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Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013APPENDIX IAIRCRAFT TYPE RATINGSFOR PART-66 AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE LICENCEThe following aircraft type ratings should be used to ensure a common standard throughoutthe Member States.The inclusion of an aircraft type in the licence does not indicate that the aircraft type has beengranted a type certificate under the Basic Regulation and its Implementing Rules, this list isonly intended for the maintenance purposes.In order to keep this list current and type ratings consistent, such information should be firstpassed on to the Agency via contact us in case a Member State needs to issue a type ratingthat is not included in this list.Notes on when the licences should be modified:When a modification is introduced by this Decision to an aircraft type rating or to an enginedesignation in the rating which affect licences already issued, the ratings on the AML licencesmay be modified at next renewal or when the licence is re-issued, unless there is an urgentreason to modify the licence.Notes on aircraft modified by STC: It is not the intention of this document to include all aircraft modified by STCs because agreat number of STCs were approved before 2003 and are unknown to the Agency. When an aircraft has been modified by an STC for installation of another engine, thePart-66 type rating of this aircraft may change i.e. from Group 2 to Group 1. This is notreflected in this document. In case the applicant to a licence faces such a case, he/she orhis/her competent authority can inform the Agency and a new type rating will be definedby the Agency.In the following tables: The column ‘TC Holder’ includes the TC holder as defined in the TCDS (EASA, FAA orother) or the Specific Airworthiness Specifications (SAS). Some TC holders’ designations have been corrected to add the information :’Aircraft withan SAS’, this means that the aircraft listed under this TC holder designation is consideredan ‘orphan aircraft’. In Group 3, a third column has been added which is called ‘Type of structure’ and whichintends to assist the competent authorities in identifying the experience required for thistype with a view on removing existing limitations on the licence. Wooden structure covered with fabric is considered to fall under wooden structure. ForAeroplanes with a combination of structures; e.g. metal tubing fuselage and woodenwings, both experience ‘metal tube covered with fabric’ and ‘wooden structure’ arerequired.Page 1 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesGROUP 1 AEROPLANESCommercialdesignationTC holderModel328 SupportServices328-100 seriesDornier 328-100 (PWC PW119)328-300 seriesDornier 328-300 (PWC PW306)AIR TRACTORAT-802 SeriesAir Tractor AT-800 Series (PWC PT6)AIRBUS(Aircraft withSAS)SN 601AIRBUSA300 B1CorvettePart-66 Type rating endorsementAerospatiale SN-601 (PWC JT15D)Airbus A300 basic model (GE CF6)A300 B2-1AA300 B2-1CA300 B2-202A300 B2-203A300 B2K-3CA300 B4-102A300 B4-103A300 B4-203A300 B4-2CA300 C4-203A300 F4-203A300 B2-320Airbus A300 basic model (PW JT9D)A300 B4-120A300 B4-220A300 B4-601Airbus A300-600 (GE CF6)A300 B4-603A300 B4-605 RA300 C4-605 RVariant FA300 F4-605 RA300 B4-622Airbus A300-600 (PW 4000)A300 B4-622 RA300 F4-622 RA300 B4-620Airbus A300-600 (PW JT9D)A300 C4-620A300F4-608STA310-203BelugaAirbus A300-600ST (GE CF6)Airbus A310 (GE CF6)A310-203 CA310-221A310-304A310-308A310-324Airbus A310 (PW 4000)A310-325A310-204Airbus A310 (PW JT9D)Page 2 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelCommercialdesignationPart-66 Type rating eriesA319-110seriesA320-111Airbus A318 (PW 6000)Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 900seriesAirbus MilitarySociedadLimitada (AMSL)AIRCRAFTINDUSTRIESAirbus A319/A320/A321 (IAE V2500)Airbus A330 (GE CF6)Airbus A330 (RPW 4000)Airbus A330 (RR RB 211 Trent 700)Airbus A340 (CFM56)Airbus A340 (RR RB 211 Trent 500)Airbus A350 (RR Trent XWB)A380-860seriesAirbus A380 (EA GP7200)A380-840seriesAirbus A380 (RR RB 211 Trent 900)Airbus A400M (EPI TP400)A400M-180L-410 M/UVPTurboletL-410 UVP-ETurboletLet L-410 (Walter M601)Page 3 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC cialdesignationL-410 UVP-E20TurboletL-410 UVP-E20CARGOL-410 UVP-E9TurboletL-410UVP-ELWL-410 UVP-LWTurboletPart-66 Type rating endorsementTurboletTurboletL-420Let L-420 (Walter M601)C-27JAlenia C-27 (Allison/RR AE2100)AN-26Antonov AN26 (Ivchenko AI-24)AN-26BATR-GIE Avionsde TransportRégionalATR 42-200ATR 42-200/300 series (PWC PW120)ATR 42-300ATR 42-320ATR 42-400ATR 42-400/500/72-212A (PWC PW120)ATR 42-50042-500ATR 42-50042-600ATR 72-212 A72-500ATR 72-212 A72-600ATR 72-101ATR 72-100/200 series (PWC PW120)ATR 72-102ATR 72-201ATR 72-202ATR 72-211ATR 72-212BAE SYSTEMSBAe ATPATP (PWC PW120)AVRO146RJ100AVRO146RJ115AVRO 146-RJ70BAe 146/AVRO 146-RJ (Honeywell ALF500Series)AVRO 146-RJ85BAe 146 Series100BAe 146 Series200BAe 146 Series300HP.137Jetstream Mk.1HP.137Jetstream Mk.1Jetstream 1HP.137 (Turbomeca Astazou)Jetstream 2Page 4 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelCommercialdesignationHS 748 Series2AHS 748 Series2BHS.748 Series1HS.748 Series2Jetstream 200BERIEV AircraftCompanyB-N GROUP Ltd.(Britten-Norman)BOEINGCOMPANYPart-66 Type rating endorsementHS748 (RRD Dart)Jetstream 200 (Turbomeca Astazou)Jetstream 3100Jetstream 31Jetstream 3200Jetstream32/32EPJetstream 31/32 (Honeywell TPE331)Jetstream 4100Jetstream 41 (Honeywell TPE331)Be-200ES-EBeriev 200 (Ivchenko ritten-Norman BN2T Series (RR Corp250)Boeing 707 (PW ong BodyB707-100BLong BodyB707-100BShort BodyBoeing 707 (RR Conway)Boeing 707/720 (PW JT3D)B707-300BSeriesB707-300CSeriesB720B720BB727 SeriesBoeing 727 (PW 27C SeriesB737-100Boeing 737-100/200 (PW JT8D)B737-200B737-200CB737-300Boeing 737-300/400/500 (CFM56)B737-400Page 5 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelCommercialdesignationPart-66 Type rating endorsementB737-500B737-600Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 oeing 747-100 (PW JT9D)B747-200BBoeing 747-200/300 (GE CF6)B747-200CB747-200FB747-300B747-200BBoeing 747-200/300 (PW JT9D)B747-200CB747-200FB747-300B747-200BBoeing 747-200/300 (RR RB211)B747-200CB747-200FB747-300B747-400Boeing 747-400 (GE CF6)B747400F/SF(BCF)B747-400Boeing 747-400 (PW 4000)B747400F/SF(BCF)B747-400Boeing 747-400 (RR g 747-8 (GE GEnx)IntercontinentalB747SPBoeing 747SP (PW JT9D)B747SPBoeing 747SP (RR RB211)B757-200Boeing 757-200/300 (PW 2000)B757-200PFB757-300B757-200Boeing 757-200/300 (RR RB211)B757-200PFPage 6 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelCommercialdesignationPart-66 Type rating endorsementB757-300B767-200Boeing 767-200/300 (PW 4000)B767-300B767-300BCFB767-200Boeing 767-200/300 (PW JT9D)B767-300B767-300BCFB767-200Boeing 767-200/300/400 (GE Boeing 767-300 (RR RB211)B777-200Boeing 777-200/300 (GE g 777-200/300 (PW 4000)B777-300B777-200Boeing 777-200/300 (RR RB211 Trent800)B777-300BOMBARDIERB787-8DreamlinerBoeing 787-8 (GE GEnx)B787-8DreamlinerBoeing 787-8 (RR RB 211 Trent 1000)BD-100-1A10Challenger 300BombardierAS907)BD-700-1A10Global ExpressGlobal 6000Bombardier BD-700 Series (RRD BR710)BD-700-1A11Global 5000Global 5000GVFDChallenger 600CL600-1A11CL-600-2A12(601 Variant)Challenger iant)CL-600-2B16(CL604Variant)Challenger well(HoneywellBombardier CL-600-2A12/-2B16 (variantCL 601/601-3A/3R) (GE CF34)Challenger 6013RChallenger-604(MSN 5701)Bombardier CL-600-2B16 (variant CL 604)(GE CF34)Page 7 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC Part-66 Type rating endorsementChallenger-605(MSN 5701)Regional JetSeries 100Bombardier CL-600-2B19 (GE CF34)Regional JetSeries700/701/702Regional JetSeries 705Regional JetSeries 900Bombardier CL-600-2C10/-2D15/-2D24/2E25 (GE CF34)Regional JetSeries 1000DHC-8 Series100DHC-8 Series100DHC-8 Series100DHC-8 Series100DHC-8 Series200DHC-8 Series200DHC-8 Series300DHC-8 Series300DHC-8 Series300DHC-8 Series300DHC-8 Series400DHC-8 Series400DHC-8 Series400Bombardier DHC-8-100/200/300 (PWC PW120)Bombardier DHC-8-400 (PWC PW150)CL-215-1A10Canadair CL-215 (PW 5Variant)401/402Canadair CL-215 (PWC aCanadair CL-415 (PWC PW123)Cessna 401/402 (Continental)Corsair/Conquest ntal)(Continental)(PWC PT6)Page 8 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModel441500Citation/Citation ICitation IPart-66 Type rating endorsementCessna 441 (Honeywell TPE331)Cessna 500/ 501/551 (PWC JT15D)501510525Citation Jet CJ1Cessna 510 (PWC PW615)Cessna 525/525A (Williams FJ 44)525A525BCitation Jet CJ2Citation Jet CJ3Cessna 525B/C (Williams FJ 44)525CCitation Jet CJ4525CCitation Jet CJ4550Citation II560Citation V560Citation UltraS550Citation S/II551Citation II550Citation Bravo560Citation Encore560Citation Encore Citation XLS560 XLS560 XLS Citation XLS 560 XLCitation ion III, VICessna 525C (Williams FJ 44)Cessna 550/551/560 (PWC JT15D)Cessna 550/560 (PWC PW530/535)Cessna 560XL/XLS (PWC PW545)Cessna 650 (Honeywell TFE731)650Citation VII680SovereignCessna 680 (PWC PW306)750Citation XCessna 750 (RR Corp AE3007C)Falcon 10Fan Jet FalconFan Jet FalconSeries CFan Jet FalconSeries DFan Jet FalconSeries EFan Jet FalconSeries FFan Jet FalconSeries GMystère Falcon200Mystère Falcon20GFFalcon 2000Falcon 2000EXFalcon 10 (Honeywell TFE731)(Basic) Fan JetFalconFalcon 20 (GE CF700)Falcon 200 (Honeywell ATF 3-6)Falcon 2000 (CFE 738)Falcon 2000EX (PWC PW308)Page 9 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelFalcon 2000EXMystère Falcon20-C5Mystère Falcon20-D5Mystère Falcon20-E5Mystère Falcon20-F5Mystère Falcon50Mystère Falcon50Falcon 7XMystère Falcon900Mystère Falcon900Mystère Falcon900Falcon 900EXDORNIER SeastarEADS CASACommercialdesignationF2000EX EASyF2000DXF2000LXF2000LXSF2000SPart-66 Type rating endorsementFalcon 2000EX EASy (PWC PW308)Falcon 20-5 (Honeywell TFE731)Falcon 50 (Honeywell TFE731)F50EXFalcon 50EX (Honeywell TFE731)Falcon 7X (PWC PW307A)Falcon 900 (Honeywell TFE731)F900BF900CFalcon 900C (Honeywell TFE731)Falcon 900EX (Honeywell TFE731)Falcon 900EXF900EX EASyFalcon 900EXF900DXFalcon 900EXF900LXSeastar CD2Falcon 900EX EASy (Honeywell TFE731)Dornier Seastar CD2 (PWC ocarCASA C-212 (Honeywell TPE331)CASA C-212 (PWC PT6)C-295CASA C-295 (PWC PW127)CN-235CASA CN-235 (GE CT7)CN-235-100CN-235-200CN-235-300ECLIPSEAEROSPACE Inc.EMBRAEREA500EMB-110P1Eclipse EA500 (PWC PW610)BandeiranteEmbraer EMB-110 (PWC PT6)Page 10 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 iranteEMB-121AXingu IEMB-121A1Xingu aEMB-135BJLegacy 600Legacy 650EmbraerAE3007A)EMB-500Phenom 100Embraer EMB-500 (PWC PW617)EMB-505Phenom 300Embraer EMB-505 (PWC PW535)TC holderPart-66 Type rating endorsementEmbraer EMB-121 (PWC PT6)Embraer EMB-120 (PWC PW110 45MKEMB-145MPERJ 170-100 LRERJ-170ERJ170-100STDERJ 170-200 J 190-100 LRERJ-175ERJ190-100SRERJ190-100STDERJ190-200IGWERJ 190-200 LRERJSTD190-200F-27A to -MMARYLAND AIRINDUSTRIES(FOKKERFAIRCHILD)Embraer ERJ-170 Series (GE CF34)ERJ-175Lineage 1000Embraer ERJ-190 Series (GE CF34)ERJ-190 ARERJ-190ERJ-190ERJ-190ERJ-195 ARERJ-195ERJ-195Fokker F27/Fairchild F-27/FH-227 Series(RRD Dart)FH-227FH-227BFH-227CFH-227DFH-227EPage 11 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC ationModelF27 Mark 100FriendshipF27 Mark 200FriendshipF27 Mark 300FriendshipF27 Mark 400FriendshipF27 Mark 500FriendshipF27 Mark 600FriendshipF27 Mark 700FriendshipF27 Mark 050Fokker 50F27 Mark 0502Fokker 50F27 Mark 0604Fokker 60F28 Mark 0070Fokker 70F28 Mark 0100Fokker 100F28 Mark 1000FellowshipF28Mark1000CF28 Mark 2000FellowshipF28 Mark 3000FellowshipF283000CF283000RF283000RCF28 Fokker 50/60 Series (PWC PW 125/127)Fokker 70/100 (RRD Tay)Fokker F28 Series (RRD TFACTORIES(ASTA)GROB Luft- undRaumfahrtGULFSTREAMAEROSPACECorporationPart-66 Type rating endorsementDornier Do 28 (Walter M601)N22/N22AN22SN24/N24AtoNomad N22/24 Series (RR Corp 250)Grob G 520 Series (Honeywell TPE331)G-1159Gulfstream IIG-1159AGulfstream IIBG-1159BGulfstream IIIG-159GIV (G300)GIV (G400)G-IV/GIV-SPGIV-X (G350)GIV-X (G450)Gulfstream IGulfstreamG300GulfstreamG400Gulfstream GIV/GIV-SPGulfstreamG350GulfstreamGulfstream G-1159 Series (RRD Spey)Gulfstream G-159 (RRD Dart)Gulfstream G-IV Series (RRD Tay)Gulfstream GIV-X Series (RRD Tay)Page 12 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelCommercialdesignationPart-66 Type rating endorsementG450GVGV-SP (G500)GV-SP (G550)GVIGULFSTREAMAEROSPACE LP(GALP) c/o IsraelAircraft IndustriesGulfstream GVGulfstreamG500GulfstreamG550G6501125 WestwindAstraGulfstream GV basic model (RRD BR710)Gulfstream GV-SP Series (RRD BR710)Gulfstream GVI (RRD BR725)Gulfstream (IAI) 100/1125/Astra(Honeywell TFE731)SPXAstra SPXG100HAWKERBEECHCRAFTCorporationGulfstream 100Gulfstream 200/ IAI GalaxyGalaxy 80GulfstreamG280Gulfstream (IAI) G280 (Honeywell AS907)65-90King Air(PWC(HoneywellBeech 90 Series (PWC 90GTiE90F90H90200/A200Beech 200 Series (PWC PT6)200C/A200C200CT/A200CT200TB200B200CPage 13 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelCommercialdesignationPart-66 Type rating endorsementB200CGTB200CTB200GTB200T390Premier 1, 1A99Beech 390 (Williams FJ44)Beech 99/100 Series (PWC PT6)100King Air99AA100King AirA100A/CKing 00Beech B100 (Honeywell per King Air300LWSuper King AirB300Super King Air350Super King Air350 CBeechjetB300C400400ABeech 300 Series (PWC PT6)Beech 400/Mitsubishi MU-300 (PWC d I/IAMU-300-10Diamond IIBH.125 series400BH.125 series600DH.125 series ey’DH.125 series 3DH.125400Beech 1900 (PWC PT6)seriesBAe 125 Series (RR Viper)Page 14 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelHS.125 series 1HS.125 series 3HS.125 series400HS.125 series600HS.125 seriesF3HS.125 seriesF400HS.125 seriesF600BAe.125 series800BH.125 series400BH.125 series600DH.125 series 1DH.125 series 3DH.125 series400Hawker 800HS.125 series 3HS.125 series600HS.125 series700HS.125 seriesF3HS.125 seriesF400HS.125 seriesF600BAe.125 series1000A/BHawker 1000Hawker 750Part-66 Type rating �BAe deley’BAe 125 Series 1000 (PWC PW305)Hawker 750Hawker 800XPHawker 800XPHawker 850XPHawker 850XPHawker 900XPHawker 900XP4000ISRAEL AIRCRAFTINDUSTRIESCommercialdesignationBAe 125 Series 750/800XP/850XP/900XP(Honeywell TFE731)Hawker 4000Hawker 4000 (PWC PW308)IAI 1121JetcommanderIAI 1121/1123 (GE CJ610)FIAI 1121AJetcommanderIAI 1121BJetcommanderPage 15 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderJSC Sukhoi ldesignationIAI 1123Commodore JetIAI 1124WestwindIAI 1124AWestwindRRJ-95BSuperjet 100Part-66 Type rating endorsementIAI 1124 (Honeywell TFE731)RRJ-95 (PowerJet SaM146)440Convair 580 (RR Corp 501)LJ 23Learjet 23 (GE CJ610)24 /24ALearjet 24/25 (GE CJ610)24B / 24B-A24C24D / 24D-A24E24F / 24F-A2525A25B25C25D25F31 / 31ALearjet 31 (Honeywell TFE731)35 / 35ALearjet 35/36 (Honeywell TFE731)36 / 36A55 / 55B / 55CLearjet 60Learjet 40Learjet 45LOCKHEEDMARTINCorporation1329-25Learjet 55 (Honeywell TFE731)LJ60LJ60XRLJ45LJ40XRLJ45LJ 45XRJetStar IILearjet 60 (PWC PW305)Learjet Model 45 (Honeywell TFE731)Lockheed 1329 (Honeywell TFE731)1329-23DJetStarLockheed 1329 PW (PW JT12)Model 188CElectraLockheed 188 (RR Corp 501)Model L188AElectra382GHerculesLockheed 382 (RR Corp 501)L-1011-385-1TriStarLockheed L-1011 (RR RB211)L-1011-385-115TriStarPage 16 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelL-1011-385-3M7 AEROSPACECommercialdesignationPart-66 Type rating endorsementTriStarSA-26-TFairchild SA26-T (PWC PT6)SA26ATFairchild SA26 AT (Honeywell wellSwearingenMetroFairchild SA227 Series (PWC SCorporationDC-10-10DC-10/MD-10 (GE CF6)BOEINGCOMPANYDC-10-30FDC-10-30DC-8 Series 70DC-8 (CFM56)DC-8Series70FDC-8 Series 50DC-8 (PW JT3D)DC-8 Series 60DC-860FDC-8FSeriesDC-8 Series 40DC-8 (RR Conway)DC-9-10 SeriesDC-9 (PW JT8D)DC-9-20 SeriesDC-9-30 SeriesDC-9-40 SeriesDC-9-50 Series717-200MD 717-200 (RRD BR700-715)MD-11MD-11 (GE CF6)MD-11FMD-11DC-9-81 (MD81) SeriesDC-9-82 (MD-MD-11 (PW 4000)MD-81MD-80 Series (PW JT8D)MD-82Page 17 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelCommercialdesignationPart-66 Type rating endorsement82) SeriesDC-9-83 (MD83) SeriesDC-9-87 (MD87) SeriesMD-88MD-83MD-87MD-90 SeriesMD-90 (IAE V2500)MITSUBISHIMU-2B-26AMitsubishi MU-2B (Honeywell TPE331)Heavy IndustriesMU-2B-36AMU-2B-40MU-2B-60PIAGGIO AeroIndustriesPILATUSAIRCRAFTP.166 DP1Piaggio P166 (PWC PT6)P180AvantiP180Avanti IIPC-12Piaggio P180 Avanti/Avanti II (PWC PT6)Pilatus PC-12 (PWC PT6)PC-12/45PC-12/47PC-12/47EPIPER AIRCRAFTPA31T to T3CheyennePA-42-1000Cheyenne400LSCheyenne IIIPA-42PA-42-720Piper PA-31T Series (PWC PT6)Piper PA-42 (Honeywell TPE-331)Piper PA-42 (PWC PT6)Cheyenne ibu MeridianPZL M28 00Piper PA-46-500TP (PWC PT6)PZL M 28 (PWC PT6)PZL M28 02PZL M28 05AntonovAeronauticalScientific andTechnicalComplex(Aircraft withSAS)REIMS AVIATIONAntonov An-28RUAG AerospaceServices GmbHDO28D-6Dornier 128-6228-100 seriesF 406Antonov An-28 (ТВД)Caravan IIReims-Cessna F 406 (PWC PT6)Dornier Do 28 Series (PWC PT6)Dornier 228 (Honeywell TPE331)228-200 seriesSAAB AB, SAABAerosystems340A(SF340A)Saab-Fairchild340ASaab (SF) 340 (GE CT7)Page 18 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelCommercialdesignationPart-66 Type rating OCATA2000Saab 2000 (RR Corp AE2100)NA-265-65Sabreliner NA-265 (Honeywell TFE731)NA-265-65Sabreliner NA-265 (PW JT12)SC7 Series 3SkyvanSD3-30Variant 200SD3-60Variant 200SD3-60SHERPASD3-SHERPAVariant 200Shorts SC7 (Honeywell TPE331)Shorts SD3 Series-30/SD3-60 (PWC PT6)Variant 200TBM 700 ASocata TBM 700/850 (PWC PT6)TBM 700 BTBM 700 C1TBM 700 C2TBM 700 NTBM 850TUPOLEV PSCTU 204-120CETupolev TU 204 (RR RB211)TWINCOMMANDERAIRCRAFT681Twin Commander 680/681/690/695 Series(Honeywell C690D695A695BVIKING AIR(Bombardier) (DeHavilland)DHC-6-1Twin OtterDe Havilland DHC-6 (PWC 6-400DHC-7-100De Havilland DHC-7 (PWC PT6)DHC-7-101DHC-7-102DHC-7-103DHC-7-110Page 19 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1 AeroplanesTC holderModelCommercialdesignationPart-66 Type rating 8TP600ViatorSF600Vulcanair AP68TP Series (RR Corp 250)Vulcanair SF600 (RR Corp 250)SF600APage 20 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1: HelicoptersGROUP 1 HELICOPTERSTC a A109 (Turbomeca Arriel 1)Agusta A109Arrius H101-300AW169BELL HELICOPTERTEXTRON, INC.BELL HELICOPTERTEXTRON, INCAGUSTA(PWCAgusta A109 Series (RR Corp 250)A109EBELL HELICOPTERTEXTRON, INC.AGUSTAPart-66 Type TurbomecaAgusta AB139/AW139 (PWC PT6)Agusta/Westland EH-101 (GE CT7)AW169 (PWC 210)AW189AW189 (GE CT7)AB 212212Bell 212/Agusta AB212 (PWC PT6)AB204SeriesAB 205 A1204B205A-1412BAgusta AB204, AB205/Bell 204, 205(Honeywell T53)Bell 412/Agusta AB412 (PWC PT6)412EP412CFAB 412AB 412 EPBELL HELICOPTERTEXTRON214BBell 214 (Honeywell T5508)214B-1BELL HELICOPTERCANADA214STBell 214ST(GE CT7)222Bell 222 (Honeywell LTS 101)222BPage 21 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1: HelicoptersTC holderModelCommercialDesignationPart-66 Type ratingendorsement222U230230Executive230 Utility230 EMS230230427429430ERICKSON AIR-CRANEEUROCOPTERBell 230 (RR Corp 250)Bell 427 (PWC PW207D)Bell 429 (PWC PW207D)Bell 430 (RR Corp 250)EAC S-64FErickson S-64 (PW JFTD 12)SA 330 /1A1)AS332(TurbomecaSA 330 GSA 330 JAS 332 355EFF1F2NEurocopter AS 332 L2 (TurbomecaMakila 1A2)Eurocopter AS 355 (RR Corp 250)EurocopterArrius 1)AS 355 NPSA 365 NDauphinSA 365 N1DauphinAS 365 N2AS 365 N3DauphinDauphinEC 155 BEC 155 B1EC 175 BEC 225 LPSA 365 365366C1C2C3G1AS355(TurbomecaEurocopter SA 365 N (TurbomecaArriel 1)Eurocopter SA 365 N/N1, AS 365 N2(Turbomeca Arriel 1)Eurocopter AS 365 N3 (TurbomecaArriel 2C)Eurocopter EC 155 (TurbomecaArriel 2)Eurocopter EC 175 (PWC PT6C)Eurocopter EC 225 (TurbomecaMakila 2A)EurocopterSA365CSeries(Turbomeca Arriel 1)Eurocopter SA 366(Lycoming LTS101)G1SeriesPage 22 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1: HelicoptersTC holderModelPhilippine AerospaceDevelopment CorpEUROCOPTERDEUTSCHLANDGmbHP-BO 105 CP-BO 105 SBO 105 ABO 105 CBO105DSeriesBO 105 LS A1BO 105 LS A3BO 105 SEC 135 P1SeriesEC 135 P2SeriesEC 635 P2 CommercialDesignationBO 105 series (RR Corp 250)Eurocopter EC 135 (PWC PW206)EC 135 T1SeriesEC 135 T2SeriesEC 635 T1KAMAN AEROSPACECORPORATIONKAMOVMD HELICOPTERS, Inc.PZL-ŚWIDNIKEC 635 T2SeriesMBB-BK 117 ASeriesMBB-BK 117 BSeriesMBB-BK 117C1MBB-BK 117C2MBB-BK 117D2K-1200Part-66 Type ratingendorsementEurocopterArrius 2B)EC135EurocopterMBB-BK(Honeywell LTS 101)EC145EC145 T2(Turbomeca117A/BEurocopterMBB-BK117C1(Turbomeca Arriel 1)EurocopterMBB-BK117C2(Turbomeca Arriel 1)EurocopterMBB-BK117D2(Turbomeca Arriel 2)Kaman K-1200 (Honeywell T5317)Ka-32A11BCKamov Ka 32 k W-3A/W-3AS (RzeszowPZL-10W)MD900(PWCW-3ASAGUSTAAS61NAgusta AS61N/Sikorsky S-61N (GECT58)AS61NISIKORSKY AIRCRAFTS-61NS-61NMPage 23 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 1: HelicoptersTC holderModelCommercialDesignationSIKORSKY AIRCRAFTS-58 BT to JTPart-66 Type ratingendorsementSikorsky S-58 (PWC PT6T)S-76ASikorsky S-76A (RR Corp 250)S-76AS-76A S-76AS-76A S-76BS-76BS-76CS-76CS-76C S-76CS-76C S-92ASikorsky S-76 (Turbomeca Arriel 1)Sikorsky S-76B(PWC PT6)Sikorsky S-76C (Turbomeca Arriel1)Sikorsky S-76C (Turbomeca Arriel2)Sikorsky S-92A(GE CT7-8)Page 24 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 2a: Single Turbo-propellerengine aeroplanesSUBGROUP 2a: SINGLE TURBO-PROPELLER ENGINE AEROPLANES (Other than thosein Group 1)TC holderAERO VODOCHODYAIR TRACTORPart-66 Type rating endorsementAero Ae-270 (PWC PT6)Air Tractor AT-302 (Lycoming LTP-101)Air Tractor AT-400/500/600 Series (PWC PT6)ALENIA AERMACCHIALLIED AG CAT ProductionsCESSNA AIRCRAFT CompanyAermacchi SF260 (RR Corp 250)Grumman G-164 (PWC PT6)Cessna (Soloy) 206/207 (RR Corp 250)Cessna 208 Series (PWC PT6)Cessna 210 (RR Corp 250)EADS PZL ‘WARSZAWA-OKECIE’EADS PZL PZL-106 BT (Walter M601)EADS PZL PZL-106 BTU (PWC PT6)EXTRA Flugzeugproduktions- undVertriebs-GmbHGROB Aircraft AGExtra EA-400-500 (RR Corp 250)MAULE AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGYMaule MX-7 (RR Corp 250)PACIFIC AEROSPACE CorporationPAC 750XL (PWC PT6)PILATUS AIRCRAFTGrob G 120TP (RR Corp 250)Pilatus PC-6 Series (Turbomeca Astazou)Pilatus PC-6 (PWC PT6)Pilatus PC-6 Series (Honeywell TPE 331)THRUSH AIRCRAFTVIKING AIR (Bombardier) (DeHavilland)ZLIN AIRCRAFTAyres S2R Series (PWC PT6)De Havilland DHC-2 (PWC PT6)Zlin Z-37 T Series (Walter M601)Page 25 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 2b: Single Turbine-enginehelicoptersSUBGROUP 2b: SINGLE TURBINE ENGINE HELICOPTERS(Other than those in Group 1)TC 19 MkII407CommercialDesignationKoalaPart-66 Type rating endorsementAgusta A119/ Agusta AW119MkII(PWC PT6)KoalaBell 407 (RR Corp 250)AB 206AAgusta AB206 / Bell 206 (RR Corp250)AB 206BBELLHELICOPTERTEXTRONCANADALIMITEDTHE ENSTROMHELICOPTERCORPORATIONEUROCOPTER206 Series fromA to L480 / 480BAS 350 BASASASASAS350350350350350Enstrom 480 (RR Corp 250)ÉcureuilB1B2BABBB3AS 350 DEC 120 BColibriEC 130 B4EC 130 T2SA 315 BLamaSA 3180AlouetteAstazouSA 318 BSA 318 CSA 319 BAlouette IIISA 341 GGazelleSA 342 JGazelleSA 360CDauphinSE 3160Alouette IIIEurocopterArriel 1)AS350(TurbomecaEurocopter AS 350 (TurbomecaArriel 2)Eurocopter AS 350 (Honeywell LTS101)Eurocopter EC 120 (TurbomecaArrius 2F)Eurocopter EC 130 (TurbomecaArriel bomecaSA318(TurbomecaEurocopter SA 319 (TurbomecaAstazou XIV)Eurocopter SA 341 (TurbomecaAstazou)Eurocopter SA 342 J (TurbomecaAstazou XIV)Eurocopter SA 360 (TurbomecaAstazou XVIIIA)Eurocopter SA 316 B/SA 316 C(Turbomeca Artouste)SA 316 BPage 26 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 2b: Single Turbine-enginehelicoptersTC holderMDHELICOPTERSINC. (MDHI)ModelSA 316 C369 H series369 D, E and FFNH-500D500NMecaer art-66 Type rating endorsementMD Helicopters 369 Series/SEI NH500D (RR Corp 250)MDHelicopters500N/600NAMD500N (RR Corp 250)600NAMD-500NSW-4R66PZL SW-4 (RR Corp 250)Robinson R66 (RR Corp 250)269DSchweizer 269D (RR Corp 250)Page 27 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 2c: Single Piston-enginehelicoptersSUBGROUP 2c: SINGLE PISTON-ENGINE HELICOPTERS(Other than those in Group 1)TC holderANTARESINTERNATIONAL(Aircraft ESGUIMBALTHE ENSTROMHELICOPTERCORPORATIONMecaer ignationPart-66 Type rating endorsementSH-4Silvercraft SH-4 (Franklin)AB 102B-2Agusta AB 102 (PW S1H4)Brantly B2 (Lycoming)G2CabriF-28 seriesEnstrom F-28/280 (Lycoming)280 seriesNH 300CModel 300C269AModel 300C269B269C269C-1R22Model 300CModel 300CModel 300CR22 ALPHAR22 BETAR22MARINERR44R44 IIS-58 A to JCabri G2 (Lycoming)Enstrom F-28/280 inson R22/R44 Series (Lycoming)Sikorsky S-58 (Wright Cyclone)Page 28 of 36

Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R10/09/2013Group 3: Piston-engine aeroplanesGroup 3: PISTON-ENGINE AEROPLANES (Other than those in Group 1)TC holderAERO Sp.z.o.oAEROSTAR AIRCRAFTCorporationAIR TRACTORAir Transport GroupHoldings, IncAIRCRAFT Design andCertificationAIRCRAFT INDUSTRIESALENIA AERMACCHIALEXANDRIA Aircraft LLCALLIED AG CATProductionsALPHA AVIATIONAMERICAN CHAMPIONPart-66 Type rating endorsementType of structureAero AT-3 (Rotax)Piper PA-60/61 Series (Lycoming)MetalMetalPiper PA-60/61 Pressurised(Lycoming)Air Tractor AT-250/300 (PW R985)Air Tractor AT-301/401/501 (PWR1340)Air Tractor AT-401 (PZL-3S)Lake C/LA Series (Lycoming)Metal pressurised(WD) D4 Fascination (Rotax)CompositeLet L 200 (LOM)Let Z-37 Series (LOM)Aermacchi F260 Series (Lycoming)SIAI-Marchetti S.205 (Franklin)SIAI-Marchetti S.205/S.208(Lycoming)Bellanca 14-19 Series (Continental)MetalMetal tubing FabricMetalMetalMetalBellanca 17-30/17-31 Series(Continental)Grumman G-164 (Continental)Grumman G-164 (Jacobs)Grumman G-164 (PW R Series)Robin HR 200/ R 2000 series(Lycoming)Champion 7 (Superior)Champion 7 (Lycoming)Champion 8 Series (Lycoming)AQUILA Aviation byExcellence AGAUGUSTAIRBERIEVB-N GROUP Ltd. (BrittenNorman)CEAPRAquila AT01 (Rotax)VARGA 2150/2180 (Lycoming)Beriev Be-103 (Continental)Britten-Norman BN.2A Mark III(Lycoming)Britten-Norman BN2A Series(Lycoming)Britten-Norman BN2B Series(Lycoming)Robin ATL / ATL S (JPX 4T60)Robin ATL L (Limbach L2000)MetalMetalMetalMetalWood Metal tubing FabricWood Metal tubing FabricMetal

-66 Type rating endorsement 441 Cessna 441 (Honeywell TPE331) 500 Citation/ Citation I Cessna 500/ 501/551 (PWC JT15D) 501 Citation I 510 Cessna 510 (PWC PW615) 525 Citation Jet CJ1 Cessna 525/525A (Williams FJ 44) 525A Citation Jet CJ2 525B Citation Jet CJ3 Cessna 525B/C (Williams FJ 44) Annex to ED Decision 2013/024/R 10/09/2013 .

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Texts of Wow Rosh Hashana II 5780 - Congregation Shearith Israel, Atlanta Georgia Wow ׳ג ׳א:׳א תישארב (א) ׃ץרֶָֽאָּהָּ תאֵֵ֥וְּ םִימִַׁ֖שַָּה תאֵֵ֥ םיקִִ֑לֹאֱ ארָָּ֣ Îָּ תישִִׁ֖ארֵ Îְּ(ב) חַורְָּ֣ו ם

The inclusion of an aircraft type in the licence does not indicate that the aircraft type has been granted a type certificate under the Basic Regulation and its Implementing Rules,; this list is only intended for the maintenance purposes. In order to keep this list current and the type ratings consistent, such information should be first passed .

Issue of orders 69 : Publication of misleading information 69 : Attending Committees, etc. 69 : Responsibility 69-71 : APPENDICES : Appendix I : 72-74 Appendix II : 75 Appendix III : 76 Appendix IV-A : 77-78 Appendix IV-B : 79 Appendix VI : 79-80 Appendix VII : 80 Appendix VIII-A : 80-81 Appendix VIII-B : 81-82 Appendix IX : 82-83 Appendix X .

In 2016, S&P Global Ratings acquired 49% of TRIS Ratings, a leading provider of credit ratings based in Bangkok, Thailand, and opened a new office in Santiago, Chile n S&P Global Ratings presence n S&P Global Ratings affiliate Globally, S&P Global Ratings rated more than 3.6 trillion in new debt in 2015 The table above reflects information .

Industry Top Trends 2020: North America Merchant Power S&P Global Ratings November 7, 2019 2 Ratings trends and outlook North America Merchant Power Chart 1 Ratings distribution Chart 2 Ratings outlooks Chart 3 Ratings outlook net bias Source: S&P Global Ratings. Ratings data measured at quarter end. Data for Q4 2019 is end October, 2019 0 5 10 15

- B734 aircraft model added - B735 aircraft model added - E145 aircraft model added - B737 aircraft model added - AT45 aircraft model added - B762 aircraft model added - B743 aircraft model added - Removal of several existing OPF and APF files due to the change of ICAO aircraft designators according to RD3: A330, A340, BA46, DC9, MD80

Appendix G Children's Response Log 45 Appendix H Teacher's Journal 46 Appendix I Thought Tree 47 Appendix J Venn Diagram 48 Appendix K Mind Map 49. Appendix L WEB. 50. Appendix M Time Line. 51. Appendix N KWL. 52. Appendix 0 Life Cycle. 53. Appendix P Parent Social Studies Survey (Form B) 54

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Fighter 1,253.1 million (14 aircraft) 1,996.4 million (24 aircraft) V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor Aircraft 961.8 million (6 aircraft) 1,280.1 million (7 aircraft) C-130J Hercules Military Transport Aircraft 886.1 million (9 aircraft) 1,571.9 millio