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Image Capture2016Table of ContentsTable of Contents . 1OVERVIEW. 2Logging in to IMAGE CAPTURE . 3Logging out of IMAGE CAPTURE . 8Scanning Documents in Batches . 10Viewing and Displaying Batches . 14Displaying an existing batch in Batch Display view . 14Navigating through the batch . 15Adding a new page to the batch . 16Deleting a page from the batch . 17Page 1

Image Capture2016OVERVIEWThis guide provides instructions to the process of scanning documents into ApplicationXtender. Usersscan documents in batches with a compatible scanner equipment.Only authorized users will be able to access Image Capture and scan documents.Click on the following link to MS-Xtender Request for Access Form User Guides VMWare View Client installation procedureNote: The scanning of documents must take place on a computer that has the VMWare softwareinstalled. Contact the Service Desk at extension 6555 or the ITREP in your Faculty/Service for assistance.Page 2

Image Capture2016Logging in to IMAGE CAPTURE1. From your desktop, launch the VMWare client2. Double-click on the icon3. Enter your User name and Password (same as Exchange/Outlook)4. Click on LoginIf you have problems with your Username and Password, contact the Service Desk at extension 6555Page 3

Image Capture5. Double-click on the Admin Staff icon6. If you wish to work with multimonitor, click on the Settings icon7. Select All Monitors and click OkPage 42016

Image Capture20168. Click on the Image Capture desktop shortcutIf you don’t have the desktop shortcut, select it from Start All Programs ApplicationXtenderDesktop Image CaptureIf this is the first time you login to Image Capture, make sure the Data Source Selector is set to defaultto AXPROD. To do so, Click Start All Programs ApplicationXtender Desktop Data Source SelectorPage 5

Image Capture20169. The login dialog box appears. In the User Name text box, enter your username10. In the Password text box, enter your password (this is the password that was sent to you when youraccount was activated)11. Click LoginIf you have problems with your password, contact the Service Desk at extension 6555 to have it reset.Page 6

Image Capture201612. You are now logged into Image Capture and the system displays the Application View windowlisting the applications you have access to based on your security profile.If you don’t see any application listed in the Application View window, click on the View Menu andselect Applications. This is how you would show or hide the list of applications.13. Before you start scanning documents, make sure the application you want to scan to is active bydouble-clicking on it. The active application will be in bold.Page 7

Image Capture2016Logging out of AppXtender IMAGE CAPTUREIt is very important to exit the application once you have completed your task via the menu bar and notby clicking on the red cross in the Application window. If you remain connected to Image Capture whilenot in use, it could result in a shortage of available licenses and prevent other users from accessing theapplication.1. From the Menu toolbar select File Exit2. Exit from VMWare by clicking on Start Log off3. Click the Disconnect from this server iconPage 8

Image Capture20164. If your VMWare session is locked and you need to return to AppXtender Image Capture, click SendCtrl-Alt-Delete from the menu bar.5. Click on the flower icon and enter your Password (Exchange/Outlook)Page 9

Image Capture2016Scanning Documents in BatchesImage Capture allows you to scan batches of documents and index them later.1. Before you start scanning, you must check and select the scanner:a. Check scanner availability in VMWare by clicking on Connect USB Device. Make sure there isa check mark beside your scanner’s model. If not, click on it to activate it.b. Select the scanner from the Scan Toolbar. Click the Scanner icon Select ScannerPage10

Image Capture2016c. From the Available Scanners list, click on your scanner model (ISIS: xxxxxxxx) and click OK orsimply double-click on the scanner to activate it.d. The Scan Toolbar Drop-Down Lists is displayed. Before you create the batch, select theappropriate settings on the toolbar.Some of the options you want to customize are: DPI Settings (200 DPI is the recommended resolution to avoid producing large files)Scanner feeder settings options: Auto Feed, Manual Feed or Single FeedPaper size (letter, legal, A4, etc )Scanner Source: Automatic, Simplex or DuplexRotation:o Front rotation button configures the automatic rotation of images as they arescannedo Back rotation button configures the automatic rotation of images as they arescanned in duplex modeOther configurable options are: The Remove Blank Pages to discard blank pages from the scanning processThe Create New Batches When Blank Pages Are Detected option starts a new batchevery time a blank page is detected and deletes that pageThe Synchronized Scan option allows you to slow down manual and automatic feed andview each page as it is scannedPage11

Image Capture2016e. Prepare your documents making sure there are no paper clips, staples or sticky notes andthey are in the correct orientationf. In the Application view, make sure the the name of the application into which you want toscan a batch is activeg. When ready, click the Scan icon to create the batchh. Enter a name for the batch in the Batch Name text box and click OKNote: you can enter the name of an existing batch to add pages to that batch.When you click OK, Image Capture opens that batch and appends the scanned images tothat batche. As the batch is scanned, the pages display in the Batch Display view. Notice the batch namedisplays in the title bar. Also, when you start scanning, the number of pages being scanneddisplay in the title bar and in the lower-right corner.Page12

Image Capture2016Note: While pages are being scanned, a Cancel button appears on the status bar. You canclick Cancel at any time to stop scanning.f.If necessary, you can rescan a page just scanned. Ensure the page is displayed in the BatchDisplay view and then from the Scan menu, select Rescan. The newly scanned page replacesthe page scanned before it.Note: The Rescan feature does not replace the most recently scanned page if it is notdisplayed in the Batch Display view or if 30 seconds passed since the image was scanned. Toreplace the page, delete it and then scan it again.g. When the last page in the document has been scanned, close the batch. Click on the Filemenu and select Close.This step is very important in order to release the batch for indexing.Page13

Image Capture2016Viewing and Displaying BatchesThe Batch Display view allows you to view a stored batch after you retrieve it or a new batch while youare scanning it.Displaying an existing batch in Batch Display view1. From the Batch menu, select List.2. The Batch Scan dialog box appears.3. In the Batches for application drop-down list, select the application that contains the batch youwant to display.The information provided about each batch is: Name: The name that was given to the batch upon creation Pages: The number of pages that the batch currently contains Time Stamp: The date and time at which the batch was created Created by: The username of the user who created the batch Status: The status of the batch:o Indexing: the batch is open in AppXtender Document Managero Scanning: the batch is open in AppXtender Image Captureo Idle: the batch is not open in either AppXtender4. Double-click the row for the batch you want to display or click on the batch and select OpenPage14

Image Capture20165. The Batch Scan dialog box closes and the selected application appears in Batch Display viewNavigating through the batch1. First, make sure the Image toolbar is displayed. From the View menu, select Toolbars and clickon Image to display the toolbar.Page15

Image Capture2. The following table describes each button on the Image toolbar:Adding a new page to the batch1. You can insert additional pages to your batch2. From the Page menu, select New and then Scan. A shortcut menu appearsPage162016

Image Capture20163. Place your page in the scanner feeder and from the shortcut menu, select one of the options:Insert After or Insert Before or Append. Image Capture automatically scans the page and itappears as a new page in the Batch Display view.Deleting a page from the batch1. Display the page you want to delete2. From the Page menu, select Delete3. A delete confirmation message appears4. Click Yes to delete the displayed page or click No to quit.Page17

o Indexing: the batch is open in AppXtender Document Manager o Scanning: the batch is open in AppXtender Image Capture o Idle: the batch is not open in either AppXtender 4. Double-click the row for the batch you want to display or click on the batch and select Open. Image Capture 2016

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Step 4: Upgrade ApplicationXtender Desktop to 7.0 SP1 ApplicationXtender 7.0.260 must be installed before you apply this upgrade. 1. Go to the folder \AX7.0Setup\AppXtender Desktop SP1 and the sub-folder named x64 for 64-bit OS or x86 for 32-bit OS. 2. Right-click on the ApplicationXtender Desktop.exe file and select Run as administrator. 3 .

Document Manager or ApplicationXtender Image Capture. Because ApplicationXtender Web Access uses ApplicationXtender security profiles, documents have the same protections as they do within AppXtender. When you log into ApplicationXtender Web Access with an AppXtender user name and password, AppXtender access privileges and

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