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Today’s date:Purpose:PurchaseHow did you hear about CPC?Loan Amount Requested:RehabilitationRefinanceWOMInternetNew ConstructionAdvertisingOtherPressGovernment AgencyOther*COMPLETE: THIS APPLICATION ALL ATTACHED SCHEDULES A, B, C, D, E PERSONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT FOR KEY PRINCIPALSAND OWNERS ENERGY BENCHMARKING PROGRAM AGREEMENT & UTILITY ACCESS AUTHORIZATION FORM.Borrower NameState FormedDate FormedPrincipal’s Name (s)Borrower/Business AddressCityStateZipPrincipal Home AddressCityStateZipHome PhoneBusiness PhoneFaxSSNMobile PhoneEmailBorrower Fed ID #(EIN/TIN)For Profit CorporationNot-For-Profit CorporationSole ProprietorLLCPartnershipLPBASIC PROPERTY INFORMATIONProject Name:Building Address:City:Section:Property Type: Residential CommercialNumber of Floors Above Basement/Grade:Number of Residential Units:Number of Two-Bedrooms:Number of Commercial Units:Total Residential Sq. Feet:Year of Construction:Date of Purchase:Total Purchase Price:Mixed UseState:Block/Lot:Ownership: Fee Simple Lease holdNumber of Parking Spaces:Number of Studio Apartments:Number of Three-Bedrooms:Type(s) of Commercial Business(es):Total Commercial Sq. Feet:Year of Last Renovation:Total Current Mortgage:Estimated Cost of Rehab or Construction:Page 1 of 14ZIP Code:County:Elevator: Y N # Elevators:Number of Vacant Units:Number of One-Bedrooms:Other Bedroom Apartments:

Type of Construction:Brick JointFire ProofPrimary Building Type: (Select one)Wood FrameOtherDimensions:Size of BuildingNumber of AcresSky-scraper (30 stories)High-Rise (9-29 stories)Low-Rise (1-4 Stories)Garden Style/Townhouse (no common hallways)One PlotMid-Rise (5-8 stories)Primary Occupancy Type: (Select one)Single/coupleFamilySeniorSpecial NeedsSupportive HousingStudentUTILITY PAYMENTFor each of the following, indicate if the primary utility usage is paid for by the tenant or owner: (Select one)Apt ElectricityTenantOwnerHeatingTenantOwnerHot g will be paid by owner if tenant electricity usage in apartments is paid by owner, or if the owner provides centrallydistributed cooling (in most cases a chiller).FUEL TYPEFor each of the following, indicate primary fuel: (Select one)HeatingElectricGasOilOtherHot Laundry (Dryers)ElectricGasOilOther N/AIs oil used as a backup fuel? (Select Yes/No)YesNoHave you recently undergone a fuel conversion (i.e. oil to gas)? (Select Yes/No) )YesNoIf yes, when:METERINGIndicate the metering type installed for each.Residential tenant metering (Select one):Commercial tenant metering (Select one):Electricity MasterDirectSub-meterN/AElectricity MasterDirectSub-meterN/AGas MasterDirectSub-meterN/AGas MasterDirectSub-meterN/AWater MasterDirectSub-meterN/AWater MasterDirectSub-meterN/ADefinitions:“Master” metered means there is a meter serving all the tenant spaces and common areas combined. This meter is maintained by the utility.“Direct” metered means each tenant space is served by an individual meter maintained by the utility. The common areas are also served by aone or more separate meters.“Sub-meter” means there is a utility-maintained master meter, and a third party meter has been installed to separate and measure usageamong individual tenants.Page 2 of 14

SYSTEMS SURVEYIndicate the type of heating and cooling systems:Apartment Units: Radiator/Baseboard Electric Resistance Baseboard PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) PTHP (Packaged Terminal Heat Pump) Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) Fan Coil Unit Window/Wall AC Ductless Mini Split System (Heat Pump) Unit Heater (Furnace or Boiler) Other:Central Plants: Steam Boiler – 1 pipe system Steam Boiler – 2 pipe system Hydronic (Heating Hot Water) Boiler Furnace District Steam Supply Ground Source Heat Pump (Geothermal) Chiller Chiller-Heater Cooling Tower Other:Packaged Air Handling: Makeup Air Unit Packaged Indoor Unit Packaged Rooftop Unit Split SystemIs there any renewable or on-site generation equipment at your CELLANEOUS QUESTIONSIs water used for landscape irrigation? (Select Yes/No)YesNoPlease indicate the number of dishwashers on site:Please indicate the number of washer and driers on site:# washing machines:How many of these machines are located in a common area?Does the building have in-unit thermostats? (Select Yes/No)YesNoWill this building be constructed/renovated using modular panels or units? (Select Yes/No)# driers:YesNoIf yes, please describe:List any amenities and common spaces below that may account forDescribe the quantity and type of any commercial tenantsadditional owner-paid utility usage (i.e. parking, garage, community room,(i.e. 1 restaurant, 1 office, 2 retail).gym, cool, commercial kitchen). Indicate if each space is conditioned.Amenity/SpaceHeated?Cooled?Additional Property Notes:Page 3 of 14

Existing Mortgage Information (for Subject Property)1. Mortgagee and AddressOutstanding PrincipalBalanceAnnual PaymentAmortizationMaturityArrearsInterest RateAccount #Interest RateAccount #Contact NameDatePhone Number2. Mortgagee and AddressOutstanding PrincipalBalanceAnnual WaymentAmortizationMaturityArrearsContact NameDatePhone NumberCan each existing mortgage(s) be prepaid? YesNoIf yes, how much is the prepayment fee?Government Participation (if applicable)*If government financing has been requested for a portion of this loan, please complete the following:Source 1Name of AgencyName of ProgramContact PersonAmount RequestedSource 2Telephone NumberPurposeGovernment Financing StatusApprovedDeclinedName of ProgramName of AgencyContact PersonAmount RequestedSource 3Telephone NumberPurposeGovernment Financing StatusApprovedDeclinedName of ProgramName of AgencyContact PersonAmount RequestedPendingPendingTelephone NumberPurposeGovernment Financing StatusApprovedDeclinedPendingPerson(s) Responsible for Performing Rehabilitation & Construction Work (e.g. contractor(s), architect, etc.)CONTRACTOR (Name of Contact)AddressTelephone NumberARCHITECT (Name of Contact)AddressTelephone NumberBUILDING MANAGER (Name of Contact)AddressTelephone NumberReferences (include 3 business references)Company NameContact NameTelephone NumberHave you applied for a loan for this property with any other financial institution?YesNoLIST ALL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS WHERE YOU HAVE SUBMITTED AN APPLICATION FOR THE SUBJECT PROPERTY1.2.3.Page 4 of 14Relationship

Financial Statement*THE FOLLOWING IS REQUIRED FOR THE BORROWING ENTITY. ANY PRINCIPAL OWNER OF THE BORROWER HOLDING 10% OR GREATERINTEREST, MUST COMPLETE A PERSONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT & PAGE 4NAME OF BORROWING ENTITYDATE AN ACCOUNTANT PREPARED OR AUDITED STATEMENT MAY BE SUBMITTED IN LIEU OF THIS STATEMENT, BUT DECLARATION SECTIONMUST BE COMPLETED AND SIGNEDASSETSLIABILITIESCASH **NOTES PAYABLE TO BANKSREAL ESTATE ***NOTES PAYABLE TO OTHERSSECURITIES ****MORTGAGES ON REAL ESTATECASH VALUE OF LIFE INS.INSTALLMENT/LINES OF CREDITOTHER ASSETSOTHER LIABILITIESTOTAL LIABILITIESTOTAL ASSETSNET WORTH* Attach copy of last 2 years of tax returns** Attach current bank statements*** Complete Real Estate Schedule D if needed (Schedule D is an Excel Spreadsheet)****Attach current statementsPersonal Data (Complete only if Borrower & Principal are the same)EmployerEmployer AddressCityStateZipTitle/PositionWork Telephone NumberAnnual SalaryOther IncomeSource of OtherDeclarations (Borrowing Entity)YesAre there any outstanding judgments against you?Have you ever declared bankruptcy?Are you party to a lawsuit?Do you have any contingent liabilities? If yes, Have you ever been convicted of a felony?Are you presently delinquent or in default on any loan, mortgage, financial obligation, bond or loan guarantee?Have you, directly or indirectly, been involved on any loan which resulted in foreclosure, Transfer of title in lieu offoreclosure or judgment?IF YES TO ANY OF THE ABOVE, PLEASE EXPLAIN BY ATTACHING A SEPARATE SHEETI/We certify that all information contained on this financial statement is true and correct in every detail and represents the financial condition of theApplicant(s) on the date given below.The undersigned declares that he/she has read and understands the statements above.Applicant’s Authorized SignatureDateApplicant’s Authorized SignatureDateBank ReferenceInstitutionAddressAccount #InstitutionAddressAccount #Account RepresentativeTelephone NumberAccount RepresentativeTelephone NumberPage 5 of 14No

ALL PERSONS IN THE BORROWING ENTITY MUST PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:Principal OwnerSoc. Sec #Stockholder # of shares or %interestCityStateZipHome TelephoneBusiness AddressAre you a US Citizen?Country of CitizenshipCityYesNoVisa TypeDate of ExpirationPermanent Residency #Cellular TelephoneZipBusiness TelephoneRefugee StatusDate ReceivedDate of IssuePrincipal OwnerSSNCityStateBusiness AddressAre you a US Citizen?Country of CitizenshipStateHome AddressStockholder # of shares or %interestZipHome TelephoneCityYesNoVisa TypePermanent Residency #StateDate of ExpirationHome AddressZipRefugee StatusCellular TelephoneBusiness TelephoneDate ReceivedDate of IssueSUSTAINABILITY INFORMATION1.Will you be incorporating any sustainability design elements (or measures to improve energy efficiency) intoyour project scope?YesNo2.If yes, what sustainability elements will be incorporated into your project design and scope? (select all that apply) Green Physical Needs Assessment (GPNA) or Energy Audit High-efficiency heating system On-site renewable energy generation Sustainability Certification (i.e. LEED, Enterprise Green Communities, Energy Star, NYSERDA) Other:3.Are you interested in learning more about CPC’s sustainability initiatives and technical assistance program?YesNoPage 6 of 14

CertificationThe Undersigned certify the following:1.We have applied for a mortgage loan from The Community Preservation Corporation. In applying for the loan, I/Wecompleted a loan application containing various information on the purpose of the loan, the amount and source of the downpayment, employment and income information, and assets and liabilities. I/We certify that all of the information is true andcomplete. I/We made no misrepresentations in the loan application or other documents, nor did I/We omit any pertinentinformation.2. I/We understand and agree that The Community Preservation Corporation reserves the right to change the mortgageloan review process to a full documentation program. This may include verifying the information provided on the applicationwith the employee and/or the financial institution.3. I/We fully understand that it is a Federal crime punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both, to knowingly make any falsestatements when applying for this mortgage, as applicable under the provisions of Title 18, United States Codes, Section 1014.4. This application shall remain the property of CPC.5. Prior to closing the loan, the applicant(s) agree(s) to promptly advise CPC of any change contained in this application.Authorization to Release InformationTo Whom It May Concern:1. I/We have applied for a mortgage from The Community Preservation Corporation. As part of the application process,The Community Preservation Corporation may verify information contained in my/our loan application and in otherdocuments required in connection with the loan, either before the loan is closed or as part of its quality control program.2. I/We authorize you to provide to The Community Preservation Corporation, and to any investor to whom The CommunityPreservation Corporation may sell my mortgage, any and all information and documentation that they request. Suchinformation includes, but is not limited to, employment history and income; bank, money market, and similar account balances;credit history; and copies of income tax returns.3. The Community Preservation Corporation or any investor that purchases the mortgage may address this authorizationto any party named in the loan application.4. A copy of this authorization may be accepted as an original.5. Your prompt reply to The Community Preservation Corporation or the investor that purchased the mortgage is appreciated.(Applicant’s Authorized Signature)Date(Applicant’s Authorized Signature)DatePage 7 of 14

SCHEDULE ARENT ROLLPlease fill out or attach current Rent Roll for Occupied PropertiesRent Roll SummaryMonthYearBuilding AddressTenant’s NameApt ##/Rooms*Current MonthlyRentLease Exp.DateOccupied/VacantTenantShare Amt.RentControlledAmt.RentStabilizedAmt.Total # of unitsTotalsCommercial SpaceTotals* Number of rooms2 rooms studio/0 bedrooms3 rooms 1 bedroom4 rooms 2 bedroomsVacantYesNo#/months vacantYesNo#/months vacantYesNo#/months vacantMonthly RentalAmount5 rooms 3 bedrooms6 rooms 4 bedroomsPage 8 of 14Floor #Sq. Footage ofCommercial UnitLease Exp.Date

SCHEDULE BINCOME OPERATING EXPENSESPlease attach 3 years of Income Operating Expenses or Complete Form for Occupied Properties*TO BE COMPLETED BY APPLICANTANNUAL INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR YEAR:BUILDING ADDRESS:INCOME3 years back2 years back1 year backTrailing 12 toProjected Budget1. Gross income from apartment rental2. Gross income from commercial rental3. Total gross income (lines 1 plus 2)4. Collection LossesResidentialCommercial5. Effective gross income (lines 3 less 4)EXPENSES1. Real estate taxes2. Water and sewer charges3. Fire InsurancePremiumAmount of Coverage4. Liability InsurancePremiumAmount of Coverage5. Licenses6. Fuel (Oil type:)Gallons per year7. Gas8. Electricity (not metered to tenants)9. Trash removal10. Pest control11. Maintenance and repairs12. Cleaning expenses13. Supplies14. Elevator maintenance & repair contract15. Management16. Superintendent and staff salariesDoes superintendent receive free apartment?YesNo zĞƐ EŽ zĞƐ EŽ zĞƐ EŽ zĞƐ timeHandymen:full-timepart-time17. Payroll taxes18. Legal19. Accounting and Auditing20. Replacement (doesn’t include repair)Ranges and refrigeratorsBoilersRoofOther21. Painting22. Other ExpensesTOTAL EXPENSE* Note Please -- For an occupied property with historical operating expenses, please submit monthly usage and cost for heat (oil or gas),and electricity for the most recent calendar year. Please also submit the most recent annual water usage and cost for the property.Page 9 of 14

SCHEDULE CTRADE COST BREAKDOWNTO BE COMPLETED BY APPLICANT OR ATTACH STANDARD AIA COST BREAKDOWN FOR RENOVATION OR NEW CONSTRUCTIONITEM NO.1DESCRIPTION OF WORKSitework2Demolition & Shoring3Concrete-Non Foundation4Foundation5Masonry6Metalwork7Rough Carpentry8Finish Carpentry9Roof/Insulation10Windows/Glazing11Doors & Hardware12Drywall & Plastering13Flooring14Specialties – OtherSCHEDULED VALUETotalPage 10 of 14

SCHEDULE DREAL ESTATE SCHEDULETO BE COMPLETED BY APPLICANTAll Borrowers and Borrower Principals (see definitions below) must complete and deliver to the lender a separate Real Estate Schedule. The Real EstateSchedule should be in spreadsheet format. The CPC Real Estate Schedule format (see "Step 1" tab) is strongly preferred. If an alternate Real Estate Scheduleformat is delivered, each property listed in the schedule should include a data point for each of the fields in the "Field Name" section to the right. In addition, eachBorrower and Borrower Principal must certify the accuracy of each item on the Real Estate Schedule and deliver an executed certification (see "Step 2" tab), ornote any exceptions.Borrower means any individual or entity that will execute the promissory Note evidencing the loan requested.Borrower Principal means any individual or entity that directly or indirectly controls the Borrower, including1. Any person or entity signing the guaranty, regardless of equity, ownership percentage orposition within the borrowing entity2. Any GP of a general partnership or limited partnership3. Any managing member or non-member manager of an LLC4. Any person or entity (limited partner, member or shareholder) with a collective equity interest in the borrower equal to or exceeding 25 percent5. Any joint venture partner of a joint venture6. The settlor (grantor) of a living trust7. Any beneficiary with a 25 percent or more interest in a testamentary (irrevocable) trust8. Any beneficiary with a 25 percent or more interest in an Illinois land trustEach Borrower and Borrower Principal must list all real estate projects for which it has an ownership interest as a Borrower Principal. If a Borrower or BorrowerPrincipal has more than fifteen real estate projects, add additional rows to the Real Estate Schedule to capture all real estate projects.Please consult the lender if you have any questions concerning this schedule.The schedule should be completed as follows:Excel ColumnColumn BColumn CField NameProperty NameStreet AddressInstructionsEnter the property nameEnter the street address where the property is locatedColumn DCityEnter the city where the property is locatedColumn EStateEnter the state where the property is locatedColumn FStatusSelect an option from the drop down menuColumn GAsset TypeSelect an option from the drop down menuColumn HUnitsEnter the total number of residential units at the propertyColumn IYear BuiltEnter the year the property was builtColumn JOccupancy %Enter the most current occupancy figures expressed as a percentage for the property."Occupancy" means leased and physically in placeColumn KColumn LAcquisition Date (yr)Ownership RoleColumn MOwnership InterestEnter the acquisition date of the propertyEnter the Borrower or Borrower Principal's legal ownership role in the property (i.e. LP, GPetc)Enter the percentage ownership the Borrower or Borrower Principal has in each identifiedpropertyColumn NLenderEnter the lender on the lienColumn OColumn PSelect an option from the drop down menuEnter the date the debt will be maturingColumn QLoan TypeMaturity DateOutstanding Loan AmountColumn RAnnual Debt ServiceEnter the unpaid principal balanceEnter the annual debt service payments (principal and interest)Column SInterest Only orAmortizing Debt ServiceSelect an option from the drop down menu that reflects whether debt service payments arecurrently amortizing or interest onlyColumn TEffective Gross IncomeEnter the total annual effective/gross income for the propertyColumn UTotal Operating ExpensesEnter the total annual operating expenses for the property including all real estate taxes,insurance, management fees, etcColumn VNOIList the annual net cash flow or net operating income for the property before debt servicepayments. Also insert the 12-month period over "identify period" after the "NOI" headingColumn WTotal DCRList the total Debt Coverage RatioColumn XCurrent Market ValueEnter the current fair market value of the property and the date of such valuation over "identifyperiod" after the "Current Market Value" headingColumn YCap RateEnter the cap rate for that particular mortgage on the corresponding propertyColumn ZValue Per UnitEnter the value per unit for that particular propertyColumn AACommentsEnter any additional notes or clarification about any of the fields populatedPage 11 of 14

CPC Real Estate Schedule FormBorrower or Borrower Principal Name: DatePopulated:Date of NOI:Property InfoOwnership#Property NameAddressCityStateStatusAsset TypeUnitsYear Built1.ABC Property123 Main StMcleanVaStabilizedMultifamily ionDate (yr)2005ABCCompany'sOwnershipRoleGPCash FlowDebt: Enter any property indebtedness by breaking out eachlien and the associated terms in one of the two rows tstanding LoanAmountAnnual DebtServiceInterest Only orAmortizing DebtServiceLoanTypeMaturityDateABC BankFixed1/1/2015 8,000,000 800,000AmortizingDEF BankVariable1/1/2016 2,000,000 200,000Interest OnlyValuationTotalOperatingExpensesEffectiveGross Income 1,400,000 400,000NOI01/01/2012 1,000,000TotalDCRCurrentMarket Value01/01/2012Cap Rate1.00 10.0% 10,000,000Value --14.----15.----TotalWeighted AverageMinMaxPage 12 of 14

SCHEDULE EENERGY AND BUILDING PERFORMANCEENERGY PERFORMANCE SURVEYTO BE COMPLETED BY: team architect, MEP engineer, sustainability consultant, energy modeler, or CPC’s supervising engineerIn effort to continually improve the economics of the properties we finance, The CommunityPreservation Corporation (CPC) is collecting information on how your project is expected to performpost-construction, paying particular attention to the projected cost for owner and tenant paidutilities.Return this from along with any relevant supporting documentation*.*Supporting documentation could include energy audits, energy model, narrative describingproject/systems, and/or information on comparable projects.BUILDING INFORMATIONProject Name:Building Address:City:Residential Sqft:Dwelling Units:State:Commercial Sqft:Rooms:ZIP Code:Other Sqft:Commercial Units:UTILITY EXPENSESFor each of the following, indicate the cost for both owner and tenant paid utilities:For new construction and substantial renovation (those with changes to the heating systems or thermal properties of abuilding) indicate the projected, annual costs for each utility.Owner PaidTotal Dollars Per YearTenant PaidTotal Dollars Per YearElectricGasOilWater/SewerFUEL TYPEFor each of the following, indicate primary fuel: (Select one)Space HeatingElectricGasOilOtherHot WaterOilOtherElectricGasSpace HeatingCentralPlantIn-unitOtherHot WaterCentralPlantIn-unitOtherSYSTEM INFORMATIONELECTRIC GENERATIONWill there be/are there any renewable or on-site generation equipment at your CELLANEOUS QUESTIONSPlease list any intended sustainability certifications (i.e. Enterprise Green Communities, LEED, ENERGY STAR,NYSERDA MPP or new construction low rise):Page 13 of 14

In effort to continually improve the economics of the properties we finance, The CommunityPreservation Corporation (CPC) is collecting information on how your project is expected to performpost-construction, paying particular attention to the projected cost for owner and tenant paidutilities.Return this from along with any relevant supporting documentation*.*Supporting documentation could include energy audits, energy model, narrative describingproject/systems, and/or information on comparable projects.Please list any awarded sustainability incentives or grants (i.e. NYSERD, WAP, National Grid):Additional Property Notes:DESIGN PROFESSIONAL VERIFICATIONBy signing this document, I certify the following: The information provided in this document is true and correct to the best of myknowledgeSignature: Phone:Name (print): E-mail:Title: Organization:Page 14 of 14

1. We have applied for a mortgage loan from The Community Preservation Corporation. In applying for the loan, I/We completed a loan application containing various information on the purpose of the loan, the amount and source of the down payment, employment and income information, and assets and liabilities.

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