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1employment & salary reportRotmanCareer ServicesEmployment andSalary Report2020-2021

2employment & salary reportContentsDirector’s Message3Full-Time MBA Employment4–5Full-Time MBA Internships6–7Master of Financial Risk Management(MFRM) Employment8Master of Financial Risk Management(MFRM) Projects9Master of Management Analytics(MMA) Employment10Master of Management Analytics(MMA) Practicums11Corporate Partnership Opportunities12Companies Hiring at Rotman13–15Connect with Rotman Career Services16–17

3employment & salary reportDirector’s MessageIt gives me great pleasure to introduce the Rotman School’sEmployment and Salary Report for 2020-2021. Whether you’rea young professional considering a Rotman degree program or acorporate recruiter looking to connect with our talented students andgraduates, we hope you will find this report informative and useful.Lyla KorhaniWhat a year it’s been! While none of us could imagine we would workremotely so long, we have pulled together and come out stronger thanever. At the Career Centre, we are proud of efforts to find our studentsand graduates meaningful work. Our team immediately transitionedto online service delivery, and our career support intensified. Somehighlights:Director, Career ServicesRotman School of Management We launched a Hire a Student LinkedIn Campaign highlightingour 2020 graduates across all programs. We delivered many industry events such as alumni coffee chats,lunch and learns and industry roundtables. We expanded our job leads beyond traditional career paths andshifted focus on emerging industries including technology andhealthcare.And the results speak for themselves. We are excited to announcethat during this turbulent year, 89% of our Full-Time MBA graduatessecured employment. Our Master of Management Analytics (MMA)graduates achieved 92% employment, and our Master of FinancialRisk Management (MFRM) graduates achieved 75% employment.In the year to come, we will continue to honour our promise to ourcorporate partners to deliver the talent needed in today’s job marketand move forward with new and innovative initiatives that will prepareour students for career progression in a wide range of industries.We encourage you to browse through our Recruitment Guide withmore details on our 8 graduate level programs and diverse talent pool:www.rotman.utoronto.ca/recruitWe look forward to partnering with the next Rotman class and a growingnetwork of employers as our ambitious approach to career servicesbreaks new ground in 2021.Lyla KorhaniDirector, Career ServicesRotman School of Management

4employment & salary reportFull-Time MBA EmploymentClass of 2020 ProfileFull-Time Employment Salaries (CAD)Mean Total Salary (inclusive of base, bonus,and other compensation) 112,897Mean Base Salary 99,201Median Base SalaryMedian Signing BonusSigning Bonus Range89% of Full-Time MBA students seeking employmentwere employed by the end of 2020. 87,00072% of Full-Time MBA students seeking employmentwere employed within three months of graduation.Salary data based on 78% of employed students whoreported salary information.Mean Signing BonusFull-Time MBA Employment Rates 20,829 15,345 2,000 – 87,90020% of employed students who reportedsalary information received signing bonuses.Full-Time MBA Employment Salaries by Industry (CAD)Industry% of Total EmployedMeanMedianRangeFinancial Services35.2% 93,784 88,500 65,000 – 200,000Consulting16.9% 124,556 106,000 70,000 – 210,000Technology10.1% 92,731 92,000 60,000 – 140,700CPG & Retail8.6% 80,105 77,500 54,600 – 135,000Other7.5% 96,182 88,500 60,000 – 200,000Legal Services6.4% 144,092 91,385 84,400 – 252,666Healthcare5.6% 87,455 83,000 50,000 – 170,000Real Estate3.4% 73,143 75,000 55,000 – 87,000Energy & Natural Resources2.6% 91,959 95,000 75,000 – 102,000Entrepreneurship1.9% 87,400 87,000 70,000 – 110,000Manufacturing1.5% 65,000 65,000 65,000 – 65,000Government0.4%Not reportedNot reportedNot reportedMeanMedianRangeFull-Time MBA Employment Salaries by FunctionFunction% of Total EmployedAccounting/Finance31.1% 92,872 86,000 55,000 – 200,000Strategy25.8% 111,115 95,000 50,000 – 210,000Marketing/Sales13.9% 84,471 83,000 60,000 – 159,131.88Other11.2% 90,577 87,000 60,000 – 170,000General Management7.9% 89,016 87,500 60,000 – 120,000Legal Services6.0% 148,848 91,000 84,400 – 252,666Operations3.0% 100,182 95,376 65,000 – 140,700Business Design1.1% 84,667 90,000 70,000 – 94,000

5employment & salary reportFull-Time MBAClass profile data is based on the incomingclass of 2020 as of August 2018.Class of 2020 ESTICSTUDENTS49%36%121 WOMEN64%213 MEN1 BscPhm/MBA25 JD/MBA7 MGA/MBA4 Skoll BASc/MBAAVERAGE AGE2723Range 22 – 36LANGUAGESSPOKENAVERAGE YEARSWORK EXPERIENCE4.660%AVERAGE GMAT66839PASSPORTSREPRESENTEDRange 0 – 13Number of students1 – 10BORN OUTSIDEOF CANADA500 – 58010%580 – 73080%730 – 78010%AVERAGEUNDERGRAD GPA27%9% Life ING OUT MBA(ROBMA) FELLOWS11% Social Sciences12% Economics32%Engineering/Applied Science1%2%2%2%3%3%20%Financial Services24FORTÉFELLOWS50 – 1004% Law3% Humanities2% Physical Sciences3.5CREATIVE DESTRUCTIONLAB FELLOWS11 – 50TelecommunicationsLegalRetailProfessional ServicesGovernment4% Media, Entertainment4% Manufacturing10%ConsultingINDUSTRYBACKGROUND4% Education6%5% Real Estate9%7% Healthcare, Biotech, PharmaTechnologyOther7% Energy, Natural Resources6% Consumer Goods

6employment & salary reportFull-Time MBA InternshipsClass of 2021 ProfileFull-Time MBA Internship SalariesMean Total Monthly Salary (inclusive ofbase, bonus, and other compensation) 5,494Mean Monthly Salary 5,328Median Monthly SalaryInternship Employment Rates96% of Full-Time MBA students seeking an internshipcompleted an internship. 4,800Salary data based on 72% of employed studentswho reported salary information.Full-Time MBA Internships And Monthly Salaries by Industry (CAD)Industry% of Total EmployedMeanMedianRangeFinancial Services33.3% 5,942 5,400 3,750 – 16,543Consulting21.4% 7,857 6,250 3,200 – 15,600Other9.1% 4,177 3,550 586 – 10,000Technology8.3% 4,314 4,400 2,400 – 6,050CPG & Retail7.1% 4,163 3,893 2,000 – 8,486Healthcare6.0% 3,970 4,000 2,850 – 5,000Entrepreneurship5.2% 4,230 3,600 3,333 – 7,040Government4.8% 2,821 2,560 2,435 – 3,333Real Estate2.0% 3,828 3,300 3,200 – 5,600Energy & Natural Resources1.6% 4,500 4,500 3,000 – 6,000Non-Profit1.2% 2,569 2,770 2,036 – 2,900Full-Time MBA Internships And Monthly Salaries by Function (CAD)Function% of Total EmployedMeanMedianRangeStrategy30.2% 6,487 5,550 2,500 – 15,600Financial Roles27.0% 5,994 5,208 586 – 16,543Other17.9% 4,311 3,750 2,400 – 10,000Marketing16.3% 3,997 4,000 2,000 – 7,040General Management4.4% 3,682 4,050 2,036 – 4,500Business Design3.2% 5,437 5,850 2,435 – 8,486Operations0.8% 4,783 4,783 4,166 – 5,400Technology0.4% 2,940 2,940 2,940 – 2,940

7employment & salary reportFull-Time MBAClass profile data is based on the incomingclass of 2021 as of August 2019.Class of 2021 ESTICSTUDENTS42%42%125WOMEN58%170 MEN1 BscPhm/MBA25 JD/MBA7 MGA/MBA4 Skoll BASc/MBAAVERAGE AGE2744BIRTHCOUNTRIESRange 22 – 36AVERAGE YEARSWORK EXPERIENCE5.060%BORN OUTSIDEOF CANADARange 0 – 13AVERAGE GMAT669Number of students1 – 10500 – 5602%560 – 74090%740 – 7608%AVERAGEUNDERGRAD GPA32%Business/CommerceMath / Computer SciencesPhysical Sciences6% HumanitiesACADEMICBACKGROUND6% Life Sciences13% Economics28%Engineering/Applied Science1%2%2%2%2%3%3%224Law4% Social Sciences6% Other8REACHING OUT MBA(ROBMA) FELLOWS50 – 1001%2%2%3.5CREATIVE DESTRUCTIONLAB FELLOWS11 – 5025%Financial ServicesLegalMedia / nal ServicesRetail4%FORTÉFELLOWS4% ManufacturingINDUSTRYBACKGROUND11%Consulting4% Education4% Healthcare / Biotech / Pharma6% Consumer Goods10%Technology7% Energy / Natural Resources10% Other

8employment & salary reportMaster of Financial Risk Management (MFRM)Class of 2020 ProfileMFRM Employment Salaries (CAD)Mean Total Salary (inclusive of base, bonus,and other compensation) 77,461Mean Base Salary 74,464Median Base SalaryMFRM Employment Rates75% of MFRM students seeking employment wereemployed within six months of graduation. 72,000Salary Range 50,000 – 99,00054% of MFRM students seeking employment wereemployed within three months of graduation.Salary data based on 39% ofemployed students who reportedsalary information.60TOTALSTUDENTSAVERAGE AGE24AVERAGEUNDERGRAD GPA57%43%WOMENMENIndustry% WITH WORK EXPERIENCE38%38%AVERAGE GMAT / GRECOUNTRIES REPRESENTEDNot required for admission.Average based on scores from20% of admitted class.% of Total ntech2.8%Fashion2.8%% WITH PROFESSIONALDESIGNATION3.6703MFRM Employment by Industry CanadaChinaColombiaGermanyIndiaLebanon MexicoPakistanSaudi ArabiaSyriaTunisiaYemen13% Economics10% Engineering57% Business / CommerceACADEMICBACKGROUND10% Math5% Accounting3% Statistics2% Computer Science

9employment & salary reportMaster of Financial Risk Management (MFRM)Projects 2020The applied Risk Management Project is a chance for employers to engage students in areal-life business topic that is relevant and of interest to financial institutions.During the nine-week project, which takes place halfway through the program (January –March), students will work alongside practicing risk management professionals.Below is a list of MFRM project sponsors for 2020.Project Sponsors MFRM 2019-2020 ProjectsBank of CanadaBank of MontrealCanada LifeCapital MethodsCIBCCPPIBCPQi Canada LtdEYKPMGManulifeNational BankOntario Financing AuthorityOffice of the Superintendent for Financial InstitutionsOntario Securities CommissionOntario Teachers' Pension PlanOPTrustPwCRoyal BankScotiaBankSunlifeTD Bank/TD SecuritiesIndustry10%% of Total PlacedFinancial Services40%Consulting17%Government13%Investment Management10%Fintech10%Financial Services and Insurance10%21InvestmentManagementPROJECT SPONSORS10%Fintech10%Financial Servicesand InsurancePROJECTSPONSORS40% Financial Services13%Government17%ConsultingIf your organization is interested insponsoring MFRM projects, pleasecontact our Career Services team atcareer.services@rotman.utoronto.caSome employers choose to providecompensation to their student teams.You can visit the MFRM program tolearn more about the program.

10employment & salary reportMaster of Management Analytics (MMA)Class of 2020 ProfileMMA Employment Salaries (CAD)Mean Total Salary (inclusive of base,bonus, and other compensation) 79,226Mean Base Salary 75,709Median Base SalaryMMA Employment Rates92% of MMA students seeking employment wereemployed within six months of graduation. 75,000Salary Range 48,750 – 115,62277% of MMA students seeking employment wereemployed within three months of graduation.Salary data based on 70% ofemployed students whoreported salary information.51TOTALSTUDENTSAVERAGE AGE49%51%WOMENMEN53%Range 21 — 27Range 1 — 4AVERAGEUNDERGRAD GPACOUNTRIES REPRESENTEDAVERAGE GMAT / GRE699 BrazilCanadaChinaIndiaPakistanSri LankaTurkeyUnited StatesNot required for admission.Average based on scores from14% of admitted class.ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Industry% of Total Hospitality2.3%HVAC2.3%Real Estate2.3%Steel2.3%Telecom2.3%Utilities2.3%% WITH WORK EXPERIENCE243.6MMA Employment by IndustryAccounting and Financial ModelingChemical EngineeringComputer ScienceEconomicsElectronics EngineeringFinanceFinancial MathFinancial Analysis and Risk ManagementGeneticsIndustrial EngineeringInformation Systems ManagementMarketing ManagementMathMechanical EngineeringOperations ManagementPhysicsPolitics and philosophySoftware engineeringStatistics, Chemistry

11employment & salary reportMaster of Management Analytics (MMA)Practicums 2020The practicum is a critical component of the Masters of Management Analytics program,which runs for the 11-month duration of the program (September – July) and allowsstudents to engage with a real-world business problem.Student teams will apply model and data-based decision making to an organizationalchallenge to create an effective managerial and analytical solution to provide value to theirPracticum Hosts businesses.Practicum Hosts MMA 2019-2020 PracticumsIndustryBMOCanadian TireBellCIBCDealerFXHSBCMaRSNorth York GeneralSun LifeTDTeranetUnileverYork13% of Total by IndustryFinancial nsumer Packaged surance7%7%PRACTICUM HOSTS7%InsuranceHealthcare33%Financial Services7% TelecommunicationsPRACTICUMHOSTS13%Technology13%7% Retail13% ConsumerPackagedGoodsIf your organization is interested insponsoring MMA practicums, pleasecontact our Career Services team atcareer.services@rotman.utoronto.caSome employers choose to providecompensation to their student teams.You can visit the MMA program tolearn more about the program.

12employment & salary reportCorporate PartnershipOpportunitiesEngage With Rotman StudentsOur corporate partners play an integral role in the Rotman studentexperience and we are always seeking new and innovative ways toengage employers in our program activities. We work collaborativelywith our corporate partners to develop recruitment strategies andidentify opportunities that align with company hiring needs.Industry PanelsCoffee Chats/Office HoursHeld from October through Marchthese events highlight specificsectors or functional expertise toMBA/Master candidates. A greatway to build your campus brand andpresence at Rotman.Meet with Rotman students oncampus or online for quick one-onone or small group sessions. Officehours provide employers with anopportunity to offer advice aboutinterviews and job search strategies,review students’ resumés or addressgeneral questions about theircompanies and/or industries.Information Sessions(On-campus, Off-site and Virtual)Host an information session tointroduce students to your firm’sculture, work and people. We offer arange of venues suitable for large orsmall events. AV, video conferencing,and event catering options are alsoavailable to suit your needs.Employer PerspectiveCareer Services & Student-LedIndustry Club EventsMFRM Projects and MMA PracticumPublic PresentationsWe have many studentorganizations that you can connectwith to assist you in buildingawareness of your upcomingrecruiting activities. These studentorganizations also host a variety ofrecruiting and educational eventsthroughout the year.Students present a summary of theirprojects and practicums to theirsponsors and hosts, employers,alumni, staff and faculty. This is anopportunity for members of thecorporate community to accessour talent pool in the MMA andMFRM programs where studentsshowcase their skills developed in theprogram and during their project andpracticum.“Tridel is dedicated tobeing the leader in thedevelopment industry andthis includes developingits future leaders. We havebeen very happy with thecaliber of student talent andRotman. Their combinationof professional and academicexperiences has enabledthem to successfully joinour team and providemeaningful contributions.”Director, Project Feasibility,Tridel

13employment & salary reportRecruitment at RotmanCompanies hiring from Rotman in 2020#104 Corp4Refuel5&VineAA.T. Kearney (Greater China)A.T. Kearney (Canada)AbbottAbersoftAble InnovationsAccelepriseAccentureACM AdvisorsActis Private EquityAda SupportAdastraAdecco CanadaAffinity GroupAI ValiAlberta Investment ManagementCorporation (AIMCo)Algonquin Power & UtilitiesAlibaba GroupAlixPartners, LLPAllied Millennial Partners, LLCAlpine GraphicsAltaCorp CapitalAltree DevelopmentsAmatotesAmazonAmcorAmplitude Venture CapitalAnaergiaAOMS TechnologiesAphriaApotexAppficiencyAppSpring TechnologiesArcelorMittal DofascoArterra Wines CanadaAsian Development Bank (ADB)AsilimiaAstraZeneca InternationalAtrium Mortgage InvestmentCorporationAuth0AutoLeapAvasta IncorporatedBBabylon HealthBain & CompanyBank of CanadaBARCLAYSBasicGovBayerBayesian GroupBaylis MedicalBCIBDC Venture CapitalBDC Advisory ServicesBehavioural Economics in Actionat Rotman (BEAR)BellBenchMarx.ioBenchSciBentallGreenOakBest Buy CanadaBetterVetBicDroidBioSteel Sports Drink and SportsNutrition CompanyBlackBerryBloom Burton SecuritiesBluEarth RenewablesBMO Financial GroupBonnefire CannabisBorden Ladner Gervais LLPBoren, Osher & Luftman LLPBorrowellBoston Consulting Group (Canada)Bresler PR ConsultingBridgeableBridgeMeBrighton Group - Health Industry SolutionsBritish Columbia Investment ManagementCorporationBrompton FundsBrookfield Asset ManagementBrookfield Infrastructure GroupBrookfield Institute for Innovation EntrepreneurshipBrowzeBuilding UpBurgundy Asset ManagementBusiness Design InitiativeBuyProperlyCormark SecuritiesCorporate Immigration Law FirmCPP Investment BoardCPS CapitalCravath, Swaine and Moore LLPCrawford ConnectCreative Destruction LabCreative Destruction Lab - GlobalCredicorpCredit Suisse Asia-PacificCrestpoint Real Estate Investments Ltd.Crosslinx Transit SolutionsCSI ConsultingCuracelCyclicaDDaisy IntelligenceDalla Lana School of Public HealthDanaher CorporationDataractionDavies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLPDay5 AnalyticsDeloitteDeloitte (Canada)Deloitte- Omnia AICDelphiaCadillac FairviewDemonwareCalligoDesjardins Capital MarketsCanaccede Financial GroupDesjardins General Insurance GroupCanaccord Genuity Corp.Desjardins SecuritiesCanada Development Investment Corporation Djanta Tech HubCanada PostDoorDashCanadian Coalition for Good GovernanceDUCA Financial Services Credit Union(CCGG)Canadian TireECarmel CannabiseBayCastodiaEclipse Technology SolutionsCBRE Global Workplace SolutionsEconomical InsuranceCentral 1EcoPackersCentreCourt Developments Inc.Educational start-upCeridianEight CapitalCGI Inc.Electronic ArtsCharles River AssociatesElement Fleet ManagementCharoen Pokphand GroupEli Lilly AsiaChildren's Aid Society of TorontoEli Lilly CanadaChina MobileEllisDon CorporationChinese Cultural Centre of Greater TorontoEmbassy REITChipCare CorporationEnerCareChoice Properties REITEnergy MonsterChurch & Dwight Co.EnersonCIBC Capital MarketsENJINECignaEntertainment One Ltd. (eOne)CinchyEnvironmental Defense FundCineplex Entertainment LPEquitable Bank-Canada’s Challenger BankCitcoErnst & Young LLP (Canada)CITCO CANADA INCEvenset Inc.Citi Global Markets - Asia PacificEverest GroupCity Storage SystemsExtendicareClairvest GroupExxonMobilClaritiClearBlue MarketsFClutchFacebookCMLS FinancialFamily Business : HotelCN RailFarber Executive SearchCoinsquareFaskenColgate-Palmolive Asia Pacific LimitedFederal Reserve Bank of San FranciscoColumbia Pacific Capital PartnersFedEx CanadaCompass Digital Appfeita educationComwaveFerreroConstellation SoftwareFidelity (Canada) Asset ManagementConvergence Blended FinanceFidelity InvestmentsCorecentra NGOrganizeFidelity Investments Canada ULC

14employment & salary reportFiera Capital CorporationFirePower CapitalFirstBankFISForthlane PartnersFreed DevelopmentsFresh Squeezed IdeasFreshiiFusion AnalyticsGGartnerGazelle CapitalGemicGender and The Economy at RotmanGeneral Mills Canada CorporationGeneral Motors of Canada LimitedGenesys CapitalGeorgian PartnersGertex SolutionsGIC Merchant BankGlaxoSmithKlineGlen Dimplex AmericasGlobal Risk Institute in Financial Services(GRI)Glove SystemsGoldman SachsGood & WellGoodszillaGoogle Inc.Gowling WLGGrand Challenges CanadaGrasshopper SolarGraywoodGreat-West Life / London Life / Canada LifeGreen Court Capital ManagementGreenhill & Co.GreenSky CapitalGroundswell ProjectsHHaloHealthHangzhou Commerce & Tourism GroupFinancial I& Investment co.Hatch ConsultingHavelaarHealth Hub SolutionsHealthHubHeart and Stroke FoundationHeliolyticsHelloFreshHenderson Brewing CompanyHewlett Packard EnterpriseHEXO CorpHigh 12 BrandsHighland Creek PartnersHiltiHinesHome Depot (Canada)HomeEquity BankHonda CanadaHOOPP (Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan)Hoot ReadingHootSuiteHoriznHSBCHudson's Bay CompanyHydrostorHygge EnergyIIBMIDC ChinaIDEA Fund PartnersIDEOiDriveCareer (iDC) HR Consulting CanadaIMCO-Investment Management Corporationof OntarioImpact Consulting GroupImpaktImperial Oil (Canada)Imprint Creations (Juniper)INFOR Financial GroupInfo-Tech Research GroupInGenius PrepIngram MicroInnerSpaceInnofit & Condo Concierge TM.Intact Financial Corporationintegrate.aiIntellijointInternational Finance Corporation (IFC)Invictus Analytics and StrategyIQVIAJJ17 CapitalJefferies Group LLCJLLJohnson & JohnsonJohnson & Johnson Family of CompaniesJohnson & Johnson Family of Companies(Canada)Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies(Consumer Health Canada)Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies(Janssen Canada)JoyrideJTE Claims ConsultantsJuniperKKaiser PermanenteKatalyst Real EstateKensington HealthKeyOpsKinaxisKingsdale AdvisorsKira SystemsKnockriKPMGKPMG (Canada)LLa Spesa IncLabatt AB-InbevLanterra DevelopmentsLATOURNERIE WOLFROM AVOCATSLaurentian BankLawlinksLe Groupe Media TFOLEGO VenturesLetko, Brosseau & AssociatesLEVEL5 Strategy GroupLibertas Capital PartnersLiberty PowerLiberty Utilities Canada CorpLoblaw CompaniesLoblawsLoyaltyOneLUCIDLundin MiningMMackenzie InvestmentsManulifeManulife FinancialMapleMaple Leaf FoodsMaple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE)MaRS Discovery DistrictMasterCardMastercard AdvisorsMattamy HomesMavennetMawer Investment ManagementMayo ClinicMcDonald's Restaurants of CanadaMcKinsey & CompanyMedcan ClinicmedeaMerchant BrokerMericianMeridian Credit UnionMetro Supply Chain GroupMETSCO Energy SolutionsMichael Garron HospitalMicrosoftMinistry of Economic Development,Job Creation and Trademodl.aiMomentum DevelopmentsMorgan StanleyMorneau ShepellMPA Morrison Park AdvisorsMunich Re, CanadaMurexNNational Bank FinancialNatural Resources CanadaNavigatorNeedsList CanadaNephron Research LLCNestle CanadaNeurescenceNew Market FundsNewmont Mining CorporationNext Hydrogen Corp.NextUp CareNeXus Consulting GroupNieuport AviationNinepoint Partners LPNormativeNorth American Development GroupNorthcrest DevelopmentNorthwood Family OfficeNous GroupNova ConsultingOO3 MiningOak Hill FinancialOakley AdvisoryOffice of the Superintendent ofFinancial InstitutionsOh My YummiesOKR FinancialOlli BrandsOMERSONEX CorporationOnR (formerly OnResearch Inc.)Ontario Bioscience Innovation OrganizationOntario Lottery and Gaming CorporationOntario Ministry of Economic Development,Employment and InfrastructureOntario Ministry of EnergyOntario Ministry of InfrastructureOntario Power GenerationOntario Public Service (Treasury BoardSecretariat)Ontario Teachers' Pension PlanOP TrustOpen Capital AdvisorsOpenTextOptimityOptions For HomesOsborne Executive Search FirmOsler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLPOxford Properties GroupPPacific Investment Management Company(PIMCO) LLCParadox ImmunotherapeuticsParkland Lifestyle ResidencesPayBrightPeakhill CapitalPentaverePepsiCo CanadaPercy EllisPhenotipsPhoenix A.M.D. International

15employment & salary reportPIMCOPinterestPMP ConseilPoppyPortland Investment CounselPower Corporation of CanadaPragma Management ServicesPricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (Canada)Pricing SolutionsPride TorontoPrince Rupert Port AuthorityProcter & GambleProdigy VenturesPropheseeProvidence Care CentrePSP InvestmentsPwCQQuadrant EconomicsQuadRealQualtricsQuestradeQuinn & PartnersRRadical VenturesRadiumRadix DLTRakrRB CanadaRBCRBC Capital MarketsRBC Financial GroupReal Food for Real KidsRealstar ManagementRegion of PeelRestaurant Brands InternationalRevay and AssociatesRIC CentreRight to Play InternationalRiskfuelRogersRogers CommunicationsRotman School of ManagementSSalesforceSALVEO International DevelopmentSanofi PasteurSantander Bank-BrazilSAPSAS CanadaSavormetricsSBQuantumSCI Innovation CentreScotiabankSearchlight Capital PartnersSenso.aiSesame Financial GroupSetter CapitalShawcorShearman & Sterling LLPShell Canada LimitedShift HealthShikatani Lacroix DesignShopifyShoppers Drug MartSickKids FoundationSidley Austin LLPSienna Senior LivingSignal Hill Equity PartnersSilverstoneSimplii FinancialSimpson Thacher & BartlettSinai Health SystemSipology by Steeped Teasixsense strategy groupSkin ScienceSkin Science DermatologySkyline Capital PartnersSkytian Capital CanadaSmartCentresSnap Inc.Sobeys - innovation hubSobeysSoftchoiceSOHO Square SolutionsSolar Provider GroupSpaceRydeSpin MasterSS&C AlgorithmicsSSENSESt Mary's CementStandUp VenturesStarbank Group of CompaniesStarbucks Coffee Company CanadaStarhouse.aiStarlight InvestmentsStifel CanadaStifel GMP/FirstEnergyStifel Nicolaus CanadaStikeman Elliott LLPStillwater Capital-M&A AdvisorsStorageVault CanadaStrategy&StratxSTS Capital PartnersSun Life Capital ManagementSun Life FinancialSunlifeSunloft LLCSVX Investing for impactSwiss Tao SolutionsTDTD Asset ManagementTD BankTelna CommunicationsTelusTELUS CommunicationsTELUS HealthTen Thousand CoffeesTeranetThe Atmospheric FundThe Barrington GroupThe Butcher ShoppeThe Clorox CompanyThe Coca-Cola CompanyThe Craft GuysThe Daniels CorporationThe Entrepreneurship HatcheryThe Estée Lauder CompaniesThe Hershey CompanyThe Home DepotThe Hospital for Sick ChildrenThe Institute for Gender and the Economy(GATE)The Kraft Heinz CompanyThe North West Company LPThe Poirier GroupThrive HealthTitan GroupTMX GroupTop HatTOP North AmericaToriMLToronto Finance InternationalToronto HydroToronto Police ServiceToronto Research ChemicalsTorquestTorys LLPTrader Media CorporationTrexo RoboticsTridelTrinity Communication ServicesTrinity Development GroupTrinity Point Development Corp.TwitterUUBC Centre for Social Innovation & ImpactInvestingUberUbiquity SolarUbisoftUBSUnilever PLCUnited Nations Capital Development FundUnity HealthUniversal DenimUniversity Health NetworkUniversity of EssexUniversity of Toronto Asset ManagementCorporation-UTAMUnplugUofT HatcheryUreeka CanadaCoUther SupplyVVale CanadaValidere TechnologiesValidus Risk ManagementVancityVector Medical CorporationVendorPMVenture for AfricaVeritas Investment Research CorporationVerticalScopeVidyardVinzan InternationalVISA CanadaVisualpingVital BioVolarisVolaris GroupVolta ChargingVolta CircleVoyager ProductsVOYO Brand Management and ConsultingWWalmart CanadaWARC GroupWasserman Media GroupWave HQWAVOWelbec PropertiesWells Fargo CanadaWelltowerWeston FoodsWhite Pebble VenturesWillfulWilliam Osler Health SystemWiproWomen's Legal Education and Action Fund(LEAF)WonderWorkplace Safety and Insurance BoardWorld Bank GroupWSP CanadaXXMonetae Capital LLCXpanYYelpZZafinZelenZenith PowerZensuranceZippinZS Associates

16employment & salary reportConnect withRotman Career ServicesRotman Career Services is a team of dedicatedand experienced career professionals drivenby one overarching goal: to support Rotmangraduate students in fulfilling their careerobjectives.Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, justblocks from Canada’s business and financialcentre, the Rotman School is ideally positionedto help employers connect with top students.For more information on our employerengagement opportunities, please contactCareer Services.Rotman Career 7953www.rotman.utoronto.ca/Connect/RecruitEmployer Perspective“Working with the RotmanSchool of Managementhas been a pleasure duringour recruiting season. Theschool’s advisors as wellas the candidates weretop tier in all aspects andwe genuinely enjoyedthe experience. We lookforward to our continuedpartnership.”University Recruiter,Microsoft

17employment & salary reportHow To Interpret Our StatisticsReporting StandardsRotman Career Services is a member of the MBA Career Services andEmployer Alliance(MBA CSEA). The MBA CSEA together with GMAC, the organization thatadministers the GMAT test among other programs, set out guidelinesfor reporting employment, salary, and other related statistics. Theseguidelines establish the standards for reporting statistics to rankings aswell as the MBA CSEA itself.Salary StatisticsIn addition to looking at the average for salary compensation, it isimportant to note the median (midpoint) and range since these datapoints provide a broader view to how the salaries are distributed forthe class. A small number of students receiving high salary offers canskew the average up while some that receive lower salary offers canskew the average down. We report in local dollars and foreign salariesare converted at the going exchange rate. Please note that exchangerate conversions are not reflective of the cost of living and wage profileswhere the students are employed.Employment RateThe employment rate is the percentage of students with accepted offersof employment, based on the number of students reporting back andactively looking for work.Connect With Us On anagementuniversity-of-torontoFollow Us On TIME MBA / 17

4 employment & salary report Full-Time MBA Employment Full-Time Employment Salaries (CAD) Mean Total Salary (inclusive of base, bonus, and other compensation) 112,897 . Mean Base Salary. 99,201 . Median Base Salary. 87,000 . Salary data based on 78% of employed students who. reported salary information. Mean Signing Bonus. 20,829. Median .

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