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Business Ready Enhancement Plan for Microsoft DynamicsCustomer FAQUpdated January 2011The Business Ready Enhancement Plan for Microsoft Dynamics is a maintenance plan available to customersof Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft C5, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, MicrosoftDynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics POS, and Microsoft Dynamics RMS, andworldwide.The Business Ready Enhancement Plan is designed to help customers maximize the value of their MicrosoftDynamics solution. It also helps them protect their investment and equips them with tools and resources tohelp maximize value and enhance employee productivity.This document includes information in the following areas: General Information1. Overview of Business Ready Enhancement Plan2. Pricing and Policies3. Re-Enrollment Pricing and Policies The Business Ready Enhancement Plan Benefits4. Overview of the Benefits5. Localizations, Translations, Upgrades, and Updates6. CustomerSource7. Support Lifecycle Policy8. Protected List Price9. Additional Modules, Licenses, and Systems10. Customer Direct Communication Contact Information

General Information1. Overview of Business Ready Enhancement PlanWhat is the Business Ready Enhancement Plan?The Business Ready Enhancement Plan (“BREP”) is a maintenance plan for Microsoft Dynamics customersaround the globe. It is designed to drive greater value for customers as they plan, deploy, use theirMicrosoft Dynamics solution.Who can enroll in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan?The Business Ready Enhancement Plan is available to new and existing customers with the followingproducts or previous versions: Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics GP Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics SL Microsoft C5 Microsoft Dynamics RMS Microsoft Dynamics POSWhy should I enroll in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan?The Business Ready Enhancement Plan is essential to your ongoing success with your MicrosoftDynamics solutions, helping your business stay ahead of your competition. One of most valuable benefits of your Business Ready Enhancement Plan is the ability to takeadvantage of new version upgrades. By staying on the latest version, you have access to newfeatures and capabilities and help your business stay on the leading edge of technology.In addition to upgrades, we also deliver critical updates and a 10 year support lifecycle to helpyou protect your investment. These periodic updates include tax and regulatory releases tokeep your organization compliant, along with the latest system updates to keep your solutionsrunning at peak performance.Our customer portal, CustomerSource, is designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamicscustomers who are enrolled in a Business Ready Enhancement Plan. It is a secure web site whichserves as your one- stop-shop to access your enhancement plan benefits, providing time andmoney saving information, 24/7. You’ll be able to solve issues quickly and cost effectively usingself-support tools and unlimited access to over a thousand online training courses. This uniqueexperience includes the Microsoft Dynamics community site which enables mutual learning,connecting you with your peers, partners and other industry experts.As you can see, enrollment in BREP creates an environment where you have access to the latestbusiness software, along with empowerment for your users to unlock your solution’s potential.When you combine all of this value delivered by Microsoft, with the strength of our2

Microsoft certified reseller partner ecosystem, your Business Ready Enhancement Plan is anessential key to your organization’s success.Access CustomerSource today at is the Business Ready Enhancement Plan related to other service offerings such as BusinessReady Advantage Plan or Business Ready Advantage Plus?The Business Ready Enhancement Plan is the foundation for all other Microsoft Dynamics customerservice plans. Your enrollment in BREP is required to purchase there two additional service plans. Theseadditional support plans are not available in all regions. Please contact your Microsoft certified resellerpartner for availability in your region.2. Pricing and PoliciesHow much does it cost to enroll in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan?Please contact your Microsoft certified reseller partner for a quote for BREP enrollment on yourMicrosoft Dynamics solution.How long does a Business Ready Enhancement Plan contract last?The standard contract length for BREP is a minimum of 365 days.Can I purchase a multi-year contract?We offer a 3-year enrollment option in limited regions. Consult your Microsoft certified resellerpartner for more information.Can I purchase a multi-year contract once I have started a one year BREP contract in the middleof my contract? Customers have 90 days from the start of a one year BREP contract to upgrade to athree year plan. The start date remains the same as the initial one year contract. Customers receivecredit for the remaining days on their current plan, which will be applied as a credit on the instalmentinvoice for the second year. (This is only available in EMEA/APOC regions)What happens if I purchase new users or modules during the 3 year contract?If you paid for the 3 year plan up front, you will need to pay for the additional users and modules forthe remaining time of the BREP contract. If you committed to paying the plan with an annual payment,you will need to pay a pro rata fee for BREP on a three year rate for the additional users and modulesfor the time remaining in your current year. The subsequent annual payments will include theadditional users or modules in the calculation.How can I enroll in a Business Ready Enhancement Plan? How about renewing?Please consult with your Microsoft certified reseller partner to enroll in or renew your Business ReadyEnhancement Plan.What if my organization is unable to renew our BREP plan for the following year?If you decide not to renew your BREP plan, please notify your Microsoft certified reseller partner of yourdecision within 90 days of the expiration of your current 1 year or 3 year Business Ready EnhancementPlan.3

Will I receive a service contract when I purchase the Business Ready Enhancement Plan?Yes. The service agreement will be delivered to you as part of the confirmation e-mail upon enrollment.No signature will be required. Terms and conditions can be found on CustomerSource by clicking here.Is the first year of Business Ready Enhancement Plan enrollment mandatory?Yes. Microsoft requires enrollment in BREP upon purchase of your license during your first year withyour Microsoft Dynamics solution. For new customers, enrollment begins on the date Microsoftinvoices your Microsoft certified reseller partner for the Business Ready Enhancement Plan. Enrollmentin Business Ready Advantage is also required the first year for customers purchasing MicrosoftDynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Microsoft Dynamics POS, and Microsoft Dynamics SL.I used to be on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan and now it has expired. Can I get productupgrades that were released when I was current on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan?No. Customers have access to product updates and upgrades for their purchased product during thetime of their BREP enrollment.3. Re-Enrollment Pricing and PoliciesI have allowed my Business Ready Enhancement Plan to lapse, and now I’d like to re-enroll.How much does it cost to re-enroll in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan?For a quote on your re-enrollment, please contact your Microsoft certified reseller partner.When calculating my re-enrollment price, do I base my re-enrollment on the current list price onmy Microsoft Dynamics product or on the Protected List Price (as defined in Section 7) from whenI was enrolled in a Business Ready Enhancement Plan?Your re-enrollment will be based on the current recommended system list price or protected list price,whichever is higher at the time of re-enrollment. Protected List Price feature is valid only as long as youremain current on BREP.Who should I contact if I have questions regarding re-enrollment in the Business ReadyEnhancement Plan?Please consult with your Microsoft certified reseller partner.Benefits of The Business Ready Enhancement Plan4.Overview of the BenefitsWhat are some of the benefits of enrolling in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan?Some of the key benefits of the Business Ready Enhancement Plan are: Access to upgrades and updates (See section 5)Current information on your Microsoft Dynamics product and servicesUnlimited access to online training and certification informationAccess to the technical support Knowledge Base and newsgroupsCustomerSource (See section 6)Protected List Price (See section 7)Additional Modules, Licenses, Systems, and Transition Investment Credit (See section 8)4

How long are the benefits granted to me?The benefits of the Business Ready Enhancement Plan are granted for as long as you are enrolled andremain current on BREP.Can I take advantage of the Business Ready Enhancement Plan right away?When you enroll in the Enhancement Plan, you will receive a confirmation email that containsinstructions on how to access CustomerSource. CustomerSource will serve as the gateway to accessmany of the benefits including online training, Knowledge Base, product downloads, and much more.5. Localizations, Translations, Upgrades, and UpdatesWhat localizations and/or translations does Microsoft provide for its Microsoft Dynamicssolutions?Microsoft extends the business process functionality of its Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resourceplanning applications by developing features to address certain language or nationwide financialregulatory requirements in countries where Microsoft makes these applications generally commerciallyavailable.Since laws and regulations that affect companies are different in each country, the Microsoft Dynamicsapplications are not supported in terms of localizations, languages or technical support in all countries.For more information about the various countries and regions where Microsoft makes localizations andor translations generally commercially available for Microsoft Dynamics applications, click here.Are Partner-Created Localizations or Translations of Microsoft Dynamics software included in theBusiness Ready Enhancement Plan?No. Microsoft Dynamics partners may offer solutions that meet specific regulatory requirements areunique to cities, states, provinces or industries in a particular country. However, these partner-createdlocalizations or translations are not included in the Enhancement Plan. Please contact your partner forinformation about the localizations and/or translations they create for your licensed version ofMicrosoft Dynamics software.Does Microsoft provide any warranties or guarantees for partner-created localizations ortranslations?No. Microsoft does not provide any warranties (expressed, implied, statutory or otherwise) that partnercreated solutions comply with local business, tax and regulatory, legal or other applicable requirements.Please contact your partner for information about the localizations and/or translations they create foryour licensed version of Microsoft Dynamics software.How does Microsoft cover tax and regulatory updates?Microsoft understands that local laws, market conditions, and support requirement differ around theworld. As a result, Microsoft provides tax and regulatory releases, on an as-needed basis, at the supportservice pack level, for designated current and future versions of Microsoft Dynamics applications duringthe “Mainstream Support” phase of the “Support Lifecycle” for Microsoft Dynamics applications. Insome instances, regulatory updates may require upgrading to the latest service pack of a supportedversion of the Microsoft Dynamics application. For more information on support version of MicrosoftDynamics software, see Microsoft Support Lifecycle5

6. CustomerSourceWhat is CustomerSource?CustomerSource is a password-protected website available to customers who have a current BusinessReady Enhancement Plan. CustomerSource provides resources and self-support tools that help improveyour productivity with your Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions.Is the information relevant to where my company does business in?CustomerSource is available in 33 local-language country/region sites in 23 languages.The local sites offer information most relevant to each country. You can set your site preference andlanguage preference by going to My Account, My Profile in CustomerSource.In addition, anyone with access to CustomerSource can view the global English site for each MicrosoftDynamics product line.Do I have to be enrolled in BREP to get access to CustomerSource?Yes. CustomerSource access is provided only to customers who remain current on BREP. To view thedemo and learn even more about CustomerSource, please rce article.mspx.Can I get started using my BREP benefits right away? How can I get full value of theEnhancement Plan?Customers who enroll in the Enhancement Plan will receive a confirmation e-mail outlining thebenefits and how to access them. Enrolled customers will also receive instructions on how to accessCustomerSource.How do customers access to CustomerSource?1. Customers must have a Microsoft Windows Live ID to access CustomerSource. If they don'talready have a Windows Live ID, they can obtain one at: If they’re having problems, contact Windows Live IDCustomer Support: rt.srf.2. Customers should click on the link below in order to associate their Windows Live ID withtheir CustomerSource account.Important Notes: If a customer has multiple Windows Live IDs, they should close all web browsers and logout of all Windows Live ID accounts before they visit the URL below. Only one person can use the link below to associate their Windows Live ID with theirCustomerSource Saved.aspx?GUID 6829ced4-8529-4bd2-8f0346d480e54207How can I add or modify user information on CustomerSource?You can go to CustomerSource VOICE My Account My CustomerSource Accounts to add aprofessional on your account. You can choose “Add a Professional” to enter additional names and email addresses for individuals who will be using CustomerSource.6

7. Protected List PriceWhat is Protected List Price?Protected List Price is established by Microsoft by recording the recommended system list price at thetime of your Microsoft Dynamics license purchase. This list price becomes the “protected” basis uponwhich your future Enhancement Plan renewals are calculated, provided that you remain current onBREP.What benefits will Protected List Price bring to me?Protected List Price allows you to budget more predictably for your BREP renewal year after year.Protected List Price will only change if you conduct an activity outlined in the policies (such as purchaseof additional users or modules), so the renewal amount can be predicted based on your actions. Toview Protected List Price policies, go tsservices/service/enhancement/plppolicies.htm.8. Additional Modules, Licenses, and SystemsWhat happens to my BREP price if I add a module or user to my solution?If you are enrolled in BREP and purchase additional functionality or use licenses during the time of yourenrollment, the BREP coverage for these additional modules/users will be prorated to the day to matchthe anniversary date of the rest of your Business Ready Enhancement Plan for Microsoft Dynamics. YourMicrosoft certified reseller partner can help you with the process and provide you with the quote.Do I have to be enrolled in BREP to purchase additional modules or system user licenses?Enrollment in BREP is required if you are using one of the following: Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics GP Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics POS Microsoft Dynamics RMS Microsoft Dynamics SLCan I purchase additional functionality or user licenses for unsupported products?Customers enrolled in BREP may choose to purchase licenses for unsupported products that we makeavailable for purchase at our sole discretion. However, by definition, Microsoft will not support theselicenses. For a list of Microsoft Dynamics products that are currently supported, go to the SupportLifecycle Web site at enrollment in BREP required for customers to have rights to hot fixes and service packs?Yes, enrollment in the Business Ready Enhancement Plan is required for customers to receive nonsecurity hot fixes, tax and regulatory releases, and services packs.What is Transition Investment Credit? How do I benefit from it?Transition Investment Credit gives you the flexibility and security in your Microsoft Dynamics solutionchoice; should your needs change, you have access to any of the other Microsoft Dynamics solutionsthat will best fit your new needs. Click here for additional details on Transition Investment Credit.7

9. Support Lifecycle PolicyWhat is the Support Lifecycle Policy for Microsoft Dynamics?Support Lifecycle Policy provides you with clear and predictable support information for all Microsoftproducts including your Microsoft Dynamics solution. With this policy, you can plan more effectively foryour future software requirements based on long-term awareness of the support cycle for Microsoftproducts.Generally, the “Mainstream Support” period for Microsoft Dynamics products is five years. During theMainstream Support period, BREP customers will have access to the following benefits: Online product information and KnowledgeBase Ability to request non-security hot fixes including tax and regulatory releases.For information regarding a specific product, service pack support policies, “Extended Support” phase,and end of support timelines visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Web site.10.Direct Communications to CustomersDoes Microsoft send email communications directly to customers?Yes. The Business Ready Enhancement Plan email strategy is intended to bring additional awareness of acustomer’s Enhancement Plan benefits and renewal date by sending welcome and reminder emails tothe Microsoft certified reseller partner and the ERP customer. This helps ensure that the customerunderstands their BREP benefits and renews on time, thus receiving uninterrupted access to theirBusiness Ready Enhancement Plan benefits and avoiding any re-enrollment fees later on.Who will receive the emails?The individuals at your organization who are listed as the support contact role or the billing contact rolewill receive the emails from Microsoft.When are the Welcome and Renewal Emails delivered to customers? Customers receive a Welcome email upon purchase of BREP. Customers receive a renewal reminder email 60 days before the end of the customer’sEnhancement Plan term. Customers that do not renew will receive an email 5 days after expiration of their BREP term.Contact InformationWhere can I send my questions about the Business Ready Enhancement Plan?Please contact your Microsoft certified reseller partner with questions and concerns about yourMicrosoft Dynamics solution and its support plans or e-mail

FQENP909This document is for information purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT. 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.Microsoft and the Microsoft Dynamics Logo are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.9

Business Ready Enhancement Plan for Microsoft Dynamics Customer FAQ Updated January 2011 The Business Ready Enhancement Plan for Microsoft Dynamics is a maintenance plan available to customers of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft C5, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics POS, and Microsoft Dynamics RMS, and

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