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HUBER AUTOMOTIVE AGEMC / RF COMPETENCE CENTERAs an established specialist for Automotive Electronics, Huberbusiness in consideration of these new markets ensures idealAutomotive meets the ever-growing demand for innovation inpositioning for – electronic control systems for conventional andmobility through our successes in design and development, ouralternative drives – now and in the future.cooperative work and our product range. We excel in providinggeneral vehicle electronics, battery management systems, as wellWe also strengthen our competencies in the field of electroma-as E-Mobility concepts, and energy storage systems.gnetic compatibility (EMC) and high-frequency technology (RF).In Q2 / 2019, the new EMC / RF competence center in MühlhausenWhilst in the past our company concerned itself largely with thewill go into operation. We offer our customers services rangingreduction of emissions, our focus more than ever today is in thefrom EMC / RF measurements according to standard to complexpioneering of drive technologies. The expansion of our coretechnology safeguarding.

TOPICS- Pre-development and series development scopes- Electromagnetic compatibility- High frequency technology- Signal integrity

EQUIPMENT- Absorber lined shielded enclosure (ALSE) for radiated andconducted EMC measurements according to the standardsCIPSR25, Ed.4 / EN55025, DIN / ISO 11452-2, DIN / ISO 11452-4- Transient measuring station and vehicle electrical systemsimulator according to the standards ISO 7637, ISO 16750, LV124-1- ESD measuring station for all common standards up to 30kV- RF measuring station for the analysis of electric andmagnetic near fields- RF measuring station for 4-port network analysis up to 13.5GHz- RF measuring station for spectrum analysis up to 18.0GHz

SERVICES- Great know-how in the field of EMC / RF properties fromcomponent level to the vehicle- EMC / RF evaluation of components / control units /systems- Research and pre-development activities such as technologysafeguarding, wiring harness analysis and ratings- Employees with relevant and many years of experience in theautomotive EMC / RF sector- EMC standard measurements- and much more

Pictures: Rhode & Schwarz, Albatross Projects GmbHHuber Automotive AG I Dr. Matthias Spägele I Industrie- & Businesspark 213 I 73347 Mühlhausen i.T.Phone 49 7335 92 06 - 326 I [email protected] I www.huber-automotive.com

HUBER AUTOMOTIVE AG EMC / RF COMPETENCE CENTER As an established specialist for Automotive Electronics, Huber Automotive meets the ever-growing demand for innovation in mobility through our successes in design and development, our cooperative work and our product range. We excel in providing general vehicle electronics, battery management systems, as well as E-Mobility concepts, and energy .

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EMC2, EMC, Data Domain, RSA, EMC Centera, EMC ControlCenter, EMC LifeLine, EMC OnCourse, EMC Proven, EMC Snap, EMC . Symmetrix Open Replicator is a tool that can be used to migrate data from older Symmetrix arrays, CLARiiON or VNX arrays, and certain third-party storage arrays to a DMX or

Nick Schiro 504.228.5310 [email protected] Regional Sales Manager, SE TX (Houston) Marc Perez 210.245.1883 [email protected] Regional Sales Manager - SW TX, AZ Matt Butler 682.352.5954 [email protected] Regional Sales Manager - N TX (Dallas) Michelle Myers 814.883.2683 mic

UNI 1 NATURA CIENC LEARN TOGETHER PRIMARY 3 33 LIN Competence in linguistic communication MST Competence in mathematics, science and technology DIG Competence in the use of new technologies LTL Competence in learning to learn SOC Competence in social awareness and citizenship AUT Competence in autonomous learning and personal initiative CUL Competence in artistic and cultural awareness

EMC-HD Overview. Key data for EMC-HD: Electromechanical Cylinder EMC-HD available with ball or planetary roller screw drive Sizes: EMC-085-HD, EMC-125-HD, EMC-180-HD Dyn. Load rating (Cdyn): up to 470kN Maximum thrust force: up to 290kN (push/pull)

Dell EMC Unity: Investment Protection Grow with Dell EMC Unity All-Flash Dell EMC Unity 350F Dell EMC Unity 450F Dell EMC Unity 550F Dell EMC Unity 650F ONLINE DATA-IN PLACE UPGRADE PROCESSOR 6c / 1.7GHz 96 GB Memory 10c / 2.2GHz 128 GB Memory 14c / 2.0GHz 256 GB Memory 14c / 2.4GHz 512 GB Memory CAPACITY 150 Drives 2.4 PB 250 Drives 4 PB 500 .

emc-products www.schurter.com 0165.0540/04.09/UD en fuses connectors circuit breakers input systems emc-products WEB INFORMATION The SCHURTER Web site is your place for all information on EMC. At

Dell EMC Networking S4148F-ON 2.2 Dell EMC Networking S4248FB-ON The Dell EMC Networking S4248FB-ON is a 1-RU, multilayer switch with forty 10GbE ports, two 40GbE ports, and six 10/25/40/50/100GbE ports. Two S4248FB-ON switches are used as leaf switches in the examples in this guide. Dell EMC Networking S4248FB-ON 2.3 Dell EMC Networking Z9100-ON

Poor Man’s Guide to CE EMC Testing Introduction To an engineer unfamiliar with EMC testing, faced with meeting EMC requirements of the European Union, the specifications, tests, and jargon of the CE EMC documents can be intimidating. Many EMC specialists seem unable, or unwilling, to describe in simple or even understandable terms what CE

– White Paper: Improving VMware Disaster Recovery with EMC RecoverPoint - Applied Technology – Reference Architectures for EMC Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on VMware ESX Server with EMC CLARiiON CX3 Series – EMC TechBooks for VMware ESX Server with Symmetrix, CLARiiON, and Celerra EMC leads all vendors as the storage

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Table 3. Dell EMC PowerVault MD-Series storage array rules for non-dense, 2U models only (MD3200, MD3220, MD3200i, MD3220i, MD3600i, MD3620i, MD3600f and MD3620f) Rule Dell EMC PowerVault MD3200 series Dell EMC PowerVault MD3200i series Dell EMC PowerVault MD3600i series Dell EMC PowerVault MD3600f series 6 Gbps SAS 1 Gbps iSCSI 10 Gbps iSCSI 8 .

Grow with Dell EMC Unity All-Flash More firepower Dell EMC Unity 350F Dell EMC Unity 450F Dell EMC Unity 550F Dell EMC Unity 650F DATA-IN PLACE UPGRADE PROCESSOR 6c / 1.7GHz 96 GB Memory 10c / 2.2GHz 128 GB Memory 14c / 2.0GHz 256 GB Memory 14c / 2.4GHz 512 GB Memory CAPACITY 150 Drives 2.4

EMC design requirements to be included in the Performance Specifications and EMC Design Criteria Manual (DCM) Chapter 26 (DCM26) for each affected system or piece of equipment; EMC analyses and tests to demonstrate compliance with CHSTP EMC requirements; and EMC design guidelines, crit

EMC DiskXtender for Windows – International Support. EMC DiskXtender for Windows International Support: Search Module. EMC Backup Advisor. EMC Co-StandbyServer High Availability Solutions. EMC AutoStart. EMC RepliStor. NetWorker Fast Start. NetWorker Server and Client Software. NetWorker Data Deduplicatio

“Dell EMC”, as used in this document, means the applicable Dell sales entity (“Dell”) specified on your Dell quote or invoice and the applicable EMC sales entity (“EMC”) specified on your EMC quote. The use of “Dell EMC” in this document does not indicate a change to the legal name of the Dell

by Plaintiffs EMC Corporation, EMC International Company, and EMC Information Systems International (collectively, "EMC"). Pure brings three separate motions presently under consideration: Motion for Summary Judgment (D.1. 198) and related briefing (D.I. 199, 258, 29

6 Huber Engineered Woods A TRADITION OF STRONG, RESPONSIBLE BUILDING. A Tradition of Strong, Responsible Building Founded in 1883, the J.M. Huber Corporation has grown to be one of the largest family-owned companies in the U.S. We’re now a global company with

Automotive EMC Is Changing Global shift towards new propulsion systems is changing the content of vehicles. These new systems will need appropriate EMC methods, standards, and utilization of EMC approaches from other specialties. Many of these systems will utilize high voltage components and have safety aspects that may make automotive EMC more difficult and safety takes priority! 20 .

API Workshop on RP2T – Tension Leg Platforms – September 2007 Section 4 Planning – Expanded Topics XSeafloor Surveys and the use of: zConventional 3D seismic data zMapping products including bathymetry, seafloor renderings, seafloor amplitude, near-seafloor isopach and structure maps zDeep tow survey equipment and Autonomously Underwater Vehicles (AUV’s) XPlatform design and layout to .