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NEWS RELEASEMike DeWineGovernorFollow us on Twitter or Facebook!Visit us onlineSheryl MaxfieldDirectorFor Immediate ReleaseJanuary 18, 2019Contact: Brian Bohnert at 614-752-7179brian.bohnert@com.state.oh.usState Fire Marshal Grant Improves Communicationfor 242 Ohio Fire DepartmentsState Fire Marshal Jeff A. Hussey is pleased to announce the Fiscal Year 2019 awardees for theMARCS (Multi-Agency Radio Communications Systems) grant, which includes 242 fire departmentsin 40 counties throughout Ohio.The MARCS radio system allows first responders to seamlessly communicate, not only with eachother, but with other agencies responding to an incident (i.e. fire departments from neighboringareas, law enforcement, etc.).“Operating on a modern, inter-operable public safety radio system will certainly improve emergencyservices in those counties and provide an enhanced level of safety for our responders,” MarshalHussey said.MARCS radios are sophisticated systems, and the cost can be significant. The grant helps to offsetthe cost of the radio equipment and user fees, making the radios possible for local fire departments,regardless of their size or budget. This year, the State Fire Marshal’s (SFM) office received morethan 12 million in requests for the 3 million in available funding.“This high level of competition requires us to make some very difficult decisions regarding who willreceive awards,” said Hussey. “It is my hope SFM grant funds will continue to be available in thefuture and I really want to encourage fire departments that did not receive funding this year toreapply next year.”Key facts about the program include: 242 fire departments in 40 counties received a total of 3 million in grants. Priority funding went to departments that applied as part of a regional or county-wide effort,and departments that showed they are prepared to immediately begin using the MARCSradios upon award receipt. Six of the 40 counties awarded are part of a regional effort aiming to have each firedepartment in the county on the MARCS radio system, including: Crawford, Defiance,Fairfield, Scioto, Washington and Wyandot. This is the fifth year the State Fire Marshal’s office has offered this grant.Letters detailing each department’s award or denial will be sent to applicants in the coming weeks.- Awardee details on next page –

2019 MARCS Grant RecipientsCountyFDID NameAdamsManchester Fire DepartmentPeebles Fire DepartmentScott Twp. Fire DepartmentWinchester Community Fire DistrictFranklin Twp. Fire DepartmentWayne Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentJeromesville Vol. Fire DepartmentHartsgrove Twp. Fire DepartmentAthens Fire DepartmentBridgeport Vol. Fire DepartmentBrookside Fire DepartmentMartins Ferry Vol. Fire DepartmentO R & W Fire District #9Sunset Heights Vol. Fire DepartmentWolfhurst Central Vol. Fire DepartmentBarton Vol. Fire DepartmentColerain Fire DepartmentBelmont Vol. Fire DepartmentLafferty Vol. Fire DepartmentSomerton Vol. Fire DepartmentPowhatan Point Vol. Fire DepartmentBellaire Volunteer Fire DepartmentHigginsport Vol. Fire & EMSMt. Orab Fire DepartmentSardinia Fire DepartmentByrd Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentFCV Vol. Fire DepartmentThree Rivers Fire DistrictWalhonding Valley Fire DistrictBucyrus Fire DepartmentChatfield Vol. Fire DepartmentCrestline Fire DepartmentGalion Fire DepartmentNew Washington Fire DepartmentTiro-Auburn Vol. Fire DepartmentBucyrus Twp. Fire DepartmentDallas Twp. Fire DepartmentHolmes Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentLiberty Twp. Fire DepartmentLykens Twp. Fire DepartmentWhetstone Twp. Fire DepartmentJefferson Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentAnsonia Fire DepartmentArcanum Fire tonCrawfordDarkeGrant Amount 1,680.00 2,040.00 1,440.00 2,160.00 1,680.00 1,440.00 1,320.00 1,440.00 33,211.00 240.00 1,200.00 1,080.00 720.00 1,080.00 960.00 1,200.00 360.00 480.00 1,080.00 1,080.00 480.00 720.00 1,080.00 1,440.00 480.00 840.00 960.00 960.00 960.00 49,984.67 48,782.04 49,740.75 49,401.24 49,856.31 49,554.71 37,343.18 49,459.56 49,280.30 49,946.38 37,182.97 48,973.06 49,973.41 1,440.00 1,320.00

CountyDefianceFairfieldFayetteGuernseyFDID NameGreenville Fire DepartmentHollansburg Fire DepartmentPitsburg Fire DepartmentRossburg Fire DepartmentUnion City Fire DepartmentVersailles Fire DepartmentLiberty Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentGettysburg Rural Fire DepartmentNorth Star Comm Fire DepartmentOsgood Comm Vol. Fire DepartmentGreenville Twp. Fire DepartmentDefiance Fire DepartmentHicksville Vol. Fire DepartmentJewell Fire DepartmentSherwood Village Fire DepartmentFarmer Fire DepartmentHighland Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentNoble Twp. Fire DepartmentSouth Richland Twp. Fire DepartmentTiffin Twp. Fire DepartmentNey-Washington Twp. Fire DepartmentDelaware Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentAmanda Twp. Fire DepartmentBremen-Rushcreek Twp. Fire DepartmentPleasant Twp. Fire DepartmentThurston-Walnut Twp. Fire DepartmentBerne Twp. Fire DepartmentBloom Twp. Fire DepartmentClearcreek Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentGreenfield Twp. Fire DepartmentRichland Twp. Fire DepartmentBasil Jt. Fire DistrictHocking Twp. Fire DepartmentBpm Jt. Fire DistrictWashington Fire DepartmentConcord-Green Twp. Fire DepartmentWayne Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentByesville Fire DepartmentCambridge Fire DepartmentCumberland Vol. Fire DepartmentAntrim Community Vol. Fire DepartmentLore City Fire DepartmentPleasant City Fire DepartmentSenecaville Fire DepartmentLiberty Comm Vol. Fire DepartmentCassell Station Vol. Fire DepartmentGrant Amount 1,920.00 2,160.00 2,880.00 1,680.00 2,880.00 1,680.00 2,040.00 1,440.00 2,040.00 1,920.00 1,920.00 49,120.50 48,399.21 31,036.50 43,763.84 46,166.24 49,120.50 38,387.22 49,916.94 50,000.00 49,894.65 40,450.96 50,000.00 50,000.00 50,000.00 49,956.73 50,000.00 49,972.64 50,000.00 49,938.00 50,000.00 50,000.00 49,915.58 600.00 1,800.00 1,080.00 1,680.00 1,800.00 2,400.00 1,320.00 1,680.00 1,800.00 1,680.00 1,920.00 960.00 2,160.00

ckingMadisonMeigsMonroeMorganMorrowFDID NameOld Washington Vol. Fire DepartmentBlanchard Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentJenera Vol. Fire DepartmentAllen Twp. Fire DepartmentLiberty Twp. Fire DepartmentCadiz Vol. Fire DepartmentDeersville Comm Vol. Fire DepartmentFreeport Comm Vol. Fire DepartmentTappan Lake Vol. Fire DepartmentWashington Twp. Vol. Fire Department IncHopedale Vol. Fire & RescueHarrisville Vol. Fire CompanyJewett Vol. Fire DepartmentMoorefield Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentScio Vol. Fire DepartmentLynchburg Area Jt. Fire & AmbulanceSouthern Highland Jt. Fire DistrictLogan Fire DepartmentGood Hope Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentMurray City Vol. Fire DepartmentFredericktown Community Fire DistrictLawrence Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentDecatur Vol. Fire Department, Inc.Hanover Vol. Fire DepartmentNewark Twp. Fire DepartmentLicking Twp. Fire CompanyJefferson Twp. Fire DepartmentRange Twp. Fire DepartmentCentral Twp. Fire DepartmentTri-County Jt. Fire DistrictMiddleport Fire DepartmentRacine Vol. Fire DepartmentRutland Fire DepartmentSyracuse Vol. Fire DepartmentOlive Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentTuppers Plains Fire DepartmentColumbia Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentGraysville Vol. Fire DepartmentBethel Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentSardis Vol. Fire DepartmentStockport Vol. Fire DepartmentChesterhill Vol. Fire DepartmentMt Gilead Fire DepartmentCardington Fire DepartmentBig Walnut Jt. Fire DistrictPerry-Congress Fire DistrictGrant Amount 1,800.00 720.00 960.00 120.00 480.00 1,680.00 1,560.00 1,440.00 1,560.00 1,680.00 1,560.00 1,560.00 1,680.00 1,560.00 960.00 2,280.00 2,880.00 1,920.00 1,320.00 1,080.00 1,320.00 240.00 960.00 1,200.00 1,920.00 1,680.00 1,080.00 1,440.00 1,920.00 1,680.00 120.00 720.00 840.00 1,080.00 960.00 1,080.00 600.00 720.00 840.00 1,200.00 600.00 240.00 4,320.00 4,200.00 4,680.00 4,200.00

otoFDID NameIberia Joint Fire DepartmentAdamsville Fire DepartmentDresden Fire DepartmentFrazeysburg Vol. Fire DepartmentRoseville Vol. Fire DepartmentFalls Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentHarrison Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentNewton Twp. Division of FireWayne Twp.-Duncan Falls Fire DepartmentNew Concord Fire DepartmentWashington Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentCaldwell Vol. Fire DepartmentBelle Valley Vol. Fire & RescueAntwerp Fire DepartmentGrover Hill Vol. Fire DepartmentOakwood Vol. Fire DepartmentPaulding Fire DepartmentPayne Vol. Fire DepartmentAuglaize Twp. Fire DepartmentCrane Twp.-Cecil Fire DepartmentCorning Vol. Fire DepartmentBeaver Vol. Fire DepartmentPiketon Seal Twp. Fire DepartmentWaverly Fire DepartmentCamp Creek Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentElm Grove Vol. Fire DepartmentBenton Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentPebble Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentStockdale Vol. Fire DepartmentJackson Twp. Fire DepartmentScioto Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentCamden-Somers Twp. Fire & RescueGasper Twp. Fire & RescueEldorado Fire DepartmentGratis Vol. Fire DepartmentLewisburg Fire DepartmentNorthwest Fire DepartmentVerona Fire DepartmentConcord Twp. Fire DepartmentHuntington Twp. Fire DepartmentJefferson Twp. Fire & RescueScioto Twp. Fire DepartmentValley Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentMinford Vol. Fire Department, Inc.New Boston Fire DepartmentOtway Fire DepartmentGrant Amount 4,200.00 1,200.00 1,560.00 2,040.00 1,200.00 480.00 1,200.00 2,160.00 2,040.00 2,160.00 1,920.00 960.00 960.00 3,360.00 3,240.00 3,480.00 3,600.00 1,440.00 3,000.00 2,760.00 240.00 2,880.00 2,400.00 1,440.00 1,680.00 3,000.00 2,040.00 2,760.00 2,760.00 2,520.00 2,280.00 1,920.00 2,160.00 720.00 720.00 480.00 2,640.00 1,080.00 2,520.00 2,040.00 2,160.00 1,080.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00

CountyShelbyVan WertVintonWashingtonWayneWoodFDID NamePortsmouth Fire DepartmentSouth Webster/Bloom Twp. Jt. Fire DepartmentWashington Twp. Fire DepartmentRubyville Vol. Fire DepartmentRosemount Vol. Fire DepartmentGreen Twp. Fire DepartmentJefferson Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentMorgan Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentNile Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentPorter Twp. Fire DepartmentRarden Vol. Fire DepartmentRush Twp. Fire & RescueUnion Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentVernon Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentFort Loramie Comm Fire Co., Inc.Port Jefferson Community Fire Co.Scott Vol. Fire DepartmentZaleski Fire DepartmentHamden Vol. Fire DepartmentWilkesville Vol. Fire DepartmentLittle Hocking Fire DepartmentMarietta Fire DepartmentOak Grove Vol. Fire & RescueBarlow Fire DepartmentBeverly Vol. Fire DepartmentFearing Twp. Fire DepartmentL A Vol. Jt. Fire DistrictGrandview Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentSalem Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentLittle Muskingum Vol. Fire DepartmentNewport Vol. Fire Department, Inc.Reno Vol. Fire DepartmentWarren Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentWesley Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentBelpre Vol. Fire DepartmentDunham Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentSouth Central Fire DistrictOrrville Fire DepartmentRittman Fire DepartmentNew Pittsburg Fire DepartmentSterling Fire DistrictTown & Country Fire DistrictBloomdale Fire DepartmentBradner Fire DepartmentGrand Rapids Twp. Fire DepartmentHoytville Fire DepartmentGrant Amount 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 840.00 1,800.00 1,080.00 720.00 1,440.00 2,160.00 48,806.75 48,806.75 33,881.05 28,184.20 7,089.46 13,680.00 23,186.38 20,767.15 5,995.40 7,641.60 17,220.00 34,358.20 24,343.90 19,103.80 8,349.00 36,701.85 2,160.00 2,280.00 2,160.00 2,280.00 2,280.00 2,160.00 840.00 1,200.00 1,440.00 1,440.00

CountyWyandotFDID NameGrant AmountNorth Baltimore Fire DepartmentPemberville-Freedom Fire DepartmentCentral Jt. Fire DistrictWayne Vol. Fire DepartmentWeston Fire DepartmentCenter Twp. Fire DepartmentTroy Twp. Vol. Fire DepartmentCarey Fire DepartmentMarseilles Vol. Fire DepartmentWyandot East Fire DistrictSycamore Vol. Fire & RescueUpper Sandusky Fire DepartmentWharton-Richland Twp. Fire DepartmentPitt Twp. Vol. Fire Department### 960.00 1,560.00 1,440.00 1,440.00 1,440.00 1,440.00 1,440.00 49,786.80 12,864.80 49,929.90 49,999.41 48,112.50 23,586.11 44,737.77

Colerain Fire Department 360.00 Belmont Vol. Fire Department 480.00 Lafferty Vol. Fire Department 1,080.00 Somerton Vol. Fire Department 1,080.00 Powhatan Point Vol. Fire Department 480.00 Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department 720.00 Brown Higginsport Vol. Fire & EMS 1,080.00 Mt. Orab Fire Department 1,440.00

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