F (Computer Program Language) F-106 (Jet Fighter Plane) Risk

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F (Computer program language)BT Programming languages (Electroniccomputers)UF F-Sharp (Computer program language)BT Functional programming languagesObject-oriented programming languagesF.1 (Jet fighter plane)USE Scimitar (Jet fighter plane)F.2 (Seaplane)USE Felixstowe F.2 (Seaplane)F.2A (Seaplane)USE Felixstowe F.2 (Seaplane)F.4 (Fighter plane)USE Martinsyde Buzzard (Fighter plane)F-4 (Jet fighter plane)USE Phantom II (Jet fighter plane)F-5 (Jet fighter plane) (Not Subd Geog)UF Freedom Fighter (Jet fighter plane)BT Jet fighter planesF-5 E (Jet fighter plane)USE Tiger II (Jet fighter plane)F-5 F (Jet fighter plane)USE Tiger II (Jet fighter plane)F-6 (Fighter plane)USE Skyray (Fighter plane)F-8 (Jet fighter plane)USE Crusader (Jet fighter plane)F 13 (Transport plane)USE Junkers F 13 (Transport plane)F-14 Tomcat (Jet fighter plane)USE Tomcat (Jet fighter plane)F-15 Eagle (Jet fighter plane)USE Eagle (Jet fighter plane)F-16 (Fighter planes)USE F-16 (Jet fighter plane)F-16 (Jet fighter plane) (Not Subd Geog)UF F-16 (Fighter planes) [Former heading]BT Jet fighter planesF-20 (Chemical)USE ChloroformF.20 (Transport plane)USE Fokker F.XX (Transport plane)F-22 (Jet fighter plane) (Not Subd Geog)UF F/A-22 (Jet fighter plane) [Former heading]Lightning II (Jet fighter plane) [Formerheading]Lockheed F-22 (Jet fighter plane)Lockheed Lightning II (Jet fighter plane)Lockheed Raptor (Jet fighter plane)Raptor (Jet fighter plane)BT Jet fighter planesLockheed aircraftStealth aircraftF-35 (Jet fighter plane)USE F-35 (Military aircraft)F-35 (Military aircraft) (Not Subd Geog)UF F-35 (Jet fighter plane) [Former heading]Joint Strike Fighter (Military aircraft)Lightning II (Military aircraft)Lockheed Martin Lightning II (Military aircraft)Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter (Militaryaircraft)X-35 (Jet fighter plane) [Former heading]BT Airplanes, MilitaryLockheed Martin aircraftF-51 (Fighter plane)USE Mustang (Fighter plane)F-53 motor homeUSE Ford F53 motor homeF-82 (Fighter plane)USE Twin Mustang (Fighter plane)F-84 (Jet fighter plane)USE Thunderjet (Jet fighter plane)F-86 Sabre (Jet fighter plane)USE Sabre (Jet fighter plane)F-89 Scorpion (Jet fighter plane)USE Scorpion (Jet fighter plane)F-94 (Jet fighter plane)USE Starfire (Jet fighter plane)F-100 (Jet fighter plane) (Not Subd Geog)UF Hun (Jet fighter plane)Super Sabre (Jet fighter plane)BT Jet fighter planesNorth American airplanes (Military aircraft)F-101 (Jet fighter plane)USE Voodoo (Jet fighter plane)F-102 (Jet fighter plane)USE Delta Dagger (Jet fighter plane)F-104 (Fighter plane)USE Starfighter (Fighter plane)F-105 (Jet fighter plane)USE Thunderchief (Jet fighter plane)F-106 (Jet fighter plane)USE Delta Dart (Jet fighter plane)F-111 (Fighter planes)USE F-111 (Jet fighter plane)F-111 (Jet fighter plane) (Not Subd Geog)UF Aardvark (Jet fighter plane)F-111 (Fighter planes) [Former heading]TFX (Jet fighter plane)BT Jet fighter planesF 116 (Refrigerant)USE HexafluoroethaneF-117 (Jet attack plane) (Not Subd Geog)UF F-117 (Jet fighter plane) [Former heading]Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk (Jet attack plane)Night Hawk (Jet attack plane)Nighthawk (Jet attack plane)Stealth fighterBT Attack planesLockheed aircraftStealth aircraftF-117 (Jet fighter plane)USE F-117 (Jet attack plane)F/A-18 (Jet fighter plane)USE Hornet (Jet fighter plane)F/A-18 E/F (Jet fighter plane)USE Hornet (Jet fighter plane)F/A-22 (Jet fighter plane)USE F-22 (Jet fighter plane)F.B.5 (Fighter plane)USE Vickers F.B.5 (Fighter plane)F.B.19 (Fighter plane)USE Vickers F.B.19 (Fighter plane)F.B.A. Type H (Seaplane)USE FBA Type H (Seaplane)F.B.I. transformationsUSE Fourier-Bros-Iagolnitzer transformationsF. Bredt House (New York, N.Y.)USE McFarlane-Bredt House (New York, N.Y.)F-C-C-D (Projective technique)USE Family-Centered Circle DrawingsF centersUSE Color centersF.D. (Supersonic plane)USE Fairey Delta (Supersonic plane)F-distributionUF Distribution, FBT Distribution (Probability theory)Sampling (Statistics)F.E.2 (Military aircraft) (Not Subd Geog)UF FE2 (Military aircraft)Fighting Experimental 2 (Military aircraft)Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2 (Military aircraft)BT Airplanes, MilitaryRoyal Aircraft Factory aircraftF.E.8 (Fighter plane) (Not Subd Geog)UF FE8 (Fighter plane)Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.8 (Fighter plane)BT Fighter planesRoyal Aircraft Factory aircraftF.G. Guido Funeral Home (New York, N.Y. : Building)USE John Rankin House (New York, N.Y.)F-Gas certificate (May Subd Geog)UF Fluorinated-gas certificateBT Greenhouse gas mitigation—CertificationF-gasesUSE Fluorinated gasesF.H. Newell Building (Boise, Idaho)UF Newell Building (Boise, Idaho)BT Public buildings—IdahoF.I.A.T. automobilesUSE Fiat automobilesF.J. Berlenbach House (New York, N.Y.)UF 174 Meserole Street (New York, N.Y.)Berlenbach House (New York, N.Y.)BT Dwellings—New York (State)F.K.8 (Military aircraft)USE Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 (Military aircraft)F. L. Brinkley Midden (Miss.)UF Brinkley Midden (Miss.)F. L. Brinkley Site (Miss.)BT Mississippi—AntiquitiesF. L. Brinkley Site (Miss.)USE F. L. Brinkley Midden (Miss.)F layerUSE F regionF.O.B. clauseUF "Free on board"BT Basing-point systemCommercial lawContracts, MaritimeExport sales contractsMaritime lawF-1RiskShipment of goodsF region (May Subd Geog)UF F layerBT IonosphereNT Ionospheric critical frequenciesF-S fighting knifeUSE Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knifeF-Series trucksUSE Ford F-Series trucksF-Sharp (Computer program language)USE F (Computer program language)F stars (Not Subd Geog)BT Cool stars— Absolute magnitudeUSE F stars—Magnitudes— MagnitudesUF Absolute magnitude of F starsF stars—Absolute magnitudeMagnitudes of F stars— Motion in line of sightUF F stars—Radial velocityMotion in line of sight of F starsMotion of F stars in line of sightRadial velocity of F stars— Radial velocityUSE F stars—Motion in line of sight— SpectraF to Ms (Female-to-male transsexuals)USE Female-to-male transsexualsF to Ms (Transgender men)USE Transgender menF-type automobileUSE Jaguar F-type automobilef-valueUSE Oscillator strengthsF.XX (Transport plane)USE Fokker F.XX (Transport plane)F1 carsUSE Formula One automobilesF2A Buffalo (Fighter plane)USE Buffalo (Fighter plane)F2H (Jet fighter plane)USE Banshee (Jet fighter plane)F2Ms (Female-to-male transsexuals)USE Female-to-male transsexualsF2Ms (Transgender men)USE Transgender menF3 automobilesUSE Formula Three automobilesF3D (Jet fighter plane)USE Skyknight (Jet fighter plane)F3H (Jet fighter plane)USE Demon (Jet fighter plane)F4 motorcycle (Not Subd Geog)UF MV Agusta F4 motorcycleBT MV Agusta motorcyclesF4B (Fighter plane)USE Boeing F4B (Fighter plane)F4D (Fighter plane)USE Skyray (Fighter plane)F4F (Fighter plane)USE Wildcat (Fighter plane)F4U (Fighter plane)USE Corsair (Fighter plane)F5 E/F (Jet fighter plane)USE Tiger II (Jet fighter plane)F5D (Fighter plane)USE Skylancer (Fighter plane)F7F (Fighter plane)USE Tigercat (Fighter plane)F7U (Jet fighter plane)USE Cutlass (Jet fighter plane)F8F (Fighter plane)USE Bearcat (Fighter plane)F8U (Jet fighter plane)USE Crusader (Jet fighter plane)F9F-2 (Jet fighter plane)USE Panther (Jet fighter plane)F9F-3 (Jet fighter plane)USE Panther (Jet fighter plane)F9F-4 (Jet fighter plane)USE Panther (Jet fighter plane)F9F-5 (Jet fighter plane)USE Panther (Jet fighter plane)F9F-6 (Jet fighter plane)USE Cougar (Jet fighter plane)F9F-7 (Jet fighter plane)USE Cougar (Jet fighter plane)F9F-8 (Jet fighter plane)USE Cougar (Jet fighter plane)

USE Thunderchief (Jet fighter plane)F9F-9 (Jet fighter plane)USE Tiger (Jet fighter plane)F11F (Jet fighter plane)USE Tiger (Jet fighter plane)F53 motor homeUSE Ford F53 motor homeF53 motorhomeUSE Ford F53 motor homeFa (Religion)USE Ifa (Religion)Fa (Yoruba deity)USE Orunmila (Yoruba deity)Fá d'Ambô (African people)USE Fa d'Ambu (African people)Fá d'Ambô languageUSE Fa d'Ambu languageFa d'Ambu (African people) (May Subd Geog)UF Annobonense (African people)Annobonés (African people)Annobonese (African people)Annobonese Eurafrican (African people)Fá d'Ambô (African people)BT Ethnology—Equatorial GuineaFa d'Ambu folk songsUSE Folk songs, Fa d'AmbuFa d'Ambu language (May Subd Geog)UF Ambu language (Equatorial Guinea)Annobon dialect [Former heading]Annobonense languageAnnobonés languageAnnobonese languageFá d'Ambô languageBT Creole dialects, Portuguese—EquatorialGuineaEquatorial Guinea—LanguagesFa-hsiang tsungUSE Hossō (Sect)Fa language (Bamileke)USE Fe'fe' languageFa-las (Part songs)USE Balletti (Part songs)Fa-sol-la singingUSE Shape-note singingFAA (Chemical)USE AcetylaminofluoreneFaaite Atoll (French Polynesia)UF Faaite Atoll (Tuamotu Islands) [Formerheading]BT Islands—French PolynesiaTuamotu Archipelago (French Polynesia)Faaite Atoll (Tuamotu Islands)USE Faaite Atoll (French Polynesia)Faaker See (Austria)BT Lakes—AustriaFaanaapi Ennefen (Micronesia)USE Hall Islands (Micronesia)Faanui Island (French Polynesia)USE Bora-Bora (French Polynesia)FAAS (Spectrum analysis)USE Furnace atomic absorption spectroscopyFaas family (Not Subd Geog)UF Fahs familyFaba beanUSE Fava beanFaba bean as feedUSE Fava bean as feedFaba bean treeUSE Parkinsonia aculeataFaba vulgarisUSE Fava beanFababeanUSE Fava beanFabaceaeUSE LegumesFabbri family (Not Subd Geog)UF Fabri familyFabbri House (New York, N.Y.)USE House of the Redeemer (New York, N.Y.)Fabbri Memorial (Me.)BT Memorials—MaineFabbricotti family (Not Subd Geog)Fabbricotti Villa (Florence, Italy)USE Villa Fabbricotti (Florence, Italy)Fabbrizi familyUSE Fabricius familyFabbroni familyUSE Fabroni familyFabelta (Firm) Strike, Zwijnaarde, Belgium, 1983BT Strikes and lockouts—Textileindustry—BelgiumFaber, Mount (Singapore)UF Bukit Faber (Singapore)Maritime lawMount Faber (Singapore)Mount Faber II (Singapore)BT Mountains—SingaporeFaber, Jacky (Fictitious character)USE Bloody Jack (Fictitious character)Faber, Mary (Fictitious character)USE Bloody Jack (Fictitious character)Faber family (Not Subd Geog)UF Fabre familyFabergé eggs (Not Subd Geog)UF Eggs, FabergéImperial eggs, FabergéBT Art objects, RussianEaster eggsFaberge family (Not Subd Geog)Fabia (May Subd Geog)[QL444.M33]BT PinnotheridaeNT Fabia subquadrataFabia subquadrata (May Subd Geog)[QL444.M33]BT FabiaFabian (Fictitious character : Shakespeare)(Not Subd Geog)Fabian family (Not Subd Geog)UF Fabion familyFabyan familyRT Faubion familyFabianke family (Not Subd Geog)Fabiano (Fictitious character) (Not Subd Geog)Fabii family (Not Subd Geog)UF Gens FabiaFabio Nelli Palace (Valladolid, Spain)USE Palacio de Fabio Nelli (Valladolid, Spain)FabiolUSE FlaviolFabion familyUSE Fabian familyFabismUSE FavismFabius I, OperationUSE Operation Fabius IFabius River, Middle (Mo.)USE Middle Fabius River (Mo.)Fabla AragonesaUSE Aragonese languageFable authorsUSE Fable writersFable writers (May Subd Geog)UF Fable authorsFabulists (Fable writers)BT AuthorsFabled creaturesUSE Animals, MythicalFables[PN980-PN994][PZ8.2][PZ14.2]BT Didactic literatureExemplaFictionHomiletical illustrationsLegendsLiteratureTalesRT AllegoriesParablesFables, African (Not Subd Geog)UF African fablesFables, Afrikaans (May Subd Geog)UF Afrikaans fablesFables, Akan (May Subd Geog)UF Akan fablesFables, Albanian (May Subd Geog)[PN989.A53]UF Albanian fablesFables, American (May Subd Geog)UF American fablesFables, Amharic (May Subd Geog)UF Amharic fablesFables, Angolan (May Subd Geog)UF Angolan fablesFables, Arabic (May Subd Geog)UF Arabic fablesFables, Arakanese (May Subd Geog)UF Arakanese fablesFables, Argentine (May Subd Geog)UF Argentine fablesFables, Armenian (May Subd Geog)[PN989.A]UF Armenian fablesF-2Fables, AsianUSE Fables, OrientalFables, Australian (May Subd Geog)UF Australian fablesFables, AztecUSE Fables, NahuatlFables, Bamileke (May Subd Geog)UF Bamileke fablesFables, Basque (May Subd Geog)UF Basque fablesFables, Belarusian (May Subd Geog)[PN989.B]UF Belarusian fablesFables, Byelorussian [Former heading]Fables, Brazilian (May Subd Geog)UF Brazilian fablesFables, Bulgarian (May Subd Geog)UF Bulgarian fablesFables, ByelorussianUSE Fables, BelarusianFables, CameroonUSE Fables, CameroonianFables, Cameroonian (May Subd Geog)UF Fables, Cameroon [Former heading]Cameroonian fablesFables, Canadian (May Subd Geog)UF Canadian fablesFables, Chinese (May Subd Geog)UF Chinese fablesFables, ClassicalUF Classical fablesFables, Congolese (Democratic Republic)(May Subd Geog)UF Congolese (Democratic Republic) fablesFables, Zairian [Former heading]Fables, Creole (May Subd Geog)UF Creole fablesFables, Cuban (May Subd Geog)UF Cuban fablesFables, Czech (May Subd Geog)UF Czech fablesFables, Danish (May Subd Geog)UF Danish fablesFables, Dinka (May Subd Geog)UF Dinka fablesFables, Dutch (May Subd Geog)UF Dutch fablesFables, English (May Subd Geog)UF English fablesFables, Estonian (May Subd Geog)UF Estonian fablesFables, Finnish (May Subd Geog)UF Finnish fablesFables, French (May Subd Geog)UF French fablesFables, French-Canadian (May Subd Geog)UF French-Canadian fablesFables, French Guianese (May Subd Geog)UF French Guianese fablesFables, French, in art (Not Subd Geog)Fables, Gascon (May Subd Geog)UF Gascon fablesFables, Georgian (May Subd Geog)UF Georgian fablesFables, German (May Subd Geog)UF German fablesFables, GreekUF Greek fablesFables, Greek (Modern) (May Subd Geog)UF Greek fables, ModernModern Greek fablesFables, Guarani (May Subd Geog)UF Guarani fablesFables, Gujarati (May Subd Geog)[PN989.G]UF Gujarati fablesFables, Hebrew (May Subd Geog)UF Hebrew fablesFables, Hindi (May Subd Geog)BT Fables, IndicFables, Honduran (May Subd Geog)UF Honduran fablesFables, Hungarian (May Subd Geog)UF Hungarian fablesFables, Indic (May Subd Geog)UF Indic fablesNT Fables, HindiFables, Indonesian (May Subd Geog)UF Indonesian fablesFables, Irish (May Subd Geog)UF Irish fables

Fables, Israeli (May Subd Geog)UF Israeli fablesFables, Italian (May Subd Geog)UF Italian fablesFables, Japanese (May Subd Geog)UF Japanese fablesFables, Judeo-Arabic (May Subd Geog)UF Judeo-Arabic fablesFables, Kaba (Central Sudanic) (May Subd Geog)UF Kaba fables (Central Sudanic)Fables, Kabyle (May Subd Geog)UF Kabyle fablesFables, Khoikhoi (May Subd Geog)UF Khoikhoi fablesFables, Kikuyu (May Subd Geog)UF Kikuyu fablesFables, Kongo (May Subd Geog)UF Kongo fablesFables, Korean (May Subd Geog)UF Korean fablesFables, Kurdish (May Subd Geog)UF Kurdish fablesFables, Kyrgyz (May Subd Geog)UF Kyrgyz fablesFables, Lao (May Subd Geog)UF Lao fablesFables, LatinUF Latin fablesFables, Latin (Medieval and modern) (May Subd Geog)UF Latin fables, Medieval and modernFables, Lithuanian (May Subd Geog)UF Lithuanian fablesFables, Macedonian (May Subd Geog)UF Macedonian fablesFables, Malagasy (May Subd Geog)UF Malagasy fablesFables, Malay (May Subd Geog)UF Malay fablesFables, Mandingo (May Subd Geog)UF Mandingo fablesFables, Mauritian (May Subd Geog)UF Mauritian fablesFables, Mexican (May Subd Geog)UF Mexican fablesFables, Mongo-Nkundu (May Subd Geog)UF Mongo-Nkundu fablesFables, Mongolian (May Subd Geog)UF Mongolian fablesFables, MosoUSE Fables, NaxiFables, Mozambican (May Subd Geog)UF Mozambican fablesFables, Nahuatl (May Subd Geog)UF Fables, Aztec [Former heading]Nahuatl fablesFables, Namibian (May Subd Geog)UF Namibian fablesFables, Naxi (May Subd Geog)UF Fables, Moso [Former heading]Naxi fablesFables, Oriental (Not Subd Geog)UF Asian fablesFables, Asian [Former heading]Oriental fablesFables, Persian (May Subd Geog)UF Persian fablesFables, Polish (May Subd Geog)UF Polish fablesFables, Portuguese (May Subd Geog)UF Portuguese fablesFables, Puerto Rican (May Subd Geog)UF Puerto Rican fablesFables, Quechua (May Subd Geog)UF Quechua fablesFables, Romanian (May Subd Geog)UF Romanian fablesFables, Russian (May Subd Geog)UF Russian fablesFables, Salvadoran (May Subd Geog)UF Salvadoran fablesFables, Sanskrit (May Subd Geog)UF Sanskrit fablesFables, Scottish (May Subd Geog)UF Scottish fablesFables, Serbian (May Subd Geog)UF Serbian fablesFables, Slovenian (May Subd Geog)UF Slovenian fablesFables, Soga (May Subd Geog)UF Soga fablesFables, Somali (May Subd Geog)UF Somali fablesFables, Spanish (May Subd Geog)UF Spanish fablesFables, Spanish American (May Subd Geog)UF Spanish American fablesFables, Sudanese (May Subd Geog)UF Sudanese fablesFables, Swahili (May Subd Geog)UF Swahili fablesFables, Syriac (May Subd Geog)UF Syriac fablesFables, Tahitian (May Subd Geog)UF Tahitian fablesFables, Temne (May Subd Geog)UF Temne fablesFables, Thai (May Subd Geog)UF Thai fablesFables, Tibetan (May Subd Geog)UF Tibetan fablesFables, Uighur (May Subd Geog)UF Uighur fablesFables, Ukrainian (May Subd Geog)UF Ukrainian fablesFables, Urdu (May Subd Geog)UF Urdu fablesFables, Vietnamese (May Subd Geog)UF Vietnamese fablesFables, Wolof (May Subd Geog)UF Wolof fablesFables, Yiddish (May Subd Geog)UF Yiddish fablesFables, ZairianUSE Fables, Congolese (Democratic Republic)Fables, Zaza (May Subd Geog)UF Zaza fablesFables in art (Not Subd Geog)FabliauxBT French poetry—To 1500Tales—FranceFaboideaeUSE LegumesFabre familyUSE Faber familyFabrea (May Subd Geog)[QL368.H55]UF BursalinusBT ClimacostomidaeNT Fabrea salinaFabrea salina (May Subd Geog)[QL368.H55]BT FabreaFabri familyUSE Fabbri familyFabricius familyFabric analysis (Petrology)USE Petrofabric analysisFabric bowls (May Subd Geog)UF Bowls, FabricBT ContainersTextile craftsFabric care labelsUSE Clothing care labelsFabric craftsUSE Textile craftsFabric filters (May Subd Geog)UF Cloth filtersBT Filters and filtrationFabric flowers (May Subd Geog)[SB449.3.A7 (Flower arrangement)][TT890.5 (Decorative crafts)]UF Cloth flowersFlowers, FabricBT Artificial flowersNT Ribbon flowersSilk flowersFabric folding (Textile crafts) (May Subd Geog)[TT840.F33]UF Folding of fabric (Textile crafts)BT Textile craftsFabric jewelryUSE Textile jewelryFabric paintingUSE Textile paintingFabric pictures (May Subd Geog)[NK9315]BT Textile craftsNT Fabric postcardsFabric postcards (May Subd Geog)BT Fabric picturesPostcardsFabric roofsUSE Roofs, FabricF-3Fabric shops (May Subd Geog)[HD9869.F3-HD9869.F34]UF Piece goods shopsYard goods shopsBT Specialty storesTextile industryFábrica Argentina de Aviones aircraftUSE FMA aircraftFábrica Ceres de Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)USE Fábrica de Harinas "La Ceres" (Bilbao, Spain)Fábrica de Biscoitos Petybon Site (Lapa, São Paulo,Brazil)USE Petybon Site (Lapa, São Paulo, Brazil)Fábrica de Harinas "La Ceres" (Bilbao, Spain)UF Ceres, La (Bilbao, Spain)Fábrica Ceres de Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)La Ceres (Bilbao, Spain)BT Flour mills—SpainFábrica de Louças Santa Catarina Site (Lapa, SãoPaulo, Brazil)USE Petybon Site (Lapa, São Paulo, Brazil)Fabrica ecclesiaeUSE Church maintenance and repairFábrica Militar de Aviones aircraftUSE FMA aircraftFabricated evidenceUSE Evidence fabricationFabricated factUSE Evidence fabricationFabricated foodsUSE Artificial foodsFabricated photographyUSE Staged photographyFabrication, Solid freeformUSE Solid freeform fabricationFabrication of evidenceUSE Evidence fabricationFabrici familyUSE Fabricius familyFabriciana (May Subd Geog)[QL561.N9 (Zoology)]BT NymphalidaeNT High brown fritillaryFabriciana adippeUSE High brown fritillaryFabriciana esperiUSE High brown fritillaryFabricius family (Not Subd Geog)UF Fabbrizi familyFabri familyFabrici familyFabricy familyFabriczy familyFabrie familyFabritius familyFabricsUSE Textile fabricsFabrics, BallisticUSE Ballistic fabricsFabrics, Bulked wovenUSE Textured woven fabricsFabrics, BulletproofUSE Ballistic fabricsFabrics, CoatedUSE Coated fabricsFabrics, Crease-resistantUSE Crease-resistant fabricsFabrics, Fireproofing ofUSE Fireproofing of fabricsFabrics, FlammableUSE Flammable fabricsFabrics, IndustrialUSE Industrial fabricsFabrics, LaminatedUSE Laminated fabricsFabrics, NappedUSE Napped fabricsFabrics, NonwovenUSE Nonwoven fabricsFabrics, SheerUSE Sheer fabricsFabrics, Stretch wovenUSE Stretch woven fabricsFabrics, SyntheticUSE Synthetic fabricsFabrics, Textured wovenUSE Textured woven fabricsFabrics, Waterproofing ofUSE Waterproofing of fabricsFabrics, WoolUSE Wool fabrics

Fabricy familyUSE Fabricius familyFabriczy familyUSE Fabricius familyFabrie familyUSE Fabricius familyFabrique nationale automatic riflesUF ABL automatic riflesFN automatic riflesBT RiflesNT FAL automatic rifleFabrique nationale minimi machine gunUSE Minimi machine gunFabritius familyUSE Fabricius familyFabrizio family (Not Subd Geog)UF Defa familyDi Fabrizio familyFabroni family (Not Subd Geog)UF Fabbroni familyFabry-Perot interferometers (May Subd Geog)[QC411.4]BT InterferometersFABs (Flavored alcoholic beverages)USE Flavored alcoholic beveragesFabulae praetextaeUSE PraetextaeFabuler Creek, Little (Ark. and La.)USE Little Bayou de Loutre (Ark. and La.)Fabuler Slough, Little (Ark. and La.)USE Little Bayou de Loutre (Ark. and La.)Fabulists (Fable writers)USE Fable writersFabulous 4 (Fictitious characters)USE Fabulous Four (Fictitious characters)Fabulous animalsUSE Animals, MythicalFabulous creaturesUSE Animals, MythicalFabulous Four (Fictitious characters) (Not Subd Geog)UF Fabulous 4 (Fictitious characters)Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (Fictitious characters)(Not Subd Geog)UF Freak Brothers (Fictitious characters)Fabyan familyUSE Fabian familyFacades (May Subd Geog)UF Architectural frontsFronts (Architecture)BT Architecture—DetailsExterior wallsNT Cast-iron fronts (Architecture)Laminated plastic facadesMandovarasStorefrontsTile facadesWooden fronts (Architecture)— SpainNT Obradoiro (Catedral de Santiago deCompostela)Facades in art (Not Subd Geog)Faccia (The Italian word)BT Italian language—EtymologyFacciolella (May Subd Geog)[QL638.N46]BT NettastomatidaeNT Facciolella physonemaFacciolella physonema (May Subd Geog)[QL638.N46]BT FacciolellaFace[NC770 (Drawing)][QL950.5 (Comparative anatomy)][QM535 (Human anatomy)][RL87 (Dermatology)]UF Human faceBT HeadRT PathognomyPhysiognomyNT BeardsCheekChinEyeEyebrowsMouthMustachesNose— Abnormalities (May Subd Geog)UF Dysmorphism, FacialFace—Abnormities and deformities[Former heading]Facial dysmorphismNT Apert syndromeHemifacial microsomiaHoloprosencephalyKleeblattschädel syndromeLarsen's syndromePotter's syndromeSmith-Magenis syndromeVelocardiofacial syndrome— Abnormities and deformitiesUSE Face—Abnormalities— Cancer (May Subd Geog)— Care and hygiene (May Subd Geog)UF Face careFacial careFacial treatmentNT Facial exercises— Diseases (May Subd Geog)NT Face—Movement disordersFacial painRosacea— — Diagnosis (May Subd Geog)— ExpressionUSE Facial expression— FracturesUSE Facial bones—Fractures— Innervation— Movement disorders (May Subd Geog)[RC418]UF Facial dyskinesiasFacial movement disordersBT Face—DiseasesMovement disordersNT Facial paralysis— MusclesUF Facial muscles [Former heading]— ParalysisUSE Facial paralysis— Religious aspects— — Christianity— — Islam— Surgery (May Subd Geog)[RD523-RD527]UF Maxillofacial surgeryNT Facelift— Wounds and injuries (May Subd Geog)[RD523]Face, Pretty (Plant)USE Triteleia laxaFace (Philosophy)[B105.F29]BT PhilosophyFace-amount certificate companies (May Subd Geog)UF Capitalization societiesFace-amount certificate companies—Law andlegislationFace-amount installment certificate companiesSociedades de capitalizaciónSociétés de capitalisationSparversicherungBT Mutual funds— Law and legislationUSE Face-amount certificate companiesFace-amount installment certificate companiesUSE Face-amount certificate companiesFace buildingUSE Facial exercisesFace careUSE Face—Care and hygieneFace fly (May Subd Geog)[QL537.M8 (Zoology)]UF Musca autumnalisBT MuscaFace in art (Not Subd Geog)[N7573.3]Face in literature (Not Subd Geog)Face in motion pictures (Not Subd Geog)[PN1995.9.F27]BT Motion picturesFace liftUSE FaceliftFace of GodUSE God—FaceFace of God in literature (Not Subd Geog)UF Face of Jesus Christ in literatureFace of Jesus ChristUSE Jesus Christ—FaceFace of Jesus Christ in literatureUSE Face of God in literatureFace painting (May Subd Geog)[TT911 (Handicraft)]BT Body paintingF-4HandicraftRT Theatrical makeupFace painting in literature (Not Subd Geog)Face perception (May Subd Geog)[BF242]UF Face recognition (Psychology)Facial perceptionFacial recognition (Psychology)Recognition, Facial (Psychology)BT Visual perceptionNT Prosopagnosia— TestingNT IFEEL Pictures (Psychological test)Face perception in children (May Subd Geog)BT Visual perception in childrenFace perception in infants (May Subd Geog)[BF720.F32]BT Infant psychologyFace perception in literature (Not Subd Geog)Face powder boxesUSE Powder boxes (Cosmetics containers)Face readingUSE PhysiognomyFace recognition, Human (Computer science)USE Human face recognition (Computer science)Face recognition (Psychology)USE Face perceptionFace urnsUSE UrnsFacebuildingUSE Facial exercisesFacel Vega automobile (Not Subd Geog)BT AutomobilesFacelift (May Subd Geog)[RD119.5.F33]UF Face liftFaceliftsRhytidectomyRhytidoplastyBT Face—SurgerySurgery, PlasticFaceliftsUSE FaceliftFacer family (Not Subd Geog)Faceted Application of Subject Terminology subjectheadingsUSE FAST subject headingsFaceted classificationUF Analytico-synthetic classificationClassification, Faceted [Former heading]BT Classification—BooksNT Colon classificationFaceted glassUSE Dalle de verreFaceted steel jewelryUSE Cut steel jewelryFacetiaeUSE AnecdotesWit and humorFachler family (Not Subd Geog)Facial bonesUF Facial skeletonOssa facieiViscerocraniumBT SkullNT Cheek-boneEye-socketsJawsNasal boneTurbinate bones— Fractures (May Subd Geog)UF Face—Fractures [Former heading]— GrowthFacial careUSE Face—Care and hygieneFacial dyskinesiasUSE Face—Movement disordersFacial dysmorphismUSE Face—AbnormalitiesFacial exercises (May Subd Geog)UF Face buildingFacebuildingBT ExerciseFace—Care and hygieneFacial expression (May Subd Geog)[BF592.F33 (Psychology)][QP327 (Physiology)]UF Face—ExpressionFacial expressionsBT Body languageExpressionNT Smiling

— TestingNT IFEEL Pictures (Psychological test)Facial expression in art (Not Subd Geog)Facial expression in literature (Not Subd Geog)Facial expressionsUSE Facial expressionFacial flaps (May Subd Geog)[RD523]BT Flaps (Surgery)Facial manifestations of general diseases(May Subd Geog)[RC73.4]UF Facial symptoms of general diseasesBT SymptomsFacial motor nucleusUF Facial nucleusMotor nucleus of the facial nerveNucleus facialisNucleus nervi facialisBT Medulla oblongataMotor neuronsFacial movement disordersUSE Face—Movement disordersFacial musclesUSE Face—MusclesFacial nerveBT Nerves, Cranial— Diseases (May Subd Geog)NT Facial paralysis— ParalysisUSE Facial paralysis— Surgery (May Subd Geog)Facial neuralgiaUSE Neuralgia, FacialFacial nucleusUSE Facial motor nucleusFacial pain (May Subd Geog)BT Face—DiseasesHead—DiseasesPainNT Neuralgia, FacialOrofacial painTrigeminal neuralgiaFacial palsiesUSE Facial paralysisFacial palsyUSE Facial paralysisFacial paralysis (May Subd Geog)[RC418]UF Bell's palsyFace—ParalysisFacial nerve—ParalysisFacial palsiesFacial palsyFacioplegiaParalysis, Facial [Former heading]BT Face—Movement disordersFacial nerve—DiseasesFacial pattern recognition (Computer science)USE Human face recognition (Computer science)Facial perceptionUSE Face perceptionFacial recognition (Psychology)USE Face perceptionFacial reconstruction (Anthropology) (May Subd Geog)[GN74]BT Forensic anthropologyFacial skeletonUSE Facial bonesFacial symptoms of general diseasesUSE Facial manifestations of general diseasesFacial treatmentUSE Face—Care and hygieneFacies, StratigraphicUSE Facies (Geology)Facies (Geology) (May Subd Geog)UF Facies, StratigraphicStratigraphic faciesBT Geology, StratigraphicPetrologyNT FlyschLithofaciesMolasseFacilitated communication (May Subd Geog)UF Communication, FacilitatedBT Developmentally disabled—Means ofcommunicationFacilitation, GroupUSE Group facilitationFacilitatory tractUSE Reticular formationFacilities, Centralized industrial waste treatmentUSE Centralized industrial waste treatment facilitiesFacilities, Fishery processingUSE Fishery processing plantsFacilities, HadronUSE Hadron facilitiesFacilities, HealthUSE Health facilitiesFacilities, MesonUSE Meson factoriesFacilities, NuclearUSE Nuclear facilitiesFacilities, PhotonUSE Photon factoriesFacilities, Resource recoveryUSE Resource recovery facilitiesFacilities managementUSE Facility managementFacility layoutUSE Plant layoutFacility management (May Subd Geog)Here are entered works on the practice ofcoordinating the physical workplace with the peopleand the work of the organization, integrating theprinciples of business administration, architecture,and behavioral and engineering sciences.UF Facilities managementBT Factory managementRT Plant engineeringNT Building management— Law and legislation (May Subd Geog)BT Industrial laws and legislationFacing, SpotUSE Spot facingFacing head (in numismatics)USE Facing heads (Numismatics)Facing heads (Numismatics) (May Subd Geog)[CJ161.F3]UF Facing head (in numismatics) [Formerheading]BT Portrait sculpture in numismaticsFacings, AltarUSE Altar frontalsFacings, Mold (Founding)USE Foundry coatingsFacings (Clothing)BT DressmakingSewingNT LapelsFacio (The Latin word)BT Latin language—EtymologyFacioplegiaUSE Facial paralysisFacioscapulohumeral atrophyUSE Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophyFacioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy(May Subd Geog)UF Facioscapulohumeral atrophyLandouzy-Dejerine dystrophyBT Muscular dystrophyFackrell family (Not Subd Geog)Facsimile, RadioUSE Radio facsimileFacsimile machinesUSE Fax machinesFacsimile transmission (May Subd Geog)[HF5541.F3 (Business)][TK6710 (Electrical engineering)]UF FaxRemote facsimile duplicatorTelefaxBT Data transmission systemsElectronicsImage transmissionTelecommunicationNT Radio facsimileUltrafax— Equipment and suppliesNT Fax machines— Law and legislation (May Subd Geog)FacsimilesSA subdivision Facsimiles under headings orsubdivisions designating types of printed orwritten materials, documents, etc., e.g.Autographs--Facsimiles; Incunabula-Facsimiles; Maps--Facsimiles; Newspapers-Facsimiles; Shakespeare, William, 15641616--Manus

USEFolk songs, Fa d'Ambu Fa d'Ambu language (May Subd Geog) UFAmbu language (Equatorial Guinea) Annobon dialect [Former heading] Annobonense language . Fables, Armenian (May Subd Geog) [PN989.A] UFArmenian fables Fables, Asian USEFables, Oriental Fables, Australian (May Subd Geog) UFAustralian fables Fables, Aztec

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Some common terms Desktop - a computer fitted on a work desk for personal use, not easily carried Laptop - an "all-in-one" (display, keyboard), fairly light and portable Personal computer (PC) - a computer for personal use Server computer - a computer that provides services Client computer - a computer that makes use of the services of a server .

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American Sign Language is offered and accepted as a foreign language to fulfill high school and post-secondary language requirements. New Hampshire American Sign Language as a foreign language has never been proposed to the state legislature. However, some high schools and colleges offer American Sign Language and give academic credit.