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Laundry Aids LAUNDRY BAG:Stylish, sturdy bagfor holding andtransporting laundry. DRYER STARS: Lifts andseparates items duringdrying cycle to softenfabrics, reduce wrinklesand shorten drying time;can use more than twostars in one load, 2 ct. GARMENT STORAGEBAG: For long termstorage of a dress orsuit. AIRING HOOK: Fitsover most doors to hangwashed laundry, pressedclothing or projects inprogress. CLIP AND DRY HOOKS: For dripdrying clothing articles at home orwhen traveling; can hang from ashower curtain rod, clothesline orgarment rack, 2 ct.Use MARKING PENS andSETS to add name tapes tochildren’s clothing, athleticuniforms, and nursinghome or hospital patientclothing. Black MARKINGPEN REPLACEMENTS andIRON-ON FABRIC TAPE areavailable for additional tasks. DRYING/CLOTHESRACK: 64” tall, foldsup for travel or easystorage; holds up to33 garments. HANDY HANGERKEEPER: Storehangers by dryer sothey are ready whenneeded.

As dirty clothes are removed, sort them bycolor (whites, lights and darks) into a dividedcart or separate baskets. Eliminates doublehandling! LAUNDRY WASH BAGS:Wash and dry small or delicateitems in a mesh bag to keep themtogether and avoid damage.BAG SWEATERLINGERIE BAG Give each family member his/herown SWEATER BAG as a hamperfor dirty socks. Wash and dry themin the bag. CLOTHESLINE: Forhanging clothing andquilts, or for craftprojects. FUN CLOTHESPINS: Secure clothesor craft items toclothesline whileadding a touch offun, 12 ct. SWIVEL DRYINGHOOKS: Fits overmost shower curtainrods to allow laundryto drip dry at homeor when traveling. FOLDING ASSISTANT:Helps fold clothing for neatpresentation and to maximizespace in closets and drawers.LAUNDERING TIPS: Wash whites, lights anddarks separately wheneverpossible. Wash sheets and towelsseparate from clothing tokeep lint off clothes. Inspect shirt fronts for stainsand spot treat just beforelaundering. Read labels for careinstructions. Most silk isbest dry-cleaned. Over-drying causes staticand makes fabric feel roughand stiff. Wrinkles? Warm clothes for10 minutes in dryer, thenhang promptly.

Ironing AccessoriesPREMIUM BOARDS and COVERS FORFASTER, BETTER RESULTS:Sturdy frames, best heat-reflecting, scorchresistant covers and ultra-plush padding for 2-IN-1 TAILOR BOARD/CLAPPER:a smooth, wrinkle-free finish.Tailor board has many points SLEEVE BOARD: Stand locks in place,and surfaces for pressing, whilefolds flat for storageclapper flattens seams and pleats. TABLETOP BOARD: Fits on bed or table,hook to hang for storage. TERRY COVER FORTABLETOP BOARD:Thick, soft surface forpressing embroideryand napped fabrics. COTTON COVERFOR TABLETOPBOARD: With funprint. IRONING PAD:Iron anywhere-justTHERMAL THIMBLESfold and go; thickprotect fingers whenpadding, heat-reflective cover and no-slippressing.backing; ideal for dorms, small spaces orFor easier wrinkletraveling.removal on cotton PREMIUM REFLECTIVE FINISHor linen, fill SPRAYIRONING BOARD COVER: Non-stick,BOTTLE with distilledscorch-resistant cover reflects heat backwater and sprayup through garment for faster wrinklebefore pressing.removal and crease setting. COTTON CANVAS IRONING BOARDCOVER: Thick fabric retains heat andallows steam through. HEAVY-DUTY PLUSH PADDING: Addmore padding when the old one getscompressed and hard. IRONING BOARD COVER FASTENERS:PRESSING ASSISTANTboard cover fits overFour clips prevent slipping and keep coverregular cover forwrinkle-free.projects. TAILOR’S HAM: Helps with pressingcurved areas of clothing for a better fitand professional finish. SEAM ROLL: Helps prevent crease orimpression marks while pressing.

PREMIUM IRONING ACCESSORIES SILICONE IRON REST: Heat-resistantpad protects surfaces from hot iron. PRESSING CLOTHS (Cotton or SilkOrganza): Lay on top of garment toprevent unwanted shine. NON-STICK PRESSING SHEET: Uselike a press cloth; keeps craft glue andfusible webbing off iron. IRON APRON: Use like a pressingcloth; slides over sole plate of iron fora secure fit. IRON CLEANER: Removes starch andfusible webbing from iron so it glidessmoothly;also cleans curling ironsand hair straightenersCare & Repair KNIT CUFFS: Replace worn or frayed cuffs so shirts look new again.SHIRT & PANTS EXPANDERS: Quick, no-sew shortcuts for more breathing room.COLLAR STAYS: For men’s dress shirts, keeps points flat.POCKET REPAIR & REPLACEMENTS: Prolongs clothing investment.SEWING TABLE ASSISTANT38”-wide padded work surfaceprotects tabletop. Plenty ofpockets to stash notions (notionsnot included).KNIT PICKERS repair finesweaters and knits bypulling snags through tothe inside of the garment.Don’t cut the loop or itwill unravel and makea hole, and then you’llneed to darn it with theDARNING EGG.1.2.

DARNING EGG: Makes repairing socks,gloves, mittens and sweaters easier.Lint Removal LINT SHAVERS: Keep sweaters looking new. SWEATER COMB: Removes fuzz and pilling.SWEATER COMB &LINT SHAVER remove fuzz andpilling. Use jumbo size for largeitems such as blankets. 2-DIRECTIONAL LINT BRUSH: Cleans quickly and conveniently for right orleft-handed users.Courtesy of DritzPlease read & follow all manufacturers’ instructions for all tools & materialsused. Provide adult supervision if children participate in this project.#047-8638 2016 Jo-Ann Stores, LLC

˚ LINGERIE BAG Give each family member his/her own SWEATER BAG as a hamper for dirty socks. Wash and dry them in the bag. • FOLDING ASSISTANT: Helps fold clothing for neat presentation and to maximize space in closets and drawers. LAUNDERING TIPS: • Wash whites, lights and darks separately whenever possible. • Wash sheets and towels