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Virtual Hearings:Webex User GuideApril 2020 Prepared by the Supreme Court of VictoriaSupreme Court of Victoria210 William StreetMelbourne Victoria 3000W:

Supreme Court of VictoriaTable of ContentsIntroduction1Technology Prerequisites2How to join Webex using the Webex desktop application4How to join to Webex through your internet browser10How to join the Webex application using a tablet or smartphone15How to join Webex from a phone (audio connection only)17

Supreme Court of VictoriaIntroductionThis guide has been developed to assist you to dial into a Webex hearing arranged by theSupreme Court of Victoria (the Court).Ahead of the hearing, the relevant registry will conduct a test of the videolink technology withthe parties. This test is essential to troubleshoot any issues that may arise and will help thehearing run more smoothly. You will be provided with insteuctions before the hearingregarding testing.It is recommended that parties familiarise themselves with Webex as much as possible beforea hearing. The following links provide useful resources:Click here to download Webex meetingsClick here for Webex meeting video tutorialsClick here for Webex – Using the Desktop App – Training VideoClick here for Webex Help CentreWebex hosted videoconfencing – for external users1

Supreme Court of VictoriaTechnology Prerequisites1. Ensure your Internet bandwidth meets Webex minimum requirement a) For the best video experience in Cisco Webex Video Platform meetings, Ciscorecommends each screen must have at least 2.0 Mbps bandwidth (bi-directional,i.e. sending and receiving). For example, 2Mbps equals one video, therefore if thereare three participants your bandwidth should be 6Mbps. Sharing documents wouldrequire higher Mbps.b) Bandwidth test - Webex Network Test - Webex Bandwidth Reference - -Errors-in-Cisco-Webex-Video-Platform-Meetings2. Ensure your computer meets the following requirements a) PCs must meet the following minimum requirements:i) CPU: Quad-core processor (three or more meeting participants)ii) RAM: 8 GB RAMb) Browser requirement - ed-Operating-Systems-and-Browsersc) Camera: a high-definition video supported USB-based or embedded web camera –Only for video participants - port3. Computer audio requirement a) Laptop/PC with speaker and microphoneb) Most headphones will work with Webex.4. Troubleshooting before testing – If you are participating in a vitural hearing in the office, please liase with your ITDepartment at your work and share this document before the testing. Complete a speedtest, using the links provided in the technology prerequisitessection above. Once the speed test is conducted, you will need to look at thedownload and upload section. It will need to be at least 15 Mbps for downloadand 10Mbps upload. If this does not meet the requirmeents, you can use a 4Gdongle and repeat the test. Please see example below.Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users2

Supreme Court of Victoria5. All calendar invitations will have dial in details. The dial in details will change for eachhearing. Example below:Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users3

Supreme Court of VictoriaHow to join Webex using the Webex desktop application1. Launch your Webex client on your computer.1. When launch for the first time, you will see the screen below. Click.2. You will be prompted to enter your information. (This information will be saved forthe next Webex meeting). Click ‘Continue as guest’.Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users4

Supreme Court of Victoria3. This is the Webex meeting screen that will list all your appointment in your Outlookcalendar. For a Webex meeting, there will be anext to it. Clickingwill join the meeting.Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users5

Supreme Court of Victoria4. If the Court has not started the Webex meeting, you will see the below. Click ‘OK’.5. You will be prompted to choose your audio. Choose ‘Call Using Computer’ to useyour computer speaker and microphone.Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users6

Supreme Court of Victoria6. Choose ‘I Will Call In’ to use your mobile/phone as the source for audio andmicrophone.7. Click onand you will be prompted to choose your camera. For example ifyou have two cameras on a Surface Pro, please ensure you choose the front camera.Please see below.Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users7

Supreme Court of Victoria8. Once the audio and camera are connected, you will be able to mute and unmuteyour microphone and start and stop your camera. In the example below, the:a. Mic is unmutedb. Mic is mutedc. Video is startedd. Video is stopped9. To share content, click onthen choose:Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users8

Supreme Court of Victoria10. To stop sharing, click ‘Stop Sharing’ located in the toolbar on the top of your screen.11. To leave the call, click on the button below.12. The next time you join a Webex meeting, you will be prompted with the belowscreen. ClickWebex hosted videoconfencing – for external users, if there is no change.9

Supreme Court of VictoriaHow to join to Webex through your internet browser1. Open your meeting invite and click on2.The link will open in your default browser.3. It will prompt you to enter your name and email address, please see example below:4. Click on the arrow and choose ‘Always join from web app’. Please see examplebelow:5. Click ‘Join Meeting’.6. Depending on your browser you may be prompted to allow access to themicrophone and camera at this stage. Ensure you allow access to both yourmicrophone and camera.Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users10

Supreme Court of Victoriaa. Guide for Firefox ur-camera-andmicrophone-permissionsb. Guide for Chrome o GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl en&oco 07. Ensure you choose ‘Using computer for audio’.8. Click on ‘Join Meeting’.9.Your audio and camera will be greyed out if the Supreme Court of Victoria has notopened the meeting. Please wait for the meeting to be opened. Example below:Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users11

Supreme Court of Victoria10. Once the meeting has been opened, your audio will be connected automatically.Example below:11. Once the audio and camera is connected, you will be able to mute and unmute yourmicrophone and start and stop your camera. Please see the example below:a. Mic is unmutedb. Mic is mutedc. Video is startedd. Video is stopped12. Clickand selectand audio change your default cameraa. Camera settings:Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users12

Supreme Court of Victoriab. Audio settings:13. To share content, click onthen choose:a. Choose the window you want to share. Example below –Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users13

Supreme Court of Victoriab. Click ‘Allow’. Example below –14. To stop sharing, click ‘Stop Sharing’ located in the toolbar on the top of your screen.15. To leave the meeting, clickthenWebex hosted videoconfencing – for external users14

Supreme Court of VictoriaHow to join the Webex application using a tablet or smartphone1. Launch your Webex application on your computer, iPad or smartphone.2. Enter the meeting number that is in your calendar invite and click ‘Join’. Examplebelow:3. Then enter the meeting number, your name and the email address in your calendarinvite and click ‘Join’. See example below:Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users15

Supreme Court of Victoria4. Then enter the meeting password, which is case senstitve. Example below:5. Once you entered the meeting password, you will see the screen below. Ensure you you areusing internet for audio. Then click ‘Join’. Example below:Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users16

Supreme Court of VictoriaHow to join Webex from a phone (audio connection only)1. Dial the call-in numbers provided in the email or click ‘Global call-in numbers’ formore numbers. Example below:2. Follow the instructions on the phone and enter the meeting number and passwordwhen prompted (meeting password will be the digits and not the letters). Examplebelow.Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users17

Webex hosted videoconfencing – for external users 4 How to join Webex using the Webex desktop application 1. Launch your Webex client on your computer. 1. When launch for the first time, you will see the screen below. Click . 2. You will be prompted to enter your information. (This information wi

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