An “Alternative Self Portrait” Is Not Just A “traditional .

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An “Alternative Self Portrait” is not just a“traditional” self portrait.It’s unique, interesting, different &creative to you! Express yourself!

1. Portrait a picture of a person’s face

2. Self PortraitsA portrait an artist makes usinghimself or herself as the subject.

2. Self Portraits: A portrait an artist makesusing him/herself as the subjectSelf portraits can be different styles:PhotographsRealistic DrawingsStylized or Abstract

We will create 2 selfportraits!This “Alternative” self portrait isWe willusePortrait.the grid method with the photos we already took!TRADITIONALSelfwhat we did in Art 1Realistic value drawing using It’s a stylized, high contrastebony pencil.painting using black acrylic paint.

3. Grid enlarging:process of using a grid to enlarge an image; forcopying very precisely

Old School Style!3. Grid enlarging:process of using a grid toenlarge an image; for copyingvery precisely

Gridding to thesame sizeGrid Enlarging:

4. Proportion The size of one object compared to another.A part considered in relation to the whole.A relationship between things or parts ofthings with respect to sizeProportion is the agreeable relation of partswithin a whole

4. Proportion- The size of one object compared to anotherA part considered in relation to the whole.A relationship between things or parts of things with respect to sizeProportion is the agreeable relation of parts within a whole

Proportion- The size of one object compared to another

5. Facial proportions: Guidelines that helpyou get the general size, shape andposition of features placed correctly on theface.

5. Facial proportions: Guidelines that help you get thegeneral size, shape and position of features placedcorrectly on the face.

6. Human Body Proportions Body proportions are thestudy of relation of humanbody parts to each otherand to the whole. Used to relate two or moremeasurements based onthe body.

Proportions based on Age Body proportions are the study of relation ofhuman body parts to each other and to thewhole

GUYER STUDENT EXAMPLES:Traditional Self Portraits

Painting Project Choices:High Contrast (Just black & White)More blackMore white

OR, Monochromatic Value Scale:3 values5 values

A self portrait that isnot just “traditional”.Make it unique &interesting, different &creative to you!Express yourself!

Objectives for Alternative SelfPortraits:1. Creative Interpretation of assignment – 20 pts2. Creative Use of Materials (you can collage,draw, etc.) – 20 pts3. Effort & Technical accomplishment – 20 pts4. Dynamic Composition (not boring) – 20 pts5. Craftsmanship (neatness) – 20 pts

Why do Artists createSelf-Portraits?What does the self-portrait tellyou about the artist?

8. Frida Kahlo – Mexican artist who’s tragiclife inspired her self portraits.The Two FridasSelf-portraitscan help anartistunderstandor expresshim/herself.

Self-portraits allowan artist topractice renderingdifferentexpressions andmoods.Léopold BoillyGrimacing Man (SelfPortrait)

Self-portraits canadvertise theartist’s skill topotentialcustomers.Jean-AugusteDominique IngresIngres as a Young Man

Self-portraitscan preserve amemory or bemade as a giftfor someoneelse.Everett ShinnSelf-Portrait

Self-portraiturerequires selfexploration inorder for the artistto make decisionsabout how to bestrepresenthim/herself.Ralph BartonSelf-Portrait

9. Andy Warhol – Pop art style about popularcultureSelf-PortraitWhat qualities of aself-portrait canchange the waythe artistexpresses orrepresentshim/herself?

Friday 2/1 – B3 & AB5In Art 1 We looked at 7 artists who madedifferent self portraits. Who was Yourfavorite & WHY?

Expression, posture, clothing, background, colors,texture, media, and style can all change the way yourepresent yourself.What do you want your self-portraitto say about you?

10. A mind map is aMinddiagramMappingused to represent words, ideas,pictures, tasks or other items linked to and arrangedradially around a central key word or idea.It is used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas.

Assignment Part 1 Create a preliminary mind map of your goals,interests, personality etc in your sketchbookto plan your ideas for the final project. Use a minimum of 5 large branches with 3small branches each. Draw a picture and write a word for eachbranch.

DistortionsStudent- Very Alternativeself portraits!!!Examples

Assignment Part 2 Create a 1 inch by 1 inch grid on your photograph. Create a distorted grid on your drawing paper. Using your pencil, draw the contours in each squareof your photograph to the corresponding distortedsquare on your drawing paper. Last, erase your grid lines.

Distorted Grids

M.C. EscherPrint Gallery

Student Examples

Mrs. Meisner’s Alternative Self Portrait

Mrs. Meisner – Abstract Self Portrait

Self Portraits- A portrait an artist makes using himself or herself as the subject. 2. Self Portraits: A portrait an artist makes using him/herself as the subject Self portraits can be different styles: Realistic Drawings Photographs Stylized or Abstract . We will create 2 self portraits!

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Key terms: Portrait: A portrait is a representation of a particular person. A self-portrait is a portrait of the artist by the artist Sitter: A sitter is a person who sits, especially for a portrait. Gaze: Gaze describes where a person is looking, what they are looking at and how they are looking. Contemporary art: The term contemporary art is loosely used to refer to

A portrait is a painting, drawing, or photograph of a person. Usually, a portrait reveals someone’s physical appearance. It is a true likeness of that person. When you look in a mirror, you see a likeness of yourself. In a sense that’s a portrait. Jesus’ portrait does not reveal His physical appearance. Instead,

disintegration is evident in these three portraits from his famous self-portraits series: Self-Portrait with Dark Felt Hat (1886); Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear (1889); and Self-Portrait (1889). The analysis of letters from Vincent van Gogh to his brother, Theo van Gogh, are also useful when attempting to get an insight on van Gogh’s artwork.

Portrait: Distribute portrait worksheets and art materials and allow time for portrait work to begin! If you have access to a mirror, encourage students to practice their fanciest facial expressions in it and draw what they see. A self-portrait is a representa-tion of an artist that is dra

'Portrait of the Painter' also uses Dix's art as an occasion to meditate on the nature of perception and the often fraught relations between history and art, war and love. The use of the word 'Portrait' in the title self-consciously calls attention to the poet's own act of portrait-making, and in turn, the act of looking itself.

3) Expand the self portrait to include objects and symbols as part of a composition that shows balance and unity. 4) Analyze and discuss the purposes of portraits and self portraits created in the past and compare them to those created in the present. 5) After creating a “selfie” portrait, reflect on the ways technology can shape and

Teachers’ Notes Self-portraits from C17th to C21st Information and Activities for Secondary Art Teachers 5 /15 National Portrait Gallery Sir Godfrey Kneller Bt. (1646-1723) Self-portrait, c. 1706-11 Oil on canvas, 464 x 356 mm NPG 3214 This is a typical baroque portrait. It is related to the

4 INSIDEOUT 5 TABLE OF CONTENTS INSIDE OUT - - SOS ART 8 Foreword by 32Jay DeFazio 9 Introduction by Saad Ghosn 10 self-portrait by Aimee poem by Pauletta Hansel * Self-Portrait of Aimee 12 self-portrait by Ally Cat Bachman poems by Penelope Epple * They to Them * A Collection of Stardust to a Blue Skinned Alien

Welcome to Perfect Portrait Focus on the art of portrait creation because the most time consuming retouching tasks have now been automated. With Perfect Portrait 2, you can improve skin texture and color, remove blemishes, and enhance eye, lips and teeth. You'll find that it's never been so easy to create stunning portraits

Le portrait au fil du temps Un regard sur le portrait comme témoin de l’Histoire (la représentation d’une époque à travers les costumes et les décors). Expression(s) Le portrait comme support des expressions intimes et physiques (sentiments, émotions, expressions, caractères ). / Les Modalités pratiques

comprendre. Balzac fait un portrait, au sens large du terme, de chacun de ses personnages : portrait physique, portrait moral. Même les descriptions de leur environnement (costumes, décor, mobilier) font partie de leur portrait. Il s’agit pour Balzac de définir socialement ses personnages.

Erste Schritte mit dem Silhouette Portrait Anschließen des Silhouette Portrait Silhouette Portrait Kreativplotter A/C Adapter und Power Kabel USB Kabel 1 1 Inhalt überprüfen Der Silhouette Portrait kommt mit den Einzelteilen die in der folgenden Liste aufgeführt sind. Überprüf

Instructor: sue Bryce Track: shoot What You love your Passion is a Full-Time Job Instructor: Kyle Johnson Track: Portrait & Commercial The Documentary Portrait Instructor: dan Milnor Track: Portrait & Commercial Defining your Style Instructor: John Keatley Track: Portrait & Commercial The 9

people make a be er pose for their portrait photo with regard to their current location. Given a prior shot from the photographer or the camera view nder, our portrait composition assistance outputs some highly-rated prior-composed photos as an assessed feedback. Figure 1 shows some highly-rated portrait images, many taken by

variations of this portrait exist though the original is lost. This portrait is a variation of portrait no.79. Number: 76 William Fitzwilliam, 1st Earl of Southampton (1490-1542) After Holbien During his early years he was a companion to Henry, Prince of Wales (Henry VIII). He became a courtier and naval commander and Ambassador to France in 1521.

SEANCE 1 - Dessiner un portrait 1. Première réalisation Consigne : dessinez une portrait ; faites un dessin assez grand, il faut qu'on puisse le voir de loin. Matériel : feuilles papier machine A4, fusains, pastels gras ou feutres moyens (une seule couleur). 2.

Wendy Sharpe’s studio. (E) Count how many different things you can see in the painting. (M). Paste, cut and draw to create a wonderfully colourful and multi-layered self-portrait. On one sheet of paper, cover with different coloured squares of tissue paper. On a separate piece of paper, create a self portrait and include something you enjoy.

Andre Derain Hormoinie Jaune Woman with Hat Large Red Interior . Andre Derain Portrait of Derain by Maurice de Vlaminck Bridge over the Riou Poplars London Bridge . Maurice de Vlaminck The Blue House The Harvest Sunset in the Forest of Senoches Self Portrait with Pipe. Georges Rouault Flight to Egypt Parade Self Portrait The Old King .

Titian, Portrait of a Man with a Quilted Sleeve (c. 1512, National Gallery, London) Fig. 178. Rembrandt, Self-portrait at the Age of Thirty-Five (1640, National Gallery, London) 681 Fig. 179. Padovanino, Self-Portrait (c. 1625-30, Museo Civico, Padua) Fig. 181.

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