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FUELFuel FiltersFUEL WATER SEPARATORSSierra fuel water separators remove over 99.8% of emulsified water from your gasoline. Sierra’s 10 micron filters are over90% efficient at removing particles as small as 10 micron. All filters flow @ 90 GPH to feed even the hungriest motor.Sierra 10 micron filters are recommended to prevent damage to sensitive inboard and outboard fuel injection systems.- UNIVERSAL DESIGN ThreadMaterialACCESSORIESFUEL WATER SEPARATOR BRACKETSPart #Replaces18-77771/4"Stainless Steel18-77763/8"Stainless Steel18-7853-11/4"Aluminum18-77753/8"Yamaha MAR-FLTHD-SS-12Mercury 89876A3Yamaha MAR-FLTHD-AL-12AluminumFILTERSMicronRating10Part #Description18-7944Short - 3.875"ReplacesMercury - 35-807172, 35-802893Q18-7945Long - 4.35"10Mercury - 35-802893QYamaha - ABB-FUELF-IL-TR18-7866High Capacity - 6"10Yamaha - MAR-FUELF-IL-TR18-7967V6 EFI 1995-Earlierwith sensor10Mercury - 35-18458Q318-7968V6 EFI 1996-Upwith sensor10Mercury - 35-18458Q418-7844Short - 3.875"21Mercury - 35-807172, 35-802893Q18-7845Long - 4.35"21Mercury - 35-802893QYamaha - ABB-FUELF-IL-TRFUEL WATER SEPARATOR KITSPart #Kit es Bracket, Filter & 2 pipe plugs*18-7776-11/4" AluminumMicronRatingContentsReplaces101 - 18-7944 &Mercury - 35-802893A4, Q4,(Short Filter)1 - 18-7853-135-60494A41/4" Aluminum101 - 18-7945 &(Tall Filter)1 - 18-7853-11/4" Aluminum101 - 18-7866 &(High Capacity Filter)1 - 18-7853-13/8" Aluminum1 - 18-7945 &10(Tall Filter)1 - 18-77751/4" Stainless Steel1 - 18-7945 &10(Tall Filter)1 - 18-77773/8" Stainless Steel1 - 18-7945 &10Yamaha - MAR-SEPAR-AT-ORYamaha - MAR-SPRTR-HD-SS(Tall Filter)1 - 18-77761/4" Aluminum211 - 18-7844 &Mercury - 35-802893A4, Q4,(Short Filter)1 - 18-7853-135-60494A41/4" Aluminum211 - 18-7845 &Yamaha - ABB-SEPAR-AT-OR(Tall Filter)1 - 18-7853-13/8" Aluminum1 - 18-7845 &21(Tall Filter)1 - 18-77751/4" Stainless Steel1 - 18-7845 &21(Tall Filter)1 - 18-77773/8" Stainless Steel1 - 18-7845 &21(Tall Filter)SEE PAGE 71 FOR FUEL FILTER BY OEM3/8" Pipe Plugs - 18-42641/4" Pipe Plugs - 18-4256Yamaha - ABB-SPRTR-HD-SS1 - 18-777669

FUELFuel FiltersFUEL WATER SEPARATOR KITS - BONUS PACKCONTAINS SPARE FILTERACCESSORIESPart #Kit Type*Each kit contains 2 brass pipe plugsMicronRatingContents18-7983-21/4" Aluminum102 - 18-7944 & 1 18-7853-118-7982-21/4" Aluminum102 - 18-7945 & 1 18-7853-118-7848-21/4" Aluminum212 - 18-7844 & 1 18-7853-118-7852-21/4" Aluminum212 - 18-7845 & 1 18-7853-1SIERRA AquaVue & METAL COLLECTION BOWLFUEL WATER SEPARATOR KITSSierra AquaVue and metal collection bowl separator filters allow water to be drained from thefilter to extend service life. Use the AquaVue collection bowl for outboard, above deckinstallations. USCG regulations require the use of the flame resistant metal collection bowl below deck.10 MICRON FILTER KITS WITH COLLECTION BOWLSPart #Kit TypeContents18-79321/4" Aluminum w/ AquaVue collection bowl1 - 18-7919 & 1 18-7853-11 - 18-792218-79511/4" Aluminum w/ metal collection bowl1 - 18-7919 & 1 18-7853-11 - 18-792418-79371/4" Stainless Steel w/ AquaVue collection bowl1 - 18-7919 & 1 18-77771 - 18-792218-79381/4" Stainless Steel w/ metal collection bowl1 - 18-7919 & 1 18-77771 - 18-7924REPLACEMENT BOWLSPart #DescriptionReplaces18-7922AquaVue Collection BowlSuzuki 99105-20004-BWL18-7924Metal Collection BowlYamaha MAR-10171-00-10REPLACEMENT ELEMENTS & ELEMENTBOWL ASSEMBLIESPart #18-791918-792818-792918-017918-7394*Each kit contains 2 brass pipe plugs7018-9884DescriptionSpin on replacementReplacesMercury 35-809097Yamaha MAR-24563-00-00Racor S3213Racor B32013Filter & AquaVue Collection BowlMercury/Yamaha StyleContains: 18-7919 , 18-7922Filter & Metal Collection BowlMercury 35-809100Mercury/Yamaha StyleRacor B32020MAMContains: 18-7919 , 18-7924Bowl O-RingRacor RK22244Standard Metal and AquaVue Collection BowlBowl O-RingRacor RK10012Mini 10 AquaVue Collection BowlBowl WrenchRacor RK226283/8" Pipe Plugs - 18-42641/4" Pipe Plugs - 18-4256

FUELFuel FiltersCOMPACT BRACKET & SEPARATOR KIT FOR OUTBOARDS UP TO 115HP10 MICRON FILTRATION FOR SMALL OUTBOARD MOTORS18-7774Compact Aluminum BracketACCESSORIES18-7965-110 Micron CompactSeparator KitReplaces: YamahaMAR-MINIF-LT-ASContains:1 - 18-7774 bracket1 - 18-7865 filter18-7865REPLACEMENT FILTERReplaces: MAR-MINIF-IL-TROMC REPLACEMENT FUEL FILTERS18-792010 MICRON REPLACEMENT FILTERReplaces: OMC 771839,Racor S3214, Mercury 35-80909918-7941Filter & AquaVue BowlOMC styleContains: 18-7920, 18-792218-7943Filter & Metal BowlOMC styleContains: 18-7920, 18-792418-794610 Micron Replacement FilterReplaces: OMC 50290518-784621 Micron Replacement FilterReplaces: OMC 50290518-7930FUEL FILTERReplaces: OMC 173326OMC threadOMC threadFor: 1977-83 Fuel system with add on filter kitVOLVO STYLE FUEL WATER SEPARATOR KITS18-7990-121 Micron Separator KitContains:1 - 18-7778 & 1 - 18-778918-7991-110 Micron Separator KitContains:1 - 18-7778 & 1 - 18-798918-7778Volvo AluminumReplacement BracketReplaces: Volvo 385086110 MICRON REPLACEMENT FILTERSPart #DescriptionReplaces18-7989Volvo SX/EFIVolvo 3851218-2, 3852413,3862228Cobra EFIOMC 50290621 MICRON REPLACEMENT FILTERSPart #DescriptionReplaces18-7789Volvo SX/EFIVolvo 3851218-2, 3852413Cobra EFIOMC 50290671

FUELFuel FiltersREPLACEMENT ELEMENTS & ASSEMBLIES FOR RACOR FILTER KITSACCESSORIESELEMENT & BOWL KITSPart #Description18-7969Filter & Metal Bowl18-7994Filter & AquaVue BowlREPLACEMENT ELEMENT ONLYPart #Element for C02REPLACEMENT BowlPart #Description18-7987Bowl WRENCH18-98848V-92, 8V-7118-7934Replaces: Cerlist Diesel1512904Model M18-7940Replaces: Volvo 838593,3588378, 860874ReplacesRacor RK 10222Suzuki 99105-20006-BWLBowl WrenchRacor RK2262818-7939Replaces: Generac Generators 102577787218-7935Replaces: Fram CCS 1136Fram FCS 1136 Filter BracketKAD32P, TAMD42WJ, KAD43P/44P/300,KAMD43P/44P/300, KAMD42A, KAD42A,KAMD42P, KAD42P, MD22L-A, MD22A-A, TMD22A-A,MD22L-B, MD22P-B, TMD22-B, TMD22P-C, TAMD22P-B, TAMD42B, KAMD42B,KAD42B, TMD31L, TAMD31P/L/M/S, AD31P/L, TMD41L, TAMD41P/L/M/H,TMD41B, TAMD41B,D41B, AD41B (SN 2204141573 &Up), TMD41D, TAMD41D,D41D, AD41D, D41 (SN 2204141572 & Below), MD40, TMD40, TAMD40, AQAD40,KAD32P, TAMD42WJ, KAD43P/44P/300, KAMD43P/44P/300ReplacesHonda 17670-ZW1-030GHRacor S3240Suzuki 99105-20006Honda 17670-ZW1-801AHMercury 35-886638Racor S3227Suzuki 99105-20005Racor S3232AquaVue Mini BowlDIESEL FUEL FILTERS18-7931Replaces: Detroit Diesel5574508Contains18-7948 , 18-792418-7948 , 18-792218-7970Replaces: Cerlist Diesel1512903Model 3M18-7942Replaces: Volvo 466987, 3825133MD100A, TMD100A, MD100B, MD120A, TMD120A, TAMD120A, MD120B,TMD120B,TAMD120B, MD70B, TMD70B, TAMD70B, THAMD70B, AQAD70B, MD70C, TMD70C,TAMD70C, AQD70C, TAMD60A, TAMD60B, TAMD60C, D5/D7 MARINE GENSET,D5A-T, D5A-TA, D7A-T, D7A-TA, D7C-TA, D63 MARINE, D71/73 MARINE, KAD32P,TAMD42WJ, KAD43P/44P/300, KAMD43P/44P/300, TAMD103A, TAMD61A, TAMD62A, TAMD71A, TAMD72A, TAMD72P, TAMD72WJ, TAMD74, TAMD75 MARINE,TMD102A, TAMD102A, TAMD102D, TMD122A, TAMD122A, TAMD122P, TMD31L,TAMD31P/L/M/S, AD31P/L, TMD41L, TAMD41P/L/M/H18-7858Replaces: Volvo 858201For CAV Type UnitAQ120B, 125A, B, 131A, 140A, 145A,B, 151,BB,140,145A18-7873Replaces: Mercruiser 35-808275For models: D7.3/270 Bravo &MIE Diesel Engines (1994-96)

FUELFuel FiltersFUEL FILTERS18-7953Fuel FilterReplaces:Johnson/Evinrude (BRP) 5035974Suzuki 15410-87J30Fits: Johnson/Evinrude 25HP (2006-07) 90,115,1404stroke (2005-06), Fits: Suzuki DF25, DF70, DF90,DF115, DF140 (Incl.140T & 140Z) 2006 & Newer18-7710Fuel FilterReplaces:Yamaha 68T-24251-00-00Fits: F6, F8 (2001 & Up)18-7713Fuel Filter (Inline)Replaces: Mercury Mariner 35-80365MYamaha 646-24251-02-00Fits: KAD42P-A, KAMD42P-1, KAD44P-B, KAD44P-C,KAMD44P-A,KAMD44P-B, KAMD44P-C, TAMD42WJ-A,KAD43P-A, KAMD43P-A, KAT44P-C, KAD300-A,KAMD300-A,MD6A, MD6B, MD7A, MD7B, D41L-A,TAMD41H-B, TMD41L-A, AD41L-A, AD41P-A, TAMD41H-A,TAMD41P-A, MD22A, MD22A-A, MD22L-A, TMD22A,TMD22-A, D3-110I-A, D3-130A-A, D3-130I-A, D3-160A-A,D3-160I-A, D3-110I-B,D3-110I-C, D3-130A-B, D3-130I-B, D3-130A-C, D3-130I-C, D3-160A-B, D3-160I-B,D30160A-B, D3-160A-C, D3-160I-C, D3-190A-B, D3-190I-B, D3-190A-C, D3-190I-C, KKAD42A, KAMD42A,AD41D, D41D, TAMD41D, TMD41D, MD22L-B, MD22P-B, TMD22-B, TMD22P-C, TAMD22P-B18-7711Fuel Filter (Inline)Replaces: Suzuki 15410-96J00Fits: DF150/DF175 (2006 & Up)18-7714Fuel Filter (Inline)Replaces: Mercury Mariner 35-877565T1Fits: Mercury/Mariner 9.9 4-Stroke(1995-98),15 4-Stroke(1998 & Up), Yamaha 6 (1989, 1992-99),8 (1989-99, 2001-02), F4 (1999-02), F9.9 (1989-95,1997-99, 2001-02), FT 9.9 (1988-90)Fits: 25 4-Stroke (1998 & Up), 30 4-Stroke (1999-01),30 3 cyl 4-Stroke (1999-01), 40 4-Stroke (1998-01),40 4 Stroke 4 cyl (2001-02), 40 Carb 3-cyl 4-Stroke(2002 & Up), 50 4-Stroke 4 cyl (2001-02), 60 4-Stroke4 cyl (2001-02), 75 4-Stroke (2000 & Up), 90 4-Stroke(2000 & Up)18-7792FUEL FILTERReplaces: Volvo/OMC 385510418-7722Fuel FilterReplaces:Johnson/Evinrude 5005266For: Volvo 3.0L (1994-99),OMC 3.0L (1995-98)ACCESSORIES18-7709Fuel FilterReplaces: Volvo 3840335For: E-Tec 40, 50, 60, 75, 90,115, 150, 175 & 200DPL18-7712Fuel Filter (Inline)Replaces: Mercury Mariner 35-16248,Nissan/Tohatsu 369022300MFits: Mercury 4/5 2 cyl (1999 & Up), 4/5/6 4 stroke(1999 & Up), 8/9.9 4-stroke (2005 & Up)Firs: Nissan/Tohatsu 2 stroke, 5 HP thru 9.8 HP/4stroke, 4 HP thru 30 HP18-7784fuel filterReplaces: Mercruiser35-11004A1, 35-803897Q1For: 2.5L/3.0L(6229718 & later), All MC224 CID(6218037 & later), All GM 262 CID (A331455 &later) with Carter Fuel PumpsFUEL FILTER18-772318-7724Fits: 1/4" and5/16" hoseFits: 3/8" and7/16" hose73

FUELACCESSORIESFuel FiltersFuel FiltersPart #18-782918-783018-7828-1FUEL FILTERSmall Capacity for 1/4" Fuel Line18-7857-1FUEL FILTERReplaces: A.C. Delco GF-61PFor 3/8" Fuel Line18-7786FUEL FILTER KITReplaces:Honda 16900-SA5-004For BF35/45AM, BF 40/50A, AW, AX:Series #14ZV50M: BF90,AT,AW,AX,AY:Series#14ZW00E1M18-7735Fuel Filter KitElement in Suzuki fuel filter assembly15410-94400. Includes 15430-87D10 element.Fits: most 2-Strokes7418-7831ReplacesMercury 35-16494, 35-816296,T, Q, 35-816296K03Mercury 35-16494-1,35-816296 1, T1, Q2Johnson/Evinrude 398327Mercury 802128A1,Johnson/Evinrude 398319Application:1/4" Large Capacity(For 1/4" Fuel Line)5/16"3/8"18-7720FUEL FILTERReplaces:Honda 16900-SR3-004For BF115, BF130,AX, AY,A1:Series #14ZW50E1M18-8225FUEL FILTERReplaces: Honda 16910-GB2-00518-7856-1FUEL FILTERReplaces: A.C. Delco GF-61For 5/16" Fuel Line18-7785FUEL FILTER KITReplaces:Honda 16010-ST5-993For: BF115,BF130,AX,AY,A1Series #14ZW50E1M18-8226FUEL FILTERReplaces: Honda 16910-ZV4-015Fits:BF100F, BF50F, BF5AH/AK/AM/AW/AX/AY/A1/A2,BF75F, BF8AH/AK.AM.AW.AX.AYFits:BF8D1/D2, BFP8D1/D2, BF9.9AH/AK/AM/AW/AX/AY/D1/D2, BF9.9D1/D2, BF15AH/AK/AM/AW/AY/A1/A2, BF25A/AW/AX/AY/A1/A2, BF30A/AW/AX/AY/A1/A218-7790FUEL FILTER KIT18-7936Fuel Filter ElementReplaces: Mercury Mariner 35-888289T2,Suzuki 15412-93J00Complete Kit Contains: Housing,Replaceable Element & Fittings for1/4", 5/16", & 3/8" Fuel LinesFits: 75 4-Stroke (2000 & Up),90 4-Stroke (2000 & Up),115 EFI 4-Stroke (2001 & Up)

FUELFuel Filters18-7791FUEL FILTER ELEMENTReplacement element for18-7990-1 filter kit18-7719FUEL FILTERReplaces: Suzuki 15410-98500Johnson Evinrude 5032238Fits: Most small Suzuki outboards,Johnson 4/5 (2003-07), 6 4-Stroke(2005-07), 10/15 4-Stroke (2002-07),40/50/60/70 4-Stroke (2002-06), Evinrude40/50 4-Stroke (2000-01)18-7979FUEL FILTERReplace:Mercury Marine 881540,Yamaha 68V-24563-00-00Fits: 115 EFI (4 Stroke), 75HP (4 Stroke),75HP (4 Stroke) (Bodensee),90HP (4 Stroke)Fits: Suzuki DF25 Thru DF140, Johnson25 4-Stroke (2004-05), 30 4-Stroke(2004-07), 40/60/70 4-Stroke (2002-06),90/115/140 4-Stroke (2003-04,2006),Evinrude 25/30/40/50/70 4-Stroke(2000-01)For: Rochester 2 bbl & 4 bbl CarburetorsFits: 135/150/175 4-Stroke Verado (S/N 1B227000 & Up), 200/225 4-StrokeVerado (S/N OT980000 & Up), 250/2754-Stroke Verado (S/N OT801000 & Up)18-7977FUEL FILTERReplaces:Mercruiser 35-866171A0118-7721FUEL FILTERReplaces: 35-864572Fits: All MPI & EFI engines W boostpump, 8.1L & 496cid, for 3/8" ID fuel lines18-7981FUEL FILTERReplaces:Mercury Marine 35-884380TFits: All Verados, 90HP (DFI) (3 cyl), 115DFI (3 cyl) / 200HP (DFI) / 225HP (DFI)(including 3.0L DFI)b18-79799Fuel FilterReplaces: Yamaha 6D8-WS24A-00-00F50-F115 after April 2006For filter housing marked “6D8” ONLY!18-7717Filter ElementReplaces: Mercury 35-9356818-7718Fuel Filter (Inline)Replaces: Mercury 35-879885T18-7976Fuel FilterReplaces: Crusader 23250,Pleasurecraft 47047Fits: 350 Mag MPI Alpha/Bravo, 350 MagMPI Horizon Alpha/Bravo, 350 Mag MPIHorizon MIE, 350 Mag MPI MIE, 496MAG, 496 MAG H.O., 5.0 MPI Alpha/Bravo, 8.1L Inboard, 8.1L Inboard H.O.,MX 6.2L MPI Alpha/Bravo, MX 6.2LMPI Horizon Alpha/Bravo, MX 6.2L MPIHorizon MIE, MX 6.2L MPI MIE18-7860FUEL FILTERReplaces: Chris-Craft16.83-90006, Mercruiser35-49088A2, 35-49088Q2,OMC 381690, 31245618-7958Fuel ElementReplaces: Racor R11TCrusader 47047For: Inline 4 & 6 cycle enginesb18-79809Fuel FilterReplaces: Yamaha 6P3-WS24A-00-00F150, F200, F225, F250, Z-VZ 150 to 300 hp. afterApril 2006For filter housing marked “6P3” ONLY!110 Series Filter: 10 Micronb18-9884Bowl WrenchReplaces: Racor RK22628Fits Sierra, Racor and other aftermarket filter bowls75ACCESSORIES18-7716FUEL FILTERReplaces: Suzuki 15410-87J10,Johnson Evinrude 5032323

FUELFuel Line AssembliesCOMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIESSILVERADO 1000PREMIUM SILVERADO 2000Features.Features. Good Cold Weather Flexibility Meets OEM Specifications UV Resistant Alcohol Resistant Reinforced Vinyl for Long Life Ultra Cold Weather FlexibilityACCESSORIES SAE J1527 USCG Type B2 Approved Exceeds OEM Specifications Highest UV Resistance for Long Life Highest Alcohol Resistance Premium Rubber for Maximum DurabilityCHRYSLER / FORCE8’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8"FUEL LINE ASSEMBLYb18-8011EP SILVERADO 3000 PremiumFUELCONNECTORPRIMERBULBTANKCONNECTOR 18-806218-800518-8071OE# FS409752 (SOLD SEPARATELY)FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTSChrysler Fuel ApplicationEngine6 HP7.5 HP8 HP9.9 HP10 HP12 HP15 HP20 HP25 HP30 951978-821975-78, 1981-84, 19891979-8218-800518-8005-10➀PRIMER BULB3/8"Replaces: 174512Large capacity bulbEngine35 HP40 HP45 HP50 HP55 HP60 HP65 HP70 HP75 HP85 HP18-8062FUEL CONNECTORReplaces: 197787-3Mates with: 18-8071 Tanks and Engines for picture purpose -8519781979-80, 1991-951975-841977-88Engine90 HP100 HP105 HP115 HP120 HP125 HP135 HP140 HP150 HPYear1975-77, 1983-84, 1991-941979-841976-78, 19821977-841976-77, 1990-941981-881976-771978-841989-9418-8071TANK CONNECTOR1/4" NPT .432 O.D.Mates with: 18-8062(Male)➀ Discount shop pack of 10 - Priced per package

FUELFuel Line AssembliesHONDA9’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8"FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY B17700-ZW9-01017700-ZW9-020ACCESSORIES18-804003000 PremiumOE#b 18-81042EP SILVERADO18-80403-1FUELCONNECTOR(SOLD SEPARATELY) FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTSHonda Fuel Application: 8, 9.9, 15, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75, 90, 115, 130 HP (2001-02)18-800518-8005-10➀PRIMER BULB3/8"18-80403-1FUEL CONNECTOR18-80400TANK CONNECTORReplaces: 16977-ZV5-A0018-80401FUEL CONNECTOR18-80408FUEL CONNECTORReplaces: 17650-ZW9-00318-80407Fuel ConnectorReplaces: 17710-ZW9-033Male tank outlet, new style, 1/4"NPT,nickel plated brass. Male connector,for fuel tank.Mates with 18-80401Large capacity bulb18-80406FUEL CONNECTORReplaces: 16977-ZV5-900Male tank outlet, old style, 1/4" NPT.Female hose connector, new style,3/8" hose, Will not interchange withOE’s 5/16" hose assemblies.Mates with 18-80400, tank outletFemale 5/16" connector with rectangularlocking post. Fits late model engines.Mates with 18-804075/16 with interlocking postFits: BF8-BF130 (2003)Mates with 18-80403 & 18-80408Female 3/8 hose connector withrectangular locking post, Will notinterchange with OE’s 5/16" hoseassemblies. For late model engine:For use with our 18-81042 fuel hoseassembly, motor end.Mates with 18-8040718-80420Fuel ConnectorReplaces:17650-921-003ZBFits: BF5/BF8A 2001 and earlierMates with 17710-881-00ZAJOHNSON / EVINRUDE8’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8" High FlowFUEL LINE ASSEMBLY18-8063 TANKCONNECTORb 18-8009EP SILVERADO 3000 Premium18-8092FUELCONNECTOR18-8005PRIMERBULBOE# 39854918-8092FUELCONNECTOR(SOLD SEPARATELY) FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTSFits: All V8, 1984 & later V6, 1985 & later 120 HP, 140 HP outboards, 2 HP (1 cyl.) - 75 HP (3 cyl.) (1976-02) Tanks and Engines for picture purpose only.➀ Discount shop pack of 10 - Priced per package77

FUELFuel Line AssembliesJOHNSON / EVINRUDE (Cont.)8’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8"ACCESSORIESFUEL LINE ASSEMBLYb 18-8014EP SILVERADO 3000 Premium18-807418-8005HOSE BARB18-8092PRIMERBULB(SOLD SEPARATELY) OE# 174509FUELCONNECTORFUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS Fits: All V6 & V8 (1976-02)18-800418-8004-10➀PRIMER BULB5/16"Replaces: 174511, 775638Large capacity bulb18-805618-8056-10➀FUEL CONNECTOR5/16"Replaces: 174508, 775640Mates with 18-8063.18-800518-8005-10➀PRIMER BULB3/8"Replaces: 174512Large capacity bulb18-806318-8063-10➀TANK CONNECTORReplaces: 502867, 772681(1/4" NPT)Mates with 18-8092 & 18-8056.HOSE BARB APPLICATIONPart #OMCO.E. #BarbNPT18-805518-807417331117331218-8072FUEL ELBOW3/8" Barb w/ 3/8" NPT ThreadReplaces: 17417790 / "/8 "/"/4"5 161 431Mates with 18-8063.8’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8"18-806818-8082 TANKCONNECTOR(SOLD SEPARATELY)b 18-8010EP SILVERADO 3000 NNECTORFUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS Tanks and Engines for picture purpose only.7818-8005MaleMale18-8092FUEL CONNECTOR3/8"Replaces: 176445, 775641MERCURY / MARINERFUEL LINE ASSEMBLYConn.Type➀ Discount shop pack of 10 - Priced per package

FUELFuel Line AssembliesMERCURY / MARINER (Cont.)8’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIESb 18-8012EP SILVERADO 3000 PremiumOE# 32-858114Q08,32-858114K083/8"FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY 18-8005PRIMERBULBACCESSORIES18-8074HOSE BARB18-8073HOSE BARBFUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS Has 1/8" NPT threaded fitting on engine end and ¼" NPT threaded fitting on the tank end. Primer bulb is included in this 8ft. (2.44 m) assembly.Fits various applications using the older style twist type disconnects at the engine end and either a bayonet or thread-in fitting on the tank end.8’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8"FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY18-8024EP SILVERADO 3000 PremiumOE# 32-858104Q08,b32-858104K0818-8074HOSE BARB18-8005PRIMERBULB18-8076FUELCONNECTORFUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS Has standard quick connect type fitting on engine end and ¼" NPT threaded fitting on the tank end.Primer bulb is included in this 8 ft. (2.44 m) assembly.Fits Force 40 HP and larger (1993 & Newer), Force 9.9/15/25HP (1998), and all Mercury/Mariner outboardsusing clip on type disconnect at engine ends and a tank with threaded fuel pickup fitting. 8’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES18-8025EP SILVERADO 3000 PremiumOE# 32-858105Q08,FUEL LINE CONNECTORTANKCONNECTOR 18-8005PRIMERBULB18-8076FUELCONNECTOR(SOLD SEPARATELY) FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTSHas standard quick connect type fitting on engine end and bayonet style fitting on the tank end. Primer bulb is included in this 8 ft. (2.44 m) assemblyFits Force 40 HP and larger (1993 & Newer), Force 9.9/15/25HP (1998) , and all Mercury/Marineroutboards using clip-on type disconnect at the engine end and an older style tank with bayonet type connection.8’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8"FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY18-80402TANKCONNECTOR b 18-8016EP SILVERADO 3000 PremiumOE# 05PRIMERBULB(SOLD SEPARATELY)FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS18-8076FUELCONNECTOR Has double sealed quick connect type fitting on tank end and clip-on type quick connect on engine end. Primer bulb is included in this 8ft. (2.44m) assembly.Fits Force 40 HP and larger (1993 & Newer), Force 9.9/15/25HP (1998) and all Mercury Mariner outboards using clip-on type disconnects at both tank and engine ends Tanks and Engines for picture purpose only.79

FUELFuel Line AssembliesMERCURY / MARINER (Cont.)12’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8"ACCESSORIESFUEL LINE ASSEMBLYb 18-8023EP SILVERADO 3000 PremiumOE# 32-857103Q12,32-857103K1218-807418-8005HOSE BARB 18-8073PRIMERBULBHOSE BARB FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTSHas 1/8" NPT threaded fitting on engine end and ¼" NPT threaded fitting on the tank end. Primer bulb is included in this 12ft. (2.44 m) assembly.Fits various applications using the older style twist type disconnects at the engine end and either a bayonet or thread-in fitting on the tank end.HOSE BARB APPLICATION18-800418-8004-10➀PRIMER BULB18-800518-8005-10➀PRIMER BULBReplaces: 89396A38, 89396Q38Large capacity bulbReplaces: 13330A3,13330Q, 13330Q55/16"18-8068TANK CONNECTOR(1/4" NPT)(Female)18-807618-8076-10➀FUEL CONNECTOR(3/8")Replaces: 22-13563A3,22-13563Q3Mates with 18-8077-13/8"MercuryConn.O.E. #Barb NPT 6"1/4"Male18-8073—3/8 "1/8"Male18-8074—3/8 "1/4"Male18-8069FUEL CONNECTOR18-8070FUEL CONNECTORReplaces: 22831Q3, 22831A3(Female)Replaces: 30185A3, 30185Q3(Male)18-8077-118-8077-1-10➀TANK CONNECTOR18-8082TANK CONNECTORMercury Straight Fitting5/16"(1/4" NPT)Mates with 18-8075, 18-8076, 18-8085 Tanks and Engines for picture purpose only.80Part #5/16"(1/4" NPT)(Female)18-4462TANK CONNECTOR(Clip Style Fitting)For: Mercury/Mariner(Female Twist-on)18-8075FUEL CONNECTOR1/4"Replaces: 22-14213M,2214213QMates with 18-8077-118-8083FUEL CONNECTOR3/8"(Female)➀ Discount shop pack of 10 - Priced per package

FUELFuel Line AssembliesMERCURY / MARINER (Cont.)3/8"Replaces: 30185A3, 30185Q318-8091FUEL CONNECTORReplaces: 22-13563Q7, 22-13563T7(5/16")Mates with 18-8077-1(Male)Mates with 18-8040218-80412Fuel ConnectorReplaces: 22-816856T218-80410Fuel ConnectorReplaces: 22-13563T318-80402TANK CONNECTOR5/16" (Male)Fits: 100 4-cyl(1988-99), 115 4-cyl (1989 & Up),125 4-cyl (1994 & Up), 65 Jet (1994 & Up), 75 3-cyl(1987 & Up), 80 Jet (1994 & Up), 90 3-cyl (1987 & Up)Mates with 18-804105/16" (Female)Fits: 4/5 2-Stroke (1999 & Up)Mates with 18-804121/4" NPTMates with 18-8091ACCESSORIES18-808518-8085-10➀FUEL CONNECTOR18-8084FUEL CONNECTORNISSAN / TOHATSU8’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8"FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY18-8078TANKCONNECTORb 18-8027EP SILVERADO 3000 8FUELCONNECTOR(SOLD SEPARATELY) 18-800418-8004-10➀PRIMER BULB5/16"Large capacity bulb18-8088FUEL CONNECTOR(Engine End)Replaces: 345-70250-03/8" HoseFits: 5-90HP 2-stroke and TLDI modelsMates with 18-808918-8089FUELCONNECTOR(SOLD SEPARATELY) FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS18-8078TANK CONNECTOR18-8079FUELCONNECTORNissan Tank Large InletReplaces: 3B2-70281-0Large Inlet1/4" N.P.T .508 O.D.Fits: All modelsMates with 18-8078(Female)Fits: All modelsMates with 18-8079(Male)18-8089FUEL CONNECTOR(Engine End)Replaces: 3B2-70260-O(Metric Threads)5/16" HoseFits: 5-90HP 2-stroke and TLDI modelsMates with 18-8088 Tanks and Engines for picture purpose only.18-80410Fuel ConnectorReplaces: 394-70250-0(Female)18-80417Fuel ConnectorReplaces: 394-70260-0Fits: 4-30HP 4-strokeMates with 18-80417Fits: 4-30HP 4-strokeMates with 18-804105/16"➀ Discount shop pack of 10 - Priced per package81


FUELFuel Line AssembliesSUZUKI (Cont.)Replaces: 65740-95500, 99105-0019318-8079Fuel CONNECTOR(Tank End)Replaces: 65750-95510, 65750-95500(Male)(Female)18-80409Fuel ConnectorMotor SideReplaces: 65720-9440118-80418Fuel ConnectorReplaces: 65750-9440418-8078TANK CONNECTOR1/4" NPT .432 O.D.1/4" NPT .508 O.D.Replaces: 99105-00192Fits: DT4-DT65Mates with 18-8062Fits: DT75-DT140Mates with 18-8079 & 18-80405(Male)18-8087FUEL CONNECTORMotor SideReplaces: 65720-9441118-80419Fuel ConnectorReplaces: 65750-87J10,65750-87J11Fits: DF4-DF140 (5/16" version of18-80404)Mates with 18-8042518-80425Fuel ConnectorReplaces: 65720-986B0Fits: DF4-DF140Mates with 18-80404, 18-80419Fits: DT75-DT140Mates with 18-8078Fits: DT4-DT140Mates with 18-8087, 18-80409Fits: DT4-DT65Mates with 18-80418Fits: DT75-DT140Mates with 18-80418ACCESSORIES18-8071TANK CONNECTOR18-80404-1FUEL CONNECTOR➀18-80405FUEL CONNECTOR3/8"Fits: DF25-DF140 HPMates with 18-80425Female to 3/8" hose barb.Mates with 18-8078YAMAHA8’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8"FUEL LINE ASSEMBLYb18-8017EP SILVERADO 3000 Premium18-8077-1TANKCONNECTOR(SOLD SEPARATELY) 18-80415FUELCONNECTOR18-8005PRIMERBULBFUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTSFits: F75-F250 and 115-300 HPOE# 6YL-24306-60-0018-80415FUELCONNECTOR ➀ Will not interchange with OE’s 5/16" hose assemblies83

FUELFuel Line AssembliesACCESSORIESYAMAHA (Cont.)18-800518-8005-10➀PRIMER BULB18-8040FUEL TANK ELBOW18-4462TANK CONNECTOR(Clip Style Fitting)(Female Twist-on)3/8"Large capacity bulbUniversal Fitting with1/4" NPT ThreadsReplaces: ABA-FBARB-90-DG(Brass)18-8077-118-8077-1-10➀TANK CONNECTOR(1/4" NPT)Fits: F75-F250 115-300HPMates with 18-80413, 18-80414, 18-8041518-80414FUEL CONNECTOR(5/16")Replaces: 6G1-24305-04, 6G1-24305-05-00Fits: 6(1989,1992-93), 8(1984-85,1989-93,2001-02), 9.9(1984-93, 2000-03),15(1984-93, 2000-03), 25(1984-85, 1988-93, 2000-03), 30(1984-87, 1989-93, 1999,2001-02), 40(1984-86, 1988-90, 1992-93, 2000-03), 50(1986-93, 2000-03), 60(2001-03), 70(1984-93, 2000-03), 90(1984-93, 2000-03), C25(1991, 1993),C30(1991-93), C40(1991-93, 2000-02), C50(2000-01), C55(1991-93), C60(2000-01),C70(2000-01), C85(1991-93), C90(2000-01), E48(2000), F6(2001-03), F8(2001-03),F9.9(1985-93, 2001-03), F15(1998-99, 2000-01), F25(1998-99, 2000-03), F30(2001-03), F40(1999, 2000-03), F50(1999, 2000-03), F60(2002-03), T8(2001-03),T9.9(1991-93, 1999, 2001-03), T25(2001-03), T50(1999, 2000-03), T60(2003)Mates with 18-8077-118-80415FUEL CONNECTOR(3/8")Replaces: 6Y2-24305-05,6E5-24305-05Mates with 18-8077-118-80413FUEL CONNECTORReplaces: 6Y1-24305-04Mates with 18-8077-1UNIVERSAL8’ LENGTH FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES5/16"FUEL LINE ASSEMBLYb 18-8013EP SILVERADO 3000 Premium18-8004PRIMERBULB FUEL LINE ASSSEMBLY COMPONENTS8’ LENGTH FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES3/8"FUEL LINE ASSEMBLYb 18-8015EP SILVERADO 3000 Premium18-8005PRIMERBULB FUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS Tanks and Engines for picture purpose only.84➀ Discount shop pack of 10 - Priced per package

FUELFuel Line AssembliesUNIVERSAL (Cont.)12’ LENGTH COMPLETE FUEL LINE ASSEMBLIES5/16"FUEL LINE ASSEMBLYb 18-8032EP SILVERADO 3000 PremiumACCESSORIES18-8004PRIMERBULBFUEL LINE ASSEMBLY COMPONENTS HOSE BARB APPLICATIONPart #HOSE BARBS18-4256PIPE PLUG1/4" rcuryO.E. OMCO.E. /8"3/8"531118-4264PIPE PLUG3/8" maleFemaleFemaleMaleMale18-8045REDUCING NIPPLE FITTING1/8" x 1/4" NPT HEX18-8046FUEL TANK ELBOW1/8" NPT x 1/4" NPT90 18-8067PKG. OF 218-811018-8110-9➀18-8047FUEL TANK ELBOW1/4" NPT Threads90 18-8090TANK CONNECTOR(1/4" NPT)Bulk Pack of 12 (18-8067)FUEL ELBOW3/8" Barbwith 1/4" NPT Thread90 18-80402TANKCONNECTOR1/4" NPTUse with 18-8091 Tanks and Engines for picture purpose only.18-8082TANK CONNECTORMercury Straight Fitting(1/4" NPT)(Female)18-8002PRIMER BULB1/4" I.D.➀ Priced per Package85

FUELFuel Line AccessoriesACCESSORIESPKG. OF 10SNAPPER CLAMPSPart �18-8202➀18-8203➀18-8204➀O.E.O.E. RangeSize.538 - .6088.597 - .665.670 - .780.360 - .406.410 - .468.475 - .536.750 - .875.875 - .97510122461419➀ Priced per PackagePRIMER BULB ASSEMBLIESPremium quality rubber bulb offers superior resistance toU/V, ozone and alcohol enhanced fuel. Check valves featurestainless spring and viton balls to resist sticking.FITSHOSE I.D.PART #118-8002/4518-8004/16318-8005/8O.E.M #—Mercury 89396A38, 89396Q38Johnson-Evinrude 174511Mercury 13330A3, 13330QJohnson-Evinrude 17451250’ Reels ALCOHOL RESISTANTSAE J1527 USCG Type B2FUEL LINE Universal Vinyl10' Length18-8150-1018-8151-1018-8152-1050' Roll18-815018-815118-8152I.D.O.D.11/8 "3/16"1/4 "FUEL LINE HOSESILVERADO 300016-331-05665/16" I.D.Replaces: J/E 33334116-331-0386/4"5/16"3/8"3/8" I.D.Replaces: J/E 125115FUEL LINE HOSEMade from an alcohol resistant compound — 50’ Reels18-8048BLEEDER HOSEFUEL LINE HOSE16-331-056618-80495/16" I.D.3/8" I.D.18-8052FUEL LINE HOSE3/16" I.D.Non-Pressurized SystemsReplaces: J/E 12283886.090 I.D. x .220 O.D.Similar to Mercury 32-99130122, 32-89202412218-8050.0625 I.D. x .190 O.D.Similar to Mercury 32-993877918-8051FUEL LINE HOSEfor OMC Pressurized SystemsReplaces: J/E 322656(Double)18-75

Mercury/Yamaha Style Contains: 18-7919 , 18-7922 Filter & Metal Collection Bowl Mercury/Yamaha Style Contains: 18-7919 , 18-7924 Bowl O-Ring Standard Metal and AquaVue Collection Bowl Bowl O-Ring Mini 10 AquaVue Collection Bowl Bowl Wrench Mercury 35-809097 amaha MAR-24563-00-00 Racor S3213 Mercury 35-809100 Racor B32020MAM Racor RK22244

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