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Cisco WebEx TrainingSession 1 – Basic

TechnologyMemory LaneWould we really want to start usingbag phones, polaroid cameras,cassette players, manual typewriters,snail mail and encyclopedias again?

Join the Journey Built for mobility Efficient and effective way to communicate andcollaborate with business partners A method to conduct real time meetings withanyone who has access to the Internet Decrease travel time and save

Administrative Law Judgese‐HearingsAdministrative Law Judges (ALJ) CaseHearings leveraging the capabilitieswithin WebEx to manage and controlstakeholder participation. More than500 cases were heard during the pilotperiod, which saved roughly 120,000in costs to hire outside counsel.

Legal Staffe‐HearingsLawyers in various agencies are usingWebEx in place of in‐person claimanthearings. Hearings are conducted viaWebEx along with live video and audiowhen claimants cannot attend themeeting in person. Meeting recordingsare archived in a secure cloud‐basedstorage environment for auditing andlegal purposes.

Illinois State Police (ISP)ISP utilizes WebEx for impromptu meetings withfield units to quickly share screens and allowcontrol of each user’s computer for assistance andreview.WebEx is used with local law enforcement agenciesto troubleshoot Internet connection problems. Theease of use and time savings of the software hassaved several hours of time and cut out duplicationof effort and information exchange to each agency.

State of IllinoisCybersecurity TeamRansomware Outbreak“WannaCry”The “WannaCry” ransomware outbreakcaught organizations around the world bysurprise. The global cyber‐attack impactedover 300,000 computers across 150 countriesand crippled hospitals, transportation andcommunication systems.With very short notice, nearly 200 municipalleadership and I.T. professionals signed on tothe webinar to learn what actions the State ofIllinois had taken to reduce the risk posed byWannacry.

Department of Innovation & TechnologyIllinois Century NetworkThe Illinois Century Network (ICN), HackerHour Webinar/Events provides quarterlyinformation and training session with ICNcustomers. The event leverages WebEx toallow hundreds of participants in a live,interactive session that includes pollingand a formal Q&A to engage theirparticipants.

Department of Innovation & TechnologyDoIT DailyDoIT Daily – a daily virtual meeting with50 managers and agency leadership tofacilitate open communication amongteams and quick resolution to issues andconcerns. The meeting leverages videoconferencing, web conferencing, audioconferencing, document sharing andchat to allow participants to join fromanywhere.

Participant Controls

Participant Controls: View (Zoom), Chat, TabsBob Edwards

Participant ControlsMute: Did you mute yourselfvia the Webex dashboard oryour phone as a courtesy toothers?Raise Hand: Your session Hostmay instruct you to use thisfeature when you have aquestion.Video: Click the camera icon toallow others to see you. Viewthe presenter in full‐screen HDby clicking the top right cornerof the video. (Camera Required)MuteOffOnRaise HandOffOnVideoOffOn15

Key Elements Participant Controls: MuteRaise HandWeb CamView ControlsEligibilityObtaining a Host AccountPassword ManagementHost EssentialsWebEx Productivity ToolsMy WebEx ProfileAdding a session to OutlookManaging Recurring MeetingsScheduling from the PortalJoining a Session Audio Connection Options Key Best PracticeSharing OptionsReportsMy RecordingsMobileHelp16

WebEx Service

WebEx Service Portal EligibilityThe states’ WebEx service is provided via two portals in order to domain as well as for other agencies directory cies in the ActiveDirectory domain take advantage ofSingle Sign‐On (SSO)Non‐ domain agencies haveaccess to a separate portal requiring itsown username and password.Note: As agencies consolidate, Host accounts will be issued from to replace illinois2 accounts.18

Illinois.webex.comIllinois Domain tral Management ServicesColbert‐AgingCivil Service CommissionDepartment of Employment SecurityDepartment of Human ServicesDepartment of Human RightsDepartment of InsuranceDepartment of Innovation & TechnologyDepartment of LaborDepartment of Natural ResourcesDepartment of Veterans AffairsEnvironmental Protection AgencyExecutive Ethics CommissionFinancial and Professional RegulationGovernor’s OfficeHealth and Family ServicesHealth Information Exchange AuthorityIllinois2.webex.comNon‐Consolidated For agencies, boards and commissionsHistoric Preservation AgencyIllinois Principle Associationthat do not appear in the list to the left.Illinois Racing BoardJudicial Inquiry BoardIllinois Tax TribunalLabor Relations BoardLatino Family CommissionOffice of Inspector GeneralOffice of the Lieutenant GovernorPollution Control BoardPrisoner Review BoardProcurement Policy BoardProperty Tax Appeal BoardWorkers Compensation CommissionAgency Portal Eligibility List (Note: SSO Eligibility is continually advancing as agencies consolidate)

Obtaining a Host Account – illinois2.webex.comUnlike the portal, this portal and associated HOST accounts areNOT generated automatically.Accounts must be obtained by request through your agency Telecom Coordinator.Submit a TSR for a Host Account and send Full NameEmail AddressTelephone NumberNote: As agencies consolidate, Host accounts will be issued from to replace illinois2accounts.20

Creating Your Host

Creating your Host Account – Single Sign On (SSO)Eligible employees can create a Host account on by simply following the login process below.Note: You will be prompted with an opportunity to download and install WebEx Productivity Tools. Depending uponthe security settings of your PC, install capabilities may have been disabled by your IT staff.22

Account Login – Illinois2.webex.com1.Illinois2.webex.com2.Enter “Username”Username Firstname.LastnamePassword Initial Password will beprovided and the user will be promptedto change the password upon login.3.Your new password must meet therequirements listed in the image tothe left.

Forgot Your Password?1.3.2.

Productivity Tools

Download Productivity Tools1. Click “Download”

Download Productivity Tools2. From the open file dialog, click “Run”

Download Productivity Tools433. From the InstallShield Wizard click “Next”4. Accept License Agreement and click “Next” and“Next” from the Destination Folder dialog window.

Download Productivity Tools5. Click “Finish” tocomplete the installation

How to download WebEx Productivity Tools from WebEx PortalState of Illinois WebEx PortalIllinois.webex.comillinois2.webex.com1. Log in to orillinois2.webex.com2. Click “Downloads” from the lefthand menu3. Select “Windows” or “Mac”version of Productivity Tools4. Click “Download”5. From the open file dialog, click“Run”6. Click “Finish” to complete theinstallation

Welcome to WebEx!“WebEx Profile”


WebEx ProfileYour Virtual Profile is ImportantChoose an appropriate photo and Label to be used inmultiple applications including WebEx. This consistentreflection is important as remote interaction andcollaboration increases. To personalize your WebExportal, Productivity Tools and Session image with aprofile photo, click on the circle at the center of the mainWebEx portal page.33

It’s time for Poll!How comfortable doyou feel creating yourWebEx Host Accountand installingProductivity Tools?Poll will be open for 2 minutes

Scheduling a WebEx Meeting

How to schedule a WebEx Meeting in Microsoft OutlookSetup a WebEx meeting inMicrosoft Outlook, just likeyou do other meetings.

How to schedule a WebEx meeting using WebEx Meeting Center

Schedule your WebEx Meeting – Recurring WebEx MeetingChanging a Recurring WebEx MeetingYou can change an occurrence of a recurring meeting from your Outlook calendar to: Change the date and time Invite or remove attendees Remove WebEx from a meeting series that includes WebExTo change an occurrence of a recurring meeting:1. Locate the meeting you want to change on your Outlook calendar.2. Double‐click the meeting occurrence. The Open Recurring Item dialog is displayed.3. Select Open this occurrence, then click OK.4. Make your changes, then click Send Update. The meeting occurrence is updated on your Outlook calendar andon your WebEx site. Attendees are notified of the change.PARTICIPANT BEST PRACTICE: Ensure when joining a meeting to select the current date occurrence within the series.HOST BEST PRACTICE: Do not add a WebEx to a meeting in a series that that does not already include WebEx.

Joining a WebEx and Audio Options

Join a WebEx MeetingMicrosoft Outlook InvitationClick on “Join WebEx Meeting”WebEx Portal InvitationClick on “Join the Meeting”You also have the option of adding the meeting to yourcalendar by clicking on “Add to Calendar”

Joining a SessionValerie BolingerValerie.Bolinger@Illinois.gov41

Join a WebEx Meeting – Audio1. In the “Select Audio Connection” dropdown choose “Call Me”.2. In the “Select Video Connection” dropdown choose “No Video”.3. Click on “Connect Audio” Button.

Audio Connection OptionsThere are 4 options to choose fromas indicated here.The various options are provided toaccommodate a wide variety of usecases. Call using a computer orvideo system require specifichardware to be used.43

Audio Connection OptionsBest PracticeFor joining the WebEx Audio ConferenceHave the meeting “Call Me” or “Call Using Computer”44

Participants can mute or unmute themselvesregardless of mute on entry being enabled orbeing muted by the host.Muted UnmutedAs a participant:In the Participants Panel (right zone), selectMute or UnmuteWebExUnmutedMutedCAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?Muting & Unmuting OptionsThe Dreaded “Double Mute”Desk Phone

Hosting a Meeting

Host Options and Sharing the Ball The Host has the ability to share files, applications or videos.The Host may pass the Ball or a participant may grab the Ball and shareat any time.The ballsits to the left of the participant who currently has sharingcontrol.47

Anyone Can Share The Ball represents sharing capability within asession.The ball is next to the Host’s name by default.Also, by default, the “Anyone Can Share” feature isenabled.The Host has the ability to uncheck “Anyone CanShare” in order to lock down control of the ballwithin the current session.48

WebEx Meeting Essentials for Hosts1. BEST PRACTICE Audio Conference: Have the meetingcall you or connect using your computers audio system2. Record: Record the meeting, including audio, video andpresentation , for sharing later.3. Share my desktop or files: Share files, applications, orvideos. Present anything on your computers desktop.4. Share video: Click the camera icon to allow others tosee you. View the presenter in full‐screen HD byclicking the top right corner of the video.5. Adjust you view: Grab the vertical bar in the middle ofyour meeting window to resize the panel they youwould like.6. Chat: Start a side conversation with anyone in themeeting.

Recording a Meeting & Reporting Options

Meeting Center Reporting1. Select the “My WebEx” tab2. Click “My Reports”3. Select “Usage Reports”3.1.2.

Usage Report

My Recorded Meetings“My Recorded Meetings”provides a list of yourpreviously recordedmeetings.Users have the ability to:1. Play recording2. Email your recording3. Download4. Modify5. Disable6. Delete


Poll coming your way!How comfortable doyou feel joining,scheduling and/orhosting a WebExmeeting?Poll will be open for 15 minutes

Need WebEx Assistance?

Self Service Tech SupportMeeting Center “Support” Popular Topics My Resources DownloadsMy WebEx Support & Training Resources Downloads Contact Information Training Self‐service technical support

DoIT Tech Supportstaff are ready to helpyou with all yourWebEx issues.217‐524‐DoIT (3648)or312‐814‐DoIT (3648)DoIT Customer Service CenterOption 4

Questions & AnswersThank you for attending today’s session.

How to download WebEx Productivity Tools from WebEx Portal State of Illinois WebEx Portal 1. Log in to or 2. Click “Downloads” from the

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