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1970 MODELT2431 15 5 1970 OLYMPIQUESPECIFICATIONS9 ,L ,.1198ITEMENGINEOLYMPIQUE12/3335335/E399No. of CylindersBoreONEONEONETWO7678 M.M,78 M.M.Stroke2x64.566 M.M.299,4c.c,70 M.M.334.5c,c.70 rFUELTankTankCapacityCapacityMixing295Ratio(Gap)-- Imp.-- .014"-.018".020".014"-.018'".020".014"-.018"3 gal.3 gal.3 gal.3.75gal.20:13.7520:1DrumDrumDrum3.7520:1gal. 020".014"-.018"3 270(P.S.I.)(Gap)'

1970 MODEL1970NORDICSPECIFICATIONSF-./.U---//D. AiI i i l i ii i i ii li I t iI.L li /'pfp,,Tpp16\\7/J/// /////L/---/.tI-4972-1 -ITEMNORDIC399399/E640/EENGINENo. of 2x64.5M.M.2x61 M.M.398.6 c.c.8.75:1TWO2x64.5 M.M.2x61 M.M.398.6 c.c.8.75:1TWO2x76 M.M.2x70 M.M.635.1 und97-112"34"33"3601242 sq. in.29097-1/2"34"33"3951242 sq. in.31997-1/2"34"36"4301242 sq. in.34518"16/3418"16/3418"20/34StartingLighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug(s) BoschSpark Plug (Gap)Breaker Points (Gap)Manual75WW-240-T-1 '.020".014"-.018'"Electric75WW -240-T-1 '.020'".014"-.018"Electric75WM -280-T-31.020".014"-.018""FUELTank Capacity-Imp.Tank Capacity--U.S.Mixing Ratio (Gas/Oil)5 gal.6.25 gal.20:15 gal.6.25 gal.20:15 gal.625 thW/O Windshield(Lbs.)AreaPressure (P.S.I.)Track ecifvnumbershownabove.*J.,/

1970 --971/2ITEMT'NT292340399640ENGINENo. of 75 M.M.66 M.M.291.6 c.c.10:1ONE78 M.M.70 M.M.334.5 c.c.10:1TWO2x64.5 M.M.2x61 M.M.398.6 c.c.10:1TWO2x76 M.M.2x70 M.M.635.1 c.c.CHASSISOverall LengthOverall WidthHeight W/O WindshieldWeight (Lbs.)Bearing AreaGround Pressure .309POWERTRAINTrack (Width)Standard Gear15"10/2515'"16/3418"16/3418"20/34IGNITIONSta rti ngLighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug(s) BoschSpark Plug (Gap)Breaker Points 31*.018"-.022".014"-.018"FUELTank Capacity--Imp.Tank Capacity-U.S.Mixing Ratio (Gas/oil)3 gal.3.75 gal.20:13 gal.3.75 gal.20:15 gal.6.25 gal.20:15 gal.6.25 gal.20:1BRAKETypeDrumDrumDrumDrumACCESSO R I nc]replacementRatiospark plug(s), specifyin.numberin.shown

1970 MODEL .!!i--I35Ii i'i :'t;tHN!ill /t5 8rlIli,ili'./ll'I I l.-.---1970 ALPINE/INVADERSPECIFICATIONSLI /,IF . 9/RALPINE321/4399/ERENGINENo. of 2x64.5 M.M.2x61 M.M.398.6 c.c.8.75:1TWO2x64.5M.M.2x61 M.M.398.6 94POWERTRAINLengthWidthW/O Windshield(Lbs.}AreaPressure (P.S.I.) M.M.2x70 M.M.635.1 c.c.9:1103"35"37"5501756 /25StandardStartingLighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug(s) BoschSpark Plug (Gap)Breaker Points tric75WW-240 8"-.022".014"-.018"FUELTank Capacity - Imp.Tank Capacity - U.S.Mixing Ratio (Gas/Oil)5 gal.6.25 gal.20: l5 gal.6.25 gal.20:15 gal.6.25 rN/AOptionalN/AOptionalN/AStandardIGNITIONTrack (Width)Standard GearReverseRatio640/ER.j'J.7rACC fynumbershownabove,

1971 MODELT1971ELANSPECI FICATIONSt77 rl1,248[l311ITEMELANELANENGINENo. of CylindersBoreStrokeDisplacementONE69 M.M.66 M.M.247 c.c.7.5:1ONE69 M.M.66 M.M.247 c.c.7.5:1Overall LengthOverall WidthHeight W/O WindshieldWeight (Lbs.)Bearing AreaGround Pressure (P.S.I.)88.5"29-1 / 8"33.5"2461070 sq. in.0.23088.5"29-1/8"33.5"2821070 sq. in.0.263Track (Width)StandardGear Ratio15"10/2515"10/25IGNITIONStartingLighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug (Bosch)Spark Plug (Gap)Breaker Points LTank Capacity-- Imp.Tank Capacity-- U.S.Mixing Ratio (Gas/Oil)3.5 gals.4.38 gals.20:13.5 gals.4.38 gals.20:1B RAKETypePivoti ngPivotingAC CESSO R I 50Eabove.5

1971 MODEL11971 OLYMPIQUESPECI FICATIONS1'55L--.-IllustratedMODEL335,-3 i 3418i-48. .ITEMII".13aJ--OLYMPIQUE300335335E399399EENGINENo. of 76 M.M.66M.M.299 c.c.7:1ONE78 M.M.70M.M.335 c.c.8:1ONE78 M.M.70M.M.335 c.c.8:1TWO2x64.5M.M.2x61 M.M.399 c.c.8.75:1TWO2x64.5 M.M.2x61M.M.399 c.c.8.75:1CHASSISOverall LengthOverall WidthHeight W/O WindshieldWeight (Lbs.)Bearing AreaGround Pressure /834-3/42821092sq.0.350POWERTRAINTrack (Width)StandardGear IONStartingLighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug (Bosch)Spark Plug (Gap)Breaker Points 22".014"-.018"FUELTank Capacity--Imp.Tank Capacity--U.S.Mixin l Ratio (Gas/Oil)5 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25

1971 MODEL1971 ORDIC640ESKANDICNo. of CylindersBoreStrokeDisplacementTWO2x64.5 M.M.2x61 M.M.399 c.c.TWO2x64o5 M.M.2x61 M.M.399 c.c.TWO2x76 M.M.2x70 M.M.635 c.c.ONE78 M.M.30 M.M.335 2 sq. in.291100-3/434333951242 sq. in.318100-3/434334301242 sq. in.34698-3/434333351242 sq. gGroundPOWERTRAINTrack (Width)Standard Gear ingLighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug (Bosch)Spark Plug (Gap)Breaker Points (Gap)Manual75WW-240-T-1 014"-.018"Manual40WM-240-T-1 *.018"-.022".014"-.018"FUELTank Capacity-Imp.Tank Capacity-U.S.Mixing Ratio (Gas/Oil)5 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25 gals.20:1BRAKETypeDrumDrumDrumDrumACCESSO R I ionalStandardStandardOptionalOptionalI"( -"WhenorderingLengthWidthW/O Windshield(Lbs.)AreaPressure (P.S.i.)repl'acementspark plug(s),specifynumbershown*above.

1971 MODEL,1971 T'NTSPECIFICATIONSiI872--441!-22r381 .99ITEMT'NT292340440640775ENGINENo. of E75 M.M.66M.M.292 c.c.10.5:1ONE78 M.M.70M.M.335 c.c.10.5:1TWO2x67.5 M.M.2x61 M.M.437 c.c.10,5:1TWO2x76 M.M.2x70M.M.635 c.c.10.0:1TWO2x82 M.M.2x73 M.M.771 10034364301242sq.0.346LengthWidthW/O Windshield(Lbs.)AreaPressure (P.S.I.) E RTRAINTrack (Width)StandardGear IONStartingLighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug(s) (Bosch)Spark Plug (Gap)Breaker Points 022".014"-.018"FUELTank Capacity-Imp.Tank Capacity-U.S.Mixing Ratio (Gas/Oil)5 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25 gals,20:15 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25 "When8orderin9 replacementspark plug(s),specifynumbershownabove.y

1971 MODEL351971 ---31IMODEL2431/ri1! No. of M.399 c.c.8.75:1TWO2x64.5M.M.2x61M.M.399 c.c.8.75:1TWO2x76M.M.2x70M.M.635 montBearingArea-Alpine--Valmont" sq. ightingCoil (Watts)Spark Plug(s)(Bosch)Spark Plug UELTank Capacity-Imp.Tank Capacity-U.S.MixingRatio(Gas/Oil)5 gals.6.25 gals.20:15 gals.6.25gals.20:15 gals.6.25 tionatStandardGrd.POWERTRAINTrack ss tiosloecifynumbershown** sq. in.0.2670.296*above.9

1972 MODELr. L.77---JITEMI LAN250250EENGINENo. of SOverallOverallRatioLengthWidthHeight w/o WindshieldWeight (lb.)Bearing AreaGround Pressure (P.S.I.)Max.POWERTRAINLoad Capacity29-1/8"33-1/2"2521070 q. in.0.236200 Ibs.Track (Width)Standard Gear Ratio15'"10/2515"10/25ELECTRICALSYSTEMLighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug (Bosch)Spark Plug (Gap)Breaker Points (Gap)40WM-240-T-1.020".014"' - .018""75WM-240-T-1.020".014" - .018'"FUELTank Capacity3.5 gals.4.38 gals.3.5 gals.4.38 g- Imp.- U.S.Ratio (Gas/Oil)'.1070 Ibs.jj,JBRAKEACCESSORiOTypeIESSpeedometer- Tachometer

1972 MODELi!4,; I11lco o, onoj@ho . .41[[3 -41lOOITEMOLYMPIQUE30033833EE3993 EENGINENo. of 00"30-5/8"Height w/o WindshieldWeight (Ibs.)Bearing AreaGround Pressure rtingCHASSIS100"100"100"34-3/4"33330 070 sq.in0.2991070 (Width)Standard Gear RICALSYSTEMLighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug (Bosch)40WM-240-T-1.020".014" - .018"40WM-240-T-1.020".014" - .018"75WM-240-T-1.020".014" - .018"75WM-240-T-1.020".014" - .018"75WM-240-T-1.020".014" - .018"FUELTank Capacity5 gals.6.25 gals.20/15 gals.6.25 gals.20/15 gals.6.25 gals.20/15 gals.6.25 gals.20/15 gals.6.25 gals.20/1POWE RTRAINOverallOverallLengthWidth2x61 mm399cc9:1ElectricSpark Plug (gap)Breaker Points (gap)MixingRatio-- Imp.-- onal11

1972 DIC440ENGINENo. of 61 cc9:1ElectricNORDIC640ERTwo2x76mm2x70mm635.1 /2"36"47498-3/4"34"33"3351242 sqJn.0.3821242 (Width)StandardGear Ratio18"16/3418"16/3418"19/3318"12/33Lighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug 240-T-1Spark Plug (gap)Breaker Points 5.5 gals.6.875 gals.20/15.5 gals.6.875 gals.20/15.5 gals.6.875 gals.20/15 gals.6.25 gals.20/1LengthWidthMixingCapacityRatio- Imp.- U.S.(gas/oil)- .018"-.018"- rallOverallHeight w/o WindshieldWeight (Ibs.)Bearing AreaGround Pressure (P.S.I.)12J440EITEMPOWERi- rdStandardOptionalOptionalY'i

1972 MODEL119ILLUSTRATEDMODEL440 mm2x61 /4"5961756 sq.in0.3022160 x 15"13/39Standard2 x 15"13/39Standard2 x 15"13/29StandardLighting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug (Bosch)Spark Plug (gap)Breaker Points (gap)75WM-240-T-1.020".014" - .018"75WM-240-T-1,020".014" - .018"120WM-280-T-31.020".014" - .018"Tank Capacity5 gals.6.25 gals.20/15 gals.6.25 gals.20/15 gals.6.25 gals.20/1ITEMENGINENo. of HASSISRatioOverallOverallLengthWidthHeightw/o WindshieldWeight (Ibs.)Bearing AreaGround PressurePOWERTRAINELECTRICALSYSTEMFUELTrack (Width)Standard GearReverseMixingRatio(P.S.I.)Ratio- Imp.-- U.S.(gas/oil)2x67.5mm2x61 mm436.6cc2x70mm635.1 meterStandardStandardOptional 13

1972 MODELT NT ,lr---"lI!22I99ITEMT'NT292ENGINENo. of CylindersBoreStrokeOne75mm66mm291 cc11.8:1ManualTwo2x76mm2xTOmm635.1 cc10.0:1ManualTwo2x82mm2x72mm771 34-1/2"36-1/2""400101"34-1/2""36-1/2""440Two' "Height w/o WindshieldWeight (Ibs.)Bearing AreaGround Pressure (P.S.I.)35-1/2"31630-5/8'"35-1/2"3281092 (Width)Standard Gear TRICALSYSTEML!ghting Coil (Watts)Spark Plug (Bosch)75WM-280-T-31.020"75WW-260-T-1.020 ' 0".014"-.018".014"-.018".014"-.018".014".014'"5 gals.6.25 gals.20/15 gals.6.25 gals.20/15 gals.6.25 gals.20/15.5 gals.6.875 gals.20/15.5 gals.6.875 gals.20/1FUELSpark Plug (gap)(except pre-gapped plug)Breaker Points (gap)Tank CapacityMixing-- Imp.-- U.S.Ratio (gas/oil)1- - .018'

1973 MODEL1543L Ji31 ,88 76MODELENGINEit:LAN250250E250T250SSNo. of c247.3cc"7.5:11 X HR7.5:11 X HR1 1.2:11 X HR1 1.8:12 X HR88 1/2"29"88 1/2'"29"88 1/2"32 1/2"88 1/2"32 1/2"43"43"43"'43"34"34"34"34"Weight (Ibs.)265301270Bearing Area1070 lbs.200 Ibs.200 Ibs.200 lbs.Track Width15"15"15"15'"Std. G ear Ratio10/25t 0/2514/3514/34Brake Light Coil Output23 Watts23 Watts18 Watts18 WattsLighting Coil OutputHeadlamp (Watt)75 Watts60/6075 Watts35/3555 Watts45/4555 Watts45/45Tail/StopLightSpark Plug -260-T-1Spark Plug Gap.020".020".020"Breaker Points Gap.014"VoltageNoNoYesYes3.5 gels.4.38 gels.3.5 gals.4.38 gels.3.5 gels.4.38 gels.3.5 gets.4.38 otingPivotingDiscCompression gthWidthHeightHeightw/oPressure hieldLoad CapacityRegulatorTank n.1.020"- .018"1Pivoting.014"- .018"1070.014"280 018"1070"approx.- 018"15

1973 MODELSpecifications 400E440No. wo64,5mmTwo67.5mmStroke66ram70ram6 lmm61 mm61ram61ram61 cCompression7:19:19:19:110:110:110:1CarburetorH RH RH RH RH RH RH geRegulatorNoNoYesNoYesNoCapacity- Imp.- U.S.4.7 gats.6 gals.4.7 gals.6 gals.4.7 gals.6 gals.4.7 gals.6 gals.4.7 gals.6 gals.4,7 gats.6 gals.4.7 gals.6 umDrumTypeRatio, Drum- .018".020".014"- .018".020".014"'- .018"'.020".014"'.020".014"'-.018"SparkPlug rakeSYSTEMCyL- .018"- ,018- .016"Yes.JJ

1973 MODELSpecificationsSKAN43,.D IC" roke335of rburetor(Tillotson)335cc9:1H ualOverallOverallTRAINI.ILengthWidth10234 1/2"HeightHeight w/o WindshieldWeight (Ibs)46"38 1/4"390Bearing AreaGround Pressure (p.s.i,)1242.314Track WidthStd. Gear Ratio18"12/33Brake Light Coil OutputLighting Coil OutputHeadlamp(Watt)23W75W60/60Tail/StopLightSpark Plug (Bosch)Spark Plug GapBreaker Points Gap8/23WM-225-T1.020".014".018"Tank5.16.4Capacity- Imp.- U.S.GasolineGas/Oil RatioRegular40:1TypeDrum17

1973 MODELSpecificationsNO R D ICr3446r1--- IOf-.9OMODELNORDIC640ERENGINENo. of s

Manual Manual Electric Manual 40W 40W 75W 75W M-240-T-1 * M-240-T1 ' M-240-T-1 ' W-240-T-1 '.020" .020" .020" 020".014"-.018" .014"-.018'" .014"-.018" .014"-.018" 3 gal. 3 gal. 3 gal. 3 gal. 3.75 gal. 3.75gal. 3.75 gal. 3.75 gal. 20:1 20:1 20:1 20:1 BRAKE Type Drum Drum Drum Drum ACCES-SORIES Speedometer Tachometer Optional Optional Optional .

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The customer must notify an authorized SKI-DOO dealer within two (2) days of the appearance of a defect in material and/or workmanship and present to the servicing authorized SKI-DOO dealer the SKI-DOO Warran-ty Registration Card or a proof of purchase of the NEW and UNUSED 1999 SKI-DOO snowmobile and must sign the repair/work order prior to

Sea-Doo owners have a loyalty score that’s higher than the closest competitive brand.5 In fact, 87% of the Sea-Doo watercraft purchased . Each Sea-Doo watercraft is powered by a legendary BRP Rotax engine specifically designed for marine use with quicker acceleration and higher top-end speed. And we’re proud to debut the new Rotax 900 ACE and 900 HO ACE engines on the Sea-Doo Spark .

Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft Port Owners Manual and Installation Instructions Models 206015PW-EZ, 206015PW-SL, 206015002, and 206015008 For questions about features, operation/performance, parts, accessories or installation, call your local Sea-Doo or EZ Dock dealer. Additional information regarding Sea-Doo products can be found on the internet at Information regarding EZ .

Gonna run all night! Gonna run all day! I'll bet my money on a bob-tail nag, . The long tail filly and the big black horse, Doo-dah! doo-dah! They fly the track and they cut across, Oh, doo-dah-day! The blind hoss sticken in a big mud hole, Doo-dah! doo-dah! Can't touch bottom with a ten foot pole, . Now, let's get the rhythm of the hands .

Ski-Doo Arctic Cat Polaris Ski-Doo Yamaha Kawasaki, John Deere, Moto Ski Innovate Gauges, etc. Rings & Accessories Promo items Custom Order Form Terms & Conditions 550F Engine Types (2003-12) 2 76 553 Std. SK1375 341.38 2452M07600 142.00 2992KD S631 CW20 W6614 B1072 Expedition Sport 2005-08 x 561 0.50 SK1376 2452M07650 3012KD 16.90 2.00 57 .

2002 Sea Doo SeaDoo Speedster Challenger 1800/2000 X20 Service Its important to buy the right repair manual for your 2002 Sea Doo SeaDoo Speedster Challenger 1800/2000 X20. Save time and money by doingit yourself, with the confidence only a 2002 Sea Doo SeaDooSpeedster Challenger 1800/2000 X20 Service Repair Manual canprovide.Models Covers 2001 .

Oct 18, 2008 · 151 1964 Ski-Doo, 247cc, Rebuilt 1-1984 by Jim Schiff, SN 4-4608 152 1964 Ski-Doo, 247cc, SN 4-7302 153 1965 Ski-Doo, 247cc, SN 1563B5 . 1044 (3) New Wiseco Pistons for 1972 Polaris 650 Model (NOS) 1045 (4)

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