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DESICCANT WHEELSAdvanced rotor technologyfrom the market leader within desiccant dehumidification

Munters energy efficient technique - your guaranteeCarl Munters designed a rotor for the futureSince the world famous Swedish scientist Carl Munters invented and patentedthe first desiccant wheel (rotor) dehumidifier over 60 years ago, it hasbeen generally accepted that all high performance industrial dehumidifiersemploy desiccant wheel technology. Munters is the only supplier holdingknow-how, R&D and production in house from the very first rotor fibre to thecompleted air treatment system.This simple and extraordinary effective technology has since been advancedgreatly thanks to decades of Munters research and development grantingour customers optimized drying performance whilst operating expenses arebeing minimized.The Munters desiccant wheel stands out as the most energy efficienttechnique for creating humidity controlled environments.Our purge technology reduces regeneration energy by up to 30% and bymeans of cooler supply air the need of post cooling can be reduced by upto 70%.The rotating heart of Munters dehumidifiersHow the desiccant wheel worksThe Munters desiccant wheel works on the principle of sorption, whichis the adsorption or the absorption process by which a desiccantremoves water vapor directly from the air.Dry airProcess airThe air to be dried passes through the desiccant wheel and thedesiccant removes the water vapor directly from the air and holds itwhile rotating.As the moisture-laden desiccant passes through the regeneration sector,the water vapor is transferred to a heated airstream, which is exhaustedto the outside.This process is continuous, allowing for highly effective and uninterrupteddehumidification.Wet airRegeneration airDrive motorEnergy recovery sectorsfor enhanced performance available- saving up to 30% energy

Proven technique - outstanding qualityMore than 300,000 rotors producedMunters are a global leader in energy efficient air treatment solutionsand have experience of over 300,000 installations worldwide andcontinues to set the world’s standard for desiccant wheel production.With our own multiple desiccant wheel production facilities worldwide,Munters provide a wide range of desiccant options and has obtainedmore than 250 patents in desiccant technology.Certified bactericidal rotors for your safetyCustomer health and safety is essential to Munters which is clearlyreflected in the design of the rotors.Our rotors are continuously being tested independently and havemost recently been proven by The Swedish Institute for Food andBiotechnology to have both bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Notonly the rotor surface but also air streams were tested. Furthermore therotors are proven not to emit particles to the processed air and the rotorfibres used have a size not respirable and preclude associated healthhazards.Munters rotors and the hygienic design of our air handling systems formthe optimal solution in situations where hygiene cannot be compromizedeg. in baby milk powder production.Proven outstanding qualityMade of a non-metallic, ceramic composite, Munters highly hygroscopicrotors are engineered to provide superior strength and durability. Theunique and thorough manufacturing processes assure that the desiccantmedia and the casing is integrated perfectly.Our quality control tolerates no imperfections that can inhibitthe performance of the dehumidifier, and the desiccant wheel ischaracterized by a smooth and regular surface - designed to last.Most Munters rotor factories are complying with the highenvironmentally management standards of ISO14001.

Choose your desiccant option Inert, stable and non-toxic desiccant that can hold upto 40% of its dry weight in water (when in equilibriumwith air at saturation)The HPS rotor is our all-round work horse, Certified to have bactericidal effect to contaminantswhere water resistant titanium silicagel is theand does not emit particles to the processed airadsorbent. Even when exposed to air at 100% RH the silica gelThe manufacturing method, developed anddesiccant is not “washed out”patented by Munters, results in a strong and Resistant to acids, sulfur products and most chemicalsstable structure, offering ideal drying Silicone free version available for eg. car and electronic industryperformance in a wide range of applications. Fully washable if air passage ways have been blocked by dust etcHPS - High Performance SilicagelLiCl - Lithium Chloride Can hold over 10 times its weight in water (when inOn an operating cost basis the LiCl rotor isequilibrium with air at saturation), being one of the mostour most economical system, the LiCl being anhygroscopic compounds existingextremely powerful absorbent. Our innovativerotor design allows for very low dewpoints still Reduces the number of organisms which might be carried in the airstream, thanks to the bacteriostatic properties of lithium chloridebeing remarkably energy efficient. Our LiCl Resistant to most pollutants and contaminates like solvents andwheel is a reliable, robust and hard workingphenols and can even transfer solvents from process airstreamsrotor top performing in demanding processindustries like coating.Zeol - highly effective VOC abatementBased on the desiccant wheel principle Energy efficient as the low pressure drop across theour Zeol rotors are designed specificallysystem reduces electrical costs since it allows for smallerto remove harmful VOC’s (volatile organicfans Only Munters manufacture both zeolite rotors as well as entirecompounds) from industrial airstreams.VOC abatement concentrator systems in one facilityBy using hydrophobic zeolite adsorbent withour proprietary rotor technology and a varietyof oxidation techniques we provide the mostenergy efficient air pollution control solutions.Reference applicationsHPS - all round rotorDemanding production processesFor preserving irreplaceable documents, and artefacts, forstoring raw materials and products our HPS rotor provides ahigh drying capacity year after year. The perfect desiccantwheel choice for 90% of all drying applications.Some production processes require a controlled climate witha relative humidity as low as down to 0.5 % RH. Our lowdewpoint rotors will work effectively down to dew pointsat -65 C solving the delicate problem at the world’s mostdemanding manufacturers.

For your individual requirementsQuantumTMOur energy efficient QuantumTM rotor providesexceptional moisture removal without requiringany pre-cooling (eg. X up to 15g/kg) thusmaking it suitable for high regenerationtemperature applications.The insoluble desiccant cannot be “washedout” - making it effective in applicationsutilizing 100% outdoor air.HCRThe HCR rotor is designed specially for use inour systems with low regeneration temperaturesuch as our DryCoolTM and DesiCoolTMsystems. When used in systems consistingalso of refrigeration, the waste heat from therefrigeration process is used for regeneration ofthe desiccant wheel, resulting in an extremelyenergy efficient system.ceni Energy saving unique and special desiccant that can Hygi yrgstand very high regeneration temperaturesEne ient Designed for all drying and cooling processes whereceffia high X is required Effectively eliminates the need of pre-cooling, reducingenergy consumption Utilizes waste heat for regeneration Dry and hygienic environment due to no condensate inthe system and certified bactericidal and fungicidal rotorproperties Specially engineered silica gel desiccant that cannot be “washed out” and has high capacity at highrelative humidity Very energy efficient design specially when usingrefrigeration waste heat for regeneration like in ourDryCoolTM systemsHPXFor special applications requiring a very lowdewpoint (-60 C and lower) the HPX rotorcan be highly recommended due to its specialdesign of the desiccant pore system andmaterial. The rotor offers a amazingly longlifetime. Special design and formula for very low dewpointapplications Used to maintain manufacturing environments aslow as 1-2% RH Blend of Molecular Sieve and Silicagel secures anextremely long rotor lifetimeReference processesAs no additional cooling and heating equipment isneeded next to the desiccant dehumidification systemthe overall footprint will become small Most important isthe increased production capacity and stable quality asthe production will no longer be affected by the outdoorclimate.Spray drying, saving up to 40% energyThe special composition of the QuantumTM rotor enables it tostand extremely high regeneration temperatures, beneficial in eg.drying processes.COP and CO2 emission per kilo powder produced willbe reduced dramatically, thanks to an up to 40% moreenergy efficient and environmentally friendly production.The highly efficient and bactericidal QuantumTM rotor eliminates the need of wet coils, securing betterhygienic conditions. Worldwide references confirm the hygienic advantages, reliability and energy efficiencyof Munters QuantumTM rotors for demanding processes like dairy and baby milk powder production.

Purge sectors - save up to 30% energyPurge sector optionsFor an even higher energy efficiency our rotors can be provided with an energy recovering purge sector that comes both as apre-installed feature or as a retrofit.Recovering heat from the regeneration process through multiple methods the energy needed for regeneration is reduced by upto 30%.A special green power purge sector is available for systems supplying air for extremely low dewpoint applicationslike lithium battery production.Energy efficiency purgePower PurgeTMBy adding an extra sector on the process inlet and outletside, an external duct is used to recirculate air into theregeneration cycle after the heater.(A partial air stream is led to the regeneration air streamafter the heater).By adding two sectors on each side of the rotor, positionedboth before and after the regeneration sector, the energyneeded for regeneration is reduced just like an eventual needof cooling of the dry air is decreased.Depending on air flows, unit type, application etc., thesavings on energy needed for regeneration reaches up to25 % A separate air stream recirculates and cools the rotormaterial on the process air inlet side and pre warms therotor before it enters the regeneration sector. The performance of the desiccant wheel is increased byup to 30%svingas%.rgyEne to 25upgsavin .sy%rgEne to 30upPURGE SECTOR BENEFITS: Reduction of regeneration energy of up to 30%Reduction of up to 70% post-cooling with cooler supply airImproved dehumidification capacityReturn of investment only 1-2 yearsReduced carbon footprint

Happy customers all around the globeColoplast A/S cuts CO2 emissions by 230 tons per yearBy retrofitting Munters Energy Recovery Purge sectors into two existing Munters dehumidifiers Coloplast A/S (manufacturersof products for ostomy care, urology and wound care) succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions in their clean room facilitiesdramatically. Continuously striving to cut greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption Coloplast appreciated theimplementation of Munters’ energy saving measures. The impressive Return of Investment in only 0.6 years speaks for itself.“Impressive energy savings resultedin a ROI in only 0.6 year”Helge Jensen, Coloplast A/SMunters After Sales organizationWe provide an experienced international network of service personnel with engineersqualified and trained in servicing to our strict code of practice.Our engineers are specifically trained to focus on improving the energy efficiency andperformance of your systems. We will provide you with recommendations on optimizingenergy efficiency by retrofitting rotor purge sectors as well as standard or tailor madesolutions for energy conversion of the regeneration power source, converting from expensiveto low cost energy sources.To secure the most effective way of getting the most out of your system and an assurancethat everything will work with maximum efficiency, at all times, our maintenance agreement isdesigned on an individual basis.Original spare parts are delivered rapidly and we are supplying maintenance and criticalspare parts kits for minimizing the down time in case of an unexpected break down.

An international name, where the customer comes first.Munters, part of Nordic Capital, has offices in 30 countries and over 3,000 employees in many branches aroundthe world. We are global leaders in energy efficient air treatment for comfort, process and environmental protection.Munters shares ideas within its international network, giving the Group an outstanding reputation as a reliable, fastacting and customer-orientated expert in air conditioning. Munters philosophy of customer satisfaction iscentral to our decision-making. When developing and manufacturing our systems, we see happy customers asour number one target. And this is what our employees strive to ensure every day.For more information on Munters, please visit Phone 61 2 8843 1588, Austria Phone 43 1 6164298-0, Belgium Phone 32 1528 5611, Brazil Phone 55 41 3317 5050, CanadaPhone 1 905 858 5894, China Phone 86 10 8041 8000, Czech RepublicPhone 420 544 211 434, Denmark Phone 45 4495 3355, FinlandPhone 358 20 776 8230, France Phone 33 1 3411 5757, Germany Phone 494087 96900, India Phone 91 20 668 18 900, Italy Phone 39 0183 52 11, Japan Phone 81 3 5970 0021, Korea 82 2761 8701, Phone 52 722 270 40 49, Netherlands Phone 31 172 433231, Poland Phone 48 58305 3517, Singapore Phone 65 6744 6828, SouthAfrica Phone 27 11 997 2000, Spain Phone 34 91 640 09 02, SwedenPhone 46 8 626 63 00, Switzerland Phone 41 52 343 8886, ThailandPhone 66 2642 2670, Turkey Phone 90 216 548 1444, UAE 971 48813026, United Kingdom Phone 44 8708 505 202, USA Phone 1 978241 1100, Vietnam Phone 84 8 8256 838, vietnam@muntersasia.comYour closest distributor

removes water vapor directly from the air. The air to be dried passes through the desiccant wheel and the desiccant removes the water vapor directly from the air and holds it while rotating. As the moisture-laden desiccant passes through the regeneration sector, the water vapor is transferred to a heated airstream, which is exhausted

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Munters offers a choice of six desiccant wheels – Titanium silica gel, lithium chloride, GTR, HPX, HCR and molecular sieve. For more than 50 years, Munters has conducted extensive research and development to improve the desiccant wheel. Munters six desiccant options provide the widest

HL Heatless Desiccant Dryers Ingersoll Rand heatless desiccant dryers thoroughly capture moisture in the compressed air produced as it is directed through the online desiccant-filled dryer tower of the dryer. As the desiccant in this tower adsorbs water from the air, the desiccant in the dryer

The Munters DryCool HD desiccant dehumidifier provides significant drying capability in a small package. The unit utilizes a refrigerant circuit in conjunction with a heat reactivated desiccant wheel to provide efficient drying capability. Due to the capabilities of the desiccant wheel, the unit can continue to

America Munters Corporation, Tel. 1/(0)978 241 1100, Fax 1/(0)978 241 1214, Asia Munters K.K., Tel. 81/(0)3/5970 0021, Fax 81/(0)3/5970 3197 In seguito a sviluppi di produzione o per altri motivi, Munters si riserva il diritto di modificare dati tecnici, quantità ecc. senza preavviso successivamente alla pubblicazione.

the surface of desiccant which offers an area of low vapour pressure (Munters Corporation, 2002). Liquid desiccant dehumidifiers in general are large systems and are used to condition large spaces. Solid desiccant dehumidifiers are available in different sizes, configu

drive & pull wheels, measuring wheels, feed wheels, pinch & nip wheels, as well as support and conveyor wheels. All C130 wheels are dynamically balanced to assure smooth vibration-free operation and may be recovered at a considerable cost savings. Custom wheels are available: Style A Standard design available 6" dia. and up. *other designs .

Figure 5 System using desiccant wheel functioned Figure 6 System using liquid desiccant As shown in Figure 6, the liquid desiccant cooling systems usually have 6 main components: An air dehumidifier (absorber): The mission of this part is to eliminate the damp of the inlet air by providing

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