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350 CareersOne NHSYour FutureIf you need additional copies ofthis booklet or require it in analternative format, such as largeprint, a coloured backgroundor in Braille, please contact uson 0345 60 60 655 or emailadvice@healthcareers.nhs.uk.Find out more about careers in the h NHS UKNHSCareersadvice@healthcareers.nhs.uk0345 60 60 655NHSCB02 April 2020Scan this code to seeall NHS careers

Not everyone in the NHSworks on the front lineThere are 350 different careers in theNHS, probably more than in any otherorganisation in the world. And you’dbe surprised how many of them don’trequire a degree, aren’t directly patientfacing, or aren’t clinical or hands on.Although everything that everyonedoes is for patients, their families, carersand the public, we can all contributein different ways. We can all make adifference and help others.Search NHS careers and see the rangeof careers and entry requirements onour website.Produced by Health Careers, theinformation service about the range of350 or so careers available in health. Health Education England, 2020healthcareers.nhs.ukWe’re not whatyou thinkI thought youneed a degreeto work in the NHSSurely all healthcareers must befor people who domedical or caring rolesI love the NHS,but I wouldn’twant to deal withpatients directly

orking for the NHS is the“ Wbestdecision I ever madeWhere else can you be part of a servicethat interacts with almost 1.5 millionpatients every 24 hours? I really enjoymy job. I work with patients, and I relyon my colleagues behind the scenes.We are all cogs in a huge wheel andnone of us is more important than theothers. We’re all here to make surepatients get the best service.Lauren JenningsOrthotistCould your futurebe part of our future?5”

Finding your way aroundCome in, we’re ready for you3 Come in, we’re ready for youThe NHS is recruiting now.Here’s the start of your health career5 Our NHS – your futureBe part of something big. An introduction6 Surprise yourselfThere’s pretty much something foreveryone in the NHS. We’re one big team9 Make a differenceHere are some of the 350different health careers90 The NHS has a career for anyonewho shares our valuesSee the six values we all share92 Wherever you start, that’s OKFind out about the backgrounds wewelcome into the NHS at all ages95 We’re with you on the journeyContinuous learning and developmentare at the heart of working for the NHS96 Looking after patients,looking after youThe benefits of working for us2We hope this booklet inspires and motivatesyou to look behind the scenes of Britain’ssingle biggest employer – the NHS. Thereare careers here that you’ve never heard ofand opportunities you haven’t imagined aresuitable for you. The role of technology andthe pace of change in today’s NHS mean thatby the time you go online after reading this,more new careers may have been invented.Take a look at the benefits of working in thisdiverse, fast-moving and rewarding service.Your future career can sometimes feela long way off. This booklet could bringit closer. When you’re ready for us, we’reready for you.Full information can be found athealthcareers.nhs.uk.3

Our NHS – your futureWhen you choose to work for the NHS,you’re part of something big. We’ve beenaround for 70 years and we’re here to stay.We have more than 350 different careersavailable and one of those careers couldbe right for you.The NHS is a great employer and we arestriving to lead the field. We offer a fair andtransparent pay structure with competitiveand flexible benefits. We have one of themost generous pension schemes on offer.Work for us and you’ll be part of a greatteam delivering something really special.Yes, it’s challenging. You wouldn’t beable to make such a difference otherwise.But you’ll get your reward knowing thatyou’re making lives better.The NHS is growing and developing and wewant you to come on this journey with us.5

Surprise yourselfWhether you’ve always wanted to workin health or have never thought about itbefore, the huge range of jobs in the NHSwill amaze you. It’s a revelation to mostpeople. We are so much more than doctors,nurses, midwives and physiotherapists.There are clinical and non-clinical careers.You could be on the front line on a wardor never see a patient and still make adifference to people’s lives. From the personwho manages the finances to the clerk whobooks in an operation, everyone is makinga contribution to vital services.It all comes down to skills, attitude andteamwork. We need everyone frombiochemists to bricklayers and receptioniststo rehabilitation specialists. It’s not alwayseasy, but it is rewarding. How many peoplecan leave work every day knowing thatwhat they did really mattered?6

Make a differenceWant to leave work every day knowingthat what you do really matters?The following pages give you a flavourof the careers on offer in the NHS. Wehave grouped them into 14 colour-codedcategories, each with its own icon. You’llfind a selection of different careers in thesecategories in the alphabetical listing.Those marked   may be suitable foran apprenticeship.Remember that these are just some of morethan 350 careers available in the NHS.For more information on these andmany other opportunities visit:healthcareers.nhs.uk/explore-rolesor search online for ‘NHS careers’. Search ‘NHS careers’ online9

10Allied health professionals (AHPs)Specialists who treat and rehabilitate.From art therapists to physiotherapists.Medical associate professionsSupporting doctors and nurses to releasetheir time for more complex cases.Ambulance service teamMore than flashing blue lights. You’llbe a caring, calm, good communicator.MidwiferySupporting women in communities andhospitals before, during and after childbirth.Dental teamLooking after the oral health andwider health of patients.NursingA huge range of specialisms includingchildren’s nursing and mental health.DoctorsPreventing ill health, treating disease andimproving wellbeing in 60 specialties.PharmacyDispensing and offering advice aboutmedicines for staff and patients.Health informaticsThe experts who use informationand technology to drive patient care.Psychological professionsTackling mental health problems andpromoting wellbeing.Healthcare scienceExperts in technology and science toprevent, diagnose and treat disease.Public healthProtecting people from threats to theirhealth and helping them stay healthy.ManagementManaging people, money, buildings andprojects to keep the NHS moving forward.Wider healthcare teamKeeping the NHS moving – feedingpatients, delivering supplies, maintenance.11

Ambulance care assistants and PatientTransport Service (PTS) drivers takepatients to and from hospital andother care settings and are part of thenon-emergency ambulance service.You need a good general educationand a clean driving licence. A level 3apprenticeship may be available inyour area.You need to be physically fit to lift,move and drive people, many of whomare frail, in safety and comfort. You needto be responsible, patient and keepa cool head in a crisis.Contact your nearest ambulanceservice trust, which may have slightlydifferent requirements.Visit nhs.uk and search for vacancieson jobs.nhs.uk.12

Arts therapists use art, drama ormusic to help patients with physical,mental or emotional difficulties expressthemselves and progress with theirrecovery and overall wellbeing.To become an arts therapist, you needto be a graduate. You can then take apostgraduate diploma/Master’sprogramme approved by the Healthand Care Professions Council, eitherfull- or part-time. Teachers or psychologistswho have a commitment to the visualarts may also be considered. Anapprenticeship may be availablein your area. You need to beaccomplished in music, art ordrama and able to relate to patientswith physical, psychological andemotional challenges.More at British Association of ArtTherapists, baat.org, British Associationof Dramatherapists, badth.org.uk,British Association for Music Therapy,bamt.org and Health and CareProfessions Council, hcpc-uk.org.14Biomedical scientists investigatesamples of body tissue and fluidsto enable doctors to diagnose andplan patients’ treatment. From cancerscreening to blood transfusion andinfection control, they are a vital partof the team.You need an accredited integratedthree-year full-time BSc HealthcareScience (life sciences – where bloodsciences, cellular sciences and infectionsciences can be taken as an option) ora biomedical science degree followedby a postgraduate qualification.You can then apply for registration withthe Health and Care Professions Council.You must be accurate and efficientwith excellent attention to detail,be a clear communicator and workwell in a team.More at Health and Care ProfessionsCouncil, hcpc-uk.org and Instituteof Biomedical Science, ibms.org. Search ‘NHS careers’ online15

Call handlers and emergency medicaldispatchers work in ambulance controlrooms as part of a team.Catering assistants are part of a teamproviding nutritious and appetisingfood and drink for patients.Most trusts ask for a good generaleducation and provide in-servicetraining. A level 3 apprenticeshipmay be available in your area.Requirements vary, but a foundationcourse in food hygiene may be useful.Apprenticeships in catering and relatedroles are sometimes available.You need to remain calm inpressurised situations so you canget essential information from a callerquickly and accurately and help toreassure them.You need good literacy and numeracy.You need to be able to work as partof a busy team in a fast-movingenvironment, have excellent personalhygiene and a courteous mannerwhen coming into contact with patients.Visit nhs.uk and search for vacancieson jobs.nhs.uk.16More at Hospital Caterers Scareers’careers’onlineonline Search17

Clinical coders create an accuraterecord of a patient’s stay in hospital byrecording diagnoses and interventionson a computer. You need a goodgeneral education, including GCSEmaths and English or equivalent,and be reasonably familiar withcomputers. We provide on-the-jobtraining and you can then take theClinical Coders Foundation Course.With experience, you can apply for theNational Clinical Coding Qualification.An apprenticeship may be availablein your area.You need to be able to sit at a computerand concentrate for long periods oftime, be accurate and able to extractinformation quickly from medicalnotes. It is useful to have an enquiringmind and an interest in medical matters.More at Institute of Health Records andInformation Management, ihrim.co.uk.18Clinical managers head up adepartment or multidisciplinary teamwhere doctors, nurses and therapistswork together in a specific area suchas maternity or the NHS 111 service.You usually need to be a qualifiedand registered healthcareprofessional (such as a nurse, alliedhealth professional, midwife or doctor).You may need training or experiencein relevant areas such as clinical auditor clinical governance. You’ll be ableto challenge the way things are andfind better alternatives.You have a commitment to the idealsof quality and fairness in healthcare,a willingness to work with othersand respect their views, and goodorganisational and communication skills.More at Healthcare QualityImprovement Partnership Ltd,hqip.org.uk, NHS Leadership Academy,leadershipacademy.nhs.uk, TheInstitute of Healthcare Management,ihm.org.uk.19

Clinical perfusion scientists arevital members of the open-heartsurgery team, responsible for life-support equipment.Training is a mixture of practicalexperience and academic study,leading to a postgraduate qualificationin perfusion science gained on a blockrelease basis.You need a relevant degree to starttraining. You’ll be a committedand able scientist. You need to becalm and patient.More at the Society of Clinical PerfusionScientists of Great Britain and Ireland,scps.org.uk.Clinical photographers work inhospitals, wards and in operatingtheatres, as well as in studios, providingphotographic, video and graphic recordsof patients, their conditions and progressthrough treatment. They also contributeto publications and patient information.You need a degree in photographyand a postgraduate certificate inclinical photography. You can thenregister with the Committee for theAccreditation of Medical IllustrationPractitioners (CAMIP). Graphic designerscan also do a postgraduate certificatein graphic design for health.You need to understand anatomy,have technical expertise and innovativeartistic skills. You’ll be sympatheticand professional, a good communicator,and willing to accept high levelsof responsibility.More at the Institute of MedicalIllustrators, imi.org.uk.20 Search ‘NHS careers’ online21

Clinical scientists in audiologyidentify and assess hearing and balancedisorders. They recommend and providerehabilitation and management forpatients’ conditions, to improve theirquality of life.You need a relevant science degreefollowed by a three-year post underthe NHS Scientist Training Programme,which includes studying towards anaccredited Master’s qualificationin clinical science.You’ll be good at problem solvingand a good communicator. You needto combine an analytical approach witha caring and understanding attitude.More at British Academy of Audiology,baaudiology.org.Clinical scientists in bioinformatics(health informatics) combinecomputing science with informationscience, biology and medicine. It is oneof the fastest-growing areas of researchand development within healthcare.The NHS is using advances in this areain diagnostic testing and managementto provide the highest quality patient careand outcomes.You’ll work as part of a multidisciplinaryteam. You’ll need a good groundingin information analysis and computing,as well as clinical, biomedical orphysical sciences.You’ll need a relevant honours degreeto apply for place on the NHS ScientistTraining Programme, the graduate entryroute to become a clinical scientist. You’llhave the opportunity to further developspecialist informatics skills and developstrategic working and leadership skills.More at the National School ofHealthcare Science, nshcs.hee.nhs.uk.22 Search ‘NHS careers’ online23

Clinical scientists in clinical engineeringdesign and test the tools and equipmentthat medical specialists use to diagnose,treat and rehabilitate patients.These include the latest advancesin robotic surgery, 3D bioprinting,wearable technologies and electronicdiagnostic tools.You need a relevant science orengineering degree followed by athree-year post under the NHS ScientistTraining Programme, which includesstudying towards an accredited Master’squalification in clinical science.As well as having engineeringskills, you must be able to work withpatients and a range of staff, includingtechnicians, doctors and equipmentmanufacturers. You’ll keep upwith fast-moving research and developyour own design, workshop andmanagement skills.More at Institute of Physics andEngineering in Medicine, ipem.ac.uk.24Clinical scientists in genomicsexamine samples of patients’ nucleicacid (DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, orRNA, ribonucleic acid) to identify geneticand genomic alterations that may beresponsible for inherited and acquireddiseases or conditions like cystic fibrosisor cancer. You need a relevant sciencedegree followed by a three-year postunder the NHS Scientist TrainingProgramme, which includes studyingtowards an accredited Master’squalification in clinical science.You need an interest in scienceand technology, an ability to updateand test your knowledge againstexperience, be comfortable withmodern technology and complexequipment, and be able to paymeticulous attention to detail andwork as part of a team.More at Clinical Genetics Society,clingensoc.org and National School ofHealthcare Science, nshcs.hee.nhs.uk. Search ‘NHS careers’ online25

Clinical scientists in medical physics areclosely involved in assessing and treatingillness and disability through the use ofultrasound, x-ray, radiotherapy, light,infrared and radio frequency radiation.You need a relevant science orengineering degree, followed by athree-year post under the NHS ScientistTraining Programme, which includesstudying towards an accredited Master’squalification in clinical science.You need a strong aptitude for scienceas well as the ability to communicatewith doctors and patients.More at Institute of Physics andEngineering in Medicine, ipem.ac.uk.26Dental hygienists keep teeth andgums healthy, including scaling andpolishing teeth. Dental therapists carryout simple treatments like fillings andextractions, usually for children and olderpeople. Both teach people about dentalhygiene. Both must register with theGeneral Dental Council (GDC) to practiseand will need a GDC-approvedqualification such as a degree ordiploma in dental hygiene and/ordental therapy and oral health sciences.You need five good grade GCSEs(or equivalent) to get onto a course,including English and one science,and either two A-levels, or a recogniseddental nursing qualification. You mustbe manually dexterous, with goodeyesight and colour vision, and havegood communication skills and afriendly manner.More at British Society of Dental Hygieneand Therapy, bsdht.org.uk, BritishAssociation of Dental Therapists,badt.org.uk and General DentalCouncil, gdc-uk.org.27

Dental nurses assist dentists, passinginstruments, mixing materials, like fillers,and taking notes, and help look afterpatients during treatment. They mustregister with the General Dental Council.There are several routes to registration.You’ll usually need some GCSEs for part-time courses and may need A-levels orother qualifications at level 3 for somefull-time courses. Apprenticeships aresometimes available.You need to have a sympatheticmanner and be able to respondquickly to a dentist’s requests, tohandle intricate instruments and mixsmall amounts of material accurately.More at British Association of DentalNurses, badn.org.uk and GeneralDental Council, gdc-uk.org. Search ‘NHS careers’ online29

Dental technicians make dentalappliances, such as crowns and dentures,to a dentist’s or doctor’s instructions.You need five good grade GCSEs orequivalent and either two A-levels ora nationally recognised dental nursingqualification. You must then completea General Dental Council (GDC)approved diploma or degree indental therapy, or dental therapy andhygiene, and register with the GDC.An apprenticeship may be availablein your area.You need to be able to work withgreat precision, and have technical,manual and artistic ability. You needgood eyesight, must be meticulousand work well within a team.More at British Association of ClinicalDental Technology, bacdt.org.uk,Dental Technologists Association,dta-uk.org and General Dental Council,gdc-uk.org.30Dentists lead the dental care team.They diagnose problems, identifytreatments, carry out dental surgeryand advise patients. Some work in highstreet practices, others in hospitals orthe community. You need three highgrade A-levels (including chemistry),or equivalent to enter an approveddental surgery degree. Some dentalschools run a pre-dental year forapplicants with non-science subjects.A small number of graduate-entrycourses are available. You must registerwith the General Dental Council.You need to be confident, with highacademic standards and good manualdexterity. You need to develop excellentdiagnostic, clinical and social skills.More at British Dental Associationbda.org and General Dental Council,gdc-uk.org. Search ‘NHS careers’ online31

Dietitians translate the science ofnutrition into advice about food. Theypromote good health by working withpeople with special dietary needs,informing the public and educatinghealth professionals.They must register with the Healthand Care Professions Council and needan approved qualif

Search ‘NHS careers’ online Search ‘NHS careers’ online Call handlers and emergency medical dispatchers work in ambulance control rooms as part of a team. Most trusts ask for a good general education and provide in-service training. A level 3 apprenticeship may be available in your area. You need to remain calm in pressurised situations so you can get essential information from a .

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