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Y0rthjnkflg whC V’’Read a question. Say the number in expanded form.Answer that question. Display each 0 9 tile exactly once.If you have a partner, take turns.—a. Which digit is inthe thousands placein 2t1,518?o. vnicn aigii sin incten-thousands placein 611,582?c. Which digit is in thehundred thousandsplace in 8f6,201d. How many periodsare in the numbere. Whic[ digit is inthe tens place in52,601?f. Which digit is in theg. How many periodsare in the number600?h. How many digits arein the thousandsperiod for 1f65,999?i.How many digits doesany number in the tenthousands have?iten—thousands placein 165,215?j.Which digit is inthe thousands placein 909,856?Make up other questions like these.Ask your partner to display the answers with 0Center Activity 1-1*—9 tiles.Topic 11

aIk(fyI % YOUr thinking while yoUjRead a question. Say the number in expanded form.Answer that question. Display each 0 9 tile exactly once.If you have a partner, take turns.—a. How nony periodsare the tridarciht3in c:’r eihundred si tu-five?b. How many periodsare in the standardform for one hundredthousand?irlc. Wlncr digit i in theten -fhousc,nd placefor seven hindredtwo thounand, fourhundred fty?.--.j.riWhtc dig’ r 5 in thehundreds placefor eight hundredmore than twentyI ,Qrj3afld, fivehuricined eighteen?Four.number has whichdigit in the tensplace?h. Eight hundredthousand has howmany digits?-j.Which digit is inthe tens placeFor everity morethcin eiqht?LWhich digit is in thethousands placefor nine hundredmore than seventeenthousand, vehundred forty-six?Make up other questions like these.si’ your partner to display the answers with 02Topic 1Ff. The greatest 6—digite. Which iiqitthe tens piae Foreighty more than onehundred ninety?‘d. How many digits arein the standard FormFor eight thousand,thirty—nine?Center Activity 1-1k *0cici)--9 tiles.0

LPutbag.Take turns.Pick eight tiles. Place one tile in each square.Follow the steps listed below.Put your tiles back in the bag for the next round.Repeat until each player gets five turns.Read your number.Ask your partner tosay your number inexpanded form.)Repeat the activity.Ask your partner to give the value of each digit in your number.Center Activity 1-2*Topic 13

rteabag.Putor *t* orforach Round:7Choose a, b, c, d, e,g. or h.Take turns saying each period in the number.a. Seven hondred eighty million, two hcindred sixteen thodsand,three hindred fifty-focirb. Seven hjndred eighty-one million, twenty six thocisand, fotjrhcindred fifty-threec Seven hindred eighteen million, two hindred six thoosand,five hdndred forty-threed. Seven hindred eight million, six hondred twelve thocjsand,five hondred thirty-fo.ire. Eight hcindred seventeen million, three hdndred fifty-fodrthoosand, two htindred sixf Eight hcindred seventy-one million, foor hcindred fifty-threethoosand, two hondred sixg. Eight hindred seventy-six million, foir hcindred thirty-fivethojsand, one hondred twoh. Eight hdndred seventy-six million, five hondred forty-threethotisand, one hondred twenty0Ct0-DwWhich number is greater than any other?‘iL-} Which number is less than any other?4Topic ICenter Activity 1-2**0CtcC-

PutChoose A, B, C, D, E, or F.Pick a tile. Pick two tiles if your group has only two students.Read and follow the directions next to your tile number.%Discuss: How do you find the greatest or the least number?Decide: Have you ordered the numbers correctly? How do you know?31,99531,99932,9992.Say the leastflu mber.Say the greatestnumber.Say the middlen umber.Order the numbersfrom least to greatest.2.ESay the leastnumber.Say the greatestflu mber.Say the middleflu mber.Order the numbersfrom least to greatest.Saythe leastii urn ber.Say the greatestnumber.Say the middlenumber.Order the numbersfrom least to greatJSay the leastnumber.Say the greatestnumber.Say the middlenumber.Order the numbersfrom least to greatest.1,231,32111,1123Say the leastnumber.1Say the greatestflu m ber.Say the middlenumber.Order the numbersfrom least to greatest.Saythe leastnumber.Say the greatestnumber.Say the middlenumber.Order the numbersfrom least to greatest.Choose any three six-digit numbers.Repeat steps 1 —4 for your numbers.Center Activity 1-3*Topic 15

Putina bag.ChooseA, B, C, orD.Pick a tile. Pick two tiles if your group has only two students.Say the numbers in the list next to your tile number when it is your turn.Discuss: In which three lists are the numbers ordered fromgreatest to least?‘-Which three lists have nwnberscorrectly ordered fromgreatest to least? Which onedoes not?CWhich three lists have nimberscorrectly ordered fromgreatest to least? Which onedoes ,5518,7568,8578,75843,70343,69143,689Which three lists have ncimberscorrectly ordered fromgreatest to least? Which onedoes not?DIWhich three lists have nimberscorrectly ordered fromgreatest to least? Which onedoes iMake up four lists of numbers like these.Ask your classmates to discuss the order of the numbers in your lists.6Topic ICenter Activity 1-3**‘ii0

fr3thinking while YO’Get 10 squares in one color and 10 in another color.Get two number cubes Take turns with another player or teamTalk about math as you play!LToss two number cubes. Add the dots. Find your toss below.Follow the directions. Explain your thinking. Cover the answer.If the answer is taken, lose your turn. Have fun!TossReaL I the ncimhen Explain how to rcxinci thenomber to the place o the oriderlined digit1999,99921,000,8258989,99939,56891,ltf 9,999Lfi89,2610f ,100,0001,100,000990,000))f,1001,000,000 I ,820910,0001,000,000100,000C00 0LUC0Caa)a0rHoicYou win if you are the first to get four connected rectangles, like:WinFlay again’Center Activity 1-4*Topic 17

Get 10 squares in one color and 10 in another color.Get two number cubes. Take turns with another player or team.Talk about math as you play!Toss two number cubes. Add the dots. Find your toss below.Follow the directions. Explain your thinking. Cover the answer.If the answer is taken, lose your turn. Have fun!T0332Explain how to round7Round 999,999 to the nearest ten.Round 10,816 to the nearest thousand.3Round 269,996 to the nearest thousand.Round289,996tothe9Round 219,996 to the nearest ten.10Round 10,876 to the nearest hundred.11Round 10,876 to the nearest ten.12Round 10,876 to the nearest ten thousand.Read the directionsthe number to the indicated place.3nearest hundred thousand.tfRound 93,206 to the nearest ten.Round 289,996 to thenearest ten thousand.6Round 279,996 to the nearest hundred. 90,000-11,000-(:--0;-----:You win if you are the first to get four connected rectangles, likePLyagain’8TOpic ICenter Activity 1-4**

Get 10 squares in one color and 10 in another color,G t two number ube Take turns with another player or team.Talk about math s you play’Toss two number cubes. Add the dots. Find your toss below.Follow the directions. Explain your thinking. Cover the answer.If the answer is taken, lose your turn. Have fun!Sacj euch crnoun I o nionc ri (oILIr) orkicents. Look or the ciri.wer below.TOSS2‘78‘3If‘4‘49‘4-11-(16‘41 19‘41z 3.12 2.2 2.o 3.0 3.30 1.30 ‘1.03 3.10 .031 1.03 2.31 3.0 2.0 2.2Lf 3.30C0(U‘Center Activity 1-5*Topic 19

-. Get 10 squares in one color and 10 in another color.Get two number cubes. Take turns with another player or team.Talk about math as you play!Toss two number cubes. Add the dots. Find your toss below.Follow the directions. Explain your thinking. Cover the answer.If the answer is taken, lose your turn. Have fun!s, tenths, and hjndredths.eIated arnocint o money.-72 ones 30 hcindredths830 tenths92 ones 3 tenths102 ones 1 tenth 1 hindredth3 hcindredths112 ones 3 tenths12l0tenths 3.02 2.00 3.21 3.00 1.00 2.03 2.30 2.13 2.30 3.00 2.30 2.31 2.03 2.31 3.21 3.20.You win if you are the first to get four connected rectangles, like:wCCay again?10Topic 1Center Activity 1-5**Ct0)I1.

Get.Take turns doing steps 1 —4 in order.Change jobs for each round.Repeat for four or more rounds.Use three tiles. Display an amount of money on the receipt.Make sure that the amount of money is less than 5.00.Explain how to find the change for that purchase if thecustomer pays with a 5 bill.Explain how to find the change for that purchase if thecustomer pays with a 10 bill.Explain how to find the change for that purchase if thecustomer pays with a 20 bill. Thank 90ci for joor pirchase.0(V0LUIDisplay an amount of money that is less than 3.00 for each round.Repeat steps 2 —4.Center Activity 1-6*Topic 111

Get paper and a pencil.GetTake turns doing steps 1 —4 in order. Change jobs for each round.Repeat for four more rounds.Display six tiles. Show two amounts ofmoney so that the total will be less than 10.00. Use estimation to help you decide.Add to find the total amount spent.Explain how to find the change if acustomer pays for those items with a 10 bill.Explain how to find the change if acustomer pays for those items with a 20 bill.—.0Ct0-ou-iL:)12Topic IDisplay two amounts of money so that the total is less than 7.00 for each round. Repeat steps 2 —4.Center Activity 1-6**C0itU)a-

HHHGet paper and a pencil.GetChoose a, b, or c.One team member shows possible answers by displaying number tiles.The other team member makes an organized list to record the answers.After the list is made, use your list to answer the question.0. Using only the digits 1, 2, 3,and LI, make even numbersbetween 1,000 and 2,000.How many can yoo make?b.Three one-digit numbers addop to 15. One of the nombersis 6. What could the othertwo numbers be? How manyways are there to answerthis qpestion?6 15C. How many three-digitnumbers can you make withthe digits 3, 1, and 9? Howmany of these numbers aregreater than 500? Whichnumbers are they?Make up a question that making a list would help to solve.Ask your partner to answer your question.Center Activity 1-7*Topic 113

-rGet paper and a pencil.GetChoose a, b, orG.One team member shows possible answers by displaying number tiles.The other team member makes an organized list to record the answers.After the list is made, use your list to answer the question.a.b.Three one-digit neimbers haveascin)of 18 One of thenombers is 9. What codidthe other two nimbers be?How many ways are there toanswer the qpestion?9 18What sims can yoi get if yoiadd two consecitive one-digitnnn,bers? How many of thosestjrns are odd nornbers?C. What sims can yo get if yoo add three consecotive one-digit ntimbers?How many of those nimbers are odd nUmbers?0wMake a list to show the sums you can get by adding four consecutive onethgit numbers, Describe some patterns that you can see in your list,14Topic ICenter Activity 1-7**0CtCt

*Topic 1Center Activity Answers1—I Display the DigitsabJc1—3 Think TocietherAl 3,456A2 3,565de1JL1A3 3,465giA4 3,456; 3,465; 3,565hBl 42,350iL1B2 42,451B3 42,376B4 42,350; 42,376; 42,451ITmwnrk1—4 Toss and TalkCl s11Toss6Toss8Toss3Toss7Toss10Toss5Toss6C2 32,999Sample answersC3 31,999Step 1 76,341,290C4 31,995; 31,999; 32,999Step 2 70,000,000 6,000,000 300,000 40,000 1,000 200 90Dl 7,651D2 7,760D3 7,755D4 7,651; 7,755; 7,760El 1,234E2 1,423E3 1,3241—5 Toss and 7Toss4Toss9Toss6Toss5Toss11Toss8Toss7E4 1,234; 1,324; 1,423Fl 1,760,249F2 1,761,259F3 1,760,259F4 1,760,249; 1,760,259;1,761,259Topic I15

Topic 1*Center Activity Answers1—6 Teamwork1-7 TeamworkSample answersSample answers1 j52 5.004.51 0.49—3 10.004.51 5.49—4 20.004.51 15.49*(continued)1There are 4 possible evennumbers that are between1,000 and 2,000: 1,234;1,324; 1,432; 1,342.b 6 15L1possible There are 5solutions:6 9 0 156 8 1 156 7 2 156 6 3 156 5 4 15cL1LEThere are 6 possible threedigit numbers: 379, 397,739, 793, 937, 973. Four ofthese numbers are greaterthan 500: 739, 793, 937,973.CCw0 16Topic 1

Topic 1 * *Center Activity Answers1—1 Display the DigitsabJcdefjgh1—3 Think TogetherAl correctA2 correctA3 correctA4 incorrectBi incorrectB2 correctB3 correctB4 correctCi correctC2 correctC3 correctC4 incorrectDi correctD2 incorrectD3 correctD4 correct—2 Thamwrka 780 million; 216 thousand;354; 780,216,354b 781 million; 26 thousand;453; 781,026,453c 718 million; 206 thousand;543; 718,206,543d 708 million; 612 thousand;534; 708,612,534e 817 million; 354 thousand;206; 817,354,2061 871 million; 453 thousand;206; 871,453,2061—5 Toss and ��4 Toss and Talk1—6 oss8Toss6Toss8Toss3Toss5Toss7Toss4Sample answers J.I4I6II1 2A6Toss 5.912or12 8.372Toss53 10.008.37—g 876 million; 435 thousand;102; 876,435,102h 876 million; 543 thousand;120; 876,543,120 1.634 20.008.37— 11.63Topic 117

Topic 1 * *Center Activity Answers(continued)1—7 Teamworka 9 18IFThere are 5 ways to answerthe question9 8 1 189 7 2 189 6 3 189 4 5 189 0 9 18b j j 3Possible sums:0 1 1; 1 2 2 3 5; 3 44 5 9; 5 66 7 13; 7 88 9 173;7;11;15;All possible sums are oddnumbers. 6Possible sums:0 1 2 31 2 3 62 3 4 93 4 5 124 5 6 155 6 7 186 7 8 217 8 9 24Four of the possible sumsare odd numbers.C00LU0Ct018Topic I

NameIVocabu’ary CardsTopic 1 Set AWordsPeriodLesson 1—iIIIIIII-1IIIIIIIExpanded FormStandard FormLesson 1—1Lesson 1—1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWord FormC)0Co13LU0Lesson 1—1Cu0)0.Instead of making 2-sided copies of this Words page and the Definitions page. you can copy theDefinitions page, cut out the cards, and have students write the words on the other side of the cards.Topic 119

Vocabulary CardsTopic 1 Set ADefinitionsNamePeriodIIn a number, a groupof three digits, separatedby commas, startingfrom the right.-IStandard FormExpanded FormA way to write a numbershowing only its digits.A number written asthe sum of the values of:Word FormI 20Topic IA number written in words.(i.e.: four thousand, sixhundred, thirty-two).

NameVocabulary CardsTopic 1 Set BWordsIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITenthIIHundredthLesson 1—5Lesson 1—5III-4Decimal PointLesson 1—5IIIIII-ICC0C0Cw0toa)C.1.Instead of making 2-sided copies of this Words page and the Definitions page, you can copy theDefinitions page, cut out the cards, and have students write the words on the other side of the cards.Topic 121

CardsII VocabularyTopic 1 Set ne partof 100 equalparts of a whole.Oneof ten equal partsof a whole,IIIIIIIIIII‘3IIIIIIDecimal PointA dot used to separatedollars from cents or onesfrom tenths in a IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICIIIIII,I,22IICiC,0Topic Iii

NameNumerationHome-SchoolConnectionTopic 1 EnglishPear Family,Your child is learning to rewrite numhers with up to nine digits.He or she also is learning to compare rge numh2ers using the symbols (greater than) (less than), to order numbers from greatest toleast or lesst to greatest,to rouncl numbers. In acIition, your chiLiis Ierning how to use money to urmerstsn ecimsIs. To clo Il of this,he or she hs to unerstn the concept of pbce vIue—thst the vIueof digit depends on its plce in the number. For exmpIe, in the number327,&41, the 7 is in the thoussncls pLsce. Its value is 7,000.Help your child practice using place value. Encourage him or her to redlarge numbers or money amounts nd to compare them to each other.Here is s gme you cn pLy together.Know Your NumbersMaterials: index cards, paper and pencilStep I Make a set of number cards using 0 through 9 by writinga number on each index card. Place the cards face down on atable. Player 1 turns over six cards.Step 2 Player 1 arranges the cards to make the greatest numberand then records the number. For example, if the digits are 1, 3, 5,6, 7, and 9, the greatest number is 976,531.Step 3 Player 2 then rearranges Player l’s cards to make theleast possible 6-digit number (135,679) and records it. Have yourchild read both recorded numbers aloud.Step 4 Repeat the game several times using 6-digit numbers.Then play using 7, 8, or 9 cards to make larger numbers.0C)tU0C,C)a-Topic 123

Estiniaa familia:Su niFio o niPia est aprenlieric1o a leer y escriEir nimeros ue tienenhasta nueve fgitos. TamHn est aprenc1ierio a comparar nilmerosgrari1es usanco los sIm 120105 (mayor ue) (menor ue) para ortlenarnimeros e mayor a menor o cle menor a mayor; y a re&r1ear niimeros.Mems est aprericlienlo a usar canti6laes cle linero para enterierlos 1ecimales. Fira hacer too esto, su nio o nflIa tle12e comprenter elconcepto cle valor posicional, es 1ecir, ue el valor cle un tlIgito clepentle eIor ejemplo, en el námero 327,b41, el 7 est2lugar c,ue ocupa en el nilmero. Fen el lugar le los mfllares, entonces su valor es 7,000.Ayue a su niPio o niPia a practicar el USO tlel valor posicional. AnImelo(a)a ue lea nilmeros o cantL1ales le c;linero grantles y a c’ue las compareentre si’. A continuación encontrar unjuego ctue pueenjugarjuntos.Conoce tus nUmerosMateriales: tarjetas de fichero, papel y lápizPaso 1 Haga un conjunto de tarjetas de nümeros. Escriba unnümero del 0 al 9 en cada tarjeta. Coloque las tarjetas boca abajosobre Ia mesa. EI(La) jugador(a) 1 voltea seis tarjetas.Paso 2 EI(La) jugador(a) 1 ordena las tarjetas para formar elnümero de mayor valor y luego escribe el nümero. Por ejemplo,silos dIgitos son 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 y 9, el nümero de mayor valor es976,531.Paso 3 El(La) jugador(a) 2 reordena las tarjetas de nümerosdel(de Ia) jugador(a) 1 de tal modo que se forme el nümero demenor valor posible de 6 dIgitos (135,679) y lo escribe. Pida a suhijo(a) que lea en voz alta los dos nümeros escritos.C,Paso 4 Repita el juego varias veces usando nümeros de 6dIgitos. Luego, jueguen usando 7, 8 ó 9 tarjetas para formarnümeros más grandes.24Topic 1

NameDaily Spiral Review1-11. Which digit is in the thousandsplace in the number 98,732?A3B7GBD92. What is the word form of 73,922?A Seventy-three thousand, ninehundred twenty-twoB Seventy thousand, threehundred ninety-twoC Seventy thousand, nine hundredtwoD Seventy-three thousand,ninety-two3. Selena rode the train 17 miles lastweek. Horatio rode the train24 miles in the same week. Howmany more miles did Horatio ridethe train than Selena?A 7 milesB 8 milesC 31 milesD 41 miles4. About how many inches long is thecaterpillar shown below?5. Write the time shown on the clock.6. Shari has 47. How much moneydoes she have, rounded to thenearest ten dollars?C)0-DU)0a)U-Topic i25

Problem of the Day1—16 —U —fIl I

Quick CheckName1-11. A total of 57,429 people visited theboat museum last year. What is thevalue of the underlined number in5Z,429?2. Middletown has a population of9,120. What is the wordform of 9,120?A ninety-one thousand, twentyA 70B nine thousand, twelveB 700C ninethousand, one hundredtwoC 7,000D 70,0003. How do you write 892,350 inexpanded form?D nine thousand, one hundredtwenty4. Which of the following has a 3 inthe ten thousands place?A 890,000 2,000 300 50A 42,348B 800,000 90,000 2,000 300 50B 53,402C 133,986C 800,000 92,000 350D 376,909D 800,000 90,000 1,000 1,000 300 505. Writing to Explain What is the greatest six-digit numberyou can write? What is the smallest six-digit number you canwrite? Draw two place-value charts and write one number ineach place-value chart. Explain your answer.0CC0C00wC0CTopic I27

Reteach I ngName1—1ThousandsUse a place-value chart to help you write a number in standard form.Write four hundred twenty thousand, three hundred fifty-nine in standard form.Step 1: Write 420 in the thousands period.Step 2: Write 359 in the ones period.The standard form is 420,359.Each digit in 420,359 has a different place valueand value. The place value of the digit 3 is thehundreds place. This digit has a value of 300.Write each number in standard form.2. 7 ten thousands1 ten 0 ones 5 thousands 8 hundreds Write the word form and tell the value of the underlined digit foreach number.3. 4,6324. 7,1295. 13,5726. Number Sense Write a six-digit number with a 5 inthe ten thousands place and a 2 in the ones place.28Topic I.

NamePractice1-1ThousandsWrite each number in standard form.2. 8 ten thousands 4 thousands9 hundreds 4 tens 7 ones Write the word form and tell the value of the underlined digit foreach number.3. 76,2394. 823,7745. Number Sense Write the number that has 652 inthe ones period and 739 in the thousands period.During a weekend at the Movie Palace Theaters, 24,875 ticketswere sold. Add the following to the number of tickets sold.6. 100 tickets7. 1,000 tickets8. Which of the following numbers has a 5 in theten thousands place?A 652,341B 562,341C 462,541D 265,4019. Writing to Explain Explain how you know the 6 in the number 364,021 isNOT in the thousands place.00C,00Topic 129

EnrichmentName1—1Changing PlacesLook at theplace valuechart.Something hashappened totheMental MathWrite the part thatUse the sample to help you.of each starting number.is missing in each row.Starting Number1.1,4262.73,458Change Place2tensless4.91,8585.8,537496,35091,7586 tens more4 hundred thousands more6.1,4063 thousands more5 ones less3.Ending Number754,3117.172,618102,6188.3429,3421 ten less9.10.121,02111 tens more11.594,6371 ten thousand more3 thousands less12.99,99913.254,008723,432100,009duJCC 30Thpic 1

NameDaily Spiral Review1-21. Which town has the most . A stop sign is shaped like anoctagon. How many sides does anoctagon have?5. Write the number 45,001 inexpanded form.TownATownBTownCTownD6. Jeff’s photo album can hold12 photos on a page. He has twopages filled. How many photosdoes he have?2. Tanya’s family has 3 pets. Evan’sfamily has twice as many petsas Tanya’s family. Which numbersentence shows how many petsEvan’s family has?A 2 2 4B 3 2 5C 2x3 6D 3x3 93. Philip is on a bike ride. How manymiles will he ride in 4 hours?Philip’s Bike RideTime(hours)Distance(miles)000uJ0Co0 ABCD20222426123461218?—milesmilesmilesmilesTopic 131

0 Pearson Education, Inc. 4AmountSlice of breadLoaf of bread1 pound 16 ouncesWeight1 ounce1 poundHow much more does one loaf ofbread weigh than two slices ofbread?I--v-‘0CD030CCD

NameQuick Check1-21. How do you write 4,000,000400,000 40,000 40in standard form? 2. The mass of a comet wasestimated to be 701,000,000 tons.What is the word form of701,000,000?A 4,444B 40,440A seventy-one thousandC 4,440,040B seven million, ten thousandD 440,000,040C seventy-one millionD seven hundred one million3. The population of Houston,Texas, in 2005 was estimated tobe 2,016,582. What is the value ofthe underlined digit in 2,016,582?A 20,000B 200,000C 2,000,000D 20,000,0004. Writing to Explain Draw a place-value chart and label eachplace value. Write 837,294,115 in the place-value chart. What isthe value of the digit in the ten millions place?C)0U)0U)0 Croplc 133

NameMillionsReteaching1-2Here are different ways to represent 555,612,300.Place-value chart:Expanded form: 555,612,300 500,000,000 50,000,000 5,000,000 600,000 10,000 2,000 300Word form: 555,612,300 five hundred fifty-five million, sixhundred twelve thousand, three hundredThe 6 is in the hundred thousands place. Its value is 600,000.1. Write nine hundred seventy-six million,four hundred thirty-three thousand,one hundred eleven in standard form.2. Write 80,000,000 700,000 30,000 200 90 7 in standard form.3. Write the word form and tell the value ofthe underlined digit in 337,123,421.4. Number Sense In the number 213,954,670,which digit has the second greatest value?What is its value?34Topic 1I

NamePractice1-2MillionsWrite the number in standard form and in word form.1. 300,000,000 70,000,000 2,000,000 500,00010,000 2,000 800 5Write the word form and tell the value of the underlined digit for each number.2. 4,00,0283. 488,423,0464. Number Sense Write the number that isone hundred million more than 15,146,481.5. The population of Peru in 2006 was estimated to be 28,302,603. Write theword form.6. Which is the expanded form for 43,287,005?A 4,000,000300,000 B 40,000,000 3,000,000C 400,000,000 D 4,000,00030,000 20,000 30,000,000 8,000200,000 2,000 800 70080,0002,000,000 70 8,000 57,000 550057. Writing to Explain In the number 463,211,889, which digit has thegreatest value? Explain.uJ00Topic 135

EnrichmentName1-2Puzzling Place ValuesWrite the missing number or word in each blank to completeeach sentence.1. Thirty million, three hasNumber Sensedigits.digits to make a number that is 1 less than 100,000,000.2. You need3. The value of the 7 in 427,208,311 is4. The number two million, four hundred one thousand, twohasdigits.5. The digits in sixty-five million, three hundred eighty-onethousand, two hundred four have a sum of6. Five hundred twenty-four million, two hundred eighty thousand,four hundred has ain the ten millions place.7. The number that is 2 more than 99,999,999 haszeros.8. In the number 304,248,168, there is a 4 in theplace and in the9 The numberplace.is fifty thousand morethan 15,343,014.C10 Twenty-five thousand, nine hundred eighty-one isless than 25,98436Topic 111

NameDaily Spiral Review1-31. Which digit is in the millions placein the number 872,630,715?A7B5C2DO4. José’s allowance is 5.50per week. How much is thatin dollars and dimes?2. The table below shows the numberof baseball cards each friend has.5. The graph shows the number ofcars sold in one week.FriendRitaMiguelLenJodieAngelaNumber ofBaseball Cards25505160250xxxxxx3. Kelly’s brother is building towerswith blocks. How many blocks willbe in the fourth tower?C)00C)0w02ndxxxxxxxxxxxxxSun Mon Tues Wed Thurs FriCars SoldWhich friend has twice as manybaseball cards as Rita?A JodieB MiguelC LenD Angela1stxxxxf93rd4thxxxxxxxxSatOn which day were the most carssold, and how many cars were soldthat day?6. Mary Ann is saving to buy a CDplayer for her brother’s birthday,which is in December. The CDplayer costs 90. If she startssaving in September, and savesequal amounts each month, howmuch money will she need to saveeach of the three months?A4B5C6D700)0Topic 137

Problem of the Day1-3 0 acu-I(DoI

NameReteaching13Comparing and OrderingWhole Numbers., : You can use a number line to compare two numbers, Which isgreater, 33,430 or 33,515?Plot the first number on a number line:Step Step 2Plot the second number on the same number line:33,45033,400I33,500II33,430Step 3I JII33,60033,550IIII33,515Compare the numbers. Remember, as you move to the right on a numberline, the numbers increase.Looking at the number line, 33,515 is to the right of 33,430.So, 33,515 33,430.You can use place value to order numbers from greatest to least. Write thenumbers, lining up places. Begin at the left and find the greatest digit. If necessary,continue comparing the other digits:42,078Continue comparingWrite from greatest to 222 37,54437,54424,532Compare. Write or1. 3,211 (Z4,221 for each02. 35,746(35,6453. 355,4624. Order the numbers from greatest to least. 62,500 62,72163,001535,84561,435II0030Ui5. Number Sense Write 3 numbers that are greater than12,000, but less than 13,000.a)00Topic 141

INameIComparing and OrderingWhole NumbersCompare. Write or for eachPractice1-3Q.1. 2,854,376(J2,845,7632. 6,7893. 59,6354. 29,374,12559,5369,876(Z30,743,225Order the numbers from least to greatest.5. 45,859,2114,936,21143,958,2116. Number Sense Write three numbers that are greaterthan 1,543,000 but less than 1,544,000.7. Put the planets in order from the oneclosest to the sun to the one farthestfrom the sun.The Five Closest Planetsto the SunPlanetDistance 0,000Mercury36,000,000Venus67,000,0008. Which number has the greatest value?A 86,543,712B 82,691,111C85,381,211D 86,239,1219. Writing to Explain Tell how you could use a number line to determine whichof two numbers is greater.CC0C00LUC0Ca,042Topic 1

LNameFollow the LeaderEnrichment1-3jReasoningFind the path to the finish line. You can only travel to a greaternumber. You cannot move diagonally. Color the boxes as youfind your 7599739,6211412,0437038412,652 30,654 7,34219,4641,33494537,00321,190 23,023 25,9016—-63294819,423 15,211 12,9641,6431,673Finish0CC0C0uJ0CC- Topic 143

Daily Spiral ReviewName1-41 What is twenty thousand,eight hundred tw&ve written instandard form?5. Order the numbers from leastto greatest.146,552145,525145,552B 20,8122. Which symbol would make theequation true?36 :6r66How would you write this numberin standard form?A BCxD 3. Dot drove 2,648 miles on atrip across country. What isthis number rounded to thehundreds place?ñE If I fII’I[LO7. Yul tossed a coin 10 times andrecorded the results in the tallychart below.A 3,000B 2,650C 2,640D 2,6004. What is the perimeter of a squarethat is 3 inches on one side?ABCDI/IHeadsTailsHow many more times did thecoin come up tails than heads?15 inches12 inches9 inches8 Compare. Use442,287 , ,or442,6283 inches0CC00CLu0Ct044T,xi

Problem of the Day14(N(N-o00-c —ciI1w0S-oE0 %CCDII — —C(tzC0wC -CCDUCCV.; —00w0I)0CD0C(sf)Topic 145

Quick CheckName1-41. Round 85,386 to the place of

nearest hundred thousand. tf Round 93,206 to the nearest ten. Round 289,996 to the nearest ten thousand. 6 Round 279,996 to the nearest hundred. 7 Round 999,999 to the nearest ten. 3 Round 269,996 to the nearest thousand. 9 Round 219,996 to the nearest ten. 10 Round 10,876 to the nearest hundred. 1 1 R

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We are an SAP gold software partner with SAP Recognized Expertise in SAP S/4HANA in Italy. Do not refer to SAP Recognized Expertise as if it's a partner category or program. Do not use "SAP cloud partner" or "cloud partner of SAP" as if it's a partner category. Use the official partner category or simply "SAP partner." Incorrect:

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contractor's accounting system for accumulating and billing costs under government contracts. ̶ Aligns with DFARS criteria. ̶Involves testing of transactions. ̶If the previous post award accounting system audit is more than 12 months old, and/or the contractor's accounting system has changed, the auditor should perform a full audit.

Guided Practice Now we will practice together. Go around the room and partner students. Be explicit. Look at each pair of students and say, "You two are partners. You're Partner 1, and you're Partner 2." If you are Partner 1, raise your hand. Good. If you are Partner 2, raise your hand. Good. We have been learning about the concept of .

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Winston-Salem and Reno Warehouse 150,000 square ft. . CORNING Gold Status Distribution Partner FORTINET Advanced Partner . Partner of the Year 2018; Americas East Partner of the Year 2018 RAD Leading Solutions Partner since 2006 TELCO SYSTEMS #1 Volume Distributor in North America since 2012 VERTIV Elite Status Distribution Partner

2010 Dynamics GP Partner of the Year-Worldwide 2010 Microsoft Dynamics ERP Platform Partner of the Year-Latin America and the Caribbean 2010 IAMCP Partner of the Year 2011 Dynamics Public Sector Partner of the Year - Worldwide 2011 Dynamics Public Sector Partner of the Year - Latin America and the Caribbean 2011 Dynamics CRM Partner of the