Counseling 101: Utilizing Foundational Counseling Skills .

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INTRODUCTIONo Who We Are o Why this Topic?

LET’S TALK o What degree do you hold/background do you come from?o What brought you to thispresentation?

OBJECTIVESo Learn 5 essential foundational counseling skills andtechniqueso Learn how to apply these skills and techniques to yourinteractions with students, parents, family members,and individuals on your campus



PERSON-CENTEREDo Genuinenesso Unconditional Positive Regardo Empathetic

COMMUNICATIONo Non-VerbalooooFacial ExpressionEye cuesPosture and GesturesBehavioral Discrepancieso Verbalo Toneo Deliveryo Matching

COUNSELING MICROSKILLSRapport(empathic relationship)Basic Listening Sequence(questioning, paraphrasing,summarizing, and reflection offeelings)Attending Skills(eye contact, body language, and tone of voice)


RAPPORTo Building rapporto Identifying Role Describe your role as Parent and Family ProgramPersonnelo Share needed information or be willing tolook it upo Balance openness and structure


SOLERS: Sit square and face the personO: Open postureL: Leaning forwardE: Eye ContactR: Remained relaxed

PHONE ATTENDINGo Stay focused on individualo Allow for interruptionso Speak clearly and slowly


QUESTIONINGo Open-ended Questionso Closed-ended Questions

PARAPHRASING &SUMMARIZINGParaphrasing:o Purpose:ooTo test your understanding of what you heardTo communicate that you are trying to understand what is being saido Listen for:ooWhat the individual’s thinking message is?What the individual’s basic feeling message is?Summarizing:o Purpose:ooPull together major ideas, facts, and feelingsProvides observation, paraphrase, and clarification

REFLECTION OF FEELINGSo Reflecting the feeling either expressed by individualo Example: “I hear you saying you are upset because ”ORo Providing feeling to what has been inferredo Example: “I’m definitely seeing that you are upset ”Helps to:o Convey understandingo Gain insight into individual’s emotional stateo Validate individual’s emotional responseo Match intensity of emotion expressed

ADDITIONAL TIPS AND TRICKSo Use their nameo Get to know facts about themo Student’s name, where they are fromo We are all people, just doing our besto Positive reframeo Normalize their experienceo Keep the “door open”


PHONE EXPERIENCEMr. Smith calls your office frustrated with the University. He is unable tocheck on his students grades and his son keeps forgetting to authorizehim on his account. Mr. Smith states, “No one is being helpful orlistening to me. This is just ridiculous. I’m the one paying for hiseducation, I have a right to know.”o How do you approach this situation?

IN-PERSON EXPERIENCEAt your annual Parent and Family Weekend event, you have a parenttell you that her daughter is having a terrible first year experience. Herroommate has been staying up all night not allowing her to sleep, herclass schedule got messed up so she is in courses she hates, and she’sstruggling to find connection on campus. The mother presentsflustered, hopeless, and not knowing how to help her daughter.o How do you approach this situation?

YOUR EXPERIENCEo What experiences have you hadon your college/universitycampus that you could haveseen this information beinghelpful?

CONTACT INFORMATIONo M. Kyle Capstickmkcpstck@memphis.eduo Lindsey


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COUNSELING SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES TO BETTER SERVE PARENTS AND FAMILIES Presenters: M. Kyle Capstick Lindsey Bray . INTRODUCTION o Who We Are o Why this Topic? LET’S TALK oWhat degree do you hold/ background do you come from? o What brought you to this presentation? OBJECTIVES o Learn 5 essential foundational counseling skills and techniques . o Learn how to apply these skills and .

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