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Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 2012Faculty of Medicine – JUAnatomy & EmbryologyFinal Exam ( PAST PAPERS )Med Committee - 2012

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 2012Final anatomy lab questions1) all of the following are signed by the arrows except:*a) coronary sinusb) right oraclec) fossa ovalisd) tricuspid opening2)all of the following are signed by the arrows except :*1)pulmonary trunk2)right atrium3)superior vena cava4) right coronary artery3) the signed structure is :*a)bronchusb)pulmonary arteryc)pulmonary vein

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 20124)the related structure to this impression is :*1)right atrium2)right ventricle3)esophagus4)aortic arch5) the related structure to this impression is :*1)stomach2)left kidney3)transverse colon6) all of these structure form the posterior bed of stomach except :1)diaphragm2)1\2 of spleen*3)liver left lobe7) the signed structure is supplied by :1)celiac artery2)inferior mesenteric artery*3)superior mesenteric artery

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 20128)the signed structure is :1)inferior vena cava*2)caudate lobe3)quadrate lobe9) the colored area is related to :1)subclaviasn artery*2)subclavian vein3)brachial artery10) what is the kind of this joint :1)pivot*2)saddle

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 201211)this muscle is supplied by :*1)axillary nerve2)subscapular nerve13) this vertebra is:*1) typical thoracic vertebra15) what is wrong about this bone:left clavicle

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 201216) what is the related structure for this groove:radial nerve17)what is wrong about this muscle:origion from lower 8 rips18) the signed muscle is:extensor carpi radials longus

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 201219) the insertion of this muscle is :radial tubrecity20) name this ligament:coracoacromial ligamentthe endall best wishes

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 2012Final Exam - 2011Num1. the tip of the other shoulderanteriorly is imposible when which nerve isinjured :Choosesa- thoracodorsalb-pectoral nervesc-long thoracicd- suprascapulare- muscluocotantiousOne of these muscles dosen’t enlarge thea- pectoralis majorthorax cavity :b- anterior abdominal musclesc- diaphragmd- none of the aboveOne of the following is wrong about deciduas : a- deciduas capsularis fuses with desiduapartilesb- deciduas basilas is the part which directlyconnect to the embryoWhich of the following is wrong :a- type B spermatogonia give priamaryspermatocytesb- the secrotory phase is controlled by estrogenththIn the 4 and 5 months of pregenecy ,a- they are derived from lacuneadedidua septa start to form and the areb- they are lined with syncytiumcharacterized by few things except :c- they reach the chorionc plateAll of the following are related to the sub-costal a- L3plane except :b-2nd part of duodenumc-bifurcation of descending abdominal aortad- celic trunkAll of the following about trachea is righta- start at level of C6except :b- if someone بلع something usually it will go tothe left bronuchsAbout teratogen the mismatch one is :a- rubella cataractsb-thalidomide limb defectc-cytomegalovirus can’t cross the placentaAbout Huser’s membrane the wrong sentencea- it start forming in the 9th dayis :b- it line the exocelomic cavity with the epiblastSuperior mediastanium from ant. To post. :a- Brachicephalic vein , arch of aorta , trachea ,esophagusb- arch of aorta , brachiochephalic vein , trachea ,esophagusConcerning the diaphragm , which is wrong :a- left crust work as sphinectorb – inferior vena cava insert thorugh itc- aorta enter at level of T12Right about thoracic spinal nerves :a- typical nerves are T2-T9b- the most superior in the subcostal grovec- lower 5 go to ant. Abdominal wall

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 201213.Wrong statement about heart :14.Right ventricle contains :15.Wrong about 2nd part of duodenum :16.The wrong difference between jujenum andillium :17.Worng about inferior vena cava :18.All of the following occurs in proliferationphase except :19.One of the following is wrong about ant.Abdominal wall :20.Endoderm give rise to all of the followingexcepts :21.Cubital fossa contenst from medial to lateral :22.Tertiary villi contain :23.At the third month the placental membrane isformed of :A surgeon made an incision near the appendix ,he found a muscle going medialy , downword this muscle is :Wrong statement about ribs : of the following lies in the post.Mediastanium :Worng about portal vein :a- base is opposite to upper thoracic vertebrab- apex is at 5th intercostals spacec- right side made by right atreuma- muslci pectinatib- atrium properc- chordate tendiniea- from L1 to L3b- supplied by inferior mesenterica- illium is longer than jujenumb- diameter of jujenum is largerc- surface area of illium is greatera- enter from level of T8 in diaphragmb- left testicular vein بصب فيه directrlya- growing of follicurab- tempreture risec- blood vessels enlarged- controlled by FSH and progesteronea- superficial inguinal ring is made by externalobliqueb- deep inguinal ring is made by transverseousabdominiousa- epithelial lining respiratoryb- parenchyma of thyroidc-dermatomesa- median nerve , brachial art. , biceps tendon ,radial nervea- blood vesselsb- syncitiumC-cytod- all of the abovea- syncitum , cyto , endotheliumb- syncitum , endotheliuma- internal obliqueb- recuts abdominsc- external obliquea- typical ribs from 3 – 9b – rib 4 articulate with vertebra 4 and 5a- birficution of tracheab- azagous veinsa- ant. To bile duct

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 201228.Wrong about liver :29.Which is wrong about abnormalities :30.31.Which is mismatched :Whcich of the following muscles is not relatedto the rotater coff :a- ligamentum teres is the left border ofquadrate lobeb – 75% of blood is supplied by portal veina- yolk sac meckel’s diverticulumb-polyhydramnion renal agenesisa- coronary art. arch of aortaa- teres major* The exam was 40 Qs. 22 anatomy 18 embryo* All the question was multiple, 5 ( بتعمل على تقليص الققص الصدري A ( it just disappear )BCCBCBAAcACBCBDBCADBCBBAA

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 201229.30.31.BAA: قام بتجميع األسئلة 2111 من لجنة دفعة - عمر سواس . . بالتوفيق

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 2012 More past papers:1. Muscles that move a limb away from the midline are:a- Adductors b-Flexors c-Abductors d- Extensors e- Rotators2. A monoaxial joint where only flexion and extension are possible is the:a- Pivot b- Gliding c- Hinge d- Plane e- None is correct3. A triangular depression at the posterior part of lower end of Humerus is:a- Coronoid Fossa b- Olecranon Fossa c- Radial Fossad- Radial notche- None is Correct4. The muscle which arises from shoulder girdle and inserts on the tuberosity of humerus is:a- DeltoidLatissimus Dorsib- Coracobrachialisc- Pectoralis Minord- Serratus Anterior e-5. The muscle that originates from the humerus is:a- Biceps BrachiiPectoralis Minorb- Coracobrachialisc- Teres Minord- Brachialise-6. Regarding the Rectus Abdominis muscle, one of the following is INCORRECT:a- It originates from pubic symphysisb- It inserts into xiphoid processc- It extends vertebral columnd- Linea alba separates right and left Rectie- Tendinous intersections are present within its flesh7. The muscle in thoracic wall whose fibers are directed forward, downward, and medially is:a- External intercostale- b cb- Internal intercostalc- innermost intercostal d- Pectoralis Minor8. The vertebrae that have spinous processes pointing downward are:a- All cervical vertebraeb- All thoracic vertebraec- All thoracic vertebrae except for T1d- All thoracic vertebrae except for T1, T10, T11, T12e- All lumbar vertebrae except for L39. A head, a neck, one large and one small tubercles, and a groove are features of:

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 2012a- Upper end of Humerusb- Lower end of Humerusc- Upper end of Ulnad- Lower end of Radiuse- None is correct10.One of the following pairs is mismatched:a- Shoulder Joint – Glenoid Labrumb- Elbow Joint – Circumductionc- Medial Epicondyle – Lower end of humerusd- Olecranon process – lower border of humeruse- b d11.Which rib has the longest costal cartilage?a- 5th b- 7th12.e- 11thWhich costal cartilage articulates with xiphoid process?a- 8th13.c- 8th d- 6thb- 5th c- 7thd- 6the- noneThe Lamina “part of the vertebra” is present between:a- Body and transverse processb- Transverse process and the other transverse processc- Transverse process and Spinous processd- Pedicle and transverse processe- none of the above is correct14.The carpal bone which is related to the distal end of radius is:a- Capitate b- Trapezium c- Scaphoid d- Hamate e- Pisiform15.The base of the heart is formed mainly by:a- Left atrium b- Right atrium c- left ventricle d- right ventriclethe heart16.Tricuspid valve is located between:a- Left atrium and left ventriclee- Diaphragmatic surface of

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 2012b- Right atrium and right ventriclec- Right ventricle and pulmonary trunkd- Left ventricle and ascending aortae- a b17.Chordae Tendineae is Connected to:a- Papillary muscle of right ventricleb- Papillary muscles of right atriumc- Pectinate muscles of right ventricled- Pectinate muscles of right atriume- Cusps of Aortic valve18.Which vein is located in the posterior interventricular groove?a- Great cardiac veinb- Middle cardiac veinc- Small cardiac veind- Coronary sinuse- Anterior cardiac vein19.The circumflex artery in the myocardium is a branch of:a- Right coronary arteryb- Left coronary arteryc- Ascending aortad- Coronary sinuse- Anterior interventricular artery20.The brachiocephalic veins are formed by:a- External Jugular and Inferior vena cavab- Azygous and Hemiazygous veinsc- Internal jugular and Subclavian veinsd- Internal Jugular and Axillary veinse- None of the above is correct21.One of the following does not exist in right atrium:a- Opening of coronary sinusb- Opening of Superior vena cavac- Fossa ovalisd- Pectinate musclee- Papillary muscle

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 201222.One of the following muscles originates from the lateral epicondyle of humerus:a- Flexor Digitorum Profundusb- Flexor Carpi Ulnarisc- Brachialisd- Extensor Digitorume- a b only23.Choose the statement that does not describe the anatomical position correctly:a- Face looks forwardb- Feet are placed flat on the floorc- Hands are placed on sides of the body with palm facing mediallyd- Person Stands in an erect positione- All the above statements are correct24.Normally, the appendix is located at the:a- Right iliac (inguinal) regionb- Left Lumbar regionc- Right Hypochondriumd- Epigastric regione- Hypogastric region25.Spleen is normally located at the:a- Right iliac (inguinal) regionb- Left Lumbar regionc- Left Hypochondriumd- Epigastric regione- Hypogastric region26.One of the following muscles is attached on the Medial border of scapula:a- Rhomboid Majorb- Rhomboid Minorc- Serratus Anteriord- a b ce- a b only27.Supination is:a- Moving the palm of the hand laterallyb- Moving the palm of the hand mediallyc- Moving the hand laterallyd- Moving the hand mediallye- None of the above is correct

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 201228.One of the following considering the anatomical position is incorrect:a- Superficial – Coronalb- Medial – Lateralc- Anterior – Posteriord- Superior - Inferiore- Flexion – Extension29.All of the following are related to the subcostal plane except:a- L3.b- Opening of the aorta in the diaphragm.c- Lower margin of the ribs.d- Third part of the duodenume- Origin of the inferior mesenteric art.30.Concerning the heart, all of the following are correct except:a- Apex lies in the 5 intercostal spaceb- Base is opposite to the first thoracic vertebraec- Pulmonary art. arises from the right ventricled- Apex is fully formed by the left ventriclee- Anterior interventricular art. arises from the left coronary art.31.When the ribs are elevated during respiration, which diameter of thechest will expand:a- transverseb- verticalc- anteroposteriord- a & be- a & c32.In the thoracic wall, the muscle which has its fibers directed downward and forward is the:A. External intercostal.B. Internal intercostal.C. Innermost intercostal.D. Pectoralis major.33.One of the following muscle is inserted to the lesser tubercle of humerus is the :A. Serratus anterior.B. Subscabularis.C. Latissimus dorsi.D. Pectoralis minor.E. Levator scapula.34.One of the following muscles is inserted into the coracoid process of scapula is the :A. Supraspinatus.

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 2012B. Levator scapula.C. Teres major.D. Pectoralis minor.E. Rhomboid major.35.In the thoracic wall the muscle which has it fibers directed backward is the :A. External intercostal.B. Internal intercostal.C. Innermost intercostal.D. Pectoralis major.E. Serratus anterior.36. Which of the following muscles acts on towjoints ?A. Biceps brachii.B. Iliacus.C. Adductor longus.D. Brachioradialis.E. Brachialis.37. Which of the following muscles of the arm has two actions on the elbow joint ?A. Brachialis.B. Biceps.C. Coracobrachialis.D. Triceps.E. Brachioradialis.38. Which of the following muscles does NOT act on the anterior abdominal wall ?A. External oplique.B. Rectus abdominis.C. Latissimus dorsi.D. Internal oblique.39. Which of the following bone is classified as flat bone ?A. Vertebra.B. Humerus.C. Trapezoid.D. Sternum.E. Patella.

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 201240. Which of the following types of bone is located within a muscle tendon ?A. Long bone.B. Flat bone.C. Sesamoid bone.D. Irregular boneE. Short bone.41. Regarding bone surface marking, groove is a:A. Narrow slit.B. Shallow linear depression.C. Completely surrounded space.D. Linear elevation.E. Short wide elevation.42. Which of the following ribs is classified as a false rib ?A. 1st rib.B. 3rd rib.C. 5th rib.D. 7th rib.E. 9th rib.43. Which of the following rib is considered as Atypical ?A. 1st rib.B. 4th rib.C. 6th rib.D. 7th rib.E. 9th rib.44. All of the following bony process are part of the scapula, EXCEPT :A. Spinous process.B. Acromion.C. Coracoid.D. Styliod.45. Which of the following bone is considered as carpal bone ?A. Talus.B. Scaphoid.C. Calcaneus.D. Cuboid.E. Cuneiform.46. Which of the following types of joints has a limited movement :A. Fibrous.

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 2012B. Primary cartilaginous (synchondrosis).C. Seconery cartilaginous (symphysis).D. Synovial.47. What is the classification of elbow joint ?A. Hing synovial.B. Planar synovial.C. Syndesmoses.D. Condyloide synovial.E. Pivot synovial.48. What is the classification of shoulder joint ?A. Hing synovial.B. Planar synovial.C. Ball and socket.D. Condyliode synovial.E. Pivot synovial.49. Brachial artery is located in the:A. Arm.B. Forearm.C. Thigh.D. Neck.E. Abdomen.50. External jugular vein drains into:A. Subclavian vain.B. Cephalic vain.C. Internal jugular vein.D. Superior vena cava.E. Brachiocephalic vein.51. Pericardial cavity is located between:A. Parietal and visceral layers of serouspericardium.B. Fibrous and serous layer of pericardium.C. Epicardium and myocardium.D. Epicardium and endocardium.52. The base of the heart is formed mainly by:A. Left atrium.B. Right atrium.

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 2012C. Left ventricle.D. Right ventricle.E. Diaphragmatic surface of the heart.53. Mitral valve is located between :A. Left atrium and left ventricle.B. Right atrium and right ventricle.C. Left ventricle and aorta.D. Right ventricle and pulmonary trunk.E. Right atrium and superior vena cava.ANSWERS:1C8C15A22D29 A 36 A 43 A 50 A2A9A16B23C30 B37 C 44 D 51 A3B10B17A24A31 B38 C 45 B 52 A4A11B18B25C3239 D 46 C 53 A5D12C19B26D33 B6C13C20C27A34 D 41 B 48 C7A14C21E28A35 BE40 C42 E47 A49 A

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 2012 Lab Exam- Practical:1.a.b.c.d.What is this structure :Left scapulaHip boneRight scapula *Femur2.About the drawn line (green line )on the bone which one is right :a. Where the biceps is insertedb. spiral groove *d.The origin of brachialis

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 20123.The green spot is the insertion for:a. Triceps – musclocutaneous nerveb. Biceps - musclocutaneous nervec. brachioradialis – median nerve4.The two muscles are :a. Teres minor and subscapularisb. Teres major and infraspinatus *c. Latissimus dorsi and infraspinatousd. Teres major and supraspinatus*

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 20125.What is the structure :a. Median nerveb. Brachial artery *c. Axillary arteryd. Basilic vein6.This muscle is :a. latissimus dorsib. subscapularisc.serratus anterior *d. teres major

Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam – Med Committee 20127.The colored area is :a.spine of scapulab.Coracoid processc.Acromion *d. scapular notchDone By : Med Committee - 2012GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY

Faculty of Medicine - JU Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam ( PAST PAPERS ) . all of these structure form the posterior bed of stomach except : 1)diaphragm 2)1\2 of spleen . Abdominal wall Final Exam - 2011 . Anatomy & Embryology Final Exam - Med Committee 2012 13.

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