A 20/20 Guide To Hyperion Financial Management

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Chris BarbieriEPM Architect,ProjectRole Oracle ACEDeliveryImplementationManagerHuge musicfanProfessional experience Global6 yearscontributorOneStreamto OracleExperience,EPM community16 years CPM rlyle, ConMed,HyperionMaterion,EnterpriseCurtis, Guardian years22TeamofmemberHyperionon experiencethe 2nd live OneStream project (Guardian) DevelopedCustomeradvanced/ administratorsolutions in OneStream: Chart of Accountredesign,MicroPeopleControlPlanning, Cash Flow, ERP Direct Connection and drillback, ActualHyperioncloseEnterpriseand Planning user submission and process RegularHyperionpresenterEmployeeat OneStream Splash conferencePioneer consultant on HFMSenior Product Issues ManagerClientOracleTestimonialPartnerAngie was aHFMwonderfulpersonto work with. She works well within a teamPracticeLeaderenvironmentandSystemwas a positiveEPMArchitectinfluence on our project. She knows whatneedsto leaderbe done,knowswhat&sheneeds to do to get those tasksThoughtin andHFMshesystemdesignperformanceaccomplished.

Finit delivers “Unmatched Experiences”We believeWe maximize valueWe are drivenWe believe great experiences lead togreat outcomesWe maximize value to other bycombining know-how with service,advocacy and stewardshipWe are driven to deliver anunmatched experience to those wework for and those we work with

We empower theCFO organizationFocus on people before profit–a different kind ofconsulting companyCompensate on client-satisfactionAlign with clients’ best interests to createunmatched experiences100% success since our inception1100 projects, 325 clients (100 Fortune 1000clients)

500 Technical ExpertsHelping Peers Globally3 Membership Tiers Oracle ACE Director Oracle ACE Oracle ACE Associatebit.ly/OracleACEProgramConnect:oracle-ace nate yourself or someone you know: acenomination.oracle.com

Hyperion Financial Management

HFM Released March 2015 Practically unlimited custom dimensionsFirst released in Significant performance improvements Support for ExalyticsPaved the way for UNIX, Linux support Administrator features Financial Reports Web Studio

Unlimited Custom DimensionsTechnically the number of customs islimitedMS SQL Server: about 18Oracle: about 82Assumes all user defined dimensions aremedium, which have 32,000 members.As of you must recreate an application toadd new custom dimensions.

Why So Many Custom Dimensions?If you have one dominant GL systemyou can bring in the full GL string Low user training requirement Full detailed visibility fromconsolidation back to GL transactions Leverage GL dimension design Almost no mappingReduce need for additionalreporting cubes or data warehouseAdditional detail is “free” in performance termsWeeks / DaysSegmentData SourceGeographyCash FlowMulti-GAAPSell-toCustomerFunctional P&LProductChannelSub-AccountProjectCost CenterFlows / MovementsRegionBusiness UnitRate Analysis

PerformanceAlmost universally, HFM is 40-60% faster than all other thingsbeing equal.No performance penalty for additional custom dimensions Single biggest factor is HFM RulesSecond factor is infrastructure, particularly database and network performanceTuning system settings is rarely a significant factorData volumes are not a factor11.1.2.4 scales well with hardware 80 cores: most “thread” settings can use all available cores 2 TB RAM Pro-rate this for multiple applicationsNo other product comes close to HFM’s consolidation and reporting performance

Finit Performance Reference ApplicationFinit Performance Reference AppHFM vs Pre- pre- (21)Median (16)0:00:000:01:260:02:530:04:190:05:46Blank Rules0:07:12Full RulesThis does not test “like for like” hardware but doesreflect typical experiences upgrading to Data0:08:380:10:050:11:310:12:580:14:24

Administrator Features Application creation wizardProfile editor allows adding years toclassic and EPMA applications System configurationWeb based copy appInsights ModuleAdmin ModeEnable/Disable Connections

Journals in Smart ViewSmart View extension provides HFM journal capability in Excel HFM Smart View Smart View Options Extensions Check for Updates

Journals in Smart ViewConnection Panel yields Journal features

Journals in Smart View

Application Year Update Consolidation Administration Applications Right-click on an application ModifyExtend years in anexisting applicationYou cannot change anything else

Click “Modify Application” Should not take long – just a few minutes Log back in and you will see more years availableHFM has had this feature since 4.0, but Windows utilityWas added to the web in utility still available in

Application SettingsPre- these were in theWindows server registryFull audit trailSettings can be system wide or application specific

Selected SettingsSettingPurposeMaxDataCacheSizeInMBIncrease total data stored in memoryICMSystemReportTranslationMode2 – Translate in memory but do not storethe results00, 1, 2NumConsolidationThreadsIncrease use of processors81 -24MaxNumConcurrentConsolidationsIncrease use of cStatusSystemWasChangedIncrease processor usage associated withupdating calc status during metadata load81–8HsxDsStartupOptionSet this to “1” for production apps00, 1WebformDoCalculateOnSubmitAutomatically calculate form with Save00, 1Appendix A “Configuration Settings”in the HFM Admin GuideDefaultRange4,500 500 – 15,000

Web based copy app utilityOne-time configuration Configure Linked Servers for SQL Server https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E57185 01/HFMAG/ch02s16s02.html Or Database Link for Oracle databases https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E57185 01/OHFMA/app odblink.htm#OHFMAapplications 660Consolidation Administration Import Application Select link (configured above) Admin Mode is enabledAbout the same as previous HFMCopy App UtilityAll users must be out of thesource AND target applicationsUse Admin Mode

Restart the ApplicationAn administrator can do this withoutdirect access to the servers! Everyone MUST be out and all activitymust be complete

Cumulative Feature OverviewWeb-based tool that shows you the difference in features between versions https://apexapps.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p 20620:1:0

HFM Platform SupportOptimized for Exalytics Oracle enterprise Linux SolarisOperating Systems Windows Server 2008, Server 2012RDBMS Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012 Oracle , , , , 12.2.xApplication Server WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.5 and 10.3.6)Browser Internet Explorer 9.x, 10.x, 11.x Firefox 31 ESRExalytics not supported in 11.2Server 2008 support ends Jan 2020Server 2012 support ends Oct 2023SQL Server 2008 support ends Jul 2019SQL Server 2012 support ends Jul 202210.2 support ended Jul 201311.1 support ended Aug 201511.2 support ends Dec 202012.1 support ends Jul 202112.2 support ends Mar 2026IE 9, IE 10 support ended Jul 2016IE 11 support ends Jul 2025

On-Premise Support Timeline11.2 Premier support December 2019 – at least December 2030Product11.1.2.4 Released March 2015 Premier [normal] support ends December 2020 2021 Extended [ extra] support ends December 202111.1.2.3 Released April 2013 Ended March 201811.1.2.2 Released April 2012 Ended April 201411.1.2.1 Released March 2011 Ended February 2013PSUs are supported for 6-12 months after releaseOracle Enterprise Performance Management 11g GracePeriods for Error Correction (Doc ID 1590676.1)Latest ReleasedPSUFoundation.009Jan 2019BI FR.901Aug 2018DRM.347Feb 2019EPMA.000Feb 2015Essbase.029Dec 2018FDMEE.220Dec 2017HFM.208Dec 2018Planning.008Jun 2018Smart View.900May 2019

Hyperion Financial Management 11.2

HFM only upgraded platform support toFusion Middleware 12g Modeled on series Operating systems*Microsoft support ends Oct 2023 In the first PSU: Oracle Enterprise Linux 7, AIX 7.2 Oracle 12.2 Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Browser MS Edge Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox JDK 1.8 New operating system instance(s) Upgrades from Prior versions must first upgrade to Initially: Windows 2012*, 2016, 2019 RDBMS“Out of place” installationAll subsequent “upgrades” will come inPSUs to be applied on top of 11.2 Faster upgrade cyclesOracle Cloud Infrastructure Designed to run on-premise or on OCIScheduled for release inDecember 2019

HFM 11.2.xApplications Unlimited program Oracle will continue to develop and support 11.2HFM Automated Consolidations Additional 3rd party certifications (Linux 7, AIX 7.2) Replacement for Win32 Metadata Manager Possibly web utility (not EPMA) Possibly Smart View (like PBCS, FCCS) Archival features Data LogsFinancial Reports Multi-report editing via Web StudioBook/batch output to MS OfficeObjects moved into RDBMSNew charting engineSmart View New web plug-in for Office web client Development underway for Google Docs Performance improvements via OpenXML Matrixed security Performance improvements SV, DB batch processing, more Enhanced Insights Journals workbenchConsidered for releasebeyond 2019Refer to Oracle’s Safe Harbor policy for discussion of future features

Features that Won’t be in 11.2EPMA Replaced by DRM (or convert to “classic”) Oracle provides fully functional DRM to all11.2 customers Only for use within EPM (HFM, Planning,Essbase) Developing a migration utility and whitepaperReporting tools Financial Management AnalyticsInteractive Reporting (IR)Production Reporting (SQR)Web Analysis (WA)Win32 Financial Reports StudioDisclosure Management Moved into Narrative ReportingQuantitative Management and Reportingfor Solvency (QMR)Essbase Analytics Link Replaced mostly with FDMEE functionalityEPM Mobile

Financial Consolidation and Close,July 2019

Financial Consolidation and ClosePart of a suite of cloud [products] business processes Financial Consolidation and Close Smart ViewData ManagementSupplemental DataFinancial Reports Tax Reporting Narrative Reporting Disclosure Management Account Reconciliation Transaction Matching Enterprise Data ManagementPlanning, BudgetingProfitability & Cost ManagementStrategic ModelingNot an upgrade from HFM

Major Feature Parity with ationViewView 17Custom(s)3 or 4 Custom(s)Data SourceMovement (Pre-Built Cash Flow)Multi-GAAP (Optional) Currency Translation AdjustmentCopy & ClearMovement enhancement for Balance Sheet AccountsConfigurable Calculations & TranslationsAdvanced ConsolidationsOwnership ManagementJournals – Auto Reversing, Attachments, Recurring,TemplatesConfigurable Consolidation RulesExtended DimensionalityProcess ManagementEquity Pickup

EPM Cloud Migration AcceleratorECMA is a stand-alone utilityWorks with HFM or later LCMextracts Classic applications only Metadata onlySupports up to four custom dimensionsFinancial Reporting Migration Tool (FRMT) Facilitate conversion of HFM reports to FCCSformat

Thank you!ProjectChris RoleBarbieriDelivery Implementation ManagerHFM Speed FreakMusic FanaticProfessional experiencecbarbieri@finit.com 6 years OneStream Experience, 16 years CPM Client success: Xylem, Carlyle, ConMed, Materion, Curtis, GuardianTeam member on the 2nd live OneStream project (Guardian)Developed advanced solutions in OneStream: Chart of Accountredesign, People Planning, Cash Flow, ERP Direct Connection and drillback, Actual close and Planning user submission and processRegular presenter at OneStream Splash conferenceSpecial thanks to Rich Wilkie, Oracle, for product detailsand roadmap

SAVE THE DATE COLLABORATE 20April 19-23, 2020Mandalay Bay Resort & CasinoLas Vegas, NV MOUS 2020October 28, 2020Schoolcraft College - VisTaTech Center,18600 Haggerty Rd, Livonia, MITHANK YOUWWW.MOUS.US

SURVEYS Session SurveysPlease complete the session survey for thissession using Guidebook.https://guidebook.com/g/mous2019 Conference SurveyPlease complete the hard copy conferencesurvey at the end of the conference andturn it in at the MOUS registration desk.THANK YOUWWW.MOUS.US

Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Enterprise 22 years of Hyperion experience Customer / administrator Micro Control Hyperion Enterprise Hyperion Employee . Oracle provides fully functional DRM to all 11.2 customers Only for use within EPM (HFM, Planning

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