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DELHI TECHNOLOGICALUNIVERSITYPratibimb – The Dramatics SocietyPresidentsShirish Prakash Singh 91-97936 23333Akhil Bajaj 91- 88267 35044Internal AffairsNilay Pant 91-9690323069PR CoordinatorsAyush Gupta 91-99108 16360Nishtha Singh 91-96500 31003TreasurersArtika Sharma 91-90138 01855Anurag Kashyap


ABOUT USPratibimb, the Dramatics society of DTU, believes that art is an unstoppable force, for it is evergrowing. Pratibimb means 'reflection' and here we are to show the world a reflection of what it is nowand what it is capable of being.Their motto is to nurture young theatre enthusiasts, give a boost to their passion for theatre and makethem capable enough to reflect on the society and its ways to pave a path for self actualisation, at thesame time making them active contributors in the upliftment of the society.Pratibimb competes in the DU collegiate theatre circuit in both street and stage play competitions andhas earned itself a good reputation. Some of their most remarkable stage productions, like 'Kya Dilli,Kya Lahore', 'Bela Road Mukti Dham', 'Treadmill' and street productions like 'Meherbaani' and 'TripT'have been circuit favorites and the top plays in their respective years, winning a number of awards.Their last year's annual street production, 'TripT' was among the only 4 productions from Delhi to beshortlisted to be performed at Thespo, the theatre fest of the prestigious Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai,while the stage production 'Treadmill' was among the top 8 teams to perform at Old World CollegiateTheatre and also bagged the Best Jury Award at the prestigious Sahitya Kala Parishad. Besideswinning 'Best play' awards, a lot of their actors have bagged the 'Best Actor' awards at various collegetheatre fests and same goes for our directors with 'Best Direction' awards.What sets Pratibimb apart, as a society is the stress on ideas, notions and everything that needs ahuman mind to function and observe to reach to the conclusions/ideas that cannot be merelyresearched and found on the internet. Their love for theatre and the will to do something significanthas always been a guiding light in all their efforts.Pratibimb, like Art, is unstoppable.

LIST OF PERFORMANCESFollowing is the list of events we have participated in:1. 14/10/2017: Rendezvous, IIT Delhi2. 27/10/2017: Antaragni, IIT Kanpur3. 24/02/2017: Mood Indigo, IIT Mumbai4. 25/12/2017: Thespo Youth Theatre Festival, Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai5. 10/01/2018: Sangharsh, Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology6. 12/01/2018: Sahitya Kala Parishad Finals at Shri Ram Centre7. 18/01/2018: Prelims at Gargi College8. 19/01/2018: Prelims at Lady Shri Ram College9. 20/01/2018: Nukkad Prelims, Lady Shri Ram College10. 23/01/2018: Prelims of- Kamla Nehru College- Aabhas, Gargi College12. 27/01/2018: Prelims of- Ahavan, IIFT- Adakari, Daulat Ram College13. 30/01/2018: Finals at Gargi College14. 31/01/2018: Finals of Zakhir Hussain College at Muktadhara Auditorium15. 01/02/2018: Finals/Prelims of- Saitan College Theatre Project at Akshara Theatre- Concoction, Kamala Nehru College- Rangsheeresh Jaidev Theatre Festival Prelims, ARSD16. 03/02/2018: Prelims of- Aaghaz, IGDTU- Sri Aurobindo College17. 06/02/2018: Prelims of- Jesus and Mary College- Jashn-e-Junoon, Dyal Singh Evening College18. 08/02/2018: Blitz, Satyawati Economics Departmental Fest19. 09/02/2018: Prelims at Sri Ram Centre of Commerce20. 12/02/2018: Prelims at Maharaja Agrasen College21. 14/02/2018: Prelims of Saitan Theatre Festival22. 15/02/2018: Prelims at Miranda College at St. Stephen’s College23. 16/02/2018: Finals at Jesus and Mary College24. 19/02/2018: Prelims of- Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies- Thespian, College of Vocational Studies25. 20/02/2018: Finals at Shri Ram College of Commerce26. 21/02/2018: Vyakt, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies27. 22/02/2018: Finals at Maharaja Agrasen College28. 23/02/2018: Finals of Saitan Theatre Festival at Instituto Cervantes29. 24/02/2018: Prelims of- Mukhtaib, Ramjas College- Kalagrit30. 25/02/2018: Theatre Olympics, National School of Drama31. 26/02/2018: Finals of- Indraprastha College for Women- SGTB Khalsa College- Adakari, Daulat Ram College32. 04/03/2018: Performance at Indian Habitat Centre33. 05/02/2018: Performance at Indian Habitat Centre34. 08/02/2018: Finals of Hindu College at Akshara Theatre35. 10/03/2018: Prelims of- Rhapsody, Maitreyi College- Mukaam, Motilal Nehru College36. 12/03/2018: Mukaam Finals, Motilal Nehru College37. 13/03/2018: Finals of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Eve.) at Mukhtadhara Auditorium

38. 14/03/2018: Finals of- Shivaji College at Akshara Theatre- Tamasha, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies39. 15/03/2018: Finals of- Maulana Azad College of Medical Sciences- Lakshmi Bai College at The Attic- Hansraj College at Lok Kala Manch40. 17/03/2018: Finals of- Halla Bol, Miranda College- Anhad, St. Stephen’s College41. 19/03/2018: Finals of- Satyawati College- Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology at Akshara Theatre- National Theatre Festival at JNU42. 20/03/2018: Finals at St. Stephen’s College43. 21/03/2018: Finals of- Sri Venkateshwara College at Roseate House- Rooh-e-Tamasha, University College of Medical Sciences44. 21/03/2018: Natparna, Trinity Insitute of Professional Studies45. 22/03/2018: Finals of- Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Mor.)46. 23/03/2018: Prelims/Finals of- Zakir Hussain College- Runthrough, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology- Chaupal, Economics Society of Kalindi College47. 26/03/2018: Paigaam Finals, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Mor.)48. 27/03/2018: Finals of- Dyal Singh College- NSIT- Baithak, Keshav Mahavidyalaya

LIST OF ACHIEVEMENTSTRIPT (2017-18) Best actor award to Prashant Kumar Singh at street play event organized by Rangroot NGO, Delhi Best actor award to Shirish Prakash Singh at Dyal Singh College, Delhi First position at Fortune Institute of Business, Delhi Third position at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi First position at economics department fest at Kalindi College, Delhi Best actor award to Vishisht Bais at Trinity Institute of Professional Studies, Delhi Third position at University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi First position at Shaheed Bhagat Singh (morning), Delhi Performed as a part of Thespo at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai Performed at Theatre Olympics, National School of Drama Performed at the prestigious Sahitya Kala Parishad, Shri Ram Centre

TREADMILL (2017-2018) Performed at Shri Ram Centre as a part of Mahavidyalaya Natya Samaroh organized by Sahitya KalaParishad and who the Best Production ( Jury ) award Performed at Indian Habitat Centre under the Old World Theatre Festival and received appreciationfor the same. Performed both of our productions ‘Treadmill’ and ‘The Interview’ at Roseate House - The only hotelin India to encourage theatre as an art form . Performed both of our productions ‘Treadmill’ and ‘TheTheatre Festival organized by Rashtriya Kala Manch. Performed at Akshara Theatre and secured the Best Play Runners-up award at the annual theatrefestival of Hindu College Best Play Award secured at the Annual Festival of NSIT Best Actor Award secured by Mrinal Singh at the Annual Festival of NSIT Best Direction Award secured at the Annual Theatre Festival of NSIT Secured Best Production Runners – up at annual theatre festival of Gargi College Performed at Akshara Theatre and received the Best Crew Award at the annual theatre festival ofShivaji College. Best Actor award secured by Arjun Monga at the Annual Theatre Festival of Shivaji College Performed at the Roseate House and secured Best Play – Special Mention Award at the annualTheatre Festival of Sri Venkateshwara College. Performed at Lok Kala Manch as a part of Eclat- The annual theatre festival of Hansraj College andthe Best Performer award was secured by Arjun Monga. Best Play Award secured at the Annual Theatre Festival of Maulana Azad Medical College Best Actor Award secured by Mrinal Singh and The Best Actress Award secured by Sanjana at theAnnual Theatre Festival of MAMC Best Direction award secured at the Annual Theatre Festival of MAMCInterview’ at JNU under the National

(Concoction, Kamala Nehru College)(Adakari, Daulatram College)

(Antaragni, IIT Kanpur)(Kirdaar, Indraprastha College for Women)

(Halla Bol, Miranda House)(Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology)

8. 19/01/2018: Prelims at Lady Shri Ram College 9. 20/01/2018: Nukkad Prelims, Lady Shri Ram College 10. 23/01/2018: Prelims of - Kamla Nehru College - Aabhas, Gargi College 12. 27/01/2018: Prelims of - Ahavan, IIFT - Adakari, Daulat Ram College 13. 30/01/2018: Finals at Gargi College 14. 31/01/2018: Finals of Zakhir Hussain College at .

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