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Strong Protection FirefightersCan Count On.In your profession, on-the-job protection you can count on isthe first thing you need to do your job. And it’s the last thingyou have time to think about when you respond to a fire emergency. That’s why you need the strongest breed of SCBA youcan buy — the SURVIVAIR Panther.TRIM HEREWhen we designed the SURVIVAIR Panther SCBA, we had oneprimary objective. What could we do to help take some of therisk out of your job? After consulting with hundreds of firefighters like you, we created the strongest,most rugged SCBA we could, with dozensof function and fit features that have madethe SURVIVAIR Panther one of the leadingSCBAs in the industry.Now with HUD and RIC UAC!The rugged and durable SURVIVAIR Panther SCBA providesdependable protection with incomparable comfort. Now with areliable, wired Heads-Up Display (HUD) and Rapid InterventionCrew/Company Universal Air Connection (RIC UAC), theSURVIVAIR Panther* provides the most advanced protectionavailable in a self-contained breathing apparatus. Plus, noother SCBA manufacturer offers a wider range of accessoriesand options than SURVIVAIR. So you can customize yourPanther SCBA by choosing those features that meet yourindividual needs and preferences.To give you even more peace of mind, the SURVIVAIR Pantheris backed by an industry-best 12-year warranty, with a 15-yearwarranty on the cylinder and a lifetime warranty on the firststage regulator.*NIOSH 42 CFR 84 and NFPA 1981 (2002 Edition) certified.

SURVIVAIR Panther —External 25% and 10% lowair alarm to alert others ofa low air condition.Photodiode to sense ambientlight conditions and dim orbrighten the LEDs accordingly.TRIM HEREHUD outsideviewHUD insideviewLEDs that indicate cylinderpressure continuously.LED flashesgreen for 50%low air alarm.HUDregulatorLED flashes red for25% low air alarm andflashes red faster for10% low air alarm.Amber low batteryvisual alarm thatalerts user when atleast 8 hours ofbattery life remain.RIC UACTransducermoduleBattery compartment for2/3-A lithium battery.Amberbatterystatusindicator.

The Strongest Breed of SCBATwentyTwenty Plus FacepieceFEATURESBENEFITS Skirt made of surgicalgrade silicone Soft, pliable, and extremelycomfortable Superior fit for most typesof facial configurations Rugged, durable Does not soften, melt, or burnin high heat or direct flame Does not stiffen or becomebrittle in cold 540% elongation beforebreaking Choice of audible alarms (bell,plain whistle, or warbling whistle) Can satisfy a variety of personalpreferences Rapid Intervention Crew/Company Universal AirConnection (RIC UAC) Satisfies NFPA 1981 requirementfor fitting to enable quick cylinderfilling for rapid intervention Attaches directly to cylindervalve via CGA connection Eliminates potential safetyhazard of high pressure, highvolume hoseSecond Stage RegulatorFEATURESBENEFITS Pilot valve Simple, reliable, few movingparts for less maintenance Makes second stage regulatorcompact and light Air Klic fastening system Easy, quick attachment ofregulator to facepiece withoutindexing Does not react with ozone Wide range of chemicalresistance Lens made of hard-coatedpolycarbonate Durable; resists scratching Rims, nozzle cover, andAir Klic made of super-tough,space-age plastic Able to withstand drop of30 feet onto concrete withoutbreaking First-Breath-On (FBO)mechanism Exhalation valve in facepiece Two separate paths forinhalation and exhalation;virtually eliminates crosscontamination issues Automatically activates at user’sfirst breath; shutoff buttonprovided to reset FBO and stopair flow when no longer in use Made of super-tough,space-age plastic Able to withstand drop of 30feet onto concrete withoutbreaking Low exhalation breathingresistance for comfortablebreathing Kapton speaking diaphragm Effective local voicetransmission Multiple skirt and nose cup sizes(small, medium, and large) Easily fits most facialconfigurations Choice of head harness(silicone headstrap or meshstyle Kevlar Headnet ) Can satisfy individual’spersonal preference Choice of skirt colors Able to differentiate facepiecesizes by color coding Flash hood anchor pointmolded into nozzle cover Helps keep flash hoods frommigrating around the facepieceMightyLight BackpackHeads-Up Display (HUD)FEATURESBENEFITS Hard-wired system Reliable; eliminates potentialproblems associated withwireless systems Single battery (2/3-A lithium) inback-mounted transducermodule (TM) Long life—minimum of oneyear using the SCBA for 30minutes each day Less hassle and expense; easilyaccessible Battery status indicator on TM Allows user to know batterystatus before activating the SCBA Display module (DM) onsecond stage regulator withseries of colored LEDs Cylinder pressure status continuously displayed and easilyseen by user at any time without requiring manual overrideFEATURESBENEFITS Display protected from environment Backplate made of fiberglassfilled nylon; harness materialmade of a blend of Kevlar andNomex Ergonomically designed;comfortable Wide-span, “gas gauge” styledisplay allows easilydifferentiated readings Strong, yet one of lightestbackpacks on market Heat- and flame-resistant Weight carried on hips,not shoulders Shoulder and hip pads 50%, 25%, and 10% low airvisual alarms Informs user of importantmilestones Photodiode Senses ambient light conditionsand automatically dims or brightensdisplay so that LED intensity issufficient but not distracting External low air visual alarm Alerts others to user’s 25% and10% low air alarm status Alerts user to low batterycondition while SCBA is in use Comfortable cushioning Weight spread over moresurface area for better weightdistribution WedgeLock fastening system Simple, effective method ofattaching harness to backplatewithout metal fasteners Parachute buckles on shoulderstraps; pull-forward waiststraps with automotive-stylemetal seat belt buckle Easy adjustment of backpackto individual’s body Adjustable cylinder band withcam lock Cylinder tightly secured, yeteasily and quickly changedFirst Stage Pressure ReducerFEATURESBENEFITS Piston and spring fail-safedesign Simple, reliable, with very fewparts; does not requireadjustment Visual low battery indicatorAccessoriesFEATURESBENEFITS Many options available, such asvoice amplification, radiocommunications, integratedPASS device, back-mountedremote alarm module forintegrated PASS device, buddybreather, auxiliary coupling forrapid intervention ”daisychaining,” supplied airattachment, Smoke Eater escape canister, and more Allows user to customize byadding features that meetindividual needs

SURVIVAIRPanther SCBA1Kevlar Headnet . Also available withsilicone headstrap.2TwentyTwenty Plus silicone facepieceavailable in three sizes.3Nose cup available in three sizes.4Heads-Up Display with continuouspressure readings and 3 low air alarms.5Second stage regulator attaches toand detaches from facepiece quicklyand easily.6Optional COMPASS integratedPASS device.7Silicone extrusion protects pneumatichose and electronic cable.8Optional analog pressure gauge.9Carrying handles for easy transporting.10Optional dual fitting that allowsbuddy breathing without regulatordisconnection.11Hip pad for maximum comfort.12Regulator holder to store regulatorin standby mode.Panther SCBAside view

PA N T H E R S P E C I F I C AT I O N SPA N T H E R A C C E S S O R I E SType of UnitPART #DESCRIPTION963700963704963705COMPASS KitCOMPASS Kit with Auxiliary Coupler (for RIT)COMPASS Kit with Auxiliary Coupler (for SARor RIT), SAR Check Valve, and SAR AttachmentDoublePASS KitFacepiece Cleaner (Box/100 each)Facepiece Cleaner (Canister/220 each)Facepiece Modification Kit for SmallTalk PlusHeadnet Kit, TwentyTwenty Plus FacepieceNeck Strap Kit for TwentyTwenty Plus FacepiecePlug, Foster (for SAR Attachment)Plug, Hansen (for SAR Attachment)Plug, Hansen Stainless Steel (for SAR Attachment)Plug, Schrader (for SAR Attachment)Pressure Gauge, 2216 psig (Analog),Chest-MountedPressure Gauge, 3000 psig (Analog),Chest-MountedPressure Gauge, 4500 psig (Analog),Chest-MountedProtective Cylinder Sleeve, 30-Minute(2216 psig), Hoop-WrappedProtective Cylinder Sleeve, 30-Minute(4500 psig), Hoop-WrappedProtective Cylinder Sleeve, 30-Minute(2216 psig), Fully Wrapped CarbonProtective Cylinder Sleeve, 30-Minute(3000 psig), Fully Wrapped CarbonProtective Cylinder Sleeve, 30-Minute(4500 psig), Fully Wrapped CarbonProtective Cylinder Sleeve, 45-Minute(4500 psig), Fully Wrapped CarbonProtective Cylinder Sleeve, 60-Minute(4500 psig), Fully Wrapped CarbonQuantitative Fit Test AdapterRadio Communication System Kit,TwentyTwenty PlusRadio Communication System Kit withSmallTalk Plus (Combo), TwentyTwenty PlusRemote Push-to-Talk (RPTT) KitSAR Attachment Kit for Over-the-ShoulderBuddy Breather with Check Valve (requiresinstalled P/N 965119)SCBA Gear BagSmallTalk Plus Voice Amplification System KitSmallTalk Plus Voice Amplifier Module OnlySmoke Eater Carrying PouchSmoke Eater Escape Filter CanisterSmoke Eater Training CanisterSpectacles KitSuit Pass-Through KitTraining Tape (VHS)UAC Rapid Intervention KitUniversal UAC Rapid Intervention KitUtility D-ringApparatus Weight(Fully Charged)Cylinder PressureCylinder CapacityStretch Properties ofFacepieceRating of BackpackHarnessFlow Rate ofBreathing SystemAirflow Performance(moderate work rate)First Stage RegulatorSecond Stage RegulatorFacepiece LensHydrostatic TestRequirementsOverhaul CycleWarranty PeriodStandard NIOSH test— 40 lpmNFPA test — 100 lpm (high work rate)Reduces from tank pressure to90-140 psigReduces pressure from 100 psigto 0.045 0.009 psigPolycarbonate with super-resistant,hard anti-scratch coating.(Anti-fog solution available:SURVIVAIR Part # 951015 or951016.)3 years, 15-year life (fiberglass)5 years, 15-year life (carbon)5 years, unlimited life (aluminum)6 years12 years for the Panther SCBA15 years on the cylinderLifetime on the first stage regulator3 years on COMPASS and DoublePASS 2 years on the Heads-Up Display1 year on communicationaccessoriesPA N T H E R A C C E S S O R I E SPART #DESCRIPTION951015/951016962900965110Anti-Fog Solution: 1 oz./16 oz.APR Adapter/Qualitative Fit Test AdapterBuddy Breathing Kit, Over-the-Shoulder(Dual Fitting)Buddy Breathing Kit, Over-the-Shoulder(Dual Fitting), with SAR Check ValveCarrying CaseCheck Valve (SAR) for SCBAs without COMPASSCheck Valve (SAR) for SCBAs with COMPASSChest Strap KitChest Strap Shoulder Strap AttachmentsOnly (with Rings, without Chest Strap)CN/CS 95645968950968970964869Nomex and Kevlar are registered trademarks of Dupont. SURVIVAIR is a registered trademark of Bacou-Dalloz. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of SURVIVAIR. 2003 SURVIVAIR P/N 670013 ver 3 03/03 RPIDurationOpen-circuit, positive-pressure,self-contained breathing apparatus,certified as compliant with NFPA1981, 2002 EditionCertified by NIOSH to provide anominal service time of 30, 45,or 60 minutes30-minute —18 to 30 lb.45-minute —23 to 28 lb.60-minute — 28 to 34 lb.2216 psig, 3000 psig, or 4500 psig30-minute (2216/4500 psig)— 45 cubic ft30-minute (3000 psig)— 60 cubic ft45-minute (4500 psig)— 66 cubic ft60-minute (4500 psig)— 87 cubic ftSilicone — 540% elongationbefore breakingNomex/Kevlar manufacturer-ratedto 700 F550 lpmCONTINUED

SURVIVAIR Panther* provides the most advanced protection available in a self-contained breathing apparatus. Plus, no other SCBA manufacturer offers a wider range of accessories and options than SURVIVAIR. So you can customize your Panther SCBA by choosing those features that meet your in

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491121 - Mid-Tier Industrial SCBA - Low Pressure, 30-Minute SCBA. 1997-style Panther 2216 psig, TwentyTwenty Plus medium facepiece, bell alarm, 2216 psig 30-minute aluminum cylinder without locking collar, SAR attachment with Hansen couplings, carrying case. 493121 - Mid-Tier Industrial SCBA with SAR - Low Pressure, 30-Minute SCBA.

491121 - Mid-Tier Industrial SCBA - Low Pressure, 30-Minute SCBA. 1997-style Panther 2216 psig, TwentyTwenty Plus medium facepiece, bell alarm, 2216 psig 30-minute aluminum cylinder without locking collar, SAR attachment with Hansen couplings, carrying case. 493121 - Mid-Tier Industrial SCBA with SAR - Low Pressure, 30-Minute SCBA.

SCBA FOR INTERIOR STRUCTURAL FIRE FIGHTING OR IN OTHER APPLI-CATIONS INVOLVING EXPOSURE TO HIGH HEAT OR DIRECT FLAME. Do not use the Panther SCBA alone for any fire fighting or hazardous materials opera-tions; additional protective clothing and equipment are required for protection. This SCBA may cease to provide pro-

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