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N and issue date : 309 - 01/07/2011Circulation : 22162Frequency : MonthlyPCPlus 309 92 321.pdfWeb Site: : 92Size : 85 %PirWireless foutwoRstedSupercharg&1interne"Nick Odantzis looks the latest superfast routers and finds out which reallygive your wireless Internet speed boost and improve youronline experienceat,aliveyouinaboxdevices,wireless modemrouter your ISPtheUnlessprovidesunlikelybesufficient for your needs.toisYour wirelesssignal will weakendisappear when you moveyour laptop into another have several wirelessandPCs phones,-it,printerswill struggletokeepup withthe amountdata going back and forth.The solutionupgradeyour modem router byattachingofisorIf-so onatorouter with Wireless Ntechnology which willenhancethe speedyour wireless,ofnetwork increase its range andallow youconnect more than,toone devicetowithoutitfallingitover when all systems are go.We' goingshowyouwhichthese routers offers thebest performance whicheasiestsetup and which hasthe most useful added features.retoofis,to,Don' worry yourhomeamong the 20 per centUK households on cablebroadband connection we' vemade surethere are plentycable routers included too.Whichever type broadbandyou'vegot there' fasterrouterout there for you PCPtifisofa-ofofsa,.Wirelessrouters tested,1414Asus 100Belkin Play Max N600HDwww.belkin.comD-Link 66 93FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390Linksys 140Netgear RangeMax 2381/6Copyright (PC Plus) No reproduction without authorisation\Yn';Draytek 239TP-Link 42

N and issue date : 309 - 01/07/2011Circulation : 22162Frequency : MonthlyPCPlus 309 92 321.pdfWeb Site: : 93Size : 85 %Wireless routers testedFastandgoodlookingainincluded setup CD instead.RT-N56U redeemed itselfduring installation whenof,t.,a,isofofataccessalsoit,thattheystick out like soreAiislike external harddrives You can alsodownloadthese devices evenwhen the router turnedoff.the documentation,isIn,promises aneasy installationusing its Quick Internet Setupprocedure You simplyplugthe router open webbrowser and automaticallydetects the connection type.practice the web browser.a,of.,,sinAttooloaded any sortsetupso the installation hadbecompleted using thepagetoofisyour PC and you' presentedwith giant Setup'buttonthat takes uppractically theentirescreen couldn' beclearer what you need do.Once setup completedsimplyenter the SSIDandpassword provided onthecard included with the N600and your wirelessrouterready and protected It'remarkably easy The onlyrangething the N600 lacksstatus indicator lights for,-'at,totoit'saoption for beginners wishingupgrade their wirelessinternetconnection,PCPlusVerdicts,Itto.init'tot.toPCPlus Verdict,is*****.InneverThis aside the N600an excellent router given itspriceeasy set upandits built-in features are easyfantasticaccess sotoisreit,s.ofthe slowest performances.,Theat,it'unlike the Asus.N600 easier set upSimply pop the CD intoconnectionsit,,,it,it,datafrom one PCanother overwirelesstwo metres took just twominutes 10 seconds while10metreswith two wallsseparating each computertook fiveminutes 30 seconds.The Asuscertainly isn'easy installcheap butperforms well and looks goodsatyour front room too 1111111111toConnectivity onthe goodside with two USB ports fordevicesaofinat,ofperformanceswhenwe transferred 1GB,athumb when theunituse.isin,Atit,ittoto,meansrimttoItKey featuresSide-mountedconnections foreasyaccess twoRadarUSB portsto-initmakesretotitInfo www.asus.comhandy becausethem easier,one direction.seemsworkbecause turnedonethe fastestPrice 100.toit,anof-of.attached wirelessdevice byfocusingtounit Althoughthissignala,-Ai,theofrouter Belkin has includedrangeapps that give youinstant access features likenevertheless offers the greatestbacking up downloadingtorrent files They' easyfeatures and the bestrangeuse just install them andperformance for its price tag.Its nearest competitoropen them when you need to.When comesthe Asus RT-N56Ucosts over 30 moreperformanceBelkin Playthe Belkin doesn'and doesn' seemMax N600 HDleastdisappointoffer many morePrice f66from short range.features justifyInfowww.belkin.comthe 10-metre testthe expense evenKey featuresdoes lookrange with coupleEasy setup music andsomewhat morereasonably thickfile-managementwalls separatingForapps security presetsinterestingeach PC howeverexample Belkin'onethe N600turnedrouter supports cableofsofis).(or-Not only are its looksunconventional the locationtooits connectionsside-mounted aslocatedopposedAsus RT-N56Uthe rear theor)(-inittoaN600 HD the TP-Linkhas the other routers on testhere licked that regardMaxtoisatttoitof,the day sadly can'of.a-youforAlthoughgo the Belkin Playa,Inadifferent criteria insteadeitherhave green lightgood red for badToincrease the appeal itsthe awardcheapest routerforproblem arose thatpreventedleavingprogress Insteadthe user the router detectedthe problem and correctedgreat feature for novices.Onethe RT-N56U'Radarstand-out featureswhich lets the router enhanceit.toThetThefiles,sterling performanceAsusRT-N56Ulook like yourtypical drab slabrouter factdoesn' reallylooklike routerall The RT-N56U Asus'effort stand out from theratherboring-looking crowd.doesn'toaawrong and turnsgreatall-rounderWith bargain price tag the Belkin PlayMax N600 HDhas plenty offerAsus RT-N56U hardly puts right (PC Plus) No reproduction without *********-

N and issue date : 309 - 01/07/2011Circulation : 22162Frequency : MonthlyPCPlus 309 92 321.pdfWeb Site: : 94Size : 85 %Wireless routers testedA/Perfect forSolidbut basic,11111111111D-Link DIR-825 will improve yourTheThewireless internet but offerslittle elsesThere'plus single USB port Theonlystumbling block weencounteredits setupthat before you can shareexternal storage devicesbetween PCs the includedD-Link SharePort softwareasofD-Link promises quad-banda-atooverall the dual-bandrouters onthe market whichare currently the toptheget onemustbe installed oneachoftermsrangeperformance.But lookclosely andthat thisactuallyjust anotherllmuD-Link DIR-825dual-band router.f93Info theDIR-825 offersprettyexhilaratingperformance withthe 1GB testfilestaking just two minutes[,toiteasy install too.Weexperienced aninitialproblem withthe installationwhich theprocedureD-Linksoftware wouldn'toin,tcablethatan Ethernethad been connectedbetween itself and PC Thisissue was cured simply byrestarting the procedure afterwhich the process provedbe fuss-free It' onetheeasiestthe 1toofoftoin,,a although notquite asgood asTriple-WANports forinternet compatible ADSL cable and 3Gsome the cheaperthere' the optionroutersthistest.Our 1GB testfile tooktwohaving up three differentinternet connections activeminutes 40 secondstransferonce the main ADSL one anbetween PCstwo metresEthernet portfor connectingand six minutes 40 secondsanother modem and portforthe 10-metre test point.adding 3G modem whichmight befeature-rich butwould be useful as backupthe average person isn' goingsee the benefit and thereyourprimary secondaryinternet were fail.are betterand faster optionsThe inclusionhardwarefor the moneythis test PCPKeyfeatures,inatto:at,,issimple router that willimprove the speedyourwireless internet connectionthenthissensible andaffordable option PCPoftoaata-It,ofaif,torto,ato.ofa.infirewall good news you'PCPlusVerdictisifreregular gamer because youruse preciouspowerprocess attacks 11111111PC doesn' have.smanually andour case finding theright settings fromour ISP took hugeamount time.oftPCPlus 6Copyright (PC Plus) No reproduction without authorisationsoftwareside It' fastfirewall too rated 50MBYou can also create upfourwireless connections sothe,.to,ais.,tIfofrouter settingsyou needthewithfeatures. Infosof.PriceatAswell asbeingADSL and cable,the 10M range tooksixminutes 10 seconds.,toDraytekVigor2830VnVigor2830Vnbursting theseamsexcellent performanceand easeinstallation makeup for this all you needatrecogniseisthe,inis,no particularlyitof-theadditionalfeatures and doesn' lookespecially attractive'business use This madeclear bythe fact that the portsare located on thefront for easeaccess and becauseofinternetrouter,ofisspecialtransfer from one PCanother overwireless whilessit'atotoconnections butother than thisfairly basicKey featuresOptimised for HDvideo streamingSha report for sharingUSB devices,,,,orIt'cableit,.also works withADSL andisofreaisthese computers individually.The DIR-825ofyou' seeis,,inLooks111111111111111111[isdifferent groups people canaccess and set upthe routerso users can have their owninternet access which canberestricted bytime thewebsites theycan view.The installation was onethe least intuitivethistestwithno automatic setupYou have choosespeakt,.in,device presumably bidaren' normallyimportant when you'choosing routerbut the DraytekbitVigor2830Vnmonster Then againnotdesigned bepropped upnexthome hi-fi thisdevice intended for smallof.sit',This routercomes with thestandard rangeconnectionssome funnypackedwithoverkillfor the average userDraytek Vigor2830Vnfeatures but1111111111111111,marketing magicgoing onwith theD-Link DIR-825 Onthe outsidethe router' boxofficethe ***************

N and issue date : 309 - 01/07/2011Circulation : 22162Frequency : MonthlyPCPlus 309 92 321.pdfWeb Site: : 95Size : 85 %Wireless routers testedUltimatePerformancepriceatThere' lotsslikeabout the FRITZ!Boxyou can affordtoWLAN7390FonifFRITZ!BoxWLAN 7390combines anADSL2Theandrecould however,theistifBox FonWLAN 7390-Price 23Key fea turesaIntegrate networkstorage nd NASfunctiona lity USB port,da,regular routerthatsimply upgrades yourstandard modemfairnessthough you get lot morewith the FRITZ!Box thanconventional routerandmodem combination.For starters you canconnect up six cordlessphones and make calls overVoIP provided you haverequisite VoIP phone!Box ansolution but youTheitaofeasyunderstand It'to.,PCPlusVerdictturn anywarrant yourattention asidefrom the seeminglystandard inclusiononeUSB port and compatibilitywith cable connection.supreme ease usetosa,,ofaIfisofyour main purchasingcriteriawhen purchasing new routerwe can' recommend theE4200 enough but you' needa,tll,look elsewhere get morebang for yourbuck PCPtoto.ortoPCPlus Verdict,*d,use its USB port connectan external storage features and optionsthey either don' understandare likely notuse.The router includesparental controls which letyou limit which websites areused and how longfor Youcan easily add another PCdevice the network.****ofinternal storage soyou' haveto,t,aLinkdevice into NASUPnP media serverUSBbeoverwhelmed with tootoadevice although the 7390with paltry 512MBaretwithyour computer turnedoff.can even be used as NAScomesStorage-atof-It,attake advantageleastits manyfeatures thenmay beworth the outlay PCPsomenoadditionalfeatures thatthe new userclearly aimedsomeone who doesn' wantif,cantoandisexpensiveitisabout and thereisin,nothingwrite homepointtoKey featuresof,aatbycisco.comchangingyour own anoption that someother routershid under layers menus.The user interface alsorefreshingly well laidoutorit,,AInfo,E4200' actualoft.ofIn-English During thesetup process you'given the optioneither choosing thedefault networkname and passwordait.isbeexpectsome seriously fastcapablewireless speeds Thankfullydelivers with1GB transferring10metresbetween our PCsfive minutes 20 seconds.a,performance suddenly feelsdistinctly average transfertime eight minutes 10theseconds10-metre testinFRITZ!Boxbit likespaceship soyou'ainterface the,-justThelooksa-atsneed your ISPdetails handy.SInfo ww w.fritzbox.euinssit'The installation processremarkably easy Jargon isn'thrown you asyouconfigure the routerLinksys E4200everythingPrice 140plainexplained,though you,usetoifisDrayTek needs.almostsurprisingrouter that feels asratherthan frighten them off.manual setup It'much less involveda-todto,theiforand you canabeen designed welcomenew users with open armsa,Insa,,atagainstitit,ofpitofabroadband servicethe useThis conveniencecomesprice andthe FRITZ!Box costsover twice as much,it'DrayTek which hassimilar plethora features.Once you'veconnectedand logged into the router webinterface the FRITZ!Box likeconnection running throughfibre opticyour phone linecable one you can replace yourold modem altogether Thisgreatyou aren' surewhichtype you needyou think you mightFRITZ!change the,you lacktheifeven testyourinternet speed somethingyou' need findanonlinespeed-test tool for normally.There' slight problemthough once you' vefinishedporing overthe wonderfulbreathaisTheonlylimited supportinidealisfresh airseadevices that offerofofthistestcheaper routersbecause they' worlds aparttermswhatthey offer You aortorouterupgrade your wirelesstoE4200t,VDSL modem.Linksys E4200confidencefairness you can' compare7390 many theIntheone Whether you haveregular broadband ormanceValue***4/6********PCPlus 309Copyright (PC Plus) No reproduction without authorisation*****July2011 195-

N and issue date : 309 - 01/07/2011Circulation : 22162Frequency : MonthlyPCPlus 309 92 321.pdfWeb Site: : 96Size : 85 %Wireless routers testedAll-in-onesolutionAwaybuilt-in modem puts the NetgearRangeMax DGND3300ahead its rivalsSetting upthe DGND3300DGND3300 doesn'Althoughhave the feature setthe FRITZ!Box Fon 7390the Draytek Vigor 2870Vnofortsaand one featureparticularstandsout broadband usagemeter which very usefuleitherthese 11111111111111111111*5/6Copyright (PC Plus) No reproduction without authorisationattach storagemedia onthem the TP-Linkdoesn' really have any otherfeatures that help riseabovetitthe others But then againnot everyone wants all the.,gimmicks under the sunplenty that just wantno-frills routerthat deliverswhatthey' really interestedfastwireless internet PCPthere transmission.ortofilteringdevices and accessof,*from,,to*TP-Link.a,,totthan an,, MAC URLIPto,.Key features,aAOtherSPI firewall and accesscontrol mangement,,IP.additional USBport onthe backwhich can beused,itaaddressband has crude waymaking up for this usingthree antennas ramp thestandard 2.4GHz signalits maximum Andworkswith the fastest recordedtransmission speedthe 1GBtest fileover wireless Therewasn' much different betweenthis and the other routersshort range butthe 10metre range with two wallsseparating each laptop tookjustfour minutes 20 seconds.Aside from being the fastestrouter the test the TP-LinkTL-WR1043ND doesn' really,aconflictingbeginnerwould have given uplong before wedid.toPrice 42sit,Intatait'tointernet wepinpointedInfo' benefitinitthis test.Well notheofIttheTP-LinkTL-WR1043ND.,.totitaquite theopposite AlthoughitissfactInitllsweb interface trying figureout why wouldn' connectt,,.-against thedual-band devicesllisaofitofaifheckonejust lowly single-band.Surelythat meanshas nochanceit'at.;itaisa).,.mouthful isn'actually dual-band router-,the manypeopleyou' oneonly marginally more thanout there with cap on howmost the others on testoffersthe luxurymuch data youcan downloadbuilt-in modem.Rather than havingeach month.NetgearRangeMaxan additional boxNot that you'DGND3300sat nextbe downloading tooyourPrice 100current modemmuchwith thisInfo www.router you the Netgearreplace altogetherKey featureswas onetheand have one deviceBuilt-in firewallthat does all.slowest deliveringthe 1GB file short rangeThisdoesn' applyyou have cable internetjustoverthree minuteswhile long distance transferconnection because therecorded disappointingmodem ADSL-only Instead10' need the WNDR3300speedwhich the cable alternative.Netgear offers convenientThe DGND3300 doesn'easy-to-use solution for thoselook too bad either can bewishing replace theiroutdated modem justnotplaced face down on tabledesk but ideally needsbeparticularly fast one PCPpropped upon its side usingthe included stands The largeflashing button onthe topthe router looks quite swishand single press lets youFeatureseasily add WPS-enabledPerformancedevice the network withoutValuehaving enter any details.ofof,aistoa,to.toinstallationproved be onethe trickiestthe test whichprobably whatyou get forpayingjust over 40 for theprivilege After scouringTP-Link' simple but extensived,totoita.isbudgethaveallas,pleasant surprise seethat for about . 100 less thanit'a,greataathat much offernot that reallyneedsThe 42 for superfastmodem? Seems fishy.That' the price you'pay for standardWireless G router notdual-band Wireless N model.Ah that' the thing TheTP-Link TL-WR1043NDat,The TP-Link TL-WR1043NDno-frills option for upgraders onustsimple enough withdetailed visual explanationprovided each step sothere can beno mistakes Theinterface easy use toowasNetgear 11111111111111111111111ofthefrugaland fastAt**Value***FeaturesPerformance***************

N and issue date : 309 - 01/07/2011Circulation : 22162Frequency : MonthlyPCPlus 309 92 321.pdfWeb Site: : 97Size : 85 %Wirelessrouters testedSpecsProducts/Belkin Play MaxN600 HDAsusRT-N56U-0410444r411D-Link DIR-825DraytekFRITZ!Box FonVigor283VnWLAN 7390Linksys,1TP-LinkNetgear Range-E4200 Max N300TLWR1043ND"" 100 66I 93 100 1401 2381 r www.dlink.cauk ualADSLADSL and cableADSLand 42YesYesOneTwo1OneSingle 2.4GHzADSLYesOne 11111111111111111111111111111111There' some good newssbehadtofrom thistest no matter whichrouter you choose there' clearupgrading an ageingadvantagerouter with newer faster one.The difference noticeable justtwo metres and10metres withcouple heavy-duty wallsthe wayquite dramatic.both cases Wireless Grouter was around 10 times slower-sa,toa,winnersArWe present ourpickthe best routersofisatat,,aofinit's,Ina,TP-Link TL-WR1043NDthan the best-performing WirelessN routeryou' using wirelesslot then WirelessN router anessential upgrade Some them.Ifareisa,of.perform marginally better thanothers sorather than concentrate,solely on performance you needfactorwhat sortinofoffer and how easythey aresetuptheand use the differencetest was quite substantial PCPto-in.I"FRITZ!Box FonWLAN 7390Price 42Info one the fastestperformance bothshort andIPlusEditor'sChoicePrice 238ofInfo www.fritzbox.euatlongrange for the cheapestprice TP-Link mightnot be household nameThe,be expensive buta,the moment havingpreviously focusedon business-orientatedcash well onal office-basedrouters withthe user-friendliness we' vecomefrom the top home wireless routers IIItheofit'offeaturesthis routeroffersand its impressiveperformance put well aheadthe competitioncombines some,reamountThe sheernowproducts butmoving into the consumer market.Judging bythe ease use excellenttheperformance and competitive priceTL-WR1043ND we' sure going dowellit'FRITZ!Box FonWLAN 7390 might.II,of.******6/6Copyright (PC Plus) No reproduction without authorisation****tofeatures theytoexpect

BelkinPlay Max N600HD Price f66 Key features Easysetup , music and file-management apps, securitypresets With a bargain price tag , the BelkinPlay Max N600HDhas plenty to offer different criteria - instead , you eitherhave a green light ( for good) or red ( bad ). Toincrease appeal of its

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