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FedEx Ship Manager SoftwareNew Features GuideVersion 3000New Features Guide v.3000

WelcomeCongratulations! You are one of the first customers to take advantage of thenewest version of FedEx Ship Manager Software, v.3000.As a current user, you already know how FedExShip Manager Software makes shipping,tracking and billing more efficient — whetheryou are on the shipping dock, in theadministration office or in the accountingdepartment. But no matter how your businessuses FedEx Ship Manager Software, there areimprovements in v.3000 that will help youprocess shipping more easily, quickly, andconveniently.New Features Guide v.3000From enhancements to common tasks toupgrades in operating efficiencies, FedEx ShipManager Software, v.3000 will improve yourday-to-day shipping experience. Enclosed aredetails about the latest new features. If you haveany questions or comments about the newversion or need assistance, refer to the “BeforeYou Begin” section on page 3 to contact theFedEx Help Desk.2

Before You BeginInstalling FedEx Ship Manager Software v.3000You must be running FedEx Ship Manager Software v.2704 or higher to upgrade to v.3000.During the installation of FedEx Ship Manager Software, turn off any virus protection or firewallprograms on your PC. These programs may interfere with the installation. Close all other open filesand programs before installing the software.Minimum System and Hardware RequirementsTechnical Support In the U.S. and Canada,1.877.339.2774. Intel CoreDuo recommended(Intel Pentium 4,21.7 orhigher GHz minimum)2 GB RAM recommended (512 MB RAM minimum)2 GB disk space recommended (1 GB minimum)Desktop Versions:o Microsoft Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)o Microsoft Windows 7 (Service Pack 1)o Microsoft Windows 8o Microsoft Windows 8 Proo Microsoft Windows 8 Enterpriseo Microsoft Windows 8.1o Microsoft Windows 8.1 Proo Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterpriseo Microsoft Windows 10o Microsoft Windows 10 Proo Microsoft Windows 10 EnterpriseServer Versions:o Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Service Pack 2)o Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (Service Pack 1)o Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (Standard Edition)o Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 (Standard Edition)FedEx Ship Manager Software is compatible with 32-bit and64-bit operating systemsLAN or DSL internet access recommended*4XCD-ROM or higher (CD-Writer recommended forBackup/Restore)Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 8.0Available port if you are using thermal printerLaser and/or inkjet printer for reports and labelsScreen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels recommended (screenresolution of 800x600 pixels minimum)Adobe Reader 8.1 or higherHelp LinksSelect Help Topics from theHelp drop-down menu or clickunderlined (hyperlinked) fieldnames.FedEx Bulletin BoardSelect Service Bulletin Boardfrom the Utilities drop-downmenu to view messages fromFedEx.FedEx WebsiteFor the latest informationabout FedEx, at the top of theFedEx Ship Manager Softwarescreen to go to the FedExwebsite. Then, click on anylink to explore the latestfeatures and news fromFedEx.*FedEx Ship Manager supports dial-up access for basic shipping functions only.New Features Guide v.30003

Table of ContentsFedEx Ship Manager Software v.3000 Highlights5HighlightsFedEx Ship Manager Additional EnhancementsFedEx Integration Assistant Enhancements5Third Party Billing for FedEx SmartPost 8Integration Automatic Shipping5Hold at FedEx Location Canada8Option to Use Stored Procedure5Reclassification of Clearance Entry Fee (CEF)8Auto-generate Export8Autoload Conversions5Support for5User Experience Enhancements for Canada8Conditions for Export5Ground Call Tag Preference9Text File Path Change Enhancement5Estimated Delivery Notification9Import Multiple Piece Shipment5Dimensions Preference Enhancement5FedEx Ship Manager Tutorials5Enhanced Connectivity Test6Display Dimensional Weight6Link to Online Supplies6Imperial or Metric Units for Weight/Dimensions Type6Customized End of Day (EOD) Close Report6Additional Document Types for Electronic TradeWindows 10 Operating SystemDocuments (ETD) Uploads6FedEx Ground Human Readable Barcode Enhancement6Multi-Weight Report Enhancement6Electronic Export Information (EEI) / Foreign TradeRegulations (FTR) Exemption enhancement7Signature Options Expansion7Tax ID in Commercial Invoice7Batch Shipping and Hold File Enhancement7FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution , FedExInternational Economy DirectDistributionSM, FedExInternational Priority DirectDistribution Freight Clearance Document EnhancementNew Features Guide v.30004

FedEx Ship Manager HighlightsFedEx Ship Manager Software v.3000OverviewFedEx Ship Manager Software v.3000, with its new time-saving and effort-saving enhancements,provides you with new tools to improve your shipping experience. The speed of v.3000 is highand gives you better and effective control over your shipping process.Third Party Billing for FedEx SmartPost offers a new billing option for the payer, whoperforms FedEx SmartPost shipments.Ground Call Tag Preference helps avoid the2-step process of creating and uploading theGround Call tags and mitigate the risk involvedin the manual upload of the Ground Call tags.Hold at FedEx Location in Canada providesthe Hold at FedEx Location lookup functionalityto all FedEx Express locations, where thisservice is available.Reclassification of Clearance Entry Fee (CEF)provides the ability to bill the CEF andassociated taxes along with duties and taxes tothe shipper, recipient or third party. Theapplicable Clearance Entry Fee is displayed onthe shipper’s courtesy rate quote only if theshipper is the payer of duties and taxes.Estimated Delivery Notification offersgreater transparency into your shipmentdelivery so you can plan better.Dimensions Preference Enhancementenables you to set Dimensions as a requiredfield within the Domestic and Internationalshipping profiles.Support for Windows 10 Operating Systemallows migration to the latest Microsoft operating system.User Experience Enhancements for Canadainclude an additional rate-quote option forsingle-piece shipping as well as access to thecommodity database by both Shipment Content(Insight) and Commodity/Merchandise.FedEx Ship Manager Tutorials serve asshort, self-paced learning tutorials. Itexplains the complex functions such asprocessing shipping commodities,completing Consolidated CommercialInvoice (CCI) and so on.Enhanced Connectivity Test allowsconnectivity testing to additional FedExbackend systems.New Features Guide v.30005

FedEx Ship Manager AdditionalEnhancementsDisplay Dimensional Weight displays thedimensional weight for the given package andprovides transparency on the weight that willget applied on your shipment or package.Link to Online Supplies helpsyou log on directly to the OnlineSupplies application from the FedEx ShipManager desktop application.Imperial or Metric Units for Weight /Dimensions adds Pounds (LBS), Kilograms(KGS), Cubic Feet (CFT) and Cubic Meters(M3) as metric options for weight ordimensions on the less than truckload (LTL)Freight and Returns profile user interfacescreens.Customized End of Day (EOD) Close Reportallows you to customize the End of Day(EOD) report printing operation to specificreports and avoid unnecessary printing of allthe reports.New Features Guide v.3000Additional Document Types for ETDUploads allows you to choose Microsoft Office 2010 Word (Docx) and Excel (Xlsx)documents as additional supported documenttypes for Electronic Trade Documents (ETD)uploads.FedEx Ground Human Readable Barcodeon labels is now encrypted.Multi-Weight Report Enhancement helpsgenerate a more detailed and customizedreport that contains a breakdown of differentsurcharges, such as Multi-Weight FuelSurcharge, Multi- Weight Goods and ServicesSales Tax (GST Charge), Multi-WeightHarmonized Sales Tax (HST surcharge), andMulti-Weight Canadian Tax (PST Charge).Commercial Invoice Font Size Updateincreases the font size in the commercialinvoice so that the content is more legible.Electronic Export Information (EEI)/Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR)Exemption Enhancement includes supportfor 2 important EEI/FTR exemption types‘NO EEI 30.37(q)’ and ‘NO EEI 30.37(r)’.6

Signature Options Expansion closes thesignature delivery options gap in the FedExExpress and FedEx Ground internationalparcel portfolio by providing international anddomestic shippers with the followingsignature optionsNo Signature Required (NSR): FedEx willnot require a signature upon delivery.Indirect Signature Required (ISR): FedExwill obtain a signature in one of three ways:1. From someone at the delivery address.2. From a neighbor, building manager orother person at the neighboring address.3. The recipient can sign a FedEx door tagauthorizing release of the package withoutanyone present.Batch Shipping and Hold FileEnhancement enables you to analyze failedshipments from the previous batch byincluding Error ID description as a new optionin the Export Template dialog. You can exporta list of failed shipments into an Excel file,simplifying the way the team members cancommunicate while analyzing and resolvingerrors.Direct Signature Required (DSR): FedEx willobtain a signature from someone at thedelivery address or reattempt delivery thefollowing business day if no one is at theaddress.Adult Signature Required (ASR): FedEx willobtain a signature from any person of the ageof majority, country specific, at the deliveryaddress.Note: The Signature Option is located at thebottom left under the Ship tab’s Options tab,or from the Shipment information dropdown’s Signature Options under MultiplePiece Shipments.Tax ID in Commercial Invoice allowsprinting of additional information such as TaxID on the Commercial Invoice for LTL Freightshipments.New Features Guide v.3000FedEx International PriorityDirectDistribution , FedEx InternationalEconomy DirectDistributionSM , FedExInternational Priority DirectDistributionFreight Clearance DocumentEnhancement makes FedEx InternationalPriority DirectDistribution, FedExInternational Economy DirectDistribution andFedEx International Priority DirectDistributionFreight shipments compliant with CanadaBorder Services Agency regulations bymaking the commodity data availableelectronically and collecting additionalrequired data. This helps you avoid penaltiesand facilitates continued shipping for theseshipments into Canada.7

FedEx Integration Assistant EnhancementsIntegration Automatic Shipping provides aprofile option for you to setup automaticshipping for your integration. When using thisoption you can select how often you wantFedEx Ship Manager to check your datasource for new shipment data. If available, itwill automatically populate new shipmentrecords into FedEx Ship Manager, rather thanthe user having to manually run the profilewith each update.Autoload Conversions feature enables you toautomatically load the FedEx Ship Managerconversion values during import and export. Thiseliminates the need to manually set eachconversion value when creating and editing yourimport and export profiles in FedEx IntegrationAssistant.Option to Use Stored ProcedureWhen creating or editing a profile, you cannow use a stored procedure to query yourdata and provide FedEx Integration Assistantthe tables and data mappings rather than youhaving to manually update the data sourceand re-map to the FedEx Ship Manager fieldswithin FedEx Integration Assistant whenchanges occur within your data source tablesand fields.Auto-generate Export simplifies the exportsetup process by adding the option to autogenerate a CSV/text file upon export fromFedEx Ship Manager, rather than requiringdata mapping or conversions. When usingthis option, FedEx Integration Assistant willcreate a comma delimited text file and sendto the file selected within your database.New Features Guide v.3000Conditions for Export lets you create conditionsfor your data to be applied during export fromFedEx Ship Manager. This currently exists forimport profiles and is now available within exportfunctionality.8

Text File Path Change provides the ability tochange the path of a text file in a saved profilewithout deleting the existing profile datamappings and profile selections or requiring anew profile to be created.Import Multiple-Piece ShipmentThe ability to import multiple-piece shipments,is currently available for single piece or singleedit shipping and has now been extended tobatch shipping, allowing you to import nonidentical MPS shipments.New Features Guide v.30009

FedEx Ship Manager Highlights . FedEx Ship Manager Software v.3000 . Overview . FedEx Ship Manager Software v.3000, with its new timeving and effort-sa -saving enhancements, provides you with new tools to improve your shipping experience. The speed of v.3000 is high and gives you better and effective control over your shipping process.

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Assistance with FedEx shipping solutions, including FedEx Ship Manager at, FedEx Ship Manager hardware or software and FedEx Ship Manager Enterprise. 1.877.339.2774 FedEx Customer Claims and Revenue Services Assistancewithclaims, creditsand refunds,invoice copies,billing inquiries, and duty and tax inquiries. 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463 .

Install EPDS/FDS on the machine on which FedEx Ship Manager is installed. Note: Run EPDS/FDS at least once to ensure the setup was successful. II. INTEGRATING AND MAPPING FEDEX SHIP MANAGER TO EPDS/FDS: A. Launch FedEx Ship Manager. B. From the Integration Menu, select the FedEx Integration Assistant. C. Welcome Introduction Page:

Complete the steps in this checklist before you begin the installation of FSMS software. D Action Who FedEx Account If you are a new FedEx shipper, sign up for a FedEx account at or contact a FedEx representative for assistance at 1.800.Go.FedEx (800.463.3339). You need an account number to register for an FSMS Meter number

There is an extensive “help” section which can be accessed via the application from the left navigation menu. For an overview, key benefits and the FAQ of the New FedEx Ship Manager, please visit the “Shipping Tools” page on You can always contact your local FedEx support via

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FedEx Ship Manager Software allows you to request an additrional copy of a shipping label if the current label is damaged, lost or a copy is needed for verification purposes as part of your customer records.You can now reprint a shipping label (domestic or international) for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground a FedEx SmartPost

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