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Class of 2022 PGY II – Current 2nd YearsI was born and raised in the Bay Area and went to VassarCollege, where I majored in political science and drama.After studying public health abroad, I began to see clearlyhow medicine could be used as a vehicle for social justice. Iwent on to complete a postbac in Baltimore and thenworked with the Transitions Clinic Network to care forpatients who had recently been released from prison. At UCIrvine School of Medicine, I was involved in leadership of asyringe exchange and starting projects in the local jailBirnbaum, Nathan JacobUniversity of California Irvine,School of Medicinesystem. I chose to go into family medicine because it willbest allow me to help patients and communities combat andprevent illness. When the time comes to lobby for policiesthat positively impact society’s health, being a familyphysician will best equip me to advocate for my patients.My interests include addiction, reentry medicine,reproductive justice, and health policy. I chose UNM for itsbroad scope of training, commitment to community health,leadership in addiction, and its role as academic safety-netsystem. I am incredibly excited to move to Albuquerquewith my co-FM resident and wife Orli!

Born and raised in Albuquerque, I have grown up gratefulfor sunshine and the beauty of blending cultures, languages,and people from different walks of life. I attended theCollege of William and Mary in Virginia for college.Afterwards, I returned to Albuquerque where I eventuallywas fortunate to attend medical school at UNM. Before andduring medical school, I volunteered in clinics in Virginiaand Albuquerque to provide medical care for underinsuredSpanish-speaking patients. These interactions initiated mylove of partnering with people to establish lifelong healthyDrake-Lavelle, ShanaUniversity of New MexicoSchool of Medicinehabits to improve health through treatment and preventionof chronic diseases. I chose Family Medicine to continuethese enriching interactions in an environment which valueshumanism and provides care to all people. My hope as aFamily Medicine doctor is to work with families, includingproviding reproductive, pediatric, and obstetrical care. Ichose to continue my training at UNM because it allows meto learn from exceptional family medicine leaders whilefurthering my clinical interests. Outside of medicine, Ienjoy being active by running with my husband, listening topodcasts, spending time with family, being in the “roomwhere it happens” to enjoy musical theater, and playingwith puppies.

I grew up in the beautiful Bay Area. I went to VassarCollege for undergrad, where I got the classic “wellrounded liberal arts education,” and ultimately chose tomajor in Psychology. After spending a few years doingearly intervention behavioral therapy with autistic toddlers,I decided to shift gears and completed a premedical postbaccalaureate program at Bennington College. I attendedmedical school at UC Irvine, where I furthered my passionfor providing medical care to traditionally marginalizedpatient populations and discovered my unshakable sense ofFlorsheim, Orli KaylaUniversity of California,Irvine, School of Medicineidealism. I chose Family Medicine because I am passionateabout providing socially and culturally competent care, andI believe in the healing power of the patient-physicianrelationship. I am thrilled to begin residency at UNM,alongside my husband and co-intern Nathan, because thisprogram is committed to training full-scope familymedicine physicians who treat patients and communitieswithin the framework of the social determinants of health. Iam particularly interested in reproductive justice, obstetricsand women’s health, adolescent medicine and care forpatients with substance use disorders.I am a global rugrat hailing from the coconut fields of myhome village Doddavaram India, Perth, Australia andMassachusetts. As a lifelong immigrant and first-generationphysician, defining home has been an ever-evolvingjourney. I chose family medicine to help families like myown navigate their experience of immigration, to be on thefrontlines of community medicine, to empower individualssurrounding their health, and finally, to help families healfrom intergenerational trauma that can often be passeddown within historically marginalized communities. I amparticularly excited about the possibility of working on thesomatic manifestations of complex trauma with

Gubbala, SupreethaUniversity of MassachusettsMedical Schoolunderserved families in an integrated approach that iscommunity-based and family-driven. I was drawn to UNMbecause of their culturally rich patient population, theirinspiring family physicians who are always seeking tobetter meet the needs of their patients and their strong rootsin Native health and culture. They are a community offamily docs who truly walk the walk. Outside of medicine, Iam an avid fiction reader, writer, bad-joke-provider andnature lover. So I am beyond thrilled to be heading to theLand of Enchantment to explore, grow and learn during thisnext leg of my medical training!Yá’át’ééh and hello! My name is Jaron. I was raised inCrystal, NM on the Navajo Nation. Through the CombinedBA/MD Degree Program, I completed my undergraduateand medical education at the University of New Mexico. Iam excited to continue my journey as a Family MedicineResident in our wonderful state. The emphasis on holistichealth, care of the underserved, and opportunity to care forKee, JaronUniversity of New MexicoSchool of Medicinegenerations are not what only drew me to Family Medicine,but what motivated me to stay here in New Mexico. Istrongly believe in our residency program’s mission andplan to unwaveringly serve and advocate for my fellowNew Mexicans. Beyond medicine, I enjoy spending timewith family, friends, participating in our religious

I am motivated to become a Family Medicine physicianbecause of its prominent role in providing continuity ofcare. The state of New Mexico has been an inspiration forme as it continues to be a leader in providing high-quality,easily accessible medicine for its population. TheUniversity of New Mexico’s Family Medicine residencyhas been instrumental in the development of the state’shealthcare system and training the doctors that take care oftheir patients. I am passionate about increasing access tocare for people from all communities and walks of life. MyLavender, David WilliamEscuela Latinoamericanade Medicinaprofessional interests include medicine as a tool for socialjustice, quality improvement, obstetrics, and communityhealth. I am very excited to train and work with the FamilyMedicine residency at the University of New Mexico.I was raised at beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, Missouriwhere my parents instilled in me a zest for life and a deepcompassion for others. My love of Family Medicine stemsfrom my love of people and desire to be integrated intoLutz, Bailee LynnUniversity of KansasSchool of Medicine - Wichitacommunity. I’ve spent time doing life alongside pregnantteenagers, victims of sex trafficking, people suffering fromhomelessness and men reintegrating into life outside ofprison, and I’m continually inspired by the strength withinthese communities. As deeply as I care about these peopleand wish to impact their stories, they have just as much tooffer me. I'm committed to working with underservedpopulations long term and desire to integrate addictionmedicine into my practice. I can't imagine a better place toembark on that path than UNM. The commitment andfervor of faculty and residents to provide care and advocatefor a multitude of vulnerable populations is unparalleled.They embody the culture and spirit of Family Medicine thatI’m grateful to be a part of.

Hello all! I was raised in Silver City, a small mining townin southern New Mexico. I completed my undergraduatedegree at New Mexico State University and my medicaleducation at the University of New Mexico School ofMedicine. I am so excited to continue my training as aFamily Medicine physician in beautiful NM. What I enjoymost about Family Medicine is the ability to create closepatient-provider relationships, the ability to care for patientsof all age groups and complexities, and the ability toprovide socially and culturally appropriate care. This allowsMoorhead, Megan LouiseUniversity of New MexicoSchool of Medicinethe unique opportunity to work within a multidisciplinaryteam alongside many talented professionals, resulting inincreased quality of patient care. I chose UNM FamilyMedicine Residency because of its diverse patientpopulation served by the UNM institution, as well as thededication to providing care to the underserved. Outside ofmedicine, I enjoy spending time with my husband andfamily, volunteering within my religious organization,bicycling, and movie going.I moved to Albuquerque after graduating college and taughthigh school in the South Valley for six years. During thistime, I became a single parent but I was never without tías,tíos, madres, padres, and primos from my students’ familiesto help take care of my daughter or help me with just aboutanything! I am very grateful that they became a part of ourbig family; because of them, I can be a doctor. I enteredfamily medicine because I want to practice both mental andphysical health care. I like exploring the art and science ofdiscussing and connecting how we feel and think, and theshort and long-term health consequences of what we decideto do. I also want to foster relationships that permit theseinteractions; starting with children and continuing throughadolescence and adulthood. I think medicine should be a

Plaza, Andres DanielUniversity of New MexicoSchool of Medicinetool to maintain and optimize what gives a person purposeand happiness for as long as possible. My specific interestsin family medicine include adolescent medicine, sportsmedicine, school-based health, and immigrant health care.In my free time, I love spending time with my daughter,concerts, reading, cooking, backpacking, snowboarding,and soccer.I grew up in Pennsauken, New Jersey, which is justoutside of Philadelphia. I attended the University ofPennsylvania, where I studied biochemistryand bioanthropology and coached a lively middle schoolrunning team in West Philadelphia. After college, I joinedthe Department of Family Medicine at Penn andcoordinated a research study focused on improving thehealth of adults with diabetes and comorbid depressionthrough integrated care. This experience sparked myinterests in both family medicine and populationhealth research. I earned my medical degree from RushRooney, Kathryn ElizabethRush Medical College of RushUniversity Medical CenterMedical College, where I joined the Family MedicineLeadership Program and worked with patientsundergoing detoxification for drug and alcohol use at abehavioral health center in Chicago. I grew passionateabout the opportunity to provide comprehensive care topatients, families, and communities throughfamily medicine. I chose to train at the University of NewMexico because it offers unparalleled opportunities toexplore my interests in perinatal substanceuse, reproductive health, rural medicine, and research. Inmy free time, I enjoy running, practicing yoga,discovering new donut shops, and being outdoors. I’m sothrilled to be joining UNM, and I look forward to hiking theSouthwest and becoming a well-trained family physician!

Through several experiences, I have had the opportunity tointeract with a wide variety of people in diversecircumstances. I have learned that there is an incredibleamount of suffering in the world, and that althoughindividual details can be quite different, most people simplywant to be happy, healthy, and loved. I want to help, and Isee family medicine as a great way to do it. I believe a trulywell-trained family physician can profoundly influencepeople’s lives, and I am excited to be the kind of doctorwho has something to offer to everyone in the community. ISquire, Spenser RyanSaint Louis UniversitySchool of MedicineTravers, Chelsea ShireeUniversity of NevadaReno School of Medicinelook forward to developing long term relationships with mypatients and molding my future practice to fit their needs. Iam inspired by the broad scope of the specialty. A fewspecific interests include obstetrics, procedures, andbehavioral health. I’m excited about UNM because Ibelieve it will be a good place for me to learn those things,and I like the focus on underserved and rural care with theresources of a large academic medical center. It will be agreat place for me to become the best doctor I can be.As cliché as it may be, Family Medicine chose me. Iinitially was interested in becoming a pediatrician when Ientered medical school at the University of Nevada, Reno. Ihad worked with children with special needs teachingoutdoor recreational therapy in Seattle during college andthought I would continue working with that population as aphysician. While in medical school, I fell in love withobstetrics and reproductive health while working at thehospital in Las Vegas. Throughout my travels and researchthroughout Latin America, I was able to learn Spanish andinteract with multiple Latino cultures. I fell in love with thefood and culture and became passionate about health accessamong immigrant populations in my own backyard. Withmy MPH, I studied health access and program

development. While interviewing at UNM, I found a placewhere all my interests collided. When I found out I wasgoing to the Land of Enchantment, I felt a sense of peaceand excitement. In that way Family Medicine chose me, sothat I would learn the skills and knowledge to accomplishthe advancement I hope to see in my patients andhealthcare.I grew up in the rural farmland of southwest Kansas, whereUnruh, Erik RussellUniversity of KansasSchool of Medicinecattle far outnumber people and fields of amber wheat wavein the wind. I completed nursing school at MidAmericaNazarene University and later a master’s in public health atthe University of Kansas Medical Center. I was drawn tothe way Family Medicine can be a gateway to healthcareand also an avenue for advocacy. I chose Family Medicinebecause of the ability to care for individuals and thecommunity, working to address root causes of disease anddisparity while providing primary care. I am particularlyinterested in underserved medicine, advocacy, education,adolescent health and rural medicine. I am excited to trainin the rich tradition of UNM, learning from some of the bestin Family and Community medicine. Outside of medicine, Ienjoy spending time with my wife, gardening, beekeeping,our dog Milo, camping, reading and, of course, Kansasbasketball.

I grew up playing soccer and riding horses in southernCalifornia before moving to Colorado where I began myfirst foray into a health-centered career path as a personalfitness trainer. Later, my spouse and I traveled Europe in anold campervan, where I was inspired to expand my horizonsand attend a university after returning home. I studiedbiology and biomedical science at Colorado StateUniversity while I worked as a nurse assistant, cared for myailing parents, and became a parent myself. Theseexperiences led me to pursue a career as a physician whereYaney, Amanda RoachUniversity of New MexicoSchool of MedicineI could combine my loves for health, science, andcaregiving. Medical school here at UNM has presented mewith unique opportunities to work with a wide variety ofpatients from all walks of life, which further shaped mycareer goals. I chose to specialize in family medicinebecause I want to offer full spectrum care to anyone fromnewborns and pregnant mothers to adolescents and theelderly. I have a special interest in reproductive health andhope to eventually be a small town doc. I am thrilled to becontinuing my training in vibrant New Mexico amongcompassionate family physicians!

professional interests include medicine as a tool for social justice, quality improvement, obstetrics, and community health. I am very excited to train and work with the Family Medicine residency at the University of New Mexico. Lutz, Bailee Lynn University of Kansas School of Medicine - Wichita I was raised at beautiful Lake of the Ozarks .

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