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IGNOU-07107BCA/MCA/CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA PRACTICAL SCHEDULEDATE:14/03/2021Academic CouncilorTime & Subject07:00AM To 09:30AM&MCSL-025Time & Subject10:00AM To 12:30PM&MCSL-036Time & Subject03:00PM To 05:30 PM&MCSL-045Dr.OMKAR SINGHS.NO.-1 To 20MCSL-025S.NO.-1 To 20MCSL-036S.NO.-1 To 20MCSL-045Dr.ROUSHAN KUMARS.NO.-21 To 40MCSL-025S.NO.-21 To 40MCSL-036S.NO.-21 To 40MCSL-045Dr.MONIKA BAJAJS.NO.-41 To 60MCSL-025------S.NO.-41 To 60MCSL-045JAY PRAKASH KUMARS.NO.-61 To 80MCSL-025S.NO.-61 To 80MCSL-036ASHUTOSH JAISWAL-S.NO.-41 To 60MCSL-036-S.NO.-61 To 80MCSL-045-

IGNOU-07107BCA/MCA/CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA PRACTICAL SCHEDULEDATE:15/03/2021Academic CouncilorTime & Subject07:00AM To09:30AM &MCSL-016Time & Subject10:00AM To12:30PM &MCSL-016Time & Subject02:00PM To04:30PM &MCSL-017Time & Subject04:30PM To 07:00 PM&MCSL-054Dr.OMKAR SINGHS.NO.-1 To 20MCSL-016S.NO.-1 To 20MCSL-016S.NO.-1 To 20MCSL-017S.NO.-1 To 20MCSL-054Dr.ROUSHANKUMARS.NO.-21 To 40MCSL-016S.NO.-21 To 40MCSL-016S.NO.-21 To 40MCSL-017S.NO.-21 To 40MCSL-054Dr.MONIKA BAJAJS.NO.-41 To 60MCSL-016-S.NO.-41 To 60MCSL-017S.NO.-41 To 60MCSL-054JAY PRAKASHKUMARS.NO.-61 To 80MCSL-016S.NO.-41 To 60MCSL-016-S.NO.-61 To 80MCSL-054ASHUTOSH JAISWALS.NO.-81 To 100MCSL-016-S.NO.-61 To 80MCSL-017S.NO.-81 To 100MCSL-054BARKHA SAINS.NO.-101 To 120MCSL-016S.NO.-61 To 80MCSL-016S.NO.-80 To 100MCSL-017---ANKUSH GOYALS.NO.-121 To 140MCSL-016S.NO.-80 To 100MCSL-016--

IGNOU-07107BCA/MCA/CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA PRACTICAL SCHEDULEDATE:16/03/2021Academic CouncilorTime & Subject07:00AM To 09:30AM&BCSL-032Time & Subject10:00AM To12:30PM &BCSL-033Time & Subject03:00PM To 05:30 PM&BCSL-034Dr.OMKAR SINGHS.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-032S.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-033S.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-034Dr.ROUSHAN KUMARS.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-032S.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-033S.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-034Dr.MONIKA BAJAJS.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-032S.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-033S.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-034JAY PRAKASH KUMARS.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-032S.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-033S.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-034ASHUTOSH JAISWALS.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-032S.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-033S.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-034BARKHA SAINS.NO.-101 To 120BCSL-032S.NO.-101 To 120BCSL-033-ANKUSH GOYALS.NO.-121 To 140BCSL-032-S.NO.-100 To 120BCSL-034

IGNOU-07107BCA/MCA/CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA PRACTICAL SCHEDULEDATE:17/03/2021Academic CouncilorTime & Subject07:00AM To 09:30AM&BCSL-043Time & Subject10:00AM To12:30PM &BCSL-044Time & Subject03:00PM To 05:30 PM&BCSL-045Dr.OMKAR SINGHS.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-043S.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-044S.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-045Dr.ROUSHAN KUMARS.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-043S.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-044S.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-045Dr.MONIKA BAJAJS.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-043S.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-044-----JAY PRAKASH KUMARS.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-043-S.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-045ASHUTOSH JAISWALS.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-043S.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-044-BARKHA SAIN-S.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-044S.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-045ANKUSH GOYAL--S.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-045

IGNOU-07107BCA/MCA/CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA PRACTICAL SCHEDULEDATE:18/03/2021Academic CouncilorTime & Subject07:00AM To 09:30AM&BCSL-056Time & Subject10:00AM To12:30PM &BCSL-057Time & Subject03:00PM To 05:30 PM&BCSL-058Dr.OMKAR SINGHS.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-056S.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-057S.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-058Dr.ROUSHAN KUMARS.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-056S.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-057S.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-058Dr.MONIKA BAJAJS.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-056S.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-057S.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-058JAY PRAKASH KUMARS.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-056S.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-057S.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-058ASHUTOSH JAISWALS.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-056S.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-057S.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-058

IGNOU-07107BCA/MCA/CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA PRACTICAL SCHEDULEDATE:19/03/2021Academic CouncilorTime & Subject07:00AM To 09:30AM&BCSL-013Time & Subject10:00AM To 12:30PM&BCSL-013Time & Subject03:00PM To 05:30 PM&BCSL-013Dr.OMKAR SINGHS.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-013S.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-013S.NO.-121 To 140BCSL-013Dr.ROUSHAN KUMARS.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-013S.NO.-101 To 120BCSL-013S.NO.-141 To 160BCSL-013Dr.MONIKA BAJAJS.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-013-S.NO.-161 To 180BCSL-013JAY PRAKASH KUMARS.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-013--

IGNOU-07107BCA/MCA/CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA PRACTICAL SCHEDULEDATE:20/03/2021Academic CouncilorTime & Subject07:00AM To 09:30AM&BCSL-021Time & Subject10:00AM To 12:30PM&BCSL-021& BCSL-022Time & Subject03:00PM To 05:30 PM&BCSL-022Dr.OMKAR SINGHS.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-021S.NO.-141 To 160BCSL-021S.NO.-101 To120BCSL-022Dr.ROUSHAN KUMARS.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-021S.NO.-161 To 180BCSL-021S.NO.-121 To 140BCSL-022JAY PRAKASH KUMARS.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-021S.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-022S.NO.-141 To160BCSL-022Dr.MONIKA BAJAJS.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-021S.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-022------BARKHA SAINS.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-021S.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-022ANKUSH GOYALS.NO.-101 To 120BCSL-021S.NO.-61 To 80BCSL-022ASHUTOSH JAISWALS.NO.-121 To 140BCSL-021S.NO.-81 To 100BCSL-022S.NO.-161 To 180BCSL-022

IGNOU-07107BCA/MCA/CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA PRACTICAL SCHEDULEDATE:21/03/2021Academic CouncilorTime & Subject07:00AM To 09:30AM&BCSL-063Time & Subject10:00AM To 12:30PM&CS-65 & CITL-001Time & Subject03:00PM To 05:30 PM&CS-74Dr.OMKAR SINGHS.NO.-1 To 20BCSL-063S.NO.-1CS-65S.NO.-1CS-74Dr.ROUSHAN KUMARS.NO.-21 To 40BCSL-063S.NO.-1 To 10CITL-001-Dr.MONIKA BAJAJS.NO.-41 To 60BCSL-063--

IGNOU-07107 BCA/MCA/CIT/PGDCA/BCA/MCA PRACTICAL SCHEDULE DATE:14/03/2021 Academic Councilor Time & Sub

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