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BACK to return SUBWOOFER SETUP SW limiter.....: dB Increase limiter level using VOL buttons. Press ENTER just before the subwoofer is clipping. press BACK to cancel. MAIN MENU Digital audio..: menu Input setup....: menu System setup...: menu Speaker Setup..: menu Delay Setup....: menu Balance Setup..: menu Subwoofer Setup: menu ENTER to enter menu

7 TFT LCD COLOR Rear Vision Monitor


Dell 2209WA Monitor User's Guide

Using the On -Screen Display (OSD) Menu Accessing the Menu System 1. Push the MENU button to launch the OSD menu and display the main menu. Main Menu for Analog (VGA) Input or Main Menu for digital (DVI) Input If either VGA or DVI -D input is selected and both VGA and DVI -D cables are not connected, a floating dialog box as shown below appears.


1. .Entry main menu: 2. Push Next scroll to Record Menu 3. Push Menu to select Record mod 4. Press Play to start /stop recording. Press and hold Play to save the record. Press and hold MENU to save the record and go back to the main menu. Voice Files saved by record FM radio 1. Enter main menu, different firmware versions may show FM-Radio. 2.

NS7520 Jumpers & Components C - Digi International

bold, sans serif type Menu commands, dialog box co mponents, and other items that appear on-screen. Select Menu → option Menu commands. The first word is the menu name; the words that follow are menu selections. monospaced type Filenames, pathnames, and code examples.

NET 50/20M Jumpers and Components - Digi International

bold, sans serif type Menu commands, dialog box components, and other items that appear on-screen. Select Menu → option Menu commands. The first word is the menu name; the words that follow are menu selections. monospaced type Filenames, pathnames, and code examples.

GPS SYSTEM - audeo

1 Réglages 1.1 Volume : Permet le réglage du volume du son du Gps et du son des touches sur l’écran 1.2 Date et heure : Réglage de la date et de l’heure 1.3 FM Emission : Permet d’écouter les sons du GPS (téléphone, musique, infos, navigation…) par l’intermédiaire de l’auto radio.


lorsque l’activité signalée est fermée. Lorsqu’une activité cesse ou commence entre minuit et 7 h, les enseignes sont éteintes au plus tard une heure après la cessation d’activité de l’établissement et peuvent être allumée une heure avant la reprise de cette activité.

IT DU Paris gestionrisques 02-14 - HUG

Etre les premiers pour ... Eli i l ét ll 07.02.2014 12 Eliminer les étapes manuelles Améliorer la performance des contrôles Améliorer la communication ... Automatique (Pro-log) 07.02.2014 41 2 x 120 = 240 boîtes/heure entièrement automatique 2 x 350 = 700 boîtes/heure

Juin - France 24

Tous les horaires sont indiqués en heure de Paris. PROGRAMMES. 10 / L'INFORMATION ET LE DÉCRYPTAGE ... un tour d’horizon complet de l’actualité du jour ponctué par un bulletin d’information tous les quarts d’heure, des revues de presse française ... / 11 LE JOURNAL Toutes les demi-heures, un bulletin d'informations de ...

ProLogic /AquaLogic

instant salt reading; this will start the average process over again. Press the Menu button to exit. one How To: Reset Average Salt 6 Step 3 Step 4 Step 1 Step The active salt readings ~instant salt appears in the Diagnostic Menu. Press the Menu button repeatedly, until the Diagnostic Menu appears. Then press (>) one time.

Komputer Akuntasi Dengan Ms. Excel & Ms. Access

Komputer Akuntasi Dengan Ms. Excel & Ms. Access 4 D. MENU DAN FUNGSI YANG DIGUNAKAN Beberapa menu dan fungsi dalam Microsoft excel yang digunakan dalam program aplikasi akuntansi ini adalah sebagai berikut: Menu DATA FORM Menu ini digunakan untuk membantu pengguna dalam memasukkan data ke dalam format yang sudah disiapkan sebelumnya.

Dell SP2309WFP Monitor User's Guide

Use the Exit key to exit on -screen display(OSD) from menu and sub -menus. Front panel Key Description A Up Use the Up key to adjust (increase ranges) items in the OSD menu. B Down Use the Down key to adjust (decrease ranges) items in the OSD menu. C OK Use the OK key to confirm your selection. D Back Use the back key to back main menu.


SmartPLS Manual Page 16 Selected manifest variables. 5. Extended Menu Bar If at least one SmartPLS model is opened, the extended menu bar appears in the menu bar. Beside the basic functions (that can also be accessed via the tool bar and/or the context menu), additional functions are available for the

X3 Complete User Manual - B&H Photo Video Digital Cameras .

⑶Back / main menu: Press briefly to go back up one menu level each time until you reach the main menu; pressing Back when you’re in the main menu when music is playing takes ... The X3 is a HiFi-class high resolution digital audio player, supporting lossy and lossless music formats including DSD, WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA, ALAC, AAC, MP3, MP2 and ...

HP Smart Wi-Fi Display

7 ENGLISH Description of Buttons Back: Press to return to previous menu screen. Standby: Press to put the display into standby mode or take it out of standby mode. Home: Press to return to Main Menu. Time: Press to display Time menu. Photo Rotate: Press to rotate photo 90° counter clockwise. Favorites: Press to display Favorites menu. Music: Toggles between different selections, as follows.

Merc manual v5 - Rinda

Mercury 3.0L Carbureted Outboard.....60 Mercury 3.0L EFI Outboard ... Page 3 Figure 1 MerCruiser Scan Tool. Scan Tool Key Functions Page 4 Scrolls to next menu choice or used to increase a value Scrolls to previous menu choice or used to decrease a value Used to choose or activate menu options Exits the current menu or test mode Stops information that is scrolling across the display Displays ...

MHI Reefer Data control System (Ver.5.03)

MHI Reefer Data control System (Ver.5.03) 1. MHI Reefer Data control System basic operation Main menu window includes menu bar and tool bar, and all function is operated by menu bar or tool bar. 1.1 Data set button By clicking data set button on tool bar, data set menu such as calendar setting is displayed. 1.2 Data Download button

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Access WAP browser Press + in idle mode. Access Contacts - in idle mode. Access My Files Press < in idle mode. Access Write Message Press > in idle mode. Access Main Menu Press , or L in idle mode. Access MP3 Press R in idle mode. Go to previous menu Press R Back when browsing menu or in editing mode. Quickly return to idle when browsing menus ...

APPLICATION USER GUIDE - Web Design, Web Hosting & Online .

Page 6 of 23 Online Fax User Guide 1.0 Online Fax User Guide 1.0 Page 6 of 23 1.1.2 Navigating the Secondary Menu The Secondary Menu is located in the top left corner of the Administration Panel of Online Fax and consists of the following links: Home, Getting Started, Help and Feedback. Secondary Menu Description

Using Integrated Company Analysis

CTRL key and highlighting your selection.Next click << Add then OK. Selected tickers will appear in the Tickers menu. To save a Ticker List, select Save from the File menu. The list will be saved in a tab delimited format (*.txt). Editing Companies Ticker List To remove companies from the Ticker List, open the Ticker menu then select

Nokia X1–01 User Guide

Menu Go to To avoid accidental pressing of keys, use the keypad lock. Menu Go to Press Menu, and then quickly press *. 1 Keypad locked The keypad locks. To unlock the keypad, repeat step 1. 2 Make or answer a call Make a call to a number that you have. Options Clear 012345 Enter the phone number. 1 Select Back SIM2 SIM1 2 1 If asked, select the ...

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CELEBRATE YOUR CULL Wedding Information Pack Update_AW.indd 1 30/01/2019 09:45. To Love… Pre-wedding menu tasting for 2 guests Red carpet on arrival & Champagne Welcome for the Wedding Couple Prosecco Reception Freshly Brewed Tea & Coffee on Arrival Three Course Dinner Menu Evening Reception Food with choice of 2 menu items* Room Rental Bar Extension Chair Covers & Candelabras for your ...

Android Navigation User Manual - Carnaviplayer

Navigation User Manual . 1.Home Menu. First Page . Second Page Third Page . 2. How to use Navigation. Enter the second menu. Click icon “Navigation”,access into Navigation function. Please refer to the instruction manual for navigation software . 1 2 . Common apps Car info . Home. Menu . 1.Player .

Elite KURO Signature Series Monitor Integrator Reference .

6 Pioneer Elite KURO Signature Series Integrator Reference Manual Menu Structure 1 . User Menu Tree 1.1 User Menu (Simplified, for End User) ... Field NR INPUT 7 (HDMI) Block NR Input Name Mosquito NR Signal Type Other VIDEO ... Sharpness -15~0~+15 Color Temp “High,” (*1) Manual setting “Mid-High,” R High -60~0~+60

User Manual - izzo

2. Getting Started 2.1 Start Menu Press and hold [Enter] for 3 seconds until the power is on. Three options will show on the Start Menu: Play, Settings & Power Off. You can move the mark by pressing the [Up] and [Down] keys.To select desired option, press the [Enter] key. To return to the Start Menu screen at any time, press and hold [Enter] for a few seconds.

200DL Underwater Housing for Sony Alpha A7, A7R, A7S

SONY A7 A7R A7S / 200FT MADE IN USA MENU START/ STOP C2 Fn DISP +-Playback C3 / Delete Menu Viewfinder MOVIE O-ring ISO SONY A7 A7R A7S / 200FT MADE IN USA MENU START/ STOP C2 Fn DISP +-Up Set Fn Left / drive mode Down C2 / Enlarge Up / DISP Right / ISO Rear dial Exposure compsation AE/AF/AEL

T495 User Guide - Lenovo

the HDMI standard, enter the UEFI BIOS menu (see “Enter the UEFI BIOS menu” on page 41), and then configure HDMI Mode Select in the Config menu. 5. Audio connector Connect headphones or a headset with a 3.5-mm (0.14-inch) and 4-pole plug to listen to the sound from the computer. Note: The conventional microphone is not supported. 6.

X5 Complete User Manual

Coaxial digital out (upgrade firmware via this slot) TF 1 S lot2 S Play/Pause/OK/Confirm (press and hold to show volume control dial) Previous/previous song/rewind Back / main menu (press briefly to go back up one menu level. press and hold to return to main menu. (rotates 360º) Scroll wheel: item selection B. Buttons and ports introduced

(FLEXmax 80/FLEXmax 60) Overview - OutBack Power Inc

OutBack 24V Power Systems Charge Controller Startup Screen NOTE: See page 2-4 of this guide for menu maps for setting the versions, changing the language of the screens, and accessing the main menu. See the FLEXmax Series Owner’s Manual for details on the settings available in the main menu. PV Input Voltage Battery Voltage AUX Status

Task Menu User Guide - Oracle

The task list will display the following details of the task: Action Priority Application Number Branch Customer Number Amount Process Name Stage Following action can be performed on the Free Tasks menu: Acquire & Edit - Click Acquire & Edit to acquire the task and edit directly from free tasks menu.


mempromosikan produknya kapan saja dan dimana saja. Aplikasi pemesanan menu dan sistem informasi resto berbasis web yang telah berjalan ini dikembangkan menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP dan menggunakan MySQL sebagai media penyimpanan basis datanya. Kata kunci : Pemesanan menu resto, sistem informasi, Web, PHP, MySQL 1. PENDAHULUAN

Navigation system Columbus Operating instructions

function steering wheel, refer to the Owner's manual for your vehicle. “Function keys” on the screen › Active fields, which call up a function or a menu, are called “function keys”. › For example, in the main menu Setup, press the function key Radio » Fig. 1 to open the menu Setup Radio C » Fig. 1. The title lines A and C indicate the

First Level 2D Fundamentals - SDC Publications

1-4 AutoCAD 2016 Tutorial: 2D Fundamentals Note that AutoCAD automatically assigns generic names, Drawing X, as new drawings are created. In our example, AutoCAD opened the graphics window using the default system units and assigned the drawing name Drawing1. 2. If necessary, click on the down-arrow in the Quick Access bar and select Show Menu Bar to display the AutoCAD Menu Bar. The Menu Bar ...


This Investment Menu, dated 28 February 2021, provides you with an up-to-date listing of the investment options available through Allan Gray Investments. You should read the relevant disclosure documentation or seek appropriate professional advice before making an investment decision. The information in this Investment Menu

SubwayPOS User Manual - sametch

SubwayPOS User Manual Rev. 4.0 April 2014 Page 1 Home Screen The home screen contains buttons for access to the POS system as well as restaurant functions (cash, operations, labor, inventory, and utilities). Home Screen Key The menu status line indicates whether the menu is up-to-date or if there is a menu ready for publishing.

Mastercam to Mazatrol Post-Processor Tutorial

Mastercam to Mazatrol Post-Processor Tutorial 11/1/2018 12 The Mazak Menu will then appear in place of the Mastercam Main Menu 10. From this menu select Run postp. to run the Mazatrol Post. 11. Select a number between 1 and 9999 and hit OK. This will be the program number for your Mazatrol output file.

Book-Level PDF: Cisco Unity Express 2.1/2.2 GUI .

Cisco Unity Express 2.1/2.2 GUI Administrator Guide for Cisco CallManager Cisco Unity Express 2.1/2.2 Help Menu The Help menu appears when you click Help on the Home window. Table 14 describes the options on the Help menu: Backup History Displays the backed-up files, backup dates, and success status.

System Administration - Access Commander v3.57

facility . This step is completed within the Facility Info module (located on the System Administration menu) . Steps: 1 . From the Personnel Listing screen, place the cursor on the System Admin menu bar link . Figure: System Admin menu bar link . The System Admin options display . 2 . Click the Facility Management option .


Warm Crispy Dough Stuffed with Pistachio and Clotted Cream, Maras Ice Cream Per Person AED 355 – Food Only The restaurant is designed in 17th century Ottoman style and it displays