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Listing RulesListing Rules, LRdated 15 July 2022Entry into force: 25 July 2022Sensitivity: C2 Internal

Listing Rules25/07/2022Table of contentsIGeneral provisions . 8APurpose and applicability . 8Art. 1Purpose . 8Art. 2Applicability . 8BPowers of the Regulatory Board . 8Art. 3Regulatory standards and decision-making authority . 8Art. 4Implementing provisions . 9Art. 5Circulars and Communiqués . 9Art. 6Duties to provide information .10Art. 7Exemptions .10CLanguages .10Art. 8Language.10DOutsourcing .10Art. 8aOutsourcing .10EData protection .11Art. 8bData protection .11IIListing .11AListing requirements .11Art. 9Principle .11Art. 9aStandard for Equity Securities.111Requirements for the issuer .11Art. 10Foundations in company law .11Art. 11Duration .12Art. 12Annual financial statements .12Art. 13Auditors .12Art. 14Audit report.12Art. 15Capital resources .12Art. 16Further requirements .122Requirements for securities .13Art. 17Legal validity .13Art. 18Listing by class .13Art. 19Free float .13Art. 20Increase in the number of securities already listed .13Art. 21Tradability .13SIX Exchange Regulation AG2

Listing Rules25/07/2022Art. 22Denominations .13Art. 23Clearing and settlement .13Art. 24Paying agents, exercise agents and corporate actions.14Art. 25Listing in the home country .14Art. 26Continued fulfilment of listing requirements .14BObligations with respect to listing .141Prospectus in accordance with the FinSA .14Art. 27Prospectus in accordance with the Federal Financial Services Act dated 15 June 2018 (“FinSA”) 14Art. 28Content of the listing prospectus (cancelled) .14Art. 29Form of the listing prospectus (cancelled) .14Art. 30Possibility of publication .14Art. 31Time of publication .15Art. 32Presentation (cancelled) .15Art. 33Exemption from the obligation to produce a listing prospectus (cancelled) .15Art. 34Abridgement of the listing prospectus (cancelled) .15Art. 35Incorporation by reference (cancelled) .15Art. 36Exemptions in respect of specific information (cancelled) .152"Official Notice" .15Art. 37Principle (cancelled) .15Art. 38Form of publication (cancelled).15Art. 39Time of publication (cancelled) .15Art. 40Content of the listing notice (cancelled) .15Art. 40a"Official Notice" .16Art. 40bTime of publication .163Further disclosure obligations .16Art. 41Availability of information documents.16CListing procedure .16Art. 42Listing application .16Art. 43Submitting a listing application .16Art. 44Content of the listing application .17Art. 45Issuer declaration .17Art. 46Review of listing application .17Art. 47Decision .17Art. 48Preliminary decision .18IIIConditions for maintaining listing .18APeriodic reporting .18Art. 49Annual reporting .18SIX Exchange Regulation AG3

Listing Rules25/07/2022Art. 50Interim reporting .18Art. 51Financial reporting standards .18BFurther duties to provide information .19Art. 52Corporate calendar .19Art. 53Obligation to disclose price-sensitive facts (ad hoc publicity) .19Art. 54Postponement of disclosure .19Art. 55Notification of changes in the rights attached to securities .20Art. 56Disclosure of management transactions .20IVSuspension of trading and delisting .21Art. 57Suspension of trading .21Art. 58Delisting.21IVaRecognised Representation .22Art. 58aRecognised Representation .22VSanctions .22Art. 59Responsibility and procedure .22Art. 60Breaches by issuers, guarantors or recognised representation .22Art. 61Sanctions .22VIAppeals .23Art. 62Principle .23VIIFees .23Art. 63Fees .23VIIISpecial additional provisions .24Art. 64Principle .24AInvestment companies .24Art. 65Definition .241Listing requirements .25Art. 66Duration .25Art. 67Investment policy .25Art. 68Incorporation abroad .252Obligations with respect to listing .25Art. 69Prospectus in accordance with FinSA .25Art. 70Information on risks (cancelled) .253Conditions for maintaining listing .25Art. 71Annual reporting .25SIX Exchange Regulation AG4

Listing Rules25/07/2022Art. 72Interim reporting .26Art. 73Publication of current value (net asset value) .26Art. 74Valuation of investments that are difficult to assess .26Art. 75Compliance with the investment policy .26Art. 76Changes to investment policy and compensation model .27BReal estate companies .27Art. 77Definition .271Listing requirements .27Art. 78Duration .27Art. 79Investment policy .272Obligations with respect to listing .28Art. 80Prospectus in accordance with FinSA .283Conditions for maintaining listing .28Art. 81Annual reporting .28Art. 82Interim reporting .28Art. 83Compliance with the investment policy .28Art. 84Changes to the investment policy and compensation model .28CCompanies under the Domestic Standard (cancelled) .291Listing requirements (cancelled) .29Art. 85Duration (cancelled) .29Art. 86Annual financial statements (cancelled) .29Art. 87Capital resources (cancelled) .29Art. 88Free float (cancelled) .292Obligations with respect to listing (cancelled) .29Art. 89Content of the listing prospectus (cancelled) .29CaSparks .29Art. 89aDefinition .291Listing requirements .29Art. 89bDuration .29Art. 89cAnnual financial statements .30Art. 89dCapital resources .30Art. 89eFree float .302Change of regulatory standard .30Art. 89fChange from the regulatory standard Sparks to another standard for equity securities .30Art. 89gChange from another standard for equity securities to the regulatory standard Sparks .31SIX Exchange Regulation AG5

Listing Rules25/07/2022CbSpecial Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) .31Art. 89hDefinition and requirements .311Listing requirements .32Art. 89iDuration, annual financial statements and capital resources .322Obligations with respect to listing .32Art. 89jInformation about the SPAC .323Conditions for maintaining listing .32Art. 89kDisclosure of management transactions .32Art. 89lApproval of the De-SPAC.32Art. 89m Information to investors .324Conditions for maintaining listing after completion of the De-SPAC.33Art. 89nQuarterly reporting .33Art. 89oPublication of the quarterly financial statements .33Art. 89pDisclosure of Management Transactions .33Art. 89qContinuation of obligations .33DGlobal depository receipts .33Art. 90Definitions .331Listing requirements .34Art. 91Requirements for the issuer .34Art. 92Requirements for the depository .34Art. 93Underlying shares held on a fiduciary basis .34Art. 94Requirements for global depository receipts .342Obligations with respect to listing .34Art. 95Prospectus in accordance with FinSA .34Art. 96Abridgement of the listing prospectus (cancelled) .35Art. 97Listing notice (cancelled) .35Art. 98Issuer declaration .353Conditions for maintaining listing .35Art. 99Principle .35Art. 100Management transactions .35Art. 101Information on corporate governance .35Art. 102Interim reporting (cancelled) .35Art. 103Obligation to disclose price-sensitive facts (ad hoc publicity) .36Art. 104Changes to depository and depository agreement .36ECollective investment schemes .36Art. 105Definition .36SIX Exchange Regulation AG6

Listing Rules25/07/2022Art. 106Implementing provisions .361Listing requirements .36Art. 107Duration .36Art. 108Minimum capitalisation/free float of units .36Art. 109FINMA ruling .372Obligations with respect to listing .37Art. 110Listing prospectus (cancelled) .37Art. 111Issuer declaration .37Art. 112Listing notice (cancelled) .373Conditions for maintaining listing .37Art. 113Annual and interim reporting .37Art. 113a Management transactions .37IXFinal provisions .38AEntry into force .38Art. 114Entry into force .38BTransitional provisions .38Art. 115Securities that are already listed .38Art. 116Pending sanction proceedings .38Art. 116a Pending listing applications .38Art. 116b New listing applications .38Art. 117Periodic reportin

1 The Listing Rules contain general provisions and govern the listing of equity securities on SIX Swiss Ex-change AG ("SIX Swiss Exchange"). 2 The listing of other products (e.g. bonds, derivatives, Exchange Traded Products) is governed by Additional Rules. See also: ‒ Additional Rules Derivatives (ARD) ‒ Additional Rules Bonds (ARB)

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