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SOP MagazineVolume 5 Issue 1 Summer 2017STAY WELL THISLebanese International University School of Pharmacy 2017

When dealing with people,remember you are notdealing with creatures oflogic, but creatures ofemotion.Dale Carnegie

ABOUT THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACYOne of the highly ranked private schools of pharmacy nationwide,the Lebanese International University School of Pharmacy maintains an elegant reputation for innovative educational programsand skillful training through both degrees it offers, the BPharm andPharmD. Over the past few years the School has strived to establish a structure which enables our graduates to become an addedquality to the healthcare system. The School focuses on clinicalpharmacy, community outreach, and training on the optimal useof medication therapy through didactic as well as clerkship/internship courses. Today, our School is acknowledged by private,public, and international institutions. Our graduates attain highsuccess rate in the national pharmacy examination (colloquium),and are highly recognized by national and international pharmaceutical companies.The SOP Magazine, published tri-annually, delivers drug and healthinformation news from the School’s Faculty members and highlights some of the School’s events. 2017 BY THE LEBANESE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITYSCHOOL OF PHARMACYLetters to the editor, questions, comments, and requests shouldbe kindly addressed to:Dr. Diana Malaeb, RPh, PharmD, MSSchool of Pharmacy; Lebanese International UniversityBeirut Campus, Mouseitbeh, LebanonTel: 961-1-706881 ext.12106 [email protected] of the School of PharmacyDr. Mohamad RahalMagazine Editor–in-ChiefDr. Diana MalaebContributors to this issue(In alphabetical order)FacultyDr. Ahmad DimassiDr. Dalal HammoudiDr. Hawraa KisserwanDr. Iqbal FahsDr. Malak AlameDr. Nisreen MouradDr. Nour ChamsineDr. Razan MhanaPhotographyMr. Jihad Mourad

Dean’s Message To GraduatesDearest graduates, there is nothing more superior to success and distinction, and there is no joy equals the joy ofaccomplishment and excellence.Your success did not come easily or by chance, but it was a result of the extensive effort, research, determination and willpower that you put through your years of study. You have achieved your ambitions, goals andwishes through your success and graduation from the university and by pioneering in the colloquium exams.You are distinguished by your knowledge, ethics, skills, andcommunications with your patients and with you colleague doctors and nurses as well as other healthcareproviders, and by that, you reflect the true image and value of Lebanese International University.Today you have proudly become pharmacists, and the owners of the most honorable profession amonghumans. You are not, as many people think, traders and your sole goal is to make money and your majorconcern is to calculate profits and losses. You do not trade with people's lives; instead, you save people'slives insure the society’s wellbeing. You are the brave guards of the homeland who protect the health of ourchildren, elders, mothers, and all people. Your profession is subjected to many challenges and distortions andoften to fabrications. It is your duty to preserve it and protect it and to fortify it with your unity, determinationand professional development.The last thing that I would like to mention is a message of love and belonging to this University, and to theSchool of Pharmacy, and to the dedicated soldiers in this school; the amazing, astonishing, and wonderfulinstructors of the school. The mission of the university was and will continue to be the provision of the distinguished education to all citizens of the country; and the aim of the school was to develop and upgrade itsscientific level to compete with the most prestigious universities, not only local but even global ones and hasbecome one of the best schools worldwide.LIU Pharmacy Alumni was established this year to make sure that our graduates are affiliated with the University and with the School ofPharmacy. This Alumni strengthens the relationship between the university and the pharmacy graduatesthrough several activities inside and outside the university. Such activities include continuing education lectures and seminars, the pharmacy day, seminars and conferences. In addition, the Alumni will work to cooperate between graduates and the school in order to provide employment opportunities for new graduates andbenefit from the experiences of senior graduates. So, I invite you to join the Alumni and to participate activelyin all its activities and projects.Dr. Mohamad Rahal - Dean, School of [email protected]

SeminarsKidney DiseaseAcquired Immune Deficiency SyndromeTuberculosisImmunization1011121314World Health DayWorld Kidney DayWorld Tuberculosis DayWorld Immunization DayWorld Physical Activity DayActivitiesInt. Conferences Workshops5678Campaigns2 317 Leadership Workshop18 Cooking Workshop20 Sixth Kuwait International Pharmacy Conference21 Second Regional Pharmacy Faculty DevelopmentWorkshop24 Lebanese Pharmacy Students Association25 CHANCE26 ARWANContents27 Herbal Library28 PhD Thesis Defense30 Faculty Highlights39 Alumni Contribution


Seminars4 5"Chronic Kidney Disease to End-StageRenal Disease: A Train We Need toStop at Earlier Stations”The School of Pharmacy at Beirutcampus organized seminar onTuesday, March 14, 2017 entitled“Chronic Kidney Disease to End-StageRenal Disease: A Train We Need to Stopat Earlier Stations”.The aim of the seminar was to raiseawareness on importance of ourkidneys on our overall health during theWorld Kidney Day. The seminar wasdelivered by Dr. Sahar Koubar.Dr. Koubar is an Instructor of ClinicalMedicine, subspecialty Nephrologyand Hypertension, in the Departmentof Internal Medicine at AmericanUniversity of Beirut Medical Center.She graduated with the degree ofBachelor of Medicine & Surgery fromBeirut Arab University. Dr. Koubar wasthen accepted as a resident at DukeUniversity Hospital, North Carolina,where she trained for 3 years inInternal Medicine. At Duke, she wonthe resident research award. Shethen completed a two-year fellowshipin Nephrology and Hypertensionat Johns Hopkins University. AtHopkins, she was involved in severalQuality Improvement projectsand received training in clinicalresearch and statistics. Dr. Koubaris practicing in all areas of clinicalnephrology, hypertension, dialysis, andtransplantation. Her particular clinicalinterests include improving carefor chronic kidney disease patients,glomerulonephritis, and peritonealdialysis. She is engaged in clinicalresearch projects. Dr. Koubar isactively involved in teaching medicalstudents and residents in her areaof specialty. She is contributing tothe training of Nephrology fellowsin the Division of Nephrology andHypertension at American University ofBeirut Medical Center.Dr. Koubar gave a brief definition ofChronic Kidney Disease (CKD), causes,symptoms, complications, risk factorsfor CKD and CKD Progression, andimportance of screening or earlydetection. “Late nephrology referralremains common” Dr. Koubar said.She highlighted that most of patientsare lately diagnosed, despite allawareness campaigns. She thendiscussed the role of medical therapyfor the treatment of kidney diseasecomplications, as well as slowingdisease progression. She endedwith the different types of kidneyreplacement therapy and how they willaffect patient quality of life.The seminar was concluded by givinga trophy of gratitude from the SOP tothe speaker.

Acquired Immune Deficiency SyndromeIn the context of raising diseaseawareness and promoting publichealth, the School of Pharmacy atBekaa Campus organized an AIDSawareness seminar on March 15th,2017, presented by Dr. Mostafa AlNakib, Manager of the National AIDSControl Program at the LebaneseMinistry of Public Health (MoPH)and the World Health Organization(WHO) office in Lebanon. Dr. AlNakib highlighted major properties,epidemiology and pathophysiology ofthe human immunedeficiency virus(HIV), then described the availablemethods of rapid and confirmatorydiagnosis, and elaborated availableoptions of anti-retroviral therapy. Healso gave an account about HIV/AIDSstatistics in Lebanon over the pastyears. According to MoPH records,Lebanon represents a successfulmodel of decreasing the progress ofHIV infection as a result of coordinatedscreening, awareness, and adequatefollow-up and treatment of cases. Theseminar was attended by School ofPharmacy students and faculty, as wellas by students and instructors fromother schools, and was concluded by ashort discussion.

SeminarsTuberculosis AwarenessIn observation of the WorldTuberculosis Day on March 24th,the School of Pharmacy at BekaaCampus organized a seminar tohighlight the current status oftuberculosis in Lebanon, and to raiseawareness towards detection ofcases and optimization of care forpatients. The seminar was deliveredby Dr. Hani Abdel Sater, MD, who isa pulmonary disease specialist andis the director of Ministry of PublicHealth tuberculosis center in NorthBekaa area. He is also the head ofintensive care unit at Rayyan Hospital,Baalbeck, and a member of both theEuropean and French Societies ofpulmonary medicine. Dr. Abdel Saterdiscussed the epidemiology andtransmission modes of tuberculosis,and showed statistics about itsprevalence in Lebanon. Moreover, hementioned methods of surveillanceand diagnosis, and elaborated thetreatment plan including options forpatients with multi-drug or extremelydrug resistant diseases. Bookletsdescribing the Ministry of PublicHealth strategic plan for eliminationof tuberculosis in Lebanon and how to“work together to eliminate Tb” weredistributed to the audience includingsome hospital personnel. The seminarwas concluded by a discussionsession and a final gathering at thecampus cafeteria for lunch.6 7

SeminarsAwareness on Immunization:Information to PharmacistsThe School of Pharmacy at Beirutcampus organized a seminar onTuesday, April 25, 2017 entitled"Awareness on Immunization:Information to Pharmacists".The aim of the seminar was tohighlight on the importance of vaccinesto protect people of all ages againstdisease in the occasion of WorldImmunization Week.The seminar was delivered by Dr.Alissar Rady. Dr. Rady has a MedicalDoctorate from American University ofBeirut, specialty in Family Medicine, aMasters Degree in Public Health anda Masters Degree in Basic Sciencesfrom AUB. She occupies the post ofsenior National Professional Officerat World Health Organization (WHO)Beirut, responsible of all the technicalprograms, including planning andmonitoring and providing technicalsupport and as well coaching andsupervising the WHO teams.Dr. Rady gave a brief introductionabout the history and importanceof vaccines. She explained howindividuals develop immunity, thedifferent types of vaccines, route ofadministration, adverse events, andfactors influencing its effect. "Publictrust in vaccine safety is the key tothe success of vaccination programs"Dr. Rady said. She described thevaccine management system steps,influencing factors, and monitoring andmanagerial tools. Finally she endedwith vaccination facts and myths, androle of pharmacist in correcting thosemisconceptions.The seminar was concluded by giving atrophy of gratitude from the SOP to thespeaker.

Campaigns8 9

World Health Day:Depression: Let's TalkThe School of Pharmacy at BekaaCampus organized an awarenesscampaign on occasion of the WorldHealth Day, whose theme for the year2017 is: Depression: Let’s talk. Thepurpose of this activity was to showhow people with mental illness, suchas depression, can be encouraged todiscuss their mental problems withtheir healthcare professionals, familyand friends, to avoid devastatingconsequences of such illness. Thecampaign consisted of six stations,each with a poster and some activitiesdisplaying essentials that the publicshould know about depression and itsmanagement in the various stages oflife. Students distributed informationalpamphlets about depression adoptedfrom the World Health Organizationcampaign, and entertained theattendees through games, personalitytests, mood-boosting treats, tips tohandle depression, role-plays, artworktherapy, and many other fun activities.

Campaigns 10 11World Kidney Day“Protect Your Kidneys and Save Your Life”In the process of keeping up withthe “World Kidney Day” event which isheld annually, the School of Pharmacy(SOP) at Bekaa Campus organizedan awareness campaign for a betterkidney health for students anduniversity staff on Thursday, March 9th,2017. This year’s theme was: “KidneyDisease & Obesity: Healthy Lifestylefor Healthy Kidneys”. The event wasattended by Bekaa Campus academicdirector Dr. Ahmad Faraj, administrativedirector Mr. Bassem Bazimeh, deans,instructors, and students.Following the National and Universityanthems, Dr. Mohammad Hendaus,faculty member at the SOP, welcomedthe audience and mentioned in hisspeech that the “World Kidney Day”is an annual observation held everyyear on the second Thursday of Marchwith an aim of drawing attention to theimportance of maintaining a healthylifestyle to keep the kidneys functioningproperly. He declared that any defectin the kidneys’ function can lead topoor health at a minimum, and can befatal at the extreme. Because of this,reducing the risk of kidney diseaseand failure is essential.A variety ofactivities were performed by pharmacystudents during this day. Studentsprovided scientific counseling aboutkidney diseases focusing on theimportant functions of the kidneys, inaddition to presenting epidemiologicaldata and facts about kidney disease,diagnosis, preventative methods, andmanagement options. Additionally,they assessed participants at risk ofdeveloping kidney disease by allowingthem to fill a checklist of risk factors.They also handed out informativeleaflets and fact sheets about thedisease.Furthermore, the students focused onthe role of healthy lifestyle and propernutrition in preventing kidney diseaseand obesity. They motivated peopleabout the dietary habits and weightcontrol measures like reducing the saltintake, limiting the intake of processedand sugary food, daily physicalexercises, and encouraged them onmaintaining normal fluid intake on dailybasis. Moreover, measurements ofblood pressure and obesity parameterswere collected. Those who werefound to be at risk, were encouragedto adopt healthy lifestyle changesand to monitor their weight and bloodpressure on regular basis.The successful event ended up withmany entertainment activities involvingstudents and instructors who all hadlots of fun.

World Tuberculosis DayInterprofessional communication services was provided to the parents all overLebanon in different Lebanese hospitals

Campaigns 12 13World Immunization DayInterprofessional communication services was provided to the parents all overLebanon in different Lebanese hospitals

World Physical Activity Day"Every Moment Counts" in Bekaa and Beirut CampusesThe school of Pharmacy organizedPhysical Activity Day on Tuesday, April4th , 2017, with the theme of Fit toBenefit. The aim was to emphasizeon the importance of exercise on ouroverall health and give the opportunityfor our students to be active for at leastone day a year.The event started with a bake sale,followed by a students’ posterspresentation.Students and instructors competed indifferent fun games as pushups, situps,planks, and others. Then they activelyparticipated in five sports classesby Radical Fitness ( X55, FACTOR F,UBOUND, MEGADANZ, FIGHT DO).Two basketball matches were done;first match was played betweenladies instructors and students.Second Match was played betweenmale instructors and students.Both teams of students won, andwinners were given a trophy by theDean Dr Mohamad Rahal. The eventwas concluded with appreciationcertificates from the students to theorganizing instructors: Dr MariamDabbous, Dr Ahmad Dimassi, Dr BahiaChahine, and Dr Mariam Sraj.All students and faculty had a lot of funduring this day.

Campaigns 14 15To celebrate the World Day of PhysicalActivity, the School of Pharmacy in theBekaa campus organized a PhysicalActivity Day on April 19th, 2017 underthe slogan “Every Movement Counts”.The purpose of this day was toencourage students to integratephysical activity into their daily lives; athome, at work, in the university andthus promote active living!The day started with a mini-footballgame between the instructors andstudents, after the match ended2-2, the students were declared aswinners by penalty kicks. Then, theinternational trainer Mr. MohamadZain performed a “Tae Bo” sessionwhere the Dean of the School ofPharmacy Dr. Mohamad Rahal,faculty members and many studentsenjoyed this unique and challengingexercise. This was followed by aBubble Soccer match, racing and othersmall games. Throughout the day,the nutritionist Ms. Nadin Smaili, IFPAprovided counseling about pre- andpost-workout snacks, in addition tofat-burning Ramadan workouts. Finally,the day ended with the distribution ofmedals to the winners.As promised the day was full of funand games where every movement didcount.


Workshops 16 17“Effective Leadership Training” WorkshopThe School of Pharmacy (SOP) at theLebanese International University,Bekaa Campus, held a workshopfor the faculty instructors, entitled“Effective Leadership Training” on the10th of March 2017. The interactiveworkshop was presented by Dr. FarahChehimi, faculty member at the Schoolof Pharmacy and School of Business,and was attended by fourteen SOPfaculty members.During this workshop, Dr. Chehimistressed on different aspects ofleadership including the styles,principles, traits, process andimprovement. In addition, leadershipskills, conflict management andthe development of positive mentalattitude were discussed. The workshopwas very successful, and had left afruitful impact on all the participants.At the end of the workshop, a trophyand certificate of appreciation wereawarded to Dr. Chehimi and certificatesof participation were distributed to allthe participants.

WorkshopsCooking WorkshopThe School of Pharmacy has organized a cooking workshop in collaborationwith the Hospitality Management and Tourism Department at LIU on Friday,March 31st, 2017.The workshop was conducted by the Chef Rabih el Jammal and attendedby the SOpP faculty members and Dean Dr. Mohamad Rahal as well as theChairperson of the Hospitality Management and Tourism Department Dr.Nadine Sinno. The faculty members learned how to do noodles with shrimps,bafflo wings, and steak with mushroom sauce, brownies and cheese cake.The workshop was concluded with certificate distribution to all attendees.

International Conferences18 19

Sixth Kuwait International PharmacyConference Under the Theme:The 2nd Forum on Advancing PharmacyEducation in the GCC and Middle EastThe School of Pharmacy, representedby the Dean, Dr. Mohamad Rahal,Assistant Dean at Beirut Campus, Dr.Michelle Cherfan, and Chairpersonof the Pharmaceutical SciencesDepartment, Dr. Dalal Hammoudi,participated in the 6th KuwaitInternational Pharmacy Conferenceunder the theme: The 2nd Forum onAdvancing Pharmacy Education inGCC and Middle East. The meetingwas organized by the Faculty ofPharmacy, Kuwait University, and tookplace at Radisson Blu hotel, Kuwaitcity, between 9th and 11th of February,2017.The conference hosted a collection ofkeynote speeches, plenary lectures,workshops and poster sessionsmostly revolving around the theme ofpharmacy education. The participatingfaculty from SOP contributed to the4 workshops within the scientificprogram of the conference. Dr.Cherfancoordinated a workshop ondevelopment of competency-basedcurricula in pharmacy schools, andanother on assessment of studentperformance during active learningactivities. Dr. Hammoudi coordinated aworkshop on educational activities toprepare students for life-long l

Dr. Razan Mhana Photography Mr. Jihad Mourad ABOUT THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY One of the highly ranked private schools of pharmacy nationwide, the Lebanese International University School of Pharmacy main-tains an elegant reputation for innovative educational programs and skillful traini