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periences etc. linked to the brand in theminds of consumersThe brand resonance pyramid The CBBE model has been extended to address how brands should be built interms of consumer knowledge structures CBBE model views brand building as an ascending series of steps:(1) Ensuring identification of the brand with customers and an association ofthe brand in customers’ minds with a specific product class or customerneed;(2) Firmly establishing the totality of brand meaning in the minds of customersby strategically linking a host of tangible and intangible brand associations;(3) Eliciting the proper customer responses in terms of brand-relatedjudgment and feelings; and(4) Converting the brand response to create an intensive, active loyaltyrelationship between customers and the brand The CBBE model emphasises the duality of brands: the rational route to brandbuilding is on the LHS and the emotional route is on the RHS The creation of significant brand equity requires reaching the pinnacle of thebrand resonance pyramid which only occurs when the right building blocks arein placeThe building blocks of the brand resonance pyramid Brand salience: how easily and often customers think of the brand undervarious purchase or consumption situationsBrand performance: how well the product or service meets customers’functional needsBrand imagery: the extrinsic properties of the product or service, including theway in which the brand attempts to meet customers’ psychological or socialneedsBrand judgements: customers’ own personal opinions and evaluationsBrand feelings: customers’ emotional responses and reactions with respect tothe brandBrand resonance: the nature of the relationship customers have with thebrand and the extent to which the feel they’re ‘in sync’ with the brando Resonance reflects the intensity or depth of the psychological bondthat customers have with the brand, as well as the level of activityengendered by this loyalty4

Marketing communication effects on brand equity Marketing communications affect brand equity and drive sales in many ways:o Create awareness of the brand;o Link the right associations to the brand image in consumers’ memory;o Elicit positive brand judgments or feelings;o Facilitate a stronger consumer-brand connection Developing the marketing communications mixo Marketing communications must be integrated to deliver a consistentmessage and achieve strategic positioningo Marketers must assess which experiences and impressions will havethe most influence at each stage of the buying process.Integrated marketing communications (IMC) programo Several factors to consider in developing the marketingcommunications mix: type of product marketing, consumer readinessto make a purchase, stage in product life cycle, and brand’s marketshare and positioningo Marketers should be media neutral – evaluate all possiblecommunication options in terms of efficiency and effectivenesso Anything that causes a consumer to pay attention to the brand canincrease brand awareness, at least in terms of brand recognition.Brand recall may require more intense and elaborate processing.o Marketers should ‘mix and match’ communication options to buildbrand equity – choose a variety of different communication optionsthat share common meaning and content but also offer different,complementary advantages so that the whole is greater than the sumof its parts svipInteractive marketing communicationso List of some interactive marketing communication options: Brand resonance has four dimensions(1) Behavioural loyalty: customers’ repeat purchases and the amount orshare of category volume attributed to the brand(2) Attitudinal attachment: when customers view the brand as beingsomething special in a broader context(3) Sense of community: when customers feel a kinship or affiliation withother people associated with the brand(4) Active engagement: when customers are willing to invest pers

The brand meaning evolution model The brand resonance pyramid model Brand knowledge is defined in terms of two components: brand awareness and brand image o Brand awareness relates to brand recall and recognition performance by consumers o Brand image refers to the set of associations linked to

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Strategic Brand Management Exeter MBA and MSc –Day 2 Brand Strategy Jack Buckner Aaker’s Brand Identity System BRAND IMAGE How the brand is now perceived BRAND IDENTITY How strategists want the brand to be perceived BRAND POSITION The part of the brand identity and value pro

STRATEGIC BRAND MANAGEMENT Strategic brand management process is important for creating and sustaining brand equity. Developing a strategy that successfully sustains or improves brand awareness, strengthens brand associations, emphasizes brand quality and utilization, is a part of brand management. The brand str

brand equity, brand image, brand personality and brand extension. 2. Brand Extension. Brand extension is a marketing strategy in which new products are introduced in relation to a successful brand. Various experts have defined brand extensions differently . though, these definitions look quite similar. Kotler and Armstrong (2002) defined brand

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brand strategy, 85 goes to branding, 79 goes to brand concepts and 67 goes to brand attitude, 38 goes to brand equity and 27 goes to brand communication. "Brand Strategies" and "Branding" are the topics mostly investigated. So it could be stated that "Brand Management" issue comes first in literature.

Strategic Brand Management 291 The Strategic Role of Brands 291 Brand Management Challenges 292 Brand Management Responsibility 296 Strategic Brand Management 296 ' Strategic Brand Analysis 298 Tracking Brand Performance 299 Product Life Cycle Analysis 300 Product Performance Analysis 300 Brand Positioning A

Brand awareness consists of brand recognition and brand recall. Brand recognition is the consumers’ ability to confirm prior exposure to the brand when given the brand directly as a cue. Brand recall relates to consumers’ ability to retrieve the brand when given the product category, the needs fulfilled by the category, or some other type

Brand Asset Valuator Definitions Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) Developed by Y&R, a system that processed consumer research to develop term definitions. Brand Differentiation** How distinctive the brand was perceived to be. Brand Esteem** How highly regarded the brand was. Brand Knowledge** How well known the brand

brand which can be vocalized" (Kotler 1991, p. 442), though other components of the brand identities (e.g., brand logo or symbol) are considered also. Brand Awareness The first dimension distinguishing brand knowledge is brand awareness. It is related to the strength of the brand node or trace in memory, as reflected by con-

ENTERPRISE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 5 Global Brand Management Maintaining Control of the Brand Without a solution designed for this environment, maintaining brand consistency and control over the brand is harder than ever. Some of the factors that make brand management more complex include: n More channels.

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Brand trust refers to consumers’ perception about the ability of a brand to perform in accordance to its promise (Chaudhuri & Holbrook, 2001). According to Esch et al. (2006), brand trust accelerates a level of commitment consumers have with a brand. It implies an at

193 M/s. Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Ltd., Brand Owner 194 M/s. Abbott India Ltd., Brand Owner 195 M/s. RPG Life Sciences Ltd., Brand Owner 196 M/s. Endurance Technologies Ltd., Brand Owner 197 M/s. Modi Distillery, Brand Owner 198 M/s. Kohinoor Speciality Foods India Pvt. Ltd., Brand Owner 199 M/s. Keventer Agro Ltd., Brand Owner 200 M/s.

Pi KAPPA Phi Brand Guidelines pg. 4 section 01: Overview pg. 5 Purpose of Brand Guidelines pg. 6 The Pi Kappa Phi Brand essence pg. 7 The Pi Kappa Phi Brand Positioning pg. 8 Fraternity Master Brand & sub-Brand relationships pg. 9 section 02: Pi Kappa Phi: identity pg. 10 Pi Kappa Phi identity pg. 11 star shield & logotype pg. 12 Multiple Formats pg. 13 Clear space & Minimum space

» Defining the term "brand" and how a brand is created » Identifying the elements of brand management » Looking at best practices » Focusing on the operational side of brand management » Looking at the future of brand management » Understanding the ten steps to building a powerful brand Icons Used in This Book

Case Exam (75%) At the end of the course you will be given a take home case exam. The exam is a case study format with you taking the role of the brand manager for an existing brand and asked to formulate the strategic plan for your first year in charge. Your

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Welcome to the ASME/Bath 2019 Symposium on Fluid Power and Motion Control (FPMC 2019) held at the Zota Beach Resort, on the powdery white sands and brilliant turquoise waters of Sarasota’s Longboat Key, Florida. I hope you will find the technical program of the symposium engaging. I also hope that you will enjoy the social events and further develop your network with colleagues. The .