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A resource designed to supplementthe Creation Seminar SeriesDr. Kent Hovin dCSE Ministry

Table of Conten t2004 EDITIO N/ Age of the Eart hSeminar OneSeminar One B14The Garden of Ede nSeminar TwoSeminar Two B014Dinosaurs and the Bibl eSeminar ThreeSeminar Three B2023lies in the Textboo kSeminar FourSeminar Four B2630The Dangers of Evolutio nSeminar FiveSeminar Five BSeinar Five C353839The Hovind TheorySeminar SixSeminar Six BSeminar Six C434752Questions and Answer sSeminar SevenSeminar Seven BSeminar Seven C555760AnswersAnswers3/0466

seminar on eAge of the Eart h1/ be ready always to give an answer to every man that asket hyou a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear . ". ,PiUX Peter 3 :15II Timothy 3 :16 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God . . . "BIBLLPCOPYRIGHT:You have the right to copy this material! !(Sshhhh! Pass it on .)a *T'r in?Three things we hope to accomplish with these seminars :1. STRENGTHEN faith in the Word .2. HELP the lost to get found .3. MOTIVATE the found to do something!eoitlE tltstrllDinosaur Adventure Land is located inThere are four great questions in life:Genesis 1 : 1A.am I?"InthebeginningGod created th eB. did I come frome?heaven and the earth. "C.am I here?D.am I going when I die?(How you answer these questions is your world view — your religion .)LL0There are two basic world views : (Unscramble)A. A big bang made everything from nothing .L(STAMINUH)B . Something intelligent designed all of this .(TRONISACITE)Genesis 3 :1 "Now the serpent was more subtil than any beas tof the,field which the Lord God had made . And he said unto th ewoman, Yea, hath God said. . .?"Genesis 3 :4 "And the serpent said unto the woman, ye shall not surelyDr . Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-85621

r0Unscramble the words :"If you tell a lie(NLOG) enough,(OLDU) enough,and(TENOF) enough, the people will believe it .People are more likely to believe0(GIB) lie than a small one . "—HitleraBANANAS are/are not MADE FROM MOLDY SPIDER LEGS . (Circle one )NOTICEIF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO BELIEVE ALIE, MIX SOME TRUTH IN WITH IT.SRat poison is 99.995%.41sr,'Y6.0Y !s .TRUTH ERROR *LL Li1StiElôl*k.(iib LRL*.* .4.17*.i.Fi:4?*'tiiY,5i7i'L.1i*fY 'u'i'dlfood.There are six meanings to the word evolution :A.B.D.E.- origin of time, space, and matter: f L EI- origin of elements:/USE- origin of stars and planets: FfS- origin of life: - animals change to other animals : f/US 6- variations within the kind : TRUE(Genesis 1 :12, 24 ". . .after his kind. . .'')First Law of Thermodynamics :cannot be created or destroyed .Webster's Dictionar ySCIENCE (n) 1 . Systemizedknowledge derived fromobservation, study, etc . . .Two basic choices :A. Somebody made theB. Themade itself.GBERKLEY is/isnot, A BIBLE COLLEGE . (Circle oneIf uni ô "single" and verse, "spoken sentence",then universe(Genesis 1 :3 "And God said, Let there be . . .'')IN THE BEGINNING,vs. ,IN THE BEGINNING,Unscramble the words :Evolution is notIt is a. (NICESEC)(REGILION)Creation Science Evangelism 29 Cummings *Road Pensacola, Florida 3250 3

r-TO.Match these :about 6,000 years ago4,400 years ago2,000 years agoTodayJesus cam ewaiting for the Lord's retur nCreationthe Floo dA merry-go-round helps to demonstrate a law in physics known as : (Circle one )A. Supply and demand .B. the halfback option pass .C. the copralite castle .D. the conservation of angular momentum .Th6 tc ,t1)6f\C6;Alt\61 .Second Law of Thermodynamics :tends toward disorder.Hebrews 1 :11 ". . .all shall wax oldas doth a garment ."*jPsalm 102 :26 ". . .all of them shallwax old like a garment . "NEW MAT HLMILLIONS OF YEARS AG OLONG AGO AND FAR AWAYONCE UPON A TIME (FAIRY TALE )19 CREATION can/cannot BE TAUGHT IN PUBLIC SCHOOL . (Circle one)In, prayer was taken out of public schools .Pop quiz #A. Once upon a time, a girl kissed a frog . The frog turned into a prince andthey lived happily ever after. (Circle one )TRUE STORY or FAIRY TALE?Pop quiz #B . Once upon a time, a girl waited millions and millions of years for a fro gto turn into a prince . Then, they lived happily ever after . (Circle one)TRUE STORY or FAIRY TALE?bScience has a history of beingA. All planets revolve around the Earth . f(SEB.Big objects fall faster than small objects. f,IS EC. Sickness is caused by 'bad' blood . fI(S EMatthew 19 :4 ". . .have ye not read,that he which made them at thebeginning made them male and female?"Mark 10 :6 "But from the beginningof the creation God made them male an dfemale. "Dr . Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-85623

To find the age of the earth, you must first find aSeminar One B Hebrews 1 :10 "And, Thou, Lord, in thefactor.bast laid the foundatio nof the earth;"Colossians 1 :16"For by him(Jesus) were all things- created, " Matthew 19:4 ". . .he which made them at th e Mark 10 :6 ". . , fromthe of the creation . . . "Romans 5 :12 ". . .as by one man sinentered into the world, and death by sin;and so death passed upon all men, fo rthat all have sinned:"?AAAx. ,fI Corinthians 15 :21-22 "For sinceby man came death, by man came als othe resurrection of the dead .For as in Adam all die, ",.*- "T*rrl"Mt*I.MR' :C*;h1'67F Which statement is true? (Circle one)MAN BROUGHT DEATH INTO THE WORLD .orDEATH BROUGHT MAN INTO THE WORLD . I Corinthians 15 :45 ". . . The.,;g .,,.man Adam was made. . . " THE BIBLE does/does not TEACH AN APPROXIMATE 6,000 YEAR HISTORY! !(Circle one) Most likely, Cain married : (Circle one )A. his grandmother .B. his sister.C. the butler .D. your mom . NOAH'S FATHER (Lamech) could/could nôt HAVE KNOWN ADAM! !(Circle one ) Jesus quoted Genesistimes .Nearly every other book in the Bible refers toPopulation billion people.Today, the world population is overToday' s population can fit inside of the city limits of Jacksonville, FloridaJacksonville, Florida is about 25square feet in size .Creation Science Evangelism 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida 325031,,

If people have been here for 3 million, years, the population would be abou tthousand people per square inch .The Georgia Guidestones contain the 10 commandments of the New World Order .Commandment #1 says to maintain humanity1/2 billion people.SpaceGalaxies spin and eventually lose their shape ,So, why are there still spiral galaxies? (Circle one )A.They forgot to stop spinning.B.Nobody told them when to stop .C.The galaxies are not billions of years old .Never squeeze toothpaste from the middle .D.One star blows up (a supernova) about every thirty years .The heavens show evidence of less thansupernova rings .That represents only a few thousand years.LiWhich statement is true? (Circle one )THE STARS ARE WRONG .orTHE EVOLUTION THEORY IS WRONG.Textbooks teach that it takes billions of years for red giant stars to 'evolve' int odwarf stars .has done this in less than 2,000 years .Planets are stilloff. They should have finished by now .Why has Ganymede (one of Jupiter's moons) not finished cooling off? (Circle one)A.B.C.D.It does not like to be told what to do .It does not understand the rules.It is not billions of years old .Goat cheese is not very tasty .Saturn hasthat are moving away from the plane tThe moon is movingaway from the Earth .It used to b eThe tall dinosaurs got mooned! !Comets are always losing material an dhave a life expectancy of less tha nthousand years.IF YOUR OUTGO EXCEEDS YOU RINCOME, YOUR UPKEEP WILL B EYOUR DOWNFALL EVERY TIME .Dr . Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466)6Fax 479-85625

TheCloud is supposedly 50,000 AU (astronomical units) away .1 AU 93 million miles (the distance between the Sun and the Earth) .Pluto is 39 AU away from the Sun .GBIBLE BELIEVING CREATIONISTSCOMETS!! (Circle one)adonot HAVE A PROBLEM WITH TH EPsalm 19 :1 "The heavens declare the glory of God; andthe firmament sheweth his handywork " The word muse means "t oThe word amuse means "to notEarthjob 12:8 . . .speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee; . . . " The Earth is a giant magnet.Magnets eventually lose their strength .The earth's magnetic field has lost% of its strength in the last 150 years .It used to be To form Pangaea, the textbooks shrank Africa nearlyIt also took out all of% to make it fit .and Central America . THE CONTINENTS are/are not LILY PADS FLOATING AROUND!! (Circle one) The earth is spinning aboutmph at the equator .The earth slows down 1/1000 of a second every day .It used to be goingI guess the dinosaurs DID learn to fly! !GUnscramble the words :The Sahara Desert has aThis causes(GARPINEVIL) wind pattern. (IDANCEITFORTIES )The Sahara Desert currently grows about 4 miles a year .If the Earth is millions of years old, then why is the largest desert in the world only abou t4,000 years old? (SEE THEORY )ICreation Science Evangelism 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida 32503

Oil, found underground, can have pressure u pritothousand pounds per square inch .This is much more than the weight of the rockabove it . The rock can only handle that pressur efor less thanthousand years .THEOR YAbout 6,000 years ago, God mad eeverything. Then, about 4,400 yearsago, there was a flood .THE BIBLE IS CORRECT! !If the Earth is millions of years old, why is the excess oil pressure still there?(SEE THEORY )In the laboratory, oil can be made in less thanminutes.In 1942, the Lost Squadron landed i nOne plane was dug up in 1990, aboutfeet below the surface .In just 48 years, there were hundreds of rings between the surface and the plane.THOSE RINGS are/are not ANNUAL RINGS!! (Circle one )Why do the ice rings at the poles add up to less than 4,400 years ?(SEE THEORY)IT does/does not TAKE MILLIONS OF YEARS FOR THINGS TO PETRIFY! ! (Circle one )The Mississippi River deposits sediments at arate of 80tons everyHour into the delta in New Orleans . It hasbeen estimated that it took about 30,000 year sto accumulate all of today's mud into that delta .IGNORANCE CAN BE FIXED .STUPID IS FOREVER .If the Earth is millions of years old, then why isn't the whole Gulf of Mexico full ?(SEE THEORY)rLThe world's oldest tree, the bristlecone, is about 4,300 years old .If the Earth is millions of y ears old, then why isn't there an older tree somewhere?(SEE THEORY)The largest coral reef in the world is the Great Barrier Reef in (43)LThey estimate the age of the reef to be less than 4,200 years old .f the Earth is millions of years old, then why don't we have a bigger reef somewhere ?The textbooks say that the ledge aboveFalls has been eroding for nearl y9,900 years at a rate of 4 .7 feet per year, until recently .Dr . Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-85627

If the Earth is millions of years old, then why haven't the falls eroded all of the way back toLake Eerie? (SEE THEORY)% of the water runs into the ocean carrying mineral salts .When it rains,The oceans are getting saltier every day.If the Earth is millions of years old, then why are the oceans only 3 .6% salt ?.(SEE THEORY)IT doeses not TAKE MILLIONS OF YEARS TO FORM STALACTITES! ! (Circle one )If the Earth is millions of years old, then why hasn't erosion wiped out the mountains ?(SEE THEORY )If the Earth is millions of years old, then why are the oldest language sless than 6,000 years old?(SEE THEORY )If the Earth is millions of years old, then why do historical records onl ygo back as far as 5,000 6,000 years ago ?(SEE THEORY )IT is/is not EASY TO GET BRAIN WASHED! (Circle one )Colossians 2 :8 "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after th eTradition of8, after the rudiments of the world, and not afte rCreation Science Evangelism 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida 32503

ADDITIONAL NOTES :Dr . Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-85629

seminar two"Whereby the world that then was, being overflowe dwith water, perished:"Pre-flood The time before the flood was VERYScoffers Zi Peter 3 :3 " . . .there shall come in the last days are Ignorant of, that by the word of Go dZi Peter 3 :5 "For this theyThe heavens were of old, and the earth standingof the water anthe water: "II Peter 3 :7 " . . .the heavens and the earth, which are now . . . reserved unto fireagainst the day of judgment. . ."The scoffers are ignorant of: A. the CB. the FLOODC. the JUDGMENTGap Theor y The Gap Theory is the belief that there was a time gap between the first two verses ofHEBREW LESSON #1 :without formvoid - """ (unformed )" (unfilled )tohu waw bohu "unformed and unfilled " In 1611, the word replenish meant : (Circle one)A. "too full"B. "to fill""to file"C.Creation Science Evangelism a 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida 32503

HEBREW LESSON #B :male "fill"shoov "fill(Genesis 1 :28 " . . .be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish (male) the earth . . .")When did Satan fall?Exodus 20 :11 "For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in the mis, and rested the seventh day . . . "(Creation took six days.)Ezekiel 28 :15 "Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created . . . "(Satan is a created being .)Ezekiel 28:13, 15 "Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God . . . till iniquity was found i nthee. "(Satan was in the garden before he fell . )Genesis 2 :7, 8 "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground . . And the Lord Godplanted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he hadformed. "(The garden was created no sooner than day six . )Hebrews 1 :14 "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall b eheirs of salvation? "(The angels were created for us .)Job 38:4, 7 "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? . . . When the morningstars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? "(Satan witnessed the laying of the foundations . )Genesis 1 :9,13 ". . .and let the dry land appear . . .And the evening and the morning were th ethird day. "(The foundations were laid on day three .)Genesis 1 :31 "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. Andthe evening and the morning were the sixth day . "(Through day six, things were still perfect . )Genesis 5 :3 "And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son . . . and called hi sname Seth:"(Seth was born 130 years after the creation. )7 . In, Thomas Chalmers proposed the Gap Theory .Dr . Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-856211

Gap Theory Question sbefore Adam's sin? (Romans 5 :12; I Corinthians 15 :21) Was thereWas Satan already the 'god of this world' when God gave Adam dominion over the earth?(Genesis 1 :26)Thousands of species of plants and animals are found as fossils, Did God recreate all ofthese? When God said everything was very was Satan evil? Were Adam and Ev estanding on thousands of dead plants and animals ?Wouldn't the flood erase all evidence of the 'billions of years' taught in the gap theory ?THE GEOLOGIC COLUMN does/does not AGREE WITH THE BIBLE . (Circle one )What did God mean when He said He created everything in six days ?(Exodus 20 :11; 31 :17)Does everyone who reads the Bible need some "guru" to tell them what it says?Why can the words let and gay change meanings in 400 years, but the word replenis hcannot? (Romans 1 :13; James 2 :3)Why do we need a gap? What took place during this time ?Why does Revelation 21 :1 state that the earth we live on now is the 'first' earth if it reallyas not?Was Adam the first man as I Corinthians 15 :45 states?Day Age TheoryQDay 3 : plants(for photosynthesis)Day 4:Day 5:(to pollinate )(If "one day" means more than just one day, then these plants are in trouble!! )HEBREW LESSON #3 :There are no verses in the Bible where yom means anything other than a normal 24 hou rday if it is modified with a number, such as "the second day" .If Day 7 has no closure, then God must still be resting! !12Creation Science Evangelism 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida 32503

12 . Why does nature suffer? (Unscramble)because of man's(NIS) .(Romans 8:18-22; Genesis 3:18) .9UP IDExcuse: EVERYBODY ELSE BELIEVES IT .Firmament13. Birds do not fly in th e14. The firmament is : (Circle one)Pr-11A. dirt .air.C. water.D. chocolate pudding.15 . Heaven #1 : the place where birds fly (Genesis 1 :20)Heaven #2: home of the sun,and(Genesis 1 :14,16)Heaven #3 : where God lives (II Corinthians 12 :2)aTHE HEAVENS DECLARE TH EGLORY OF GOD! !16. Isaiah 40 :22 "It is he that sitteth upon theof the earth . . . "Pangaea TheoryThe continents are already connected! (The oceans have dirt on the bottom .)Canopy TheoryThe Canopy Theory is the belief that there was a canopy of water, ice, or vapor above th eatmosphere, which has since been destroyed by the flood .17. A canopy would turn the earth into a giant18.An 80 feet tall Apatosaurus had nostrils the same size as that of a19. Amber is petrifiedL20. Air bubbles in amber have% more oxygen than today's atmosphere .21. A canopy would increase air pressure to, the current levels .LDr. Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-856213

The "good news" about more oxygen and increased air pressure in the pre-floo datmosphere :A . Quickens the healing process.TODAY, ONLY% OF TH EEARTH IS HABITABLE FOR MANKIND.B. Plants grow bigger .4C. Canopy blocks harmful rays from theD. People live a lot longer (typically overyears .)E. People grow a lot bigger .(Genesis 6:4 "There were giants in the earth in those days . . .")THERIB IS TH EONLY BONE WHICH WIL LGROW BACK .,.-Seminar Two0 Methuselah lived to beyears old .Genesis 1 :27 "So God created man in his own image . . . "The Truth about the CavemenMany people in the Bible lived in caves . (Genesis 19 :30; judges 6:2)Many people today also live in caves .eNebraska Man — The entire man and hi swife were built from one tooth that late rproved to be from aOPiltdown Man They combined askull and th ejawbone of a nand filed them down until they fi ttogether.0D14TEACHER'S WARNING! !Matthew 18 :6 "But 'whoso shalloffend one of these little ones whic hbelieve in me, it were better for him tha ta millstone were hanged about his neck,and that he were drowned in the depth o fthe sea. "Find out more about theNeanderthal Man in Jack Cuozzo' sbook Buried Alive.Neanderthal Man — He was just an old man withbe about 200 to 300 years old .Cro-Magnon Man (Australopithecus africanus) — Proven wrong inCreation Science Evaangelism 29 Cummings Road . Pensacola, Florida 3250 3that had lived t o

Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) -- was only aboutwould have stood about% of the entire skeleton an dfeet tall put together and alive .(Lucy's knee joint was found over 1 mile away and about 200 feet deeper than the res tof the specimen . )LUCY is/is not A MISSING LINK! ! (Circle one )In a layer of ash in Africa, they found normal huma nWhat should you conclude? (Circle one )A. a dinosaur with human feet walked ther eB. an ape-like creature walked ther eC. a normal human walked thereTHE EVOLUTIONARY THEORY IS A hjnthaij*Lh ehelu TO COMMON SENS ERESEARCH . (Circle one)Peking Man — Researchers found several smashedsome humanskulls and. They did not report, however, that they also foun dhuman remains in the same cave .Java Man (Homo erectus) -- Dr . Dubois tookhuman teeth, a huma nbone, and an ape'scap and pu tthem together. He hid the fact that he foun dFind out more about the suppose dcavemen in Marvin Lubenow' sbook Bones of Contention .*N*l;3i;'La:*.; ,3 ;umS3a xii;6is*:. 6, t*if E ;N:fu 1, -.ig LG;1.11.iYlait ti AISiluôLw:gi?Yai '''Slii*i**P:'U kiY {kGi?i *i*!GL*fircE,t i.â;*Gk1&:i3normal human skulls in the same area .Man (Homo sapien sapien)— There is something missing betwee nhis ears! The word sapien means "wise" .Romans 1 :22 "Professing themselves to be, they became,"If you find a fossil in the dirt, all you know is, it!(Bones in the dirt cannot do something living animals cannot do! )The Stone Ag eThe "Stone Age" happened : (Circle one )A. after the floodB. about 2 .5 gazillion years agoC. at high noonDr. Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-856215

was .added to the dictionary about 100 yearsThe wordago.Pre-Flood Plants and Animals. As an insect gets larger, the surface area t oInsects breathe through theirvolume ratio drops off! That is why insects cannot be as huge as they were before theflood. Fossilized cockroaches have been found inches long .A fossilized centipede was found in Germany 8 '/z feet long .CFossilized grasshoppers have been foundfeet long .A fossilized tarantula has beeen found with a leg span of feet .Fossilized cattails have been found feet tall .A donkey, 9 feet tall, was found in Lubbock, Texas .Buffalo horns with a span of 12 feet were found . They found elk antlers with a span of Kangaroo fossils have been found that are They found a giant goose standing as tall as anhalf a ton.feet.feet tall.that weighed up t oFossilized beavers have been found 8 feet long. Increasing air pressure diffuses morewould be from a shark,into the water . A 1-inch shark's toothfeet long. Sharks before the flood were up tofeet long ! Large oyster shells were found in the mountains of Peru, Many clams are found fossilized in the position! When clams die,they immediately16miles above sea level. They must have been buried quickly.Creation Science Evangelism 29 Cummings Road . Pensacola, Florida 32503

Dinosaurs and ManThe word dinosaur means : (Circle one)A. "terrible lizard "B. "feathered on eC. "fuzzy bunny"Dinosaur and human fossils have been found in the same layers together all over the world . the Ica Stones (Nasca Burial Stones) from Ica ,Find out more about the IcaStones on our website :www.drdino .co mshow humans and dinosaursTogether . Human footprints were found alongside dinosaur tracks in Glen Rose,One of the footprints still hadridges (similar to fingerprints) for the first fewmonths that it was exposed . The man's stridebetween steps was abouttofeet .Find out more about these tracks i nRobert Helfinstine's book Texa sTracks and Artifacts .*%,.,n. *. * *"ri .* *-*,.-i-r.:?T- 'y *-.*?-*t * , c-*- *,. : . rr t*z "y3 .*3" . . ';Sy- *? .,-r---*"'F3T*r: Ta77,;;Many human artifacts are found inside lumps ofPREFLOOD MAN was/was not IGNORANT? (Circle one)Workers foundsilver, back in 1865 . bones and a well-tempered copper . arrowhead in a vein o fIn the 1950s, Thomas E . Lee of the National Museum of Canada found advanced ston ein glacial deposits that were supposed to be 65,000 to 125,000 years old .Pre-Flood Foo dGod gave Adam and Eve a perfect world and a perfectGod said for Adam and Eve to eat the green herbs and : (Circle one)A. the fruits, the vegetables, and the seeds .B. hamburgers, fries, and a coke.C. hot dog, apple pie, and chevrolet .Seeds contain a vitamin known a s The protein-coating surroundingthe cyanide in seeds harmful .cells is the only thing that will makeDr . Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-856217

The average age of the Hunza people wasyears when they were firs tdiscovered. One of the favorite foods among the Hunza's is apricot seeds.Scurvy was caused by a deficiency of vitamin Psalm 104:1445 ". . .herb for the service of man . . .And which strengthenethman's heart ."WARNING :The whiter the bread, the quickeryou're dead! !The Two Basic Philosophies of Health and Medicin eCREATIONEVOLUTIONTherapyTherapyThe body was designed by an all-wis eCreator. He designed the food supplyto provide our needs .The body is a collection of chemical sthat formed by chance . Diseasesshould be treated with drugs .Do NOT unplug your lights! ! I Timothy 6 :10 "For the love of is the root of allFluoride has been found to be extremel y.*For more fluoride information, goto www.americanvoice.com or callto the human system.The Bible has ALWAYS had the answers fo rall of our health and nutritional needs .4.8(541)826-905 0Everything was vegetarian before the flood . It was not untilthat people and animals were allowed to eat meat .i*,Y%1W4AG5i . *the floodGenesis 9:3 "Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you . . . "ONE DAY . . . Isaiah 11 :6 "The wolf also shall dwell with the, and the leopard shall lie dow nwith the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatting together; and a littleshall lead them. "God is going to make a new heaven and a new earth . Everything will return to the way H eintended it to be . Will you be in it? Now, the decision is yours . We hope to see you there !18Creation Science Evangelism . 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida 32503

ADDITIONAL NOTES :PLPDr . Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-856219

seminar threeDinosaurs and the Bible". . .shall be a fiery flying serpent. "Isaiah 14 :29NO HUMAN BEING HAS EVER SEEN A LIVE DINOSAUR! ! (Circle one )FACT or BELIEF?DGenesis 1 :1 "hi the beginning,created the heaven andthe earth."Exodus 20 :11 "For indays the Lord made heaven and earth,the sea, and ALL that in them is . . . "i'i?*ui7Y*Y tkwfka6 dek C**9cfia;AâS* anrSFM, . tie .'a . di;3dkk U:I1Hib:. 7aSdYt:If God created EVERYTHING in six days, Adam must have seennever stop growing . Which is bigger? (Circle one)A. a young dinosau rB. an older dinosaurC. spinach between your teethThe largest known dinosaur egg is smaller than a Some things for Noah to consider while loading animals on the ark :A.B.C.D.oOnly bring land animals.Only bring those that breathe through theirOnly bring the younger ones . (They'll live longer and multiply more .)Only bringof each kind . ( . . .and seven of some).IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIT AN UNKNOWN AMOUNT OF ANIMALS INTO A NUNKNOWN SIZED BOAT! ! (Circle one )FACT or BELIEF?EVOLUTIONIST'S LIFE VERSE :Jeremiah 2 :27 "Saying to a stock, Thou art my father : and to a stone, Thou bast brought m eforth. . . "20Creation Science Evangelism 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida 32503

Why are there so many surviving flood legends? (Circle one )A. People can't keep secrets .B. They had too much late night pizza .C. There really was a flood! ! Mount Ararat is located in the country ofeGenesis 8 :4 "And the ark rested in the There are four basic theories about the ark of Noah :Jmonth . . . "A. They took it apart.B . It eventually rotted .of Mount Ararat .C . It is still onD . It is in the valley of the mountains of Ararat .PJFor more information, check ou twww.wyattmuseum . co m .A cubit is the distance from the elbow to theand almost two football field sNoah's ark is about 2/3 the size of thelong. THE DINOSAURS BECAME EXTINCT! ! (Circle one )FACT or BELIEF ?L Some differences after the flood :A. The average age of people dropped to about 400, thenwas gone.B. The protective canopy ofC. The climate was different ., then 100.D. Man began to hunt animals .(Genesis 9 :3 "Every moving thing that liveth shall be- meat for you . . . ')Why are there so many dragon slaying legends? (Circle one )A. It is a government conspiracy .B. They had too much late night pizza .C. People really did kill dragons! !Isaiah 14 :29 ". . .shall be a fieryflying serpent . "job 41 :19 "Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out. " Daniel was a man that understoodLDr. Kent Hovind office (850) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-856221

G Why did Marco Polo say that the Chinese Emperor was raising dragons to pull chariots i nhis parade? (Circle one )A. He was misquoted .B. They had too .much late night pizza.C. The Emperor really was raising dragons for his parades! ! why did the Emperor of China appoint the post of Royal Dragon Feeder in 1611 ?(Circle one)A. He was a twit .B. They had too much late night pizza .C. . . .to feed the royal dragons! ! Nasca burial stones were found in, Peru.Fossilized dinosaur skin was found about twelve years ago wit hpatterns on it .MAN AND DINOSAURS DID NOT LIVE AT THE SAME TIME!! (Circle one ) FACT or BELIEF ?Why are there so many reported sightings of sea monsters throughout history?(Circle one) A. It is just a coincidence .B. Too mu. . .( . . .aww, just fill in your own answer.)is made of puked up octopus . Match these :The word dinosaur originate dThe English KJV Bible was translated 161 1184 1Modern science is starting to catch up to the book ofWind comes from theThe lightnings (electricity) can be used to send aG22II Opinions 4 :7 "Whosoever payeth the, maketh th eCreation Science Evangelism 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Florida 32503

Job 40:17 "He moveth his tail like a cedar . . ." (Circle the one to which this refers)A. a hippoB. an elephan tC. a dinosaurLiDINOSAURS LIVED MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO!! (Circle one )FACT or BELIEF?Some dinosaurs could still bei;today.Seminar Three B0 Job 40 :21 "He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of the reed, and*J."The largest swamp in the world is located in Central Africa . The Likouala Swamp isthousand square miles in size . That is about the same as the state of Florida .J Several sightings of possible living creatures around the Likouala Swamp include :A. "Chipekwe "B. "Ngururi"Check out www .genesispark .orgC. "Mahamba"for more information .D. "Mokele-Mbembe" Solve the scramble :Mokele-Mbembe's favorite food is the(LOBAMOM) plant.Mokele. Mbembe might be an Apatosaurus .Many sighting of creatures occur in theRiver. Loch Ness was made accessible by aRoad in the yea rOver 11,000 sightings of the Loch Ness monster have been reported .To find library books on the Loch Ness monster, go to 001 .9 in the Dewey Decima lsystem. In the Library of Congress system, go to QL89 .The Cornish Sea Serpent is located just south ofThere could be a creature in theA Sea Dragon was caught inChannel.in 1749 .Dr . Kent Hovind office ( 50) 479-DINO (3466) Fax 479-856223

0reportedly saw a type of plesiosaurus off o fSir Arthurthe coast of Greece . One was also caught near Mudgie Beach, Australia . Off of the coast of Newcreature on board in 1977. The most popular argument used by skeptics is to say that the creature was Just a baskinga Japanese fishing boat hauled a dea dMatch the following dinosaur sig

the Creation Seminar Series Dr. Kent Hovind CSE Ministry. Table of Content 2004 EDITION / Age of the Earth Seminar One 1 Seminar One B 4 The Garden of Eden Seminar Two 0 Seminar Two B 14 Dinosaurs and the Bibl e Seminar Three 20 Seminar Three B 23 lies in the Textbook Seminar Four 26

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Seminar Topic Assignment Institut of Logic and Computation Knowledge-Based Systems Group www.kr.tuwien.ac.at. Empty Head Seminar Topics Seminars: ä Seminar in Theoretical Computer Science ä Seminar in Arti cial Intelligence ä Seminar in Logic ä Seminar in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

1 CSE 474 Introduction 1 CSE 474 – Introduction to Embedded Systems n Instructor: q Bruce Hemingway n CSE 464, Office Hours: 11:00-12:00 p.m., Tuesday, Thursday n or whenever the door is open n bruceh@cs.washington.edu q Teaching Assistants: q Cody Ohlsen, Kendall Lowrey and Ying-Chao (Tony) Tung CSE 474 Introduction 2

CSE 440: Introduction to HCI CSE 441: Advanced HCI CSE 510: Advanced Topics in HCI CSEP 510: Human-Computer Interaction CSE 332: Data Structures. Who We Are You Computing. Who We Are Eunice Jun Prefer: Eunice / She / Her Background: BS,Cognitive Studies & Computer Science Vanderbilt, 2016

2. Pada saat pelaksanaan seminar Skripsi, peserta harus berpakaian rapi (kemeja dan berdasi) dan bersepatu tertutup. 3. Selama seminar berlangsung, peserta boleh menonton peserta seminar lainnya setelah ia mempresentasikan proposalnya. 4. Selama seminar berlangsung, ruang seminar akan ditutup, penonton tidak boleh hilir mudik masuk keluar ruangan.

Eleven seminar rooms in buildings 1, 3, 9, 12, 14 and 16 are designed for groups of 50 to 97 people, there are other rooms with lower capacity. All rooms . 7 3F Seminar Room C 7.319 24 7 3F Seminar Room C 7.320 30 11 GF Seminar Room C 11.008 28 11 1F Seminar Room C 11.117 25 11 3F Seminar Room C 11.307 28

Type A02 : Cable suffices This type comprises people with some limited interest in electronic technologies but who have neither the education nor income to become heavily engaged in using them. Many of this type are men who have recently retired or who are approaching retirement. A high proportion has access to cable television. Type A03 : Technology as fantasy This type contains many old .