Hyperion Public Sector Planning And Budgeting .

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Hyperion Public Sector Planningand Budgeting Implementation atUC BerkeleyMehmet SevinçUniversity of California, Berkeley

IntroductionsMehmet SevinçTeam Lead, Cal Answers (OBIEE)University of California, Berkeley2

Overview Review the PSPB Module Implementation at UCBerkeley (go-live Feb 2013) Review enhancements built during the subsequent 18months3

Agenda About Us PSPB Implementation at UC Berkeley Demo – PSPB at UC Berkeley Enhancements Demo – Enhancements Q&A4

University of California, Berkeley5

UC Berkeley & OracleExisting ERP FootprintPeopleSoftFinancialsBack-end Platform(GL, AP, AR) 9.0Oracle HyperionPeopleSoftHRMS, Version9.0(HR, PositionManagement)HyperionPlanningCustom DataWarehouse usingHyperionIntelligence -UseEssbaseV. martView(Planningand Ad Hoc)

UC Berkeley CalPlanning TeamTeam Lead,CalPlanning andBAIRs ReportingSystemAdministratorCalPlanningSr. ReportingAnalystBAIRS/CalPlanningProduct ManagerCalPlanningReporting and DataQuality AnalystBAIRS/CalPlanningBusiness AnalystCalPlanningWe used minimalconsulting support thisyear.M2 Dynamics was ourimplementation partnersin prior years.

Project Phases Reporting (ASO)Phase Aug 2011, 100 users1 Summary Budgeting (BSO)Phase Mar 2012, 150 users2 Empl/Pos Budgeting (PSPB)Phase Feb 2013, 350 users3Now Assess and Stabilize Increase adoption, 500 usersPSPB NowPostImplementation: Assess the use andeffectiveness oftools Stabilize systems Improve the userexperience andbusiness process Increased # ofusers to 500

What is CalPlanning?CALPLANNINGBFS/BAIRSActuals &EncumbrancesSummarizedCompensationDataData EntryBAIRSCalPlanHOURLY*HRDetailed Position& Employee DataHCP(Human Capital Planning)SNAPSHOTSnapshot on 10/24/13 ofactive data on or after7/1/13. (No additionalloads during currentBudget Cycle.)HCM(Human alsMONTHLYActualsOperatingBudget &ForecastReportingBFSCalRptgHOURLY*Detailed Position& yroll PersonnelSystem)* Hourly schedule & frequency is determined based time of budget process. Can vary from 4 times a day to hourly.

Four ApplicationsHCPReview and enter planned CompensationExpense for Employee and Position.CalPlanReview and enter plan for Revenue,Transfers, and Non-Comp Expensesand view summarized CompensationExpense plans from HCP.CalRptgReview budget data from CalPlanand detailed Actuals from BFS.HCPRptgReview Compensation Expensebudget data from HCP byEmployee and Position and actualdata from PPS by Employee.

Human Capital Planning (HCP)The HCP plan type is created when a PSPB application isinitialized. UCB plans by both Employee and Position Plan for future changes to employee and position dataimported from the HR system, Human Capital Management(HCM) Plan for new positions or to-be-hired employees Manage distributions at the employee and position level toallow for dynamic reporting on planned expenses andvacancies Plan for additional compensation expense by Dept. ID System calculated expenses including Fringe, Vacation,GAEL, and Fee Remission11

Public Sector: Out-of-the box 10 Dimensions (for Employee & Position Option) 41 Smart Lists 2 Task lists and 22 tasks 73 Data entry forms Validation rules 50 Menus 63 Business rules12

UCB Dimensions and Smart ListsDimension NumberSmart Lists NumberAccount200Fund300Period18Project (Chart1)220Year6Entity (Dept. ID)4200Scenario4Job Class1780Version15Union Code55Salary Account20Entity (Dept. ID)8500Element20Budget Item160Employee14,400Position17,900

HCP Review14


HCP Data Refresh in Nov 201316

Archive Applications17

New Functionality!Mass Extend AppointmentsBy Request – New custom functionalityin HCP to extend more than one appointment at a time!Use the Mass Extend Appointment End Datebusiness rule to: Create a list of employees Extend the appointment end dates of allemployees on the list

Reduced Clicks19

Data Push Times: 3x faster!20

Employee/Position Reporting Empl/Pos reports were created in ASO with limited detail HCP forms are used to review Employees, Positions, andDistributions on one page.Forms can be exported to Excel

HCP Enhancements Demo22

Thank You!Mehmet SevinçTeam Lead, Cal AnswersE-mail: mehmet@berkeley.eduCalPlanning Project ning24

Hyperion Intelligence 8.3 and OBIEE/Answers Back-end Platform Windows Oracle Hyperion Hyperion Planning Public Sector Planning Full-Use Essbase V. Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio Hyperion SmartView (Planning and Ad Hoc)

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How Hyperion has changed 2. Major Hyperion components 3. Introduction to Hyperion Architecture 4. Implementing Hyperion 5. Hardware Sizing examples Note: We will cover the basic BI architecture for Hyperion system 9 and will not cover additional BI applications such as Planning, HFM, etc. Come See me for more information on these.

Hyperion applications such as HFM, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Hyperion Strategic Finance, Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management, Oracle Essbase and others to support their critical finance processes. While these were great products for many years, th

Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Enterprise 22 years of Hyperion experience Customer / administrator Micro Control Hyperion Enterprise Hyperion Employee . Oracle provides fully functional DRM to all 11.2 customers Only for use within EPM (HFM, Planning

A Hyperion Product Update What's New in Hyperion System 9 BI Essbase Analytics and Enterprise Analytics? Release summary Hyperion System 9 BI Essbase Analytics (Essbase Analytics) and Hyperion System 9 BI Enterprise Analytics (Enterprise Analytics) are analytic database engines within Hyperion System 9that allow our customers to develop and deploy custom applications.With .

Core Hyperion Planning R11.1.2.3, Available as a cloud service Smart View and FR for reporting and analysis . Oracle Hyperion Capital Asset Planning, and Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting Oracle Hyperion EPM Architect-enabled Planning applications . Migrating: On-Premise to the Cloud (3/5)

programmed into products, such as Oracle's Hyperion Planning - System 9, Oracle's Hyperion Financial Management - System 9, and Oracle's Hyperion Business Modeling. Note: Oracle's Hyperion Data Integration Management can be used with or without Shared Services,

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