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PURE ROMANCE TAX ORGANIZERThis tax organizer has been developed to assist you in collecting and summarizing the informationneeded for your Pure Romance business. The following pages contain many of the common items ofincome and expenses associated with your business. Please review every item listed as they mayapply to your specific situation. The following information will be requested by most tax advisorswhen filing your tax information.GENERAL INFORMATIONConsultant name and number:Address:Home phone:Cell:Work phone:Fax:E-mail address:Social security number: Date of birth:What month and year did your join Pure Romance?You were recruited by:County in which you live: School district:Do you live within the city limits (subject to city income taxes)? Yes No

SOURCES OF INCOME*Please be sure to include your official Form 1099-MISC issued by Pure RomanceTotal sales for 2011(Sales before shipping, tax and discounts on customer orders) Total shipping income collected Total override bonuses plus taxable prizes & awards received(Box 7 on your 1099-MISC) COST OF GOODS SOLD2010 Ending inventory value (at your cost)(enter -0- if this was your first year with Pure Romance) Total retail and net purchases (at your cost)(from your Pure Romance invoices) Items taken from inventory for personal use Returns and allowances NOT warrantied back to corp 2011 Ending inventory value (at your cost) as of 12/31/2011 Approximate date ending inventory was taken:

EXPENSESADVERTISINGBusiness cards, labels, stationeryFair booths/Bridal showsFilm & film developingFliers and newslettersGreeting cardsNewspaper adsPrizes and awardsPromotional toolsPure Romance clothing, decals, etc.Sales literatureOther: BAD DEBTS: (If originally claimed as sales & there is reason to believe the debt will never be collected)Customers’ NSF checks Other bad debts (document & verify):DUES & PUBLICATIONS:Membership in business related organizations Subscriptions to business publicationsFREIGHT:UPS/U.S. Postal service mailing chargesShipping paid to Pure Romance (invoices) INSURANCESelf-employed health insurance (if applicable) Business auto insuranceGeneral business insuranceINTEREST (business related interest only)Interest paid on loans for purchasing businessProperty, i.e. copier, computer, etc. Credit card finance interest paid for purchasingbusiness property and/or inventoryLEGAL AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICES

Business related accounting feesTax return preparation fees OFFICE EXPENSESCalculator Copying and printing (not claimed elsewhere)Folders, staples, pens, etc.Ink cartridgesOrganizers and planners (i.e. Daytimers)PaperMiscellaneousAssets purchased (for business use)% Pure Romancebusiness usePurchase dateComputer//Copying machine//Desk//Fax machine//File cabinets//Printer//Shelves//Telephone/Answering machine//Television/VCRTypewriterDigital or video camera//////REPAIRS:Cost of repairing business equipmentPurchase price(including sales tax) RETIREMENT PLANS:I have the following retirement plans established:2011 Amount contributed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Roth IRA Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP) Simple IRA SUPPLIES:Paper products on Pure Romance invoicesBasketsBooks, CD’s and DVD’sMotivational/Training tapesPackaging materialsRibbons and decorative supplies

Storage, inventory containersOther miscellaneous supplies:TRAVEL:BUSINESS TRAVEL:AnnualConventionAnnualTrainingLocationLas VegasCincinnatiMarketTrainingPR UniversityOtherTransportationLodgingParking, taxis & tollsTelephoneDry cleaning/laundryMEALS AND ENTERTAINMENT (Including tips):(Receipt is mandatory if a business meal is over 75. If a business meal is under 75, a receipt is not required but thetaxpayer is still required to document date, time, place and business purpose, as well as the individual(s) the meal waswith). The best advice is to always get a detailed receipt.Breakfasts LunchesDinnersTravel meals(Convention, training, etc.)TELEPHONE EXPENSES:Do you have more than one telephone line in your home? Yes NoMy monthly base telephone rate is (Only if you have a dedicated Pure Romance telephone line coming into the home)Total long distance charges % related to Pure Romance %(Do not include monthly base rate) OR Actual Pure Romance long distance charges Do you own a cell phone? Date purchased Purchase price

Total cell phone charges % related to Pure Romance %Total internet charges Website fees % related to Pure Romance %Voice mail fees WAGES:Wages paid for:Office assistants/secretarialChildcare (Must provide name, social security number and address of childcare provider below)SSN/FEIN#:Other:OTHER EXPENSE:Meeting room feesOpen housesTotal people attending home meetingsOther miscellaneous expenses: ESTIMATED TAX PAYMENTS MADE:Date dueFirst quarterSecond quarterThird quarterFourth quarterDate paidCheck #FederalStateLocal

HOME OFFICE EXPENSEValuation of your home:Purchase price Value of the land included in thepurchase price of your home Cost of improvements to your home Month and year acquired Percentage your home is used for your business:Area of home used for business (sq. feet)Total living area square footage of homeExpenses for business use:Direct expenses:Painting of business part of home Repairs to business part of home Other direct expenses Indirect expenses (annualized):Mortgage interest Real estate taxes Insurance (Homeowner’s or Renter’s) Rent (if applicable) Repairs and Maintenance Utilities:Electric Gas/Oil

Water & Sewer Trash disposal

AUTOMOBILE EXPENSESDo your own or lease your car?Year, Model & Make of carCar #1Car #2 Lease Own Lease OwnDate I started driving my auto for businessTotal Pure Romance business related milesTotal of ALL mileage driven for months indicated aboveACTUAL EXPENSES:Gasoline, oil, lubrication, etc.RepairsTires, supplies, etc.Lease payments (if applicable)Auto insuranceTags and licensesInterest on auto loan (if applicable)Car washesAuto club membership fees (ie. AAA)Parking feesTollsQUESTIONS, SUGGESTIONS AND/OR COMMENTS

PURE ROMANCE TAX ORGANIZER This tax organizer has been developed to assist you in collecting and summarizing the information needed for your Pure Romance business. The following pages contain many of the common items of income and expenses associated with your business. Please review every item listed as they may apply to your specific situation.