessories tohelp service a wide range of tireand wheel combinations.Part #TC3710TC3510HPTC3510ARP6-G1000A23 Force MultiplierXXBRP6-G1000A67 28” Bead Depressor TailXXXCRP6-G1000A7Mechanical Bead RollerXXXDRP6-710013421 Wheel Support Plate Cover (2)XERP6-710012940 Drive Pin ExtensionXFRP6-710090480 Pin Protector (2)XGRP6-13173Storage BracketXXHRP6-11522Quick Disconnect ShaftXIRP6-8703Shaft Protector SleeveXJRP6-1156Cone ProtectorXKRP6-1460Short Cone (2)XLRP6-G1000A8Mounting BeltXMRP6-G800A11Shovel Protector (2)XXXNRP6-G1000A11 “HM” Bead LeverXXXORP6-0326Bead Protector SleeveXXXPRP6-8659External Rubber Clamp JawXXQRP6-1506Paste BrushXXXRRP6-3784Mounting PasteXXXS148-133-2Lubrication OilXXXT145-341-2Air ChuckXXXU179-15-2Safety GlassesXXXV221-675-2Extra Mount HeadXXXWRP6-1157Two-Sided Cone XX5675-TTPMS Wall Chart (not shown) XXXTC3710W8DescriptionTC3700, TC3510HP,TC3510TC3710


TC-Series AccessoriesTC3700, TC3510HP,TC3510, TC3250Quick Disconnect Center Shaft (RP6-11522)Replaceable Center Shaft with quick disconnect couplerallows additional clamping accessories to be utilizedincluding cam plate and cones. Interchange coupler boltis not included.Two-Sided Cone for LTWheels (RP6-1157)For use with the regular-sized clampingcone when the wheel hub bore is largerthan the standard cone and the camplate clamping method is selected.Cone Cover, Wheel HubProtector (RP6-1156)Protects the wheel hub bore fromcontact when clamping with theshort cone (RP6-1460) is a concern.Shaft Cover, Wheel Hub Protector Sleeve(RP6-8703)The Protector Sleeve protects the wheel hub from potentialshaft contact. Installs over the top of the center shaft(RP6-11522) when installing or removing a wheel fromthe Center Shaft Kit.Short Cone (1 ea.) (RP6-1460)The Short Cone Kit helps provide added stability whenutilizing the QD center shaft without the cam plate.Clamping cones are not to be used without the addedsupport of the rubber pad internal clamping method(2 required).Rim Securing Device (RP6-1485)TC35XX, TC3250For internal clamping of conical or greasywheels. Prevents damage to rim surfacecoating.Cam Plate Assembly (RP6-13599)For clamping without the need to use theinternal rubber pads or external extensionarms or jaws. A must if lifting and servicingreversed drop center wheels larger than 20”with the wheel lift. Shown with Rubber Pads(RP6-13719) installed.10Cam Plate Spacer(1 ea.) (RP6-13613)To raise the cam plate onthe clamping system for“non-reversed” traditionalwheels on the cam plateassembly (4 required).Flange Plate, CenterSupport RingFor wheels withextra-large center holes.Attaches to centersupport.n For TC35XX/TC3250 “QD” Systems(RP6-13911) 210 mm diametern For TC3250/3500 (RP6-4140)200 mm diameter

Storage Bracket(RP6-7900113100)For storage of the center-shaft orcenter support when not in use.Attaches to the storage tray bydrilling two small holes.Extension Arm Kit for TC35XX/TC3250 (4 ea.) (RP6-G1000A17)Extension arms available withoutcolumn extension plate.External Rubber ClampingJaw for TC35XX /TC3250(1 ea.) (RP6-8659)For external clamping of reversedrop center rims. Not compatiblewith first generation RP6-4177.Flange Plates for TC3700(RP6-G1000A87)Useful for plastic-faced wheels and/orreverse wheels where maximum finishprotection is needed.Clamping Jaw – Steel (1 ea.)(RP6-2252)Replacement steel jaw for clamping arm.For securing wheels when marring insideof rim is of no concern.40 Rimsled & Two-Mount HeadKit (RP6-G1000A91K)Provides additional protection forpainted or plastic-clad rims. Rimsledonly fits “black” mount heads suppliedin kit.NEW!Blast Inflator Retrofit Kit(RP6-710290860)Kit to retrofit existing TC3250 orTC3500 with new Blast InflationSystem.19.5 Adaptor (20-2341-1)Adapts large centerbore wheels toTC3700 and Auto34 tire changers.11

TC-Series Accessories continued.TC3700, TC3510HP,TC3510, TC3250Shown (at left)with optional28” BeadDepressor Tailwith TractionBeam.Mounting Belt Kit (RP6-G1000A8)For mounting and matching difficult ultralow-profile and runflat tires.Mechanical Bead Roller (RP6-G1000A7)Pushes the upper bead of the tire below the right hand area ofthe mount head keeping the tire in the proper location duringmounting. Eliminates extra work to mount stiff tires.12Force Multiplier(RP6-G1000A23)Adds leverage whenseating the mount/demount head andholding it down against the wheel.Plastic Shovel Protectors (1 ea.)(RP6-G800A11)Clip-on side shovel protectors prevent metal-tometal contact when bead loosening, preventingdamage to the wheel.

BACPolymer Mount/Demount Head (1 ea.)(221-675-2)Rides closer than steel designs, reducingstress to beads when demounting andmounting low-profile tires. Wear componentdesigned to protect the tire and rim.Polymer Mount/Demount Heads(6 ea.) (221-675-2-B)Receive the benefits of quantity discountpricing.Polymer Head Tire Changer Maintenance Kit (20-1506-1)Provides convenient way to store maintenance items at the tire changer.Kit includes:A. Nylon Mesh Storage Bag(166-51-2)B. Polymer Mount/Demount Heads (6 ea.) (221-675-2)C. Bead Lever Protector Sleeves (6 ea.)(RP6-0326)Heavy-Duty Paste Bucket MountingBracket (RP6-0223)Fits 3.5 kg and 5kg size buckets. Easily installedon any convenient surface by installing two 5 16”bolts at 2” apart.Mount/Demount Head, Motorcycle &Extra Small Wheel (RP6-G1000A15)Replacement polymer mount/demount head.Included in motorcycle kits #RP6-2053 and#RP6-3794.Drive Pin Protectors for TC3700 &TCA34 (RP6-710090480)Plastic cap protects lug holes of reverse wheelswhen clamped face down.Rubber Protection Plate forTC3700 & TCA34 Tire Changers(RP6-710013421)Protections plate is soft for protecting reverserims. Intended to be removed when not in useto protect reverse wheels.13

TCX Standard Accessory PackagesPart #ANEW!TCX575DescriptionBPSBead Press System w/ two roller arms& lift/diskTCX500 Tabletop FamilyTCX575TCX535XXTCX515BBPSingle Bead Press ArmCRP11-2121350Large Pressing ConeXDRP11-2413305Small Pressing ConeXERP11-2202239Pressing Cone ExtensionXFRP11-4-403749BP Press ConeGRP11-8-11400087 Bolt-on Plastic HeadXXHRP11-5-490223XXXXXXXXXXXPlastic Shovel Protector (4)XXXIRP11-8-11400276 Expander/Reducer ClampJRP11-8-11400085 Jaw Protector (8)KRP11-5-401110LRP11-8-11400096 Mount Head Insert (Traditional)MRP11-8-11400293 Leverless Mount Head InsertXN145-341-2Tire Inflator/Air ChuckXXXXORP6-G1000A52Bead Lever (Standard)XXXXPRP11-8-11400098 Bead Lever Protector Sleeve (4)XXXQRP6-G1000A11“HM” Bead LeverXXRRP11-2020688Valve Stem PullerXSRP11-2020689Valve Core RemoverXTRP11-2202106Rim Edge ProtectorXURP6-3784Mounting Paste 3.5 kgXXXXV148-133-2Lubrication OilXXXXW179-15-2Safety GogglesXXXXXRP6-1506Applicator BrushXXXXY5675-TTPMS Wall Chart (not shown)XXXXZRP11-2202106Rim Edge ProtectorXXXXFX6” Jaw ExtenderCDVEKITCX515XGJNWTVHPMNR14TCX505SQLZ

Optional Bead Lifting/Pressing ToolsTCX Tire ChangersBP Bead Press Arm for TCX500 Family (20-2172-1)n The pressing head pushes the tire into the drop-center whendemounting stiff sidewall tires, greatly reducing lever effort andrisk of bead damage.n The standard Press Cone used with the Bead Press Arm willpress the rim onto the jaws for easier clamping of stiff tires.n The standard Bead Press Roller keeps stiff tires under the mounthead and guides the bead.n Lifting Hook.n May be retrofit to TCX500 units after serial number IDA000559.Standard With TCX515Bead Press System for TCX500 Family (20-1996-1)n Patented system uniquely centers the pressing capabilities overthe center of the wheel and tire to ensure maximum servicestrength and rigidity.n Provides effortless assistance with most difficult tires and customwheels up to 26” diameter.Kit includes:Bead Press System with Stationary Arm, Rotating Arm & Bead Lifting ArmSmall Pressing Cone(RP11-2413305)Large Pressing Cone(RP11-2121350)Pressing Cone Extension(RP11-2202239)Standard With TCX575 & TCX53515

TCX-Series AccessoriesTabletop FamilyNEW!Jaw Extender & Reducer (4 ea.) (RP11-8-11400276)Extends range by 4” (Up to 26” For TCX500 Family). Reducesrange by 5” (Down to 6” For TCX500 Family).Jaw Protectors (8 ea.) (RP11-8-11400085)Polymer jaw covers prevent metal-to-metal contact whenperforming external clamping.Mechanical Bead Roller For TCX505-550(RP11-5-400900)Optional feature used to mount stifflow-profile tires. Eliminates extra work tomount stiff tires.30” Kit For TCX550 (RP11-8-11400162)n 6” jaw extensions with removable lands, prevent the bottomhead of the tire from pushing below the rim when the top beadis being mounted.n Includes mechanical bead roller for additional press point.n Shorter rollers give 2” greater BPS diameter capacity.Lube Roller For TCX515(RP11-8-11400153)The optional lubrication roller allows the rimand tire to be lubricated. Eases demountingeffort and protects the tire and rim.16Storage Tray For TCX500-535 (RP11-8-11400187)One tray standard on all TCX500s. Second standard on allTCX500BP. Each TCX500 can use up to 2 trays (two shown).(Accessories available separately.)

NEW!Convex Rim Head For TCX550(RP11-8-11400039)Suitable for convex raised spoke wheels.Motorcycle Adaptor (RP11-2200277)Raise the clamping jaws to clear the integrateddisc brake or drive sprockets used on motorcyclewheels. Clamping faces are covered in plastic toprevent damage to the wheel.Polymer Mount/Demount Head With Metal Bracket(1 ea.) (RP11-8-11400087)Replacement polymer mount/demount head with adapter.Wearing mount/demount head protects tire and rim frommetal-to-metal contact damage.Polymer Mount/Demount Head (1 ea.)(RP11-8314813)Replacement polymer mount/demountfor TCX-Series tire changers. Wearingcomponent designed to protect tire and rim.Plastic ShovelProtectors (4 ea.)(RP11-5-490223)Clip-on side shovelprotectors prevent metalto-metal contact when bead loosening low-profile tires onexpensive alloy wheels, preventing damage to the wheel.Steel Mount/Demount Head (1 ea.)(RP11-5-400439)Replacement steel mount/demount head.NEW!Plastic Protectors forTCX575 Mounting Heads(5 ea.)(RP11-8-11400293)Polymer inserts.Plastic Protectors forSteel Mounting Heads(RP11-8-11400096)(10 ea.) Polymer insertsfor TCX-Series steelmounting head.17

Universal Series AccessoriesBABAA. High-Performance Bead Lever “HM” (RP6-G1000A11) Patented, high-performance bead lever dramatically reducesservicing effort. A must for servicing low-profile tires.B. Bead Lever Protector Sleeve (RP6-0326) Sleeve protects wheel flange by allowing the bead lever toslip out of the tire instead of being dragged against the rimduring demounting. Box of 10 (RP6-0326-B).A. Traditional Flat Design Bead Lever (RP11-3009516)For demounting tires on conventional tire changers.B. Bead Lever Sleeve Protectors (4 ea.) (RP11-8-11400098)Sleeve protects wheel flange by allowing the bead leverto slip out of the tire instead of being dragged against therim during demounting. For use with RP6-0322 Bead Lever Tool.Bottle Oil – Lubri-Oil Air EquipmentLubrication (148-133-2)BCLubri-Oil will not emulsify in water. Whenthe lubricator becomes contaminated withwater overflow from the regulator, the oil willseparate. Available in 16-oz. bottles. Twelve(12) to a case when ordered in quantity.Lubri-Oil weight is ISO32.AAdditional AccessoriesA. Valve Stem Puller (RP11-2020688)B. Valve Core Remover (RP11-2020689)C. Rim Edge Protector (RP11-2202106)Aluminum Clamp(RP11-8-11400070)Drop-Center Clamp can be used as atraction point or bead guide. Guidesbead into drop center.18Tsunami AutomaticWater Separator (20-1612-2)Removes moisture and particulate fromcompressed air down to 10 microns. Integrateddrain automatically ejects trapped water at thebase of the unit. No filters requiring periodicchange. Virtually no maintenance required.Capable of supplying clean, dry air to multiplepieces of equipment and tools. 100 cfm@ 175 psi.Drop-Center MountingClamp (RP6-70210E)Use mounting clamp to help positionthe bead into the drop-center. Not forextreme positive offset, flat-faced rimsor soft-line flanges. Alternative tools:RP6-1572, RP6-7290.

A. Mounting Paste (3.5 kg) (RP6-3784)Eases mounting of stiff low-profile tires. Aids in faster bead sealingduring inflation. High-performance mounting paste is premixed toprevent incorrect mixing of water to liquid concentrates.AAlso available:n Mounting Paste, 8 (3.5 kg) Buckets (RP6-3784-B)n Mounting Paste, 64 (3.5 kg) Buckets 1 pallet (RP6-3784-BP)B. Brush, Angled Applicator (RP6-1506)Allows for proper application of mounting paste. Angled to allow easyaccess to the “toe area” of the bead most commonly damaged duringmounting.BOptional Bead Depressor TailHelps Position Low-Profile TiresInto “Drop-Center” for Mountingand DemountingKeeping the upper bead of the tire lubricated andpushed to the edge of the rim’s drop-center iscrucial. This tool should be an essential part of themounting process.28” Bead Depressor Tail WithTraction Beam for TC3500/TC3250 (RP6-G1000A67)Bead Depressor Tail with traction beamaids in locking tire to rim and pushinglow-profile tires down into drop centerfor mounting. Services up to 28”diameter rim.EH2 Bead DepressorBlock (RP6-12749)The deeper EH2 block pushes thetire deeper into the wheel to moreeasily service BMW runflat tires,EH2, Motorsport and deepdrop center, alloy wheels.19

PAX Tire System Tools & KitsPart 83PAX Arm with Large RollerXXBRP6-41942PAX Arm with Small Roller (2)XXC221-684-2Ratchet StrapXXDRP6-8703Brass Shaft ProtectorXXERP6-11522Quick Disconnect ShaftXXFRP6-1156Short Cone Rim ProtectorXGRP6-1460Short Cone (2)XHRP6-4153Stroke LimitersXIRP6-4100001 PAX Bead Levers (2)XJRP6-7042XXEFPlastic Rim Protectors (4)ABCDPAX Orbiter Workstation (20-1793-1)The patented Orbiter Workstation simplifies theinsertion and extraction of the PAX supportring. Operates with one foot pedal.GHIJPAX Upgrade Kits used to upgrade early TC3500’s may also require the Quick DisconnectCoupling Bolt and Center Support Kit (RP6-10822) to utilize the newly upgraded QuickDisconnect Threaded Center Shaft (RP6-11522) supplied in the newer PAX Upgrade Kits.Hunter tire changingequipment is approvedfor servicing Michelin PAX Systems.Be sure to check out other Hunter literature for more qualityproducts from Hunter Engineering.Because of continuing technological advancements, specifications, models andoptions are subject to change without notice.Copyright 2009, Hunter Engineering Companywww.Hunter.comForm 4042-T, 12/09Supersedes 4042-T, 12/081209NAP7.5M.87

For Hunter Automatic and Conventional Tire Changers. Including Accessories NEW . TCX575. Standard Accessories. TCA-Series Tire Changers. The standard Auto34 tire changer comes equipped to handle virtually all . common tire and wheel combinations. Certain specialized applications can

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changer. To prevent accidents or damage to the tire changer, use only Hunter recommended procedures and accessories. Wear OSHA approved eye protection while operating the tire changer. Wear non-slip safety footwear when operating the tire changer. Do not wear jewelry or loose clothing when operating the tire changer.

O.E.M. Part Number Tire Changer Coats 8183604 All Tire Changers Except 9010 And 9024E TC108276 Hold Down Cone O.E.M. Part Number Tire Changer Coats 8108276 4040 4040SA 4050 8000433 4040 4040SA 4050 Tire Changer Jaws Clamping Kits Hold Down Cone Stainless Steel Mou

area where the EPT sealer will attach. 4503030T 4 x 8 mm WASHER-SCREW CD CHANGER LEFT CHANGER BRACKET 4 x 8 mm WASHER-SCREW SIDE BRACKET RIGHT CHANGER BRACKET 32. Measure and cut the EPT sealer as shown. Attach the EPT sealer to the left changer bracket. 33. Bundle up the CD changer bus cable using one wire tie with clip in the area shown. 35.

AMM85002500 BL500 Tire Changer 2,799.99 AMM85002550 BL550 Wheel Balancer 2,799.99 Total 5,599.98 Savings 399.99 BaseLine BL300 Tire Changer and 350 Balancer Combo SKU 435488 3,99999 AMM8500300350 Includes: BL300 Tire Changer and 350 Balancer 10 - 24" Extern

Tire Gauges TIRE REPAIR TIRE GAUGES Digital, lighted display, tire gauge 5-99 PSI Accuracy /- 1 PSI PSI and BAR settings Built-in tire depth gauge Victor Digital Carabiner Tire Gauge VIC 22-5-80003-8 Digital, backlit display, tire gauge 5-99 PSI . Rasp tools included for improved torque Includes (5) 4-inch .

TIRE CHANGER ACCESSORIES Clamp Socks Clamping Kits Inflation Chucks Inflator Hose Assemblies TMRTC183604 Nylon Quilted Clamp Sock for Jaws and Coats Rim Clamp Tire Changers (10 Pk) O.E.M. Part Number Tire Changer Coats 8183604 All Tire Changers (Except 901

Mount/Demount Head so the Tire can be demounted from the Wheel. Can also be used to hold down a Tire Sidewall during Tire mounting. Inflation Gun with Pressure Gauge. Adds air to a Tire. The Pressure Gauge shows the amount of air pressure currently in a Tire or the amount of air pressure i

E-learning adalah suatu sistem atau konsep pendidikan yang memanfaatkan teknologi informasi dalam proses belajar mengajar. Berikut beberapa pengertian E-learning dari berbagai sumber: 1. Pembelajaran yang disusun dengan tujuan menggunakan sistem elektronik atau komputer sehingga mampu mendukung proses pembelajaran (Michael, 2013:27). 2. Proses pembelajaran jarak jauh dengan menggabungkan .