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Las Vegas Fire & Rescue500 N. Casino Center BlvdLas Vegas, NV 89101(702) fire.orgI.S.O. Class One(121421)FIRE CHIEFJeffrey Buchanan702-229-0323 [email protected] STAFFDavid Slattery, Deputy Chief of Medical Services/Medical DirectorRobert Nolan, Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention/Fire MarshalDina Dalessio, Deputy Fire ChiefArt Perillo, Assistant ChiefAshanti Gray, Assistant ChiefMission StatementLas Vegas Fire & Rescue is an all-hazards agency that reduces risk, protects life,prevents loss, and serves our community proudly.ValuesHonor: We take pride in our profession. It is a privilege to serve our community and each other.Duty: We are dedicated to excellence and teamwork. We treat people right, give an all-out effort, and havean all-in attitude.Trust: We are honest, transparent and reliable.Integrity: We are accountable for our actions in both character and competency.

History(052019)On June 6, 1905 the newly founded city of Las Vegas had its first fire when four buildings burned. In 1907 cityordinance established the Las Vegas Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD). As the city grew, so did the requestsfor service from LVFD so on Aug. 1, 1942, the department hired its first full time members: one fire chief and12 firefighters. In 1999 city ordinance changed the name of the department from Las Vegas Fire Department toLas Vegas Fire & Rescue.Today Las Vegas Fire & Rescue (LVFR) protects a city that covers 133.25 square miles (including large ClarkCounty “islands”), nearly 610,000 residents and several million visitors each year. LVFR is an InsuranceServices Office (ISO) Class One department.Las Vegas Fire & Rescue consists of:705 employees21 Fire Stations22 Paramedic Engine companies6 Ladder Truck companies24 Paramedic Rescue (ambulances) units3 Battalion Chief units1 Technical Rescue unit1 Hazardous Material unit1 CBRNE unit(Chemical – Biological – Radiological – Nuclear – Explosives)1 Mobile Command unit1 3000 gallon Water Tender1 Mobile Shop unit1 EMS Coordinator unit1 Public Information unitArson / Bomb Squad unitsNumber of emergency response personnel on duty each shift – 180Number of personnel: 728 Uniform 624, Communications 73, Civilian 31“Engine” companies consist of a crew of four, one captain, one driver/engineer, two firefighters (one is acertified paramedic.) Engine companies carry hoses, ladders and various tools and equipment to extinguish afire. The units carry 300 gallons of water for quick attacks on arrival at fires; most water is used from the nearly20,000 fire hydrants in the city. Engines also carry paramedic medical equipment and supplies to handleadvance life support medical emergencies.

Ladder “Truck” companies carry more than 200 feet of ground ladders and have one 100-foot aerial devicealong with extra heavy tools and equipment used at fires for rescue, removing smoke and gases from buildingsduring a fire and controlling the utilities to a building. Crews consist of one captain, one driver/engineer, andtwo firefighters.Paramedic “Rescue” units consist of a crew of two; both are firefighters and medical personnel. They provideadvance life support at emergency incidents and provide transportation to emergency facilities for the sick andinjured.Technical Rescue Team (TRT) unit is “Heavy Rescue” which consists of a crew of four, one captain, onedrive/engineer and two firefighters. This is a specialty unit that handles technical rescues including confinedspace rescue (cave-ins), high angle rescue (off tall buildings or mountain rescue) and vehicle extrication.Hazardous Materials “HazMat” is a specialty unit which is equipped with tools, equipment and supplies tohandle hazardous materials incidents. It is based at fire station 3. All of the personnel assigned to fire station 3are members of the department’s hazardous material team. LVFR operates the only public safety hazardousmaterials response team in southern Nevada and has a response area of the entire southern part of Nevada.

CBRNE is a specialty unit that responds to Chemical – Biological – Radiological – Nuclear – Explosiveincidents and assists at all working fires and bomb squad responses. The unit consists of a crew of four.LVFR operates the only FBI certified Bomb Squad in southern Nevada and has a response area of southernNevada, northeast California and northwest Arizona. All members of the unit are assigned to Fire Station 102and are certified firefighters, police officers in the state of Nevada, fire investigators, FBI certified bomb techsand are deputized federal agents. The team operates a number of state of the art devices and units and is alsoresponsible for all fire investigations conducted by the department.Water Tender is a water tanker truck that carries water to remote scenes. The tank can carry 3000 gallons ofwater.Air Resource unit is a truck that refills air bottles for firefighters who wear self contained breathing apparatus(SCBA). The SCBA allows firefighters to work in smoke filled rooms and building.

Mobile Command Unit (MCU) is a portable office and communications center that allows the command staffand radio operators to operate near a scene.Fire Stations(E-Engine T-Truck R-Rescue B-Battalion Chief HR-Heavy Rescue AR-Air/Light Unit HZ-HazMat Unit CB-CBRNE Unit MCUMobile Command Unit WT-Water Tender ILS-Intermediate Life Support)FS S47FS48FS102FS103FS106FS107FS108500 N. Casino Center Blvd, 89101 E1, E201, T1, R1, R201, R301, B1900 S. Durango Dr, 89145 E2, R2, B102645 W. Washington Ave, 89106 E3, T3, R3, HAZMAT 3, CBRNE 3, AIR RESOURCE 3421 S. 15th St., 89101 E4, R4, R204, ILS41020 Hinson St, 89101 E5, R5, EMS11680 S. Torrey Pines Rd, 89108 E6, T6, R610101 Banburry Cross Dr, 89144 T7, R7805 N. Mojave Rd, 89101 E8, T8, R8,4747 N. Rainbow Blvd, 89108 E9, R9, WT91501 S. Martin L. King Blvd, 89102 E10, R106989 N. Buffalo Dr, 89131 E41, R417331 W. Cheyenne Ave, 89129 E41, R42, B46420 Smoke Ranch Rd, 89108 E43, T43, R437701 W. Washington Ave, 89128 E44, R44, HR443821 N. Fort Apache Rd, 89129 E45, R4591 Pine Ridge St, 89138 E47, R479133 W. Elkhorn Rd, 89149 E48, T48, R48833 Mojave Rd 89101 Various special units190 Upland Blvd, 89107-2660 E103, R103,1888 Stella Lake, St, 89106 E106, R1069398 Sundial Dr, 89134 E107, R1074551 E. Bonanza Rd, 89110 E108, R108FIRE STATS – 2020Total Responses – 95,829Fires (all types of fires) – 5,982Emergency Medical Responses – 84,694EMS Transports to medical facility – 25,400Hazardous Materials Responses – 1,015Bomb Squad Responses – 92

False Alarm Responses – 1457Fire Inspections Conducted – 25,9559-1-1 calls to Combined Communications Center – 325,070Property Damage due to fire – (not available until Mar. 21)Fire Fatalities in city – 4Number of Multiple Alarm Fires in city – 12(All 2-Alarm fires)Budget - 169,981,810Population of Las Vegas – 669,898Area – 142 square miles

advance life support at emergency incidents and provide transportation to emergency facilities for the sick and injured. Technical Rescue Team (TRT) unit is "Heavy Rescue" which consists of a crew of four, one captain, one drive/engineer and two firefighters. This is a specialty unit that handles technical rescues including confined

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1385 Pama Lane Las Vegas, NV 89119 702-871-6780 Las Vegas Business Press 3335 Wynn Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89102 702-383-0211 Las Vegas Review Journal 1111 W. Bonanza Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89106 702-383-0211 Las Vegas Sun 800 S. Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89107 702-385-3111 AIRPORTS McCarra

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4747 Vegas Drive Las Vegas 5,500 27,000 32,400 2033 NDF / STATE PARKS OFFICE BUILDING 5974 1/30/20142000 157,000 10% 1,642,850 4747 Vegas Drive Las Vegas 5,500 151,500 0 9878 CNR / WILDLIFE OFFICES LAS VEGAS SITE 0 1/30/2014 133,000 0% 4747 Vegas

ACG Design : ESB: Las Vegas 702-448-8737: Adelante Group NV WBE: Las Vegas 702-612-7966: ADMAX LLC WBE: LAS VEGAS 702-823-2645: AeroTech Mapping Inc. WBE MBE: Las Vegas 702-228-6277: Akers-Sanchez & Associates, Inc MBE: Las Vegas 702-809-7540: Ann K

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Technical Rescue Rope Rescue Trench Rescue Confined Space Rescue Heavy Extrication Rescue Large Animal Rescue Technical Rescue and Hazmat are the same team. 20 Low Angle Rope Training at the Brevard County Zoo

Day 11 Free day in Las Vegas Spend your last full day at leisure in Las Vegas, there is never enough time to explore. Overnight: Luxor Hotel or similar Meals included: None Day 12 Las Vegas - Houston Today make your own way to Las Vegas Airport for your flight to Houston, Texas. Upon arrival, please make your own way to the hotel to check in.

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Palms Place Hotel and Spa Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa Wyndham Grand Desert The Platinum Hotel and Spa 4381 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 11011 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135 265 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169 211 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169 This upscale hotel is about a mile off the Strip—far enough for

Mar 03, 2021 · 4500 W Oakey Blvd, Las Vegas 22. Spring Valley 5320 S Rainbow Blvd, #150, Las Vegas 23. Summerlin 2035 Village Center Cir, #110, Las Vegas 24. Sun City 9454 Del Webb Blvd, Las Vegas 25. Sunridge Heights 745 S Green Valley Pkwy, #160, Henderson 26. Tenaya 2650 N Tenaya Way, #360, Las Vegas

The West Las Vegas Library is located at 951 West Lake Mead Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89106 in the heart of the Historic West Las Vegas community. The Library is just minutes from interstate 15. 3 LVCCLD Tech Specs 07/29/21-RJN . rental fees have been adopted by Las Vegas-Clark County Library District's Board of Trustees. PERFORMING ARTS .

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and rescue calls. Incidents that require Technical and Mountain Search and Rescue encompass a wide variety of situations including; high angle or rope rescue, water rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, and structural collapse. This handbook may lean toward a wilderness or county sheriff’s system, but it can be adapted toward other .

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