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Transfer and Articulation AgreementOklahoma State University – Oklahoma City Associate in Applied Science in ComputerInformation SystemsTransfer toOklahoma Christian University Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceJoey Fronheiser (Apr 2, 2021 04:07 CDT)Vice President of Academic Affairs, OSU-OKC04/02/2021DateApr 1, 2021Division Head of Business and Agriculture Technologies, OSU-OKCDateApr 1, 2021Department Head of Information Systems and Technologies, OSU-OKCDate2021-04-06Chief Academic Officer, OCDate2021-04-06Dean of College of Professional Studies, OCDate2021-04-06Chair Computer Science Program, OCOC – OSU OKC CS Articulation AgreementDocument Ref: YSVES-CIQ29-43EJL-ASMAODate1Page 1 of 8

PurposeThis agreement facilitates the transfer of students between Oklahoma State University –Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC) and Oklahoma Christian University (OC). Transfer students may begiven full credit for their hours earned when the credit is appropriate to the student's degreeprogram, and the receiving institution has validated the courses.Goals of the articulation agreement:1. A seamless transition process that allows students from OSU-OKC to transfer to OC andreceive the maximum allowable credit towards a baccalaureate degree.2. Clear transfer guidelines and degree plans that enable OSU-OKC students to effectivelyplan their transition from OSU-OKC to OC and gain the maximum allowable credit.3. Effective means of communication to raise awareness among OSU-OKC students of theopportunities available through this articulation agreement.Agreement1. OSU-OKC students must meet OC's minimum academic and admissions transferrequirements in order to be considered for admission to OC.2. All OC general education requirements must be fulfilled in a student's degree plan.3. A maximum of 65 semester hours from community colleges may be applied towarddegree requirements.4. OC general education requirements will be fulfilled (with some additional courses listedbelow) by the completion of the OSU-OKC associate degree program. Additional coursesmay need to be taken if the student’s college record does not include at least 30 hours incourses typically required for OC’s core curriculum and at least one course in five ofseven categories (communication, math/computer science, American citizenship,behavioral/social science, great works, science and liberal arts). The requirements arespecified in the table below.5. The suggested 9 hours of CIS courses offered by OSU-OKC shall include:a. CIS 2433 Advanced C# Programmingb. CIS 2323 Javac. CIS other6. The suggested general education elective offered by OSU-OKC shall include:a. PSYC 1113 Introductory Psychology7. The suggested college level Math course offered by OSU-OKC shall include one of thefollowing:a. MATH 1513 Pre-Calculus Ib. MATH 1613 Pre-Calculus IIc. MATH 2145 Calculus I8. The suggested college level communication course offered by OSU-OKC shall include:a. ENGL 1213 English Composition II9. In addition, students transferring with an associate’s degree will be required to completea. 6-8 hours of Bible to include BIBL-4523- Capstone: Christ and His World,b. 6 hours of science, andOC – OSU OKC CS Articulation AgreementDocument Ref: YSVES-CIQ29-43EJL-ASMAO2Page 2 of 8

c. 3 hours of humanities or arts courses, which meet the core requirement of a GreatWorks course10. Only courses with a grade of "C" or better will transfer. Students must have a total GPAon all courses of not less than 2.0 and the same overall average on all work done in themajor field. Remedial and developmental courses will not transfer.11. Representatives from OC and OSU-OKC will periodically update transfer and admissionpolicies, ensure that appropriate information is readily available to OSU-OKC students,and work together to develop mutually beneficial arrangements between the twoinstitutions.12. This agreement articulates the transfer of OSU-OKC’s degree program in ComputerInformation Systems.Notice of Change or Cancellation: Either institution may change or cancel thisagreement by notifying the other no less than one academic year before the intended dateof change or cancellation.Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City: A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems andOklahoma Christian University: B.S. in Computer ScienceTransfer Requirements:A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems fromMinimum Grade Point Average is 2.0OSU-OKC – Minimum 60 hours for degreecompletionMinimum of 76 hours for degree completion atMinimum combined total 136 hours for OCOCOklahoma State University – OklahomaCityGeneral Education as Stated in Catalog(Minimum of 18 hours)ENGL 1113 English Composition ISelect One:ENGL 1213 English Composition IIENGL 2333 Introduction to TechnicalReport WritingSPCH 1113 Introduction to SpeechCommunicationSPCH 2723 Interpersonal CommunicationAny 3 credit hours of US HistoryHoursOC Equivalent CourseMappedGeneral Education at OC33ENGL 1113 English Composition IENGL 1213 English Composition IIor another equivalent OC course3HIST 1223 Turning Points in US HistoryPOLS 1113 American Government3Any 3 credit hour college level Math3or4POLS 1113 Introduction to AmericanGovernmentMATH 1614 Pre-Calculus,MATH 2114 Calculus I,or other equivalent OC coursesOC – OSU OKC CS Articulation AgreementDocument Ref: YSVES-CIQ29-43EJL-ASMAO3Page 3 of 8

Oklahoma State University – OklahomaCityGeneral Education Elective (3 hours)PSYC 1113 Introductory PsychologysuggestedSupport and Related CoursesCIS 1503 Microcomputer Applications –MSOfficeITD 2193 Technical SupportCommunicationsTechnical Occupational SpecialtyCIS 1123 Programming FundamentalsCIS 2023 C# ProgrammingCIS 2363 Database DesignCIS 2513 Principles of Information SystemsSecurityCIS 2703 Systems Analysis and DesignCIS 2803 CapstoneCIS (9 hours) – Suggested CoursesCIS 2433 Advanced C# ProgrammingCIS 2323 JavaCIS otherHoursOC Equivalent CourseMapped3PSYC 1113 General Psychology I or anotherequivalent OC courseCourses in CS Major33CMSC 1313 Software Engineering ICMSC 1113 Programming I3CMSC 3633– Intro to Cybersecurity3CMSC 2313 Software Engineering II8CMSC 1123 Programming II,CMSC 2323 Object Oriented Programming,CMSC 2011 Team Experience (x2) or otherOC equivalent courses.Additional General Ed or CS OC equivalentcourseCredit could be applied depending oncourses selected.OC Specific Course Transfer hours thestudent will receive general transfer hoursfor other courses not mapped to specificOC courses.9 hours Electives9 hours as agreed toMinimum Total: 60 hours (Completion ofOSU-OKC A.A.S. degree)OC – OSU OKC CS Articulation AgreementDocument Ref: YSVES-CIQ29-43EJL-ASMAO384Page 4 of 8

Remaining OC Requirements for Computer Science degree assuming suggested courses at OSU-OKCare taken.COURSETITLECREDIT HRSCMSC 2213Internet Application DevelopmentCMSC 2233Data Structures and Algorithm AnalysisCMSC 2413Assembly Language3CMSC 3313Software Engineering III – Ethics3CMSC 3443Computer Organization and Architecture3CMSC 4123Software Engineering IV – Tools3CMSC 4243Software Engineering V – Projects3CMSC 4323Database Systems3CMSC 4413Operating Systems3CMSC 4513Programming Languages3MATH 1623Discrete Mathematics3MATH 2114Calculus I with Analytical Geometry4, if not taken at OSUOKCMATH 2214Calculus II with Analytical Geometry4MATH 2913Statistical Methods3MATH 3513Linear Algebra3CMSC 4011Team Experience II2Upper Division CS Elective courses (9 hours)9COMM 3113 – Business and Professional Communication orENGL 3493 – Technical WritingBible, including BIBL-4523- Capstone: Christ and His World33 – can be taken beforestarting OC to finish intwo years3, if not taken at OSUOKC6-8Science 3 hours6Great Works course3Minimum Total: 76 hoursOC – OSU OKC CS Articulation AgreementDocument Ref: YSVES-CIQ29-43EJL-ASMAO5Page 5 of 8

ADDITIONAL COMMENTSCMSC 2233 Data Structures can be taken in sophomore year for a 2-year OSU-OKC and 2-year OC plan.OSU-OKC Students may take Data Structures at OC during their sophomore year. It is offered in thespring semester.OC – OSU OKC CS Articulation AgreementDocument Ref: YSVES-CIQ29-43EJL-ASMAO6Page 6 of 8

OSU-OKC to OC CIS Articulation Agreement2021-2022Final Audit Report2021-04-02Created:2021-04-01By:Amber Hefner ( U-OKC to OC CIS Articulation Agreement 2021-2022" HistoryDocument created by Amber Hefner ( - 9:09:17 PM GMT- IP address: emailed to Diana Biswell ( for signature2021-04-01 - 9:12:17 PM GMTEmail viewed by Diana Biswell ( - 11:07:34 PM GMT- IP address: e-signed by Diana Biswell ( Date: 2021-04-01 - 11:09:50 PM GMT - Time Source: server- IP address: emailed to Amber Hefner ( for signature2021-04-01 - 11:09:51 PM GMTEmail viewed by Amber Hefner ( - 11:32:10 PM GMT- IP address: e-signed by Amber Hefner ( Date: 2021-04-01 - 11:32:19 PM GMT - Time Source: server- IP address: emailed to Joey Fronheiser ( for signature2021-04-01 - 11:32:21 PM GMTEmail viewed by Joey Fronheiser ( - 0:46:04 AM GMT- IP address: e-signed by Joey Fronheiser ( Date: 2021-04-02 - 9:07:44 AM GMT - Time Source: server- IP address: Ref: YSVES-CIQ29-43EJL-ASMAOPage 7 of 8

Agreement completed.2021-04-02 - 9:07:44 AM GMTDocument Ref: YSVES-CIQ29-43EJL-ASMAOPage 8 of 8

Signature CertificateDocument Ref.: YSVES-CIQ29-43EJL-ASMAODocument signed by:Jeff McCormackVerified E-mail:jeff.mccormack@oc.eduIP: 06 Apr 2021 20:03:59 UTCJennifer GrayVerified E-mail:jennifer.gray@oc.eduIP: 06 Apr 2021 20:29:51 UTCDavid NorthVerified E-mail:david.north@oc.eduIP: 06 Apr 2021 21:42:49 UTCDocument completed by all parties on:06 Apr 2021 21:42:49 UTCPage 1 of 1Signed with PandaDoc.comPandaDoc is the document platform that boosts yourcompany's revenue by accelerating the way it transacts.

Representatives from OC and OSU-OKC will periodically update transfer and admission policies, ensure that appropriate information is readily available to OSU-OKC students, and work together to develop mutually beneficial arrangements between the two institutions. 12. This agreement articulates the transfer of OSU-OKC's degree program in Computer

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