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COUN TY COMMUN IT Y C OLLEGEA Joint Admissions Agreement BetweenSuffolk County Community College andStony Brook UniversityPurpose ofThis AiireementThe purpose of this agreement is to outline the procedure for a Joint AdmissionsProgram between Suffolk County Community College (hereinafter identified as Suffolk) andStony Brook University (hereinafter identified as Stony Brook).The Joint Admissions Program stipulates that upon admission to Suffolk in theprograms listed in Appendix A, students are guaranteed admission into the College of Arts andSciences at Stony Brook, provided they have completed their Associate in Arts or Associate inScience degree at Suffolk with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.8.Students are also assured that upon completion of an Associate in Science degree inEngineering Science by June 1st with a cumulative grade point average of 3 .20 or higher andwho earn grades of B or higher in major courses including calculus and physics will beguaranteed admission to the major in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Science, ElectricalEngineering, QI Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences atStony Brook. Additionally, courses used for the major may not be repeated. Students mustdeclare and be accepted directly into the Engineering Science major as first-time matriculatedfreshmen at Suffolk. Please note students may only matriculate in an Engineering Degreeat Stony Brook University through the Joint Admissions program for the fall term.Suffolk students who complete an Associate in Science degree in Computer Science byJune 1st with a cumulative grade point average of 3 .20 or higher and earn grades of B or higherin courses evaluated as equivalent to each MAT 131, 132, CSE 114,2 14, and 215 at StonyBrook with an average of 3.2 or higher in the CSE 114, 214 and 215 equivalents will beguaranteed admission to Stony Brook's Computer Science major. Additionally, courses usedfor the major may not be repeated. Students must declare and be accepted directly into theComputer Science major as first-time matriculated freshmen at Suffolk. Please note studentsmay only matriculate into the Computer Science major at Stony Brook Universitythrough the Joint Admissions program for the fall term.Suffolk students who complete an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts (generalstudies emphasis), an Associate in Science degree in Business Administration, or an Associatein Science degree in Accounting with a cumulative grade point average of 3.2, will beguaranteed admission to Stony Brook's Business Management major.Students should plan to complete their baccalaureate degree at Stony Brook in fouradditional semesters (or the equivalent for pat1-time students) in one of the programs listed in

Appendix B provided they have completed relevant general education requirements and thelower division courses required by their major department prior to transfening to Stony Brookas outlined in the Stony Brook Undergraduate Bulletin. Completion of degree requirementswithin four semesters is also dependent upon fall semester matriculation at Stony Brook and thestudent's program of study and progress in completing the requirements of the major.To be eligible for the Joint Admissions Program, students must select Joint Admissionson their initial college application or contact the Admissions Office at their home campus atSuffolk prior to the completion of 24 credits.The Joint Admissions Program is open to:1.Applicants to Suffolk who will be first-time, matriculated freshmen; * or2.Transfer applicants to Suffolk who will enter with fewer than 24 credits of completedcollege work, except students who were previously matriculated at Stony Brook or otherwisenoted;** or3.Any current matriculated Suffolk student who applies to the Joint Admissions Programprior to the completion of 24 credits of college work, except where otherwise noted**.*Students on VISAS are not eligible.** Engineering and Computer Science Majors - must declare and be accepted directlyinto the major as first-time matriculated freshmen at Suffolk.Stony Brook and Suffolk agree jointly to provide the following:1.Each institution will designate a coordinator and an academic advisor for the JointAdmissions Program.Stony Brook agrees to provide the following for associate degree candidates at Suffolk whoapply for Joint Admissions:1.Stony Brook representatives will meet at Suffolk with students in the JointAdmissions Program. The purpose of these meetings will be to provide academic advice aboutStony Brook's curriculum and general information about Stony Brook.2.Stony Brook agrees to provide, as needed, information sessions with faculty and staff ofSuffolk who will be involved in consulting and advising students enrolled in the JointAdmissions Program.3.A viewable chart on Stony Brook's website with course equivalencies for students toplan out their course of study. The viewable chart is updated as new courses presentthemselves in the curriculum or as syllabi change.2

Suffolk agrees to provide the following for associate degree candidates at Suffolk who applyfor Joint Admissions:1.Suffolk will be responsible for selection of candidates to the Joint AdmissionsProgram. Applications will be evaluated according to the basic criteria in effect at Suffolk.2.On October 1st and February 1st of each year, Suffolk will provide Stony Brook with alist of all students participating in the Joint Admissions Program. Also, at this time, Suffolkwill submit a list of the Joint Admissions students scheduled to graduate at the end of thesemester who have indicated their intent to attend Stony Brook the following semester, alongwith copies of their transcripts.3.By July 1 (for fall enrollees) and January 15 (for spring enrollees) Suffolk will sendStony Brook official proof of receipt of associate's degree for Joint Admissions students andfinal transcripts.4.staff.Suffolk will assist in setting up advisement programs involving Stony Brook faculty andArticulation for Transfer Students Not Participating in Joint Admissions:Procedures outlined herein relate specifically to students who simultaneously apply toSuffolk and Stony Brook. Some students who apply to Suffolk have not decided upon theirultimate educational objective or transfer destination. During the course of study at Suffolk,they may decide upon transferring to Stony Brook.The two institutions agree to make every effort to facilitate transfer to Stony Brook ofSuffolk graduates not covered by this agreement. It is understood, however, that students notcovered by the Joint Admissions agreement must apply and meet the admission standards ofStony Brook University.Term of AgreementThis agreement will go into effect in the Fall semester of 2022. The agreement willremain in effect for two (2) years, through the Spring semester of 2024, with an option to renewfor additional two-year terms upon the parties' mutual written consent. All students who applythrough the spring of 2024 to Suffolk will be eligible for Joint Admissions. Stony Brook andSuffolk agree to assess the Joint Admissions Program on an annual basis with the intent ofmodifying, as necessary, and expanding its scope to encompass other programs at Suffolk andat Stony Brook, as appropriate.3

APPENDIX AThe Joint Admissions Pro ram of Study atSuffolk County Community CollegeAccounting A. S.Business Administration A. S.Computer Science A. S.Engineering Science A. S.Communication Studies A.A.Journalism A. A.History A. A.Liberal Arts and SciencesAdolescence Education Emphasis A.A.General Studies Emphasis A. A.Humanities Emphasis A. A.Science Emphasis A. S.Women's & Gender Studies Emphasis A. A.Mathematics, A.A.Political Science, A.A.Psychology, A.A.Sociology, A.A.Visual Arts A. S.3.2*3.2*3.2**3.2***2.8 sfer to Business major**Transfer to Computer Science major***Transfer to Computer Engineering major, Electrical Engineering major,Engineering Science major, or Mechanical Engineering major**** Transfer to Mass Communication major***** Transfer to Journalism or Mass Communication major4

APPENDIXBThe Joint Admissions Program of Study atStony Brook UniversityAfricana Studies B.AAnthropology B.A.Applied Mathematics and Statistics B. S.Art History and Criticism B. A.Art, Studio B.A.Asian and Asian American Studies B. A.Astronomy/ Planetary Sciences B. S.Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences B. S.Biochemistry B. S.Biology B.A., B.S.*Business Management B. S.Chemistry B.A., B. S.***Computer Engineering B. E.**Computer Science B. S.Earth and Space Sciences B. A.Economics B. A.***Electrical Engineering B. E.Engineering Chemistry B. S***Engineering Science B. E.English B. A.Environmental Snidies B. A.French Language and Literanire B. A.Geology B. S.History B. A.Italian Studies B. AJournalism B.A.Linguistics B. A.Marine Sciences B. S.Marine Vertebrate Biology B. S.Mass Communication B.A.Mathematics B. S.***Mechanical Engineering B. E.Multidisciplinary Studies B. A.Philosophy B. A.Physics B. S.Political Science B. A.Psychology B. A., B. S.Sociology B. A.Spanish Language and Literature B. A.Women's and Gender Studies B. A.*Business Management: See agreement for details**Computer Science: See agreement for details***Engineering Science: See agreement for details5

APPROVED FOR SUFFOLK COUNTYCOMMUNITY COLLEGEDr. Edward T. BonahuePresidentAPPROVED FOR STONY BROOK UNIVERSITYPresidentJune 2, 2022DAtEfDATE,4flllAA - hingAssociate Vice Presidentfor Academic aRQ. Student AffairsL-rz .Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for AcademicAffairs6/1/22DATE6

1. Stony Brook representatives will meet at Suffolk with students in the Joint Admissions Program. The purpose ofthese meetings will be to provide academic advice about Stony Brook's curriculum and general information about Stony Brook. 2. Stony Brook agrees to provide, as needed, information sessions with faculty and staff of

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