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CROSSFIT (Mamaroneck, NY) Contact: Megan Vizzari e-mail: [email protected] phone: (914) 548-8854 ... Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Massage and Stretch Massage . o Specialty Services - Armaritual® Therapy, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, Hot Stone massage, Prenatal Massage and Cupping Therapy

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• Massage School Subchapter C. Licensed Massage Therapist §117.20. Massage Therapists License--General Requirements and Application. §140.310 Qualifications for Licensure as a Massage Therapist §140.311. Massage Therapist Application Procedures and Documentation . Occ. Code §455.054, §455.153 . 16 TAC 60 . Simplified list of requirements.

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Professional Ethics, Massage Therapy Law and a Clinical Internship. Texas Massage Academy offers the most innovative, comprehensive massage program available. Our programs include the following core subjects: Massage Technique – 200 Hours Massage Technique I – 150 Hours .

Portable Massage Table Construction Plans

Contents v Portable Massage Table Construction Plans List of Figures Figure 1 Picture of a similar design but not exactly this table 7 Figure 2 Upper leg construction 21

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In the context of massage therapy practice, duty of care pertains to the massage therapist’s ethical and legal obligation to avoid acts or omissions that are likely to cause harm to their clients. It is the appropriate and responsible application of professional knowledge, skill and integrity. In the context of massage therapy practice,

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage .

Study Guide Outline for Board Certification . Board Certified massage therapists have obtained the highest voluntary credential in the massage therapy and bodywork profession. The Board Certification Exam of Massage Therapy & Bodywork was developed to challenge massage therapists in many different areas to ensure each possesses advanced

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Read Me First Table of Contents User’s Manual 5 2 About this Manual 2 Quick Installation Guide 2 User’s Manual 2 Using this Manual 2 Icon Guide Specifications 6 Introduction 7 S2 Portable 8 S2 Portable 3.0 9 Installation 11 Windows Connecting your S2 Portable Series Using your S2 Portable Series 13 Copying / Moving Files 13 Removable Disk Method 15 Safely Removing your S2 Portable Series

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Pregnancy Massage, Trigger Point and Thermotherapy, Myofascial & Positional Release Techniques, and modalities such as Reflexology, Seated Massage, Sports Massage as well as offer nutrition advice, manual lymphatic drainage and injury ... Crossfit, Ultimate Frisbee and Mental Health Week. 8

Anatomy and physiology for sports massage

Anatomy and physiology for sports massage The aim of this unit is to develop the knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology relevant to sports massage. You will explore the anatomy and physiology of each of the body systems and look at the physical, physiological, neurological and psychological effects of sports massage on these systems.

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Perfect FitTM technology allows you to set the massager range to the height that is perfect for your back. the Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion comes with a screw located on the back of the unit to protect the massage mechanism during shipment, which must be removed before the first use to allow the massage feature to function.


GP300 Series Portable Radio Models GP600 Series Portable Radio Models GP200 Series Portable Radio Models GP500 Series Portable Radio Models GP Professional Series Portable Radio Accessories Price catalogue is subject to change without notice. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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Lesson 4: Ethics & Professionalism in Massage Therapy Module II Breakdown: Western Massage: This course explores the fundamental skills of massage therapy. It serves to orient practitioners in training to become comfortable and familiar in human therapeutic touch, as well as to solidify a foundation that will continually be added to throughout ...

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Massage therapists are taught to treat muscles in a variety of ways, often focusing on trigger points, which are contracted spots in the muscle bellies. In massage, lotion is applied so that the therapist’s hand, knuckle or elbow can glide over the body’s skin/muscle. In a deep-tissue massage, the therapist’s elbow glides across the length of


A copy of the Massage Therapy Act and a copy of the latest adopted Rules shall be posted on the Department of Health’s website and available for download. 5. An applicant applying as a new massage therapy licensee, an individual applying for a new massage therapy school license, or a licensee applying

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Introduction Disclaimers and Contraindications The Massage Therapy Treatment Manual was created to offer ideas for safe effective massage treatments using Biofreeze ...

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INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND WARRANTY INFORMATION TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ... • DO NOT use this massager in close proximity to loose clothing, jewelry. • ... Press this button to activate the rhythmic kneading manual massage function for a full back massage at medium strength. Every time this button is pressed, the manual massage function will ...


The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork | 1333 Burr Ridge Pkwy, Ste 200, Burr Ridge, IL 60527 STUDY GUIDE OUTLINE FOR BOARD CERTIFICATION Board Certified massage therapists have obtained the highest voluntary credential in the massage therapy and bodywork profession.


a portable type water alarm is more suitable for this purpose. 1.2 DESIGN OBJECTIVE The objective of this project is to develop a portable water alarm detector with LCD display output, buzzer alarm and LED indicators for water level. The aim of the portable water alarm is to sense the accumulating water outside the house.

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Portable Series External Hard Drive 6 User’s Manual Introduction The Portable Series External Hard Drive is a high-performance external hard drive that supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 *. Unlike conventional desktop disk drives, the Portable Series External Hard Drive makes it possible for

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Standard Cover Letter of Transmittal Table 1. Identification Table 2. Bidding Process Table 3. Bid Submission and Opening Table 4. Bid Prices (as Read Out) Table 5. Preliminary Examination Table 6. Corrections and Unconditional Discounts Table 7. Exchange Rates Table 8. Currency Conversion (Multiple Currencies) Table 9.