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xMidland CollegeDear Prospective Sonography Student:Thank you for your interest in the Midland College Sonography Program. The attached admissionsinformation packet should answer any questions you have about the program's application process andadmission requirements.The Sonography Program is accredited by the oint Review Committee on Education in DiagnosticMedical Sonography. Graduates of this program are eligible to take the licensing exam to becomeregistered sonographers.The deadline for submitting applications to the program is fuly 20,2ozrSonography classes will begin in the spring semester (January) of every year. Due to clinical availability,the class size is limited. Travel to clinical sites is required.After you have read the packet, should you have any questions, please contact me Havner, RDMS, BAASSonography Program Chair( n) eas-sszz3600 N. Garfield . Midland, Texas 79705-6399 , (432) 685-4500. www.midland,eduMIOTAND COLLEGE IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUN'TY EMPI-OYEF/EDUCATOR.Midlild Colleg ls asedited by lho Commlssion on Collegos of lh6 South rn Assoclation of collegss and schoole lo award certili*ts and Essoclata and bscqlaureate d grses,contact lhs Commlssion on colleg 8 al 1860 Southem Lan6, Dmtur, Georgia 30033-4007 or call 4M 79'4500 {or qu6stion6 about the Eccroditatlon of Midhnd Coilegi.

trMIDLAND COLLEGE SONOGRAPHYADMISSION CRITERIATHE SONOGRAPHY PROGRAM IS A COMPETITIVE ADMISSION PROGRAMTHEREFORE, NOT ALL APPLICANTS ARE OFFERED ADMISSION.REQUIREMENTS:Complete Midland College application (ApptyTexas)and meet all college admission requirements.Submit official transcripts from all colleges you have attended to Midland College at the followingaddress AND request official transcripts from all colleges to be sent to you (to be included in youradmissions packet):Midland CollegeATTN: Registrar's Office3600 North GarfieldMidland, TX797o5Satisfy the requirements for Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exam unless exempt for qualiffing reasons,Contact Enrollment Services at ( 2) d85-a5Ot to veri r TSI status.1tTake the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATi tEeS), and score a minimum levelof;PROFICIENT. Information on the ATI TEAS test can be found in this packet.Completeform.aMidland College Health Sciences Application and a Criminal History Background Checkt'lrComplete{ Chnical Sign-up Sheet, found in this packet.

REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONSIMumps-Measles-Rubella (MMR)aHepatitis BaVaricella (Chicken Pox)-3 doses or-2 doses ortitertiter-2 doses or titer (documentation of disease is NOT accepted)Tetanus-Diphtheria Pertussis (Tdap)-one dosewithin the past1o yearsREQUIRED PREREQUISITE COURSESMust be completed with a minimum grade of "C" or aboveaaaPHYS t4t5, Physical Science I or PHYS 1401, College Physics IBIOL 2401, Anatomy and Physiology IMATH I I 14, College AlgebraENGL 1301, Composition IHPRS r 106, Bssentials of Medical TerminologyADDITIONAL COURSES:lAdditional points toward admission maybe earned by completing thefollowing courses withagradeof"C" or aboveilaBIOL 2402, Anatomy and PhysiologyaPSYC 2301, Introduction to PsychologyaHumanities/Fine Arts ElectiveAdditional points can be earned by completing any StudentCourses available at Midland College include:tPREP o3zo, Basic College Study SkillsEDUC t too, Effective LearningSuccess coursewitha grade of"B" or above.

MIDLAND COLLEGEHEALTH SCIENCES DIVISIONAPPLICATION FOR ADMISSIONMGO Associate Degree Nursing (RN)trEMTO Associate Degree Nursing LVN to RNIFire ScienceD SonographyIIMGReturn to:Questions?Midland CollegeATTN: Health Sciences Division3600 North GarfieldMidland, Texas 79705D ParamedicRespiratory Gare(432) cation for Admission Beginning:www.midland.eduApplicant InformationNameLasfMiddleOther Name(s) Used:LaslMidland College StudentlDSocial Security Number:Number:Address:SfreelCityPhone NumberzipSialeEmailaddress:ln Case of Emergency NotifyTelephone # (with Area Code)NameEducational Background (HighName ofSchoolSchool or Tx CHSE)LocationCollege/University/Professional School (List most recent first;Name ofSchoolLocationMajor/Courseof StudyDates ofAttendancelist all attended)Dates ofAttendanceDate ConferredDegree/Certificate/Diploma EarnedDateGraduatedNOTICE{)Health Sciences programs which include direct patient care require the following immunizations: Hepatitis B, Mumps-Measles-Rubella(MMR) and Tetanus-Diptheria-Pertussis (Tdap); Varicella (Chicken Pox) disease verification or vaccine.2) Health Sciences programs which include direct patient care require tuberculosis(TB) screening.3) Completion of a Health Sciences program does not guarantee eligibility to take a certification/registry/licensure examination. Theeligibility of each person is determined on an individual basis by the regulatory body of each of the Health Sciences disciplines. lfyou have a conviction of a crime other than a minor traffic violation, physical or mental disability/illness, hospitalization/treatment forchemical dependency within the past five years, current intemperate use of drugs or alcohol, or a previous denial of licensure or actionby a licensing authority, you will need to contact the specific regulatory body for an individual ruling. See the specific Health Sciencesprogram director if you need assistance. All programs require a criminal background check and urine drug screen.4) When accepting students into a Health Sciences program, consideration may be given to the student's previous admissions,dismissals, failures, participation and past history.I have read the notice section.initialRevised 9/5/17

MGMIDLAND COLLEGEHEALTH SCIENCES DIVISIONAPPLICATION FOR ADMISSIONMGYou may apply to as many Health Science programs as you wish. A separate application is required for each program -I cedifythat all of the information I have entered on this application is accurate and complete to the best of myknowledge. I understand that falsification of an applicallon is cause for rejection or dr'smrssa/.DateSignatureMidland College is an equal opportunity employer/educator.Midland College is accrediled by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award celtificatesand associale and baccalaureate degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 orcall 404-679-4500for questions about the accreditation ofMidland College.Notice of Non-discriminationMidland College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disabilify, or age in its programs and activities andprovides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following person has been designated to handleinquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Tana Baker, Title IX Coordinator/Compliance Officer, 3600 N. Garfield, Midland,TX 79705, 432-685-4781. For further information on notice of non-discrimination you can contact: Dallas Office for Civil Rights, U.S.Department of Education, 1999 Bryan Street, Suite 1620, Dallas, Texas 75201-6810. Telephone:214-661-9600; FAX: 214-661-9587;TDD: 800-877 -8339; Email: OC R. Dallas@ed. gov.Revised 9/5/17

Criminal History Record 1thSciences Program,uutn-ir" ttt. tt4iOtunO College District to obtain criminal historyrecord information from any lawenforcement agencies which may have criminal history record information on me, including but not limited to arests,investigations, convictions, and other reports. I hereby release the Midland College District and any law enforcementliability for the release of any information to the Midland CollegeDistrict. It is a state and/or facility requirement that a criminal background check be conducted prior to students enteringselected clinical settings dealing with children and individuals with mental illness or mental retardation. I am aware that ifI have had a misdemeanor or felony conviction (other than a minor traffic violation), I may not be able to go to certainclinical facilities and may not be able to complete the program.agencies receiving a copy of authorization fromI am applying to the following programEmergency Medical Services (EMT and Paramedic)Fire Science TechnologyHealth Information ManagementNursing - Associate DegreeNursing - VocationalRespiratory CareSonographyStudent's SignaturePleaseDateprint the following information.Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameMaleFemaleDate of BirlhSocial Security NumberTexas Driver's LicensePlease contact Kay Floyd, Health Sciences Division Secretary, at 4321685-4600 if you have any questions regarding thisform. The above criminal history information will be filed separately from the student's file.For Office Use OnlyClearNot Clear. See attached documentation.SignatureDateRevised 10/16

MIDTAND COLLEGE SONOGRAPHYADMISSION POINTS WORKSHEETApplicant NamelThis form has been prepared so you can keep up with your admis.sion reqnirernents and point standing. Theapplication deadline is ]uly 20, 202r, Any course substitrltions mu t be approved by the Sonography programchair'.A completed application must be submitted in a brown 9x12" envelope must include the followingtMidland College Heaitlr Science ApplicationCliminal History Background Check FormATI TEAS flPioftcientAdvancedSCORE:loOfficial College Transcripts with completed prerequisitesTSI satisfied or' exempt (on college transcript)Clinical Sign Up SheetShot Record CopyRequiled Admission PointsPrerequisite CoursesClinical Site PreferencesPointsFor the following cour es: A 10, D 5, C 2aBIOL 2401, Anatomy and physiology IPHYSI4t5, Plrysical Science I,T3orPHYSr4ol, College Physics IMATH1,314, College AlgebraNotesFor the tbllorvit:g (:ourses: A S, B 3, C IENGL 1301, CompositionIHPRS I to6, Medical T erminologyNO PTSTotal Required Admission PointsOptional Admission PointsThe follorving courses are part of the degreePointsrequirements BUT do nol have to be taken for yourapplication to be considered conrplete.TOTAL ADMISSIONS POINTS:Ior the following cou es: A I o, B 5, C zBIOL4Q2,IIAnatomy andFor the followirrg cources: A 5,! J,C 1PSYC 2301, Introduction to PsychologyHumanities/Fine Alts Elective(see college catalogfol options)Any Student Success CourseReceivedDate:

MIDLAND COLLEGE SONOGRAPHYAPPLICATION SUBMISSIONDEADLINEThe deadline for submitting applications is July 20,2ozl,COMPLETE APPLICATIONOnly completed applications will be accepted. ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN A gXteENVELOPB WITH THE APPLICANT'S NAME ON THE FRONT.Complete and include the following documents:ooorooMidland College Health Sciences ApplicationCriminal History Background Check FormATI TEAS test scoreSite Visit FormOfficial college transcripts verifring all prerequisite courses have been completed with aminimum grade of "C" or above - THESE MUST BE INCLUDED IN YOUR ENVELOPEIDocumentation that TSI requirements have been met-(this information is found on collegetranscript)orSonography Clinical Sign-up SheetCopies ofshot recordsSUBMIT TO:Brandi Havner, Sonography ProgramRoom 108, Davidson Family Health Sciences BuildingMidland College3600 N. GarfieldMidland, Texas797a5ITIS THEAPPLICANT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THEIR FILE ISCOMPLETE.

MIDLAND COLLEGE SONOGMPHY{ICLINICAL SIGN-UP FORMtThere are limited clinical slots rit each clinical site. Selectyour first cholce (indicated with a numberand an alternate site(s) (indicated with numberc2,g,4 and so on) ifyouare Ilh totravel.t):.Abilene, TexasLovington, NewMexicoLubbock, TexasMidland/Odessa/Andrews, TexasSnyder, ame''",.,,,'',',',,Signature.DateITttis form must be submitted with your applicadon.

MIDLAND COLLEGE SONOGRAPHYIMMUNIZATIONS AND LAB TEST RESUTTS FORMNameFIIL IN ALL DATES ON THIS FORM.Shot records and/or lab slips veriffing immunity by vaccinationor serum antibody titers must be attached to this form.BACTERIAL MENINGITISAII entering students under theDATEageof zz are required to show proof of aninitial meningococcal vaccination or a booster dose during the five-yearperiod prior to enrolling. The vaccine must have been administered at leastlodays befole the semester beginsMEASLES- MUMPS-RUBELLA (MMR)DATEDATEMeasles- A seconddose is required if the student was born after ]anuaryr957orMeasles TiterDateResultsorMumps TiterDateResultsSerum titer confirming immunity to each diseaseRubella TiterDateResultsI HEPATITIS BDATEIDATEThree injection series or the combination two-dose seriesDATE ,.ororHepatitis B TiterDateSerum titer confirming immunityResultsVARICELLA (CHICKENPOX)DATEDATETwo doses required at least four (4) weeks apartorSerum titer confirming immunityorVaricella TiterDateResultsTETANUS.DIPHTHERJA-AND PERTUSSISDose within the last ten (to) yearsDATE 1-: --- ---- .,,,,,,. ,,,.

MIDLAND COLLEGE SONOGMPHYTHE TEST OF ESSENTIAL ACADEMIC SK]LLS INFORMATION SHEETWHATIS THEATI TEAS ?The Test of Essential Academic Skills, (ATI TEAS) is an Internet-based, multiple-choice exam thatstudent's abilities in four content areas. The test measures basic essential skills in the academiccontent area domains of reading, mathematics, science and English and language usage. It is used as onecomponent of the selection process for admitting students to the Sonography program at Midlandassesses aCollege. The ATI TEAS is a I hour and 30 minute, 170 question examination with the following format:rREADING 64 MINUTES; 53 QUESTIONS: paragraph comprehension; passage comprehension,inferences/conclusions.oMATH 54 MINUTES; l5 QUESTIONS: whole numbers, metric conversion, fractions anddecimals, percentages, ratios and proportions, algebraic equations.orSCIENCE 63 MINUTES; 53 QUESTIONS: scientific reasoning, biology,life science, eafthscience, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, physical principles, general science.ENGLISH 28 MINUTES; 28 QUESTIONS: contextual words, sentence structure, grammar andpunctuation, word meaning and spelling.WHEN SHOULD I TAKE THE ATI TEAS ASSESSMENT IIt is recommended that you wait to take the ATI TEAS at least until you have completed Anatomy andPhysiology I. The test must be taken prior to the application deadline.WHAT SCORE DO I NEED TO MAKE ON THE ATI TEAS IN ORDER TO APPLY TO THESONOGRAPHY PROGRAM?You must score at a minimum "proficient" on the academic preparedness level. You can only take theATI TEAS test 3 times.WHAT RXSOURCES ARE AVAILABLE TO PREPARE FOR THE ATI TEAS ?aATI Testing sells a study manual (ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills Study Manual) and anonline practice test, which are available for purchase at The study guide is4lso available at the MC bookstore and other booksellers.aPractice questions and other information about the ATI TEAS can be found atwww. testprepreview. com

HOW DO I CREATE AN ATI ACCOUNT?All individuals preparing to take the TEAS test must oeate an ATI account. Go to.wwlv"iitlif.e ting,cnnLand click on create a new account then follow the screen prompts. You only need to register once.WHEN AND WHERE DO I GO TO TAKE THE ATI TEAS TEST?The ATI TEAS is administered at the MC Testing Center (qgz-SgS-q504) every Thursday at 8:30 a.m.You must call the Testing Center to make an appointment to take the test. Please allow four hours tocomplete the test.HOW MUCH DOES THE TEST COST?The cost of the test is 55.00 to be paid by credit card only plus a 10.00 processing fee payable toMidland College. The processing fee will be paid at the Midland College Cashier's office.WHAT DO I NEED TO TAKE TO THE TESTING CENTER?Bring your usernzrme and password, photo ID and credit card to pay for the test online.WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY SCORE?Your test score along with an explanation of the results will print out when the test is completed,

MIDLAND COLLEGE SONOGRAPHYGENERAL INFORMATION1.MISSIONThe mission of the Midland College Sonography Program is to prepare competent entry-levelgeneral sonographers in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective(behavior) learning domains.2.PROGRAM ORIENTATION MEETINGSThe Sonography faculty will be offering program orientation meetings during each Fall andSpring semester. During these sessions, the faculty will discuss the admission process andanswer questions from applicants. The orientation meeting dateswillbe listed on theMidlandCollege Sonography page.3.SELECTION PROCESSa.Only completed applications will be considered in the selection process.b.The Midland College Sonography Program admits 10-15 students each year dependingon the availability of clinical sites each fall. Admission to the program is awarded byselecting the applicants with the highest number of total admission points earned untilthe class is filled.c.In the event there are two students with the same number of admission points for theposition will be offered to the applicant with the higher TEAS score. Should the TEASscores also be identicai, the positionwillbe offered to the candidate whose file wasturned in earliest.d.Applicants are admitted solely on the objective data of the admission criteria. No personshall be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subject todiscrimination under, any program or activity sponsored or conducted by MidlandCollege, on any basis prohibited by applicable law, including, but not limited to race,color, age, marital status, national origin, religion, gender, disability, or statusas aqualified disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era,e,An applicant who is not admitted in a given year has the opportunity to increase thenumber of admission points before the next admission deadline by completing thecourses Iisted under additional admission criteria, retaking a course for a higher grade orretaking the ATI TEAS (maximum of 3 attempts).

4,MISCELLANEOUSaOnce the Sonography program receives the completed application, a file is made in theprospective student's name. All documents pertaining to program admissions are kept inthis file. The prospective student should inform the Sonography program if he/she nolonger desires to be considered for admission.b.The approximate tuition and fee costs for the Sonography program 31g g!,g12.oo basedon the 2o2o-2o2t tuition fee schedule. Tuition for out-of-district, out-of-state, andinternational students will be higher. Scholarships and financial aid should be arrangedearly by contacting the Financial Aid Office at(qn)685-551Ior by viewing theFinancial Aid page on the Midland College website (wruw .midlnnrl.i:rtlu).c.Sonography students are required to be certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) and to remain certified throughout the two years in the program. Proof of CPRtraining mustbe provided on the first day of class.d.Sonography students are required to have while in the program,e.Sonography students will be required to have a urine drug screen at a time designated bythe clinical director.f.Sonography students must maintainacumulative 2.0-grade point average in order tograduate from Midland College.g.The following student services are available to all students: Financial Aid, Counselingand Advising, Testing, ]ob Placement, and Career Counseling. The Career Center alsoprovides services for students with disabilities including qdaptive and assistiveequipment and accommodations. For further information, contact Student Services inthe Scharbauer Student Center or callJs.'Midland College432-686-48t6.!ACCREDITATIONis accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission onColleges to award certificates and associate and baccalaureate degrees. Contact the Commission onColleges at l866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call ( o ) 6Tg-45o1for questionsabout the status of Midland College.IThe Midland College Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is accredited by the Commission onAccreditation of Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the]oint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Commission on Accreditation of Health Bducation Progrargsl3 1 Park Street, Clearwater, FL 33756727-2rO-235O"ts*!uuimd{cp-at 6.ADDITIONALINFORMATIONI.IThe provisions and information set forth in this packet are intended for informational purposes onlyand are subject to modification without notice.For additional information, please contact:Midland CollegeBrandi Havner, Sonography Program ChairSonography Program3600 North GarfieldMidland,T , II1

MIDTAND COLLEGE SONOGMPHYDEGREE PLANOnly applicants accepted into the Sonography program may enroll in Sonography courses. All Sonography(DMSO) courses must be taken in the presclibed sequence, General education cour es must be taken NO LATERthan the semester in which they are listed, All coutses must be passed withagrade ofASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE DEGREE PLANPREREQUISITE COURSESBIOL240t Anatomy and Physiology IENGL l30l Composition IHPRS I 106 Essentials of Medical TerminologyMATH1314 College AlgebraPHYS 1415r PhysicalScience I or PHYS 1401, College PhysicsIFIRST YEARSEMESTER I (SPRING SEMESTER)BIAL2402 Anatomy and Physiology IIDMSO rz66 Practicum IDMSO t3oz Basic Ultrasound PhysicsDMSO 1441 Abdominopelvic SonographySEMESTERII (SUMMERSEMESTER)PSYC 2301 Introduction to PsychologyDMSO 1267 PractrcsmllDMSO 2353 Sonography of Superficial StructuresDMSO 2305 Sonography of Obstetrics/Gynecology.:SECOND YEARSEMESTERIII (FALLSEMESTER)Humanities/Fine Arts ElectiveDMSO 1342 Intermediate Ultrasound PhysicsDMSO 2366 PracticumIIIDMSO 2242 Sonography of High Risk ObstetricsDMSO Z23o Advanced Ultrasound and ReviewSEMESTER IV (SPRING SEMESTER)DMSO 2lg1 Doppler PhysicsDMSO 2367 PractiqumlYDMSO z37t Pediavic SonographyrRadiography physics may be substituted for Physics or Physical Science"C" or above,

MIDLAND COLLEGE SONO GRAPHYHEALTH INFORMATION FOR SONOGRAPHY PROGRAMl.The State of Texas and the Sonography program require current immunizations. The following arerequired:aBacterial Meningitis-all entering students who are 22 otyosnger must showproof of aninitialmeningococcal vaccination or a booster dose during the five-year period prior to enrolling. Thisdose must be administered i o days before the first day of the semester. Contact the EnrollmentServices office for exceptions to this requirement.aMeasles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) (z doses)- immunization or a positive titerfor each disease;students born after fanuary I 957 must show documentation of a second dose of the Measlesvaccine (this can be part of a second MMR).aHepatitis B Vaccination (3 doses)- applicant must have completed the three-injectionthe application deadline of JulyZOor provide a positive titter result.aVaricella (Chickenpox)of immunization (z doses) or a positive titeraTetanus-Diphtheria Pertussis (Tdap)IInfluenza- proof-booster received within last t 0 years* some clinical facilities will require the student to have a recent flu shot during fluseason. Refusal to adhere to this request may prohibit the student's attendance at that2,series byfacilityAll students, unless medically exempt, must be tested for tuberculosis using the P.P.D, skin test orthe QFT-Gold blood test. If there is a history of a positive skin test, results of a current chest x-raymust be provided.3. A drug screen will be required at all facilities.\4.As part of Midland College's contract with clinical sites, all health science students (includingSonography students) must have current health insurance. (Please check with the Health Sciences\Division office for information on student health insurance policies.)

MIDLAND COLLEGE SONOGRAPHYHEALTH GUIDELINES/TECHNICAL STANDARDS FOR SONOGRAPHY STUDENTSSonographers mustlift and move patients constantly,at times supporting the entire weight of thepatient's body, they must move and manipulate complex and expensive equipment, and be able torespond immediately to medical emergencies.Adequate health status is defined as sufficient capacity to perform all requirements of the clinicaleducation component of the sonography program without endangering the safety of patients under theindividual's care, within reason,as determined by a physician, physician's assistant or nursepractitioner. Because of the characteristics of the profession, certain physical conditions may constituteinadequate health status, and may, therefore, preclude admission to the clinical education componentofthe diagnostic medical sonography program. These include:oreooInability to sit or stand for long periods of time.Confinement to a wheelchair or other physical support, especially if long-term.Substantial immobility (less than 85% mobility) in, or loss of, any limb.Inability to lift and move immobile objects.Less than 85% eyesight or visual acuity that would impair the ability to'discern details and colorson video monitors and film.r.Inability to distinguish audible sounds.Any severe speech impediment or inability to communicate proficiently using the Englishlanguage which could endanger patient safety due to the incapacity to communicate promptlyand effectively with others in an emergency situation.oInability to withstanda physically and emotionally demanding workload due to any severeinjury, deformity, or emotional problem which might endanger the safety of patients under theindiyidual's care.If thereis any question that you can or cannot meet these requirements, please checkwith the programchair and/or the Midland College Counselor/Disability Specialist, The Americans With Disabilities Act(ADA) and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act require that no otherwise qualified person with adisability be denied access to, or the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination by any program oractivity provided by an institution or entity receiving federal financial assistance. Midland College canand will provide support services for individuals under these acts.

MIDLAND COLLEGE SONOGRAPHYINFORMATION REGARDING TICENSUREEligibility to sit for the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) exam isconducted on an individual basis. Completion of the Sonography program does not guarantee you willbe eligible for the registry, Wherr making an application for the exam, the following compliancequestions must be answered by the applicant:l.Criminal conduct,asdescribed below:a. Having been chargedinacriminal proceeding where: t)afinding or verdict of guilt ismade or returned but where the adjudication of guilt is withheld, deferred or not entered orthe sentence is suspended or stayed, or 2) where the individual enters into a pretrialdiversion activity; orb. Having been convicted of a crime,including a felony, gross misdemeanor ot'misdemeanor,other than a speeding or parking violation. Being convicted of a crime includes, but is notlimited to, being found guilty, pleading guilty, or pleading nolo contendere (no contest).2Having been submitted to a Special or General Military court-martial3,Having been the subject of disciplinary action by a state licensing board, state or federal agency,national professional association, or accrediting body.4"Performing clinical duties while impaired due to chemical (legal andlor illegal), drug or alcoholabuse.5.Engaging in conduct likely to deceive, defraud, or harm the public; or demonstrating a willful orcareless disregard for the health, welfare, or safety of a patient.6.Having been adjudicatedasmentally incompetent, mentally ill, chemically dependent, ordangerous to the public, by a court of competent jurisdiction.The answers you provide may or may not affect your eligibility to sit for the exam which is determinedsolely by ARDMS.

Midland College Dear Prospective Sonography Student: Thank you for your interest in the Midland College Sonography Program.The attached admissions information packet should answer any questions you have about the program's application process and admission requirements. The Sonography

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