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Screw CompressorsAS SERIESCapabilities from: 64 to 143 cfmPressures from: 80 to 217 psig

AS SeriesBuilt for a lifetime. Kaeser Compressors has pushed the boundaries of compressed air efficiency once again withthe latest generation of AS series rotary screw compressors. Not only do these compressorsdeliver more compressed air for sustainable energy savings, they also combine ease of use withexceptional reliability and simple maintenance.Innovation you can trustService-friendlyWith a cutting edge research and development team committedFrom the ground up, these compressors have been designedto building industry-leading products, Kaeser continues towith the user in mind. Fewer wearing parts and using premiumdeliver better solutions to meet our customers’ compressed airquality materials ensure reduced maintenance requirements,needs. Kaeser’s expertise and world-wide reputation for supe-longer service intervals, and extended service life. A smartrior reliability and efficiency offer great performance and peacecomponent layout with generously sized maintenance doorsof mind.simplifies service and lowers your operating costs.Rugged reliabilityGuaranteed efficiencyKaeser’s screw compressors meet our rigorous “built for a life-In our systems design approach, Kaeser chooses thetime” standard. Designed and built with Kaeser’s generationscomponents that work together in the most energy efficientof compressed air experience, you can rest assured that theseway possible. Each and every component — from inlet filtercompressors will continue to deliver the air you need with theto discharge flange — has been carefully selected withexceptional reliability you expect from a Kaeser compressor.performance in mind. In fact, the AS series is up to 30% moreefficient than the competition. With Kaeser’s superior systemcontrols, we guarantee an efficient system with lower operatingcosts, however small or large your demand may be.Potential energy cost savingsthrough heat recoveryCompressed air system investmentMaintenance costsEnergy costsPotential energy cost savingsEnergy cost savings throughsystem optimization2


Designed for Reliability, Simplicity, andPerformanceP 113 psiT 174 F2 2999 hSigma Profile AirendSigma Control BasicOur power-saving, proprietary airendTEFC Motor with ReducedVoltage Starterdesign delivers pressures up to 217 psig.Premium-efficiency, totally enclosed, fanconvenient pressure control and sys-Kaeser uses a new airend specificallycooled (TEFC) motors with Class F insu-tem monitoring with status display anddesigned for the AS series. It is preci-lation are standard for long life in harshmaintenance reminders. Displays includesion-machined to close tolerances andenvironments. Tri-voltage 208-230/460discharge pressure and temperature,optimized in size and profile to match theor 575 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz is standard.load and service hours, as well as faultlow airend speeds with their best specificOther voltages are available. Magneticindicators.performance. Unlike the competition,Wye-Delta reduced voltage startersKaeser Compressors makes many differ-ensure low starting current and smoothent airends so we can apply them at theacceleration.A simple and reliable interface offersoptimal speed and performance.Belt Drive with AutomaticTensioningHigh-Efficiency Coolers withFilter MatEfficient SeparatorSystemA ribbed single beltConveniently located on the outside ofA three-stagedrive efficiently trans-the unit, our standard high-efficiencyseparator (ASMEfers power from motorcoolers provide maximum cooling result-or CRN) combinesto airend. Our uniqueing in exceptionally low approach tem-centrifugal actionautomatic tension-peratures for more moisture separationand a 2-stageing device maintainsat the compressor discharge and bettercoalescing filter toproper tension toair quality. A filter mat simplifies coolerreduce fluid carrymaximize energy effi-maintenance. Dirt and dust build up onover to 2 ppm orciency, prolong beltthe outside ofless. Quick releaselife, and simplify rou-the filter, wherefittings, drain and filltine maintenance. Theit is easily seenports are arrangedbelt tension can easilyand removed.for fast and easybe verified through aThis extendsfluid changes fromwindow in the servicecooler servicesump and coolerpanel.intervals andwithout any pump-increases ther-ing device. Themal reserve foreasy-to-read fluid level indicator can beharsher condi-checked through a window in the servicetions.panel while the compressor is running.4

Main air and fluid lines are made of rigidpipe with flexible pipe connections. A10 micron spin-on fluid filter is easilyaccessible. This filter extends fluid lifeand protects the airend. The fluid level iseasily checked while the compressor isrunning.Parallel Cooling DesignTwo separate cooling air inlet zonesfor the coolers and drive motor ensureRadial Cooling Fanoptimum cooling. Drawing ambient airdirectly across the coolers and motorA powerful radial fan pulls air through thethrough separate zones eliminates pre-coolers and creates a vacuum within theheating and results in longer lubricantcabinet that effectively cools the motor,life and a cooler running motor. This alsoeven under severe operating conditions.results in much lower approach temperatures, improving moisture separation andEnclosureOur superior cabinet design reducesnoise and footprint while offering easyaccess for service. A heavy-duty metalenclosure with a durable powder-coatedfinish keeps noise in but dirt and dustout. Thick sound insulation keeps soundlevels as low as 67 dB(A), up to 10dB(A) quieter than comparable units.Service doors open wide and provide easy access to all maintenanceitems. Electrical components are housedin a spacious, ventilated control cabinet.Wiring is neatly arranged and terminalsare clearly identified.Internal and external vibration isolators eliminate stress on piping and wireconnections, further increasing reliability.Fluid Cooling SystemAll units are filled with Kaeser premiumfluid to cool, clean, and lubricate theairend. A thermostatically controlledcombination valve ensures perfect fluidtemperature regulation and incorporatesa cooler by-pass and spin-on fluid filter.air quality.To increase reliability and reducemaintenance costs, the coolers are conveniently located on the outside of theunit, where dust and dirt build-up areeasily seen and can be removed without dismantling the cooler. Top exhaustallows for easy heat recovery and reduces the system footprint.Intelligent control andprotectionTo protect your investment andensure the most efficient operationpossible, these compressors areavailable with our Sigma Control 2 as an option. This intelligent controller comes standard with multiple preprogrammed control profiles so youcan select the one that best fits yourapplication. Sigma Control 2 monitors more than 20 critical operatingparameters, shuts the unit downto prevent damage, and signals ifimmediate service is required. Italso tracks preventive maintenanceintervals and provides notice whenPMs are due. An RFID sensor provides secure access and simplifiesmanaging maintenance intervals. AnSD card slot with standard SD cardenables fast, easy software updates,storing key operational parameters,and offers long-term data storage foranalyzing energy consumption andcompressor operation.Sigma Control 2 has superiorcommunications capabilities. AnEthernet port and built-in web-serverenable remote viewing. ModBus,Profinet, Profibus, Devicenet, andother industrial communicationsinterfaces are also available as plugin options for seamless integrationinto plant control/monitoring systems.See our Sigma Control 2 brochure formore information.5

Integrated Dryer OptionPremium compressed air qualityThe AS Series is available with an integrated refrigerated dryer. Thedryer is located in a separate cabinet so it is not exposed to preheated air or contaminants from the compressor package.Energy-saving controlThe integrated refrigerated dryer inKaeser units provides high efficiencyperformance thanks to its energysaving control. The dryer is active onlywhen compressed air actually needs tobe dried: This approach achieves therequired compressed air quality withmaximum efficiency.Refrigerated dryer withEco-DrainAluminum plate heatexchangerThe refrigerated dryer also features aThe dryer’s aluminum heat exchanger iszero loss Eco-Drain. The advanced level-corrosion and contamination-resistant.controlled condensate drain eliminatesEven with fluctuating airflow, the sepa-the compressed air losses associatedrate stainless steel condensate separatorwith solenoid valve control. This savesreliably removes the accumulatingenergy and considerably enhances thecondensate from the air.reliability of the compressed air supply.6

Service-friendly DesignThe AS series rotary screw compressors feature an open pack-When you consider the energy efficiency savings and theage layout. All of the major components are easily accessiblemaintenance costs savings, it’s clear that owning a Built for areducing preventive maintenance time by as much as 50%lifetime Kaeser compressor will save you money, year afterwhen compared to other similarly sized units.year.211543776Ease of MaintenanceMany features make our AS modelsSingle piece, multi-ribbed belt withautomatic tensioner74Spin-on 10 micron fluid filter8 Cleanable filter mat on coolers (not5Cartridge style 1 micron inlet filter6Quick fluid change system withdrain hose (hose not shown)easy to service, including:12Service doors open wide for easyaccessMaintenance reminders oncontrollerSide panel windows to view fluidlevel and belt tension3shown)7

Technical SpecificationsModelAS 20AS 20TAS 25AS 25TAS 30AS 30TOperatingPressure(psig)Capacity atOperatingPressure(cfm) .) (2)31½ x 43½ x 60¼107031½ x 57½ x 60¼127931½ x 43½ x 60¼111431½ x 57½ x 60¼132331½ x 43½ x 60¼115831½ x 57½ x 60¼1367Performance rated in accordance with CAGI/ISO 1217 test code.on airend model. (3) Per ISO 2151 using ISO 9614-2.Note: Other pressures available from 80 to 217 psig.(2)CAGI CertifiedPerformanceSoundLeveldB(A) (3)676971Weights may vary slightly dependingOur compressors’ energy efficiencyhas been tested and confirmed byan independentlaboratory aspart of theCompressedAir and GasInstitute’sRotary ScrewCompressorPerformanceVerificationProgram. CAGIdata sheets forour screw compressor units can befound at are subject to change without notice.Compressed Air System DesignKaeser’s team of engineers are always at your service to help design oroptimize your compressed air system.Using our Air Demand Analysis (ADA) and Kaeser Energy SavingSystem (KESS) we can evaluate your existing installation and demonstratehow proposed changes will improve your system performance.Kaeser can also produce 2D and 3D CAD drawings of the proposedsystem. This is a huge benefit in project planning. It helps visualize newequipment and how it will fit into the building along with existing equipment,piping, walls, vents, etc. This facilitates installation planning.From complex installations, to challenging environments, to limitedspace, Kaeser can design a system to meet your specific requirements forperformance and reliability.www.kaeser.comKaeser Compressors, Inc.511 Sigma DriveFredericksburg, VA 22408 USATelephone: 540-898-5500Toll Free: 800-777-7873info.usa@kaeser.comKaeser Compressors Canada Inc.3760 La Verendrye StreetBoisbriand, QC J7H 1R5 CANADATelephone: (450) 971-1414Toll free: (800) 477-1416info.canada@kaeser.comKaeser Compresores de MéxicoS de RL de CVCalle 2 #123Parque Industrial Juríca76100 Querétaro, Qro.Telephone: 01 (442) 218 64 48sales.mexico@kaeser.comKaeser Compresores deGuatemala y Cia. Ltda.Calz. Atanasio Tzul 21-00, zona 12El Cortijo II, Bodega 50101012–Guatemala CityTelephone: 502 2015 Kaeser Compressors, Inc. All rights reserved. 04/15USAS

compressors will continue to deliver the air you need with the exceptional reliability you expect from a Kaeser compressor. AS Series Built for a lifetime. Kaeser Compressors has pushed the boundaries of compressed air efficiency once again with the latest generation of AS series rotary screw compressors. Not only do these compressors

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