Rexroth IndraDrive Drive Controllers Power Sections HCS03

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IndustrialHydraulicsElectric Drivesand ControlsLinear Motion andAssembly ulicsRexroth IndraControl VCP 20Rexroth IndraDrive CDrive ControllersPower Sections HCS03.1Project Planning ManualR911307049Edition 03

About this DocumentationTitleRexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1Rexroth Indra Drive CDrive ControllersPower Sections HCS03.1Type of DocumentationDocument TypecodeInternal File ReferencePurpose of DocumentationCopyrightProject Planning ManualDOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P Box: M8*-01VRS Document Number 120-2400-B316-03/ENThis documentation provides information on how to design the control cabinet how to mount the drive controllers in the control cabinet how to install the drive 1****-PR01-EN03.2004First onDOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN01.2006Revision Bosch Rexroth AG, 2006Copying this document, giving it to others and the use or communicationof the contents thereof without express authority, are forbidden. Offendersare liable for the payment of damages. All rights are reserved in the eventof the grant of a patent or the registration of a utility model or design(DIN 34-1).ValidityPublished byThe specified data only serve to describe the product. No statementsconcerning a certain condition or suitability for a certain application can bederived from our information. The given information does not release theuser from the obligation of own judgement and verification. It must beremembered that our products are subject to a natural process of wearand aging.Bosch Rexroth AGBgm.-Dr.-Nebel-Str. 2 D-97816 Lohr a. MainTelephone 49 (0)93 52/40-0 Tx 68 94 21 Fax 49 (0)93 52/40-48 85 BRC/EDY1 (RR, US)NoteThis document has been printed on chlorine-free bleached paper.DOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P

Rexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1Contents IContents1Indroduction1.11-1Documentation. 1-1About this Documentation . 1-1Documentations - Overview . 1-221.2Basic Design of a Drive Controller. 1-31.3General Information on How to Install the Drive Controller . 1-5Important Directions for Use2.12-1Appropriate Use. 2-1Introduction . 2-1Areas of Use and Application . 2-22.23Inappropriate Use . 2-2Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls3.13-1General Information . 3-1Using the Safety Instructions and Passing them on to Others. 3-1Instructions for Use. 3-1Explanation of Warning Symbols and Degrees of Hazard Seriousness . 3-3Hazards by Improper Use. 3-43.2Instructions with Regard to Specific Dangers. 3-5Protection Against Contact with Electrical Parts . 3-5Protection Against Electric Shock by Protective Low Voltage (PELV) . 3-6Protection Against Dangerous Movements . 3-7Protection Against Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields During Operation andMounting . 3-9Protection Against Contact with Hot Parts . 3-10Protection During Handling and Mounting. 3-11Battery Safety . 3-11Protection Against Pressurized Systems . 3-124Identification4.14-1Device Types . 4-1Type Code . 4-14.2Type Plates . 4-2Type Plate Power Section (Example). 4-3Type Plate Control Section. 4-34.3Scope of Delivery. 4-3Overview. 4-3DOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P

II Contents5Rexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1Mechanical Data5.15-1Dimensions . 5-1Drive Controller HCS03.1E-W0070. 5-1Drive Controller HCS03.1E-W0070 with HAS02 . 5-1Drive Controller HCS03.1E-W0100, -W0150 . 5-2Drive Controller HCS03.1E-W0100, -W0150 with HAS02 . 5-2Drive Controller HCS03.1E-W0210. 5-3Drive Controller HCS03.1E-W0210 with HAS02 . 5-35.2Weight. 5-6Mounting Position . 5-7Temperatures Above the Top of the Device. 5-76Electrical Data6-16.1Power Section - Mains Supply. 6-16.2Power Section - DC Bus . 6-16.3Power Section - DC Bus Power. 6-2Mains Connection Power and DC Bus Continuous Power . 6-36.4Power Section - Braking Resistor . 6-66.5Power Section - Inverter . 6-76.6Power Section - Examples of Allowed Output Current Profiles. 6-86.7Power Section - Operating Standard Motors. 6-106.8Power Section - Cooling, Power Dissipation, Insulation Resistance, Sound Pressure. 6-116.9Control Voltage . 6-12Devices with Control Voltage Generation from DC Bus (HCS03.1E-W0xxx-NNxV). 6-126.10 Connections . 6-14Overall Connection Diagram . 6-146.11 Connections at Power Section HCS03.1. 6-15Optional Control Voltage . 6-18DC Bus . 6-18X1, Module Bus . 6-19X3, Mains Connection . 6-20X5, Motor Connection. 6-21X6, Motor Temperature Monitoring and Motor Holding Brake . 6-23X9, Braking Resistor . 6-26XS1, Shield Connection. 6-27Ground Connection of Housing . 6-27Connection Point of Equipment Grounding Conductor . 6-287Touch Guard7-1Cutouts . 7-1Mounting . 7-28Replacing Devices8-18.1General Information . 8-18.2How to Proceed When Replacing Devices. 8-1Replacing the Drive Controller. 8-1DOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P

Rexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1Contents IIIReplacing the Motor . 8-2Replacing Cables . 8-38.39Fault Report . 8-4Disposal and Environmental Protection9.19-1Disposal . 9-1Products. 9-1Packaging Materials . 9-19.2Environmental Protection. 9-1No Release of Hazardous Substances . 9-1Materials Contained in the Products . 9-1Recycling . 9-110 Service & Support10-110.1 Helpdesk . 10-110.2 Service-Hotline . 10-110.3 Internet. 10-110.4 Vor der Kontaktaufnahme. - Before contacting us. . 10-110.5 Kundenbetreuungsstellen - Sales & Service Facilities . 10-211 IndexDOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P11-1

IV ContentsRexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1DOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P

Indroduction 1-1Rexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.11Indroduction1.1DocumentationAbout this DocumentationThis documentation basically contains the technical data of the RexrothIndraDrive C HCS03.1 drive controllers.Personal injury and property damage caused byincorrect project planning for applications,machines and installations!WARNING Take the content of the Project Planning Manual"Rexroth IndraDrive Drive System" (DOK-INDRV*SYSTEM*****-PRxx-EN-P; part no. R911309636)into account.For complete project planning of a Rexroth IndraDrive drive system youneed, in any case, the Project Planning Manual "Rexroth IndraDrive DriveSystem" (DOK-INDRV*-SYSTEM*****-PRxx-EN-P; part no. R911309636).This Project Planning Manual, among other things, contains: specifications for the components of the drive system configuration of the drive system components arrangement of the components in the control cabinet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) types of mains connection requirements to the mains connection control circuits for the mains connection connections of the components in the drive system fusing and selecting the mains contactor accessories in the drive system calculations (determining appropriate drive controller; mainsconnection; leakage capacitance; operating data of mains filters;selecting the 24V supply; braking behavior when using a DC busresistor unit) notes on how to replace devicesDOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P

1-2 IndroductionRexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1Documentations - OverviewFor project planning of the drive system the following documentations areavailable:1)TitleKind of documentationDocument typecodeRexroth IndraDriveDrive SystemProject Planning ManualDOK-INDRV*-SYSTEM*****-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDriveDrive ControllersControl Sections CSxProject Planning ManualDOK-INDRV*-CSH********-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDrive MDrive ControllersPower Sections HMxProject Planning ManualDOK-INDRV*-HMS HMD****-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDrive CDrive ControllersPower Sections HCS02.1Project Planning ManualDOK-INDRV*-HCS02.1****-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDrive CDrive ControllersPower Sections HCS03.1Project Planning ManualDOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDriveSupply UnitsProject Planning ManualDOK-INDRV*-HMV-*******-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDriveAdditional ComponentsProject Planning ManualDOK-INDRV*-ADDCOMP****-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDriveIntegrated Safety TechnologyFunctional and EN-PRexroth IndraDriveFirmware for Drive ControllersFunctional DescriptionDOK-INDRV*-MP*-02VRS**-FKxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDriveFirmware for Drive ControllersFunctional DescriptionDOK-INDRV*-MP*-03VRS**-FKxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDriveFirmware for Drive ControllersFunctional DescriptionDOK-INDRV*-MP*-04VRS**-FKxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDriveFirmware for Drive ControllersParameter DescriptionDOK-INDRV*-GEN-**VRS**-PAxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDriveFirmware for Drive ControllersTroubleshooting GuideDOK-INDRV*-GEN-**VRS**-WAxx-EN-PRexroth Connection CablesSelection DataDOK-CONNEC-CABLE*STAND-AUxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDyn AAsynchronous Motors MAD/MAFProject Planning ManualDOK-MOTOR*-MAD/MAF****-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDyn SSynchronous Motors MSKProject Planning ManualDOK-MOTOR*-MSK********-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDyn TSynchronous Torque Motors MBTProject Planning ManualDOK-MOTOR*-MBT********-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDyn HSynchronous Kit –Spindle MotorsMBS-HProject Planning ManualDOK-MOTOR*-MBS-H******-PRxx-EN-PRexroth IndraDyn LSynchronous Linear Motors MLFProject Planning ManualDOK-MOTOR*-MLF********-PRxx-EN-PSafety GuidelinesDOK-GENERAL-DRIVE******-SVSx-MS-PSafety Instructions for Electrical Drives1)Fig. 1-1:In the document typecodes "xx" is a wild card for the current editionof the documentation (example: "PR01" is the first edition of aProject Planning Manual)Documentations - overviewDOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P

Indroduction 1-3Rexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.11.2Basic Design of a Drive Controller121:2:Fig. 1-2:Power sectionControl sectionBasic designThe drive controller consists of two essential parts:DOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P Power section Control section

1-4 IndroductionRexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1Power SectionThe following are connected to the power section: mains voltage motor 24 V power supply (optional) module bus (for cross communication in the case of DC busconnection with other devices) motor holding brake (optional) motor temperature sensor (optional) braking resistor (optional)Control SectionThe control section is a separate component that is plugged into thepower section. The drive controller is supplied ex works complete withcontrol section.The control section may only be replaced by qualified personnel.The contacts X31/1 and X31/2 are connected to the control section as Bbcontacts.Note:The control sections are describeddocumentation (see page 1-2).inaseparateDOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P

Indroduction 1-5Rexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.11.3General Information on How to Install the Drive ControllerDamage can be caused to the drive controller or circuit boards ifelectrostatic charging present in people and/or tools is discharged acrossthem. Therefore, please note the following information:Electrostatic charges can cause damage toelectronic components and interfere with theiroperational safety!CAUTIONExposed conductive parts coming into contact withcomponents and circuit boards must be discharged bymeans of grounding. Otherwise errors may occurwhen triggering motors and moving elements.Such exposed conductive parts include: the copper bit when soldering the human body (ground connection caused by touching a conductive,grounded item) parts and tools (place them on a conductive support)Endangered components may only be stored or dispatched in conductivepackaging.Note:Rexroth connection diagrams are only to be used forproducing installation connection diagrams! The machinemanufacturer’s installation connection diagrams must be usedfor wiring the installation! Lay signal lines separately from the load resistance lines because ofthe occurrence of interference. Transmit analog signals (e.g. command values, actual values) viashielded lines. Do not connect mains, DC bus or power leads to low voltages or allowthem to come into contact with these. When carrying out a high voltage test or an applied-overvoltagewithstand test on the machine’s electrical equipment, disconnect allconnections to the devices. This protects the electronic components(allowed in accordance with EN 60204-1). During their routine testing,Rexroth drive components are tested for high voltage and insulation inaccordance with EN 50178.Risk of damage to the drive controller byconnecting and disconnecting live connections! Do not connect and disconnect live P

1-6 IndroductionRexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1DOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P

Important Directions for Use 2-1Rexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.12Important Directions for Use2.1Appropriate UseIntroductionRexroth products represent state-of-the-art developments andmanufacturing. They are tested prior to delivery to ensure operating safetyand reliability.The products may only be used in the manner that is defined asappropriate. If they are used in an inappropriate manner, then situationscan develop that may lead to property damage or injury to personnel.Note:Rexroth as manufacturer is not liable for any damagesresulting from inappropriate use. In such cases, the guaranteeand the right to payment of damages resulting frominappropriate use are forfeited. The user alone carries allresponsibility of the risks.Before using Rexroth products, make sure that all the pre-requisites foran appropriate use of the products are satisfied: Personnel that in any way, shape or form uses our products must firstread and understand the relevant safety instructions and be familiarwith appropriate use. If the products take the form of hardware, then they must remain intheir original state, in other words, no structural changes are permitted.It is not permitted to decompile software products or alter sourcecodes. Do not mount damaged or faulty products or use them in operation. Make sure that the products have been installed in the mannerdescribed in the relevant documentation.DOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P

2-2 Important Directions for UseRexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1Areas of Use and ApplicationDrive controllers made by Bosch Rexroth are designed to controlelectrical motors and monitor their operation.Control and monitoring of the motors may require additional sensors andactors.Note:The drive controllers may only be used with the accessoriesand parts specified in this document. If a component has notbeen specifically named, then it may not be either mounted orconnected. The same applies to cables and lines.Operation is only permitted in the specified configurations andcombinations of components using the software and firmwareas specified in the relevant Functional Descriptions.Every drive controller has to be programmed before commissioning,making it possible for the motor to execute the specific functions of anapplication.The drive controllers have been developed for use in single- and multiaxis drive and control tasks.To ensure an application-specific use, the drive controllers are availablewith different drive power and different interfaces.Typical applications of the drive controllers include: handling and mounting systems, packaging and food machines, printing and paper processing machines and machine tools.The drive controllers may only be operated under the assembly andinstallation conditions described in this documentation, in the specifiedposition of normal use and under the ambient conditions as described(temperature, degree of protection, humidity, EMC, etc.).2.2Inappropriate UseUsing the drive controllers outside of the operating conditions described inthis documentation and outside of the indicated technical data andspecifications is defined as "inappropriate use".Drive controllers must not be used, if they are subject to operating conditions that do not meet thespecified ambient conditions. This includes, for example, operationunder water, under extreme temperature fluctuations or extremely highmaximum temperatures. Furthermore, the drive controllers must not be used in applicationswhich have not been expressly authorized by Rexroth. Please carefully follow the specifications outlined in the general P

Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls 3-1Rexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.13Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls3.1General InformationUsing the Safety Instructions and Passing them on to OthersDo not attempt to install or commission this device without first reading alldocumentation provided with the product. Read and understand thesesafety instructions and all user documentation prior to working with thedevice. If you do not have the user documentation for the device, contactyour responsible Bosch Rexroth sales representative. Ask for thesedocuments to be sent immediately to the person or persons responsiblefor the safe operation of the device.If the device is resold, rented and/or passed on to others in any otherform, then these safety instructions must be delivered with the device.WARNINGImproper use of these devices, failure to followthe safety instructions in this document ortampering with the product, including disablingof safety devices, may result in materialdamage, bodily harm, electric shock or evendeath!Instructions for UseRead these instructions before the initial startup of the equipment in orderto eliminate the risk of bodily harm or material damage. Follow thesesafety instructions at all times. Bosch Rexroth AG is not liable for damages resulting from failure toobserve the warnings provided in this documentation. Read the operating, maintenance and safety instructions in yourlanguage before starting up the machine. If you find that you cannotcompletely understand the documentation for your product, pleaseask your supplier to clarify. Proper and correct transport, storage, assembly and installation aswell as care in operation and maintenance are prerequisites foroptimal and safe operation of this device. Only assign trained and qualified persons to work with electricalinstallations: Only persons who are trained and qualified for the use andoperation of the device may work on this device or within itsproximity. The persons are qualified if they have sufficientknowledge of the assembly, installation and operation of theequipment as well as an understanding of all warnings andprecautionary measures noted in these instructions. Furthermore, they must be trained, instructed and qualified toswitch electrical circuits and devices on and off in accordance withtechnical safety regulations, to ground them and to mark themaccording to the requirements of safe work practices. They musthave adequate safety equipment and be trained in first aid.DOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P Only use spare parts and accessories approved by the manufacturer. Follow all safety regulations and requirements for the specificapplication as practiced in the country of use.

3-2 Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and ControlsRexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1 The devices have been designed for installation in industrialmachinery. The ambient conditions given in the product documentation must beobserved. Only use safety-relevant applications that are clearly and explicitlyapproved in the Project Planning Manual. If this is not the case, theyare excluded.Safety-relevant are all such applications which can cause danger topersons and material damage. The information given in the documentation of the product with regardto the use of the delivered components contains only examples ofapplications and suggestions.The machine and installation manufacturer must make sure that the delivered components are suited for hisindividual application and check the information given in thisdocumentation with regard to the use of the components, make sure that his application complies with the applicablesafety regulations and standards and carry out the requiredmeasures, modifications and complements. Startup of the delivered components is only permitted once it is surethat the machine or installation in which they are installed complieswith the national regulations, safety specifications and standards ofthe application. Operation is only permitted if the national EMC regulations for theapplication are met. The instructions for installation in accordance with EMC requirementscan be found in the documentation "EMC in Drive and ControlSystems". The machine or installation manufacturer is responsible forcompliance with the limiting values as prescribed in the nationalregulations. Technical data, connections and operational conditions are specifiedin the product documentation and must be followed at all times.DOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-P

Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls 3-3Rexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1Explanation of Warning Symbols and Degrees of Hazard SeriousnessThe safety instructions describe the following degrees of hazardseriousness. The degree of hazard seriousness informs about theconsequences resulting from non-compliance with the safety instructions:Warning symbol with signalwordDegree of hazard seriousness accordingto ANSI Z 535Death or severe bodily harm will occur.DANGERDeath or severe bodily harm may occur.WARNINGBodily harm or material damage may occur.CAUTIONFig. 3-1:DOK-INDRV*-HCS03.1****-PR03-EN-PHazard classification (according to ANSI Z 535)

3-4 Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and ControlsRexroth IndraDrive C HCS03.1Hazards by Improper UseHigh electric voltage and high working current!Risk of death or severe bodily injury by electricshock!DANGERDangerous movements! Danger to life, severebodily harm or material damage byunintentional motor movements!DANGERHigh electric voltage because of incorrectconnection! Risk of death or bodily injury byelectric shock!WARNINGHealth hazard for persons with heartpacemakers, metal implants and hearing aids inproximity to electrical equipment!WARNINGHot surfaces on dev

Rexroth IndraDrive M Drive Controllers Power Sections HMx Project Planning Manual DOK-INDRV*-HMS HMD****-PRxx-EN-P Rexroth IndraDrive C Drive Controllers Power Sections HCS02.1 Project Planning Manual DOK-INDRV*-HCS02.1****-PRxx-EN-P Rexroth IndraDrive C Drive Controllers Power Sectio

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Take the content of the Project Planning Manual "Rexroth IndraDrive Drive System" (DOK-INDRV*-SYSTEM*****-PRxx-EN-P; part no. R911309636) into account. For complete project planning of a Rexroth IndraDrive drive system you need, in any case, the Project Planning Manual "Rexroth IndraDrive Drive

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API 6A Flanges Catalogue. API 6A - TYPE - 6B 13.8 MPA (2000 PSI) Size B OD C (MAX.) K P E T Q X BC N H LN HL JL Ring Number R or RX 2 1/16 53.2 165 3 108 82.55 7.9 33.4 25.4 84 127 8 20 81 60.3 53.3 23 2 9/16 65.9 190 3 127 101.60 7.9 36.6 28.6 100 149.2 8 23 88 73.0 63.5 26 3 1/8 81.8 210 3 146 123.83 7.9 39.7 31.8 117 168.3 8 23 91 88.9 78.7 31 4 1/16 108.7 275 3 175 149.23 7.9 46.1 .