Are Your Hyperion Applications Hindering Your Potential?

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eBOOKIf You Are a CurrentOracle Hyperion Customer:Are Your Hyperion ApplicationsHindering Your Potential?

Are Your Hyperion Applications Hindering Your Potential?IntroductionThousands of organizations around the world are relying on multiple OracleHyperion applications such as HFM, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial DataQuality Management, Hyperion Strategic Finance, Hyperion Profitability and CostManagement, Oracle Essbase and others to support their critical finance processes.While these were great products for many years, they were not designed to helpFinance teams lead at speed. The fragmented nature of these products has createdextra work and costs, including the following:Multiple Pointsof MaintenanceMultiple Pointsof Data IntegrationTime Spent Syncingand Reconciling DataAcross ApplicationsHigh Costs ofOwnership andUpgradesOver the past few years there has been limited innovation and declining support forthese legacy products. And now, with the end of support looming for older versions ofthese products — customers are at an inflection point. Which path will you choose?2

Are Your Hyperion Applications Hindering Your Potential?The Inflection PointWhich Path Will You Choose?Here AreYour ChoicesUpgrade to OracleHyperion V.11.2Support through 2031No innovationSome modules deprecatedConvert toOracle EPM CloudEasier deployment and upgradesStill a fragmented suite with higher cost of ownershipMultiple points of integration / maintenanceMissing functionality vs. on-premise applicationsConvert to Another Solution –Like OneStreamOver 300 Hyperion customers convertedUnified platform that’s easier to use/maintainInnovative, advanced capabilitiesEasier path to the cloudLead @ Speed with OneStreamOneStream Software provides a marketleading intelligent finance platform thatreduces the complexity of financialoperations. OneStream unleashes thepower of finance by unifying corporateperformance management (CPM)processes such as planning, financialclose & consolidation, reporting andanalytics through a single, extensiblesolution. We empower the enterprisewith financial and operational insightsto support faster and more informeddecision-making — all in a platformdesigned to continually evolve andscale with your organization. Conquerbusiness complexity and lead at speedwith OneStream!3

Are Your Hyperion Applications Hindering Your Potential?OneStream’sUnique AdvantagesUnified, IntelligentFinance PlatformOneStream’s Intelligent FinancePlatform eliminates the risk andcomplexity of data integration,validation and reconciliation betweenmultiple products, applications ormodules. Make non-integrated CPMsuites a thing of the past.Function-Forward CapabilitiesThe OneStream MarketPlace reducesthe time-to-value equation. With morethan 50 pre-built business solutionssuch as Account Reconciliations,People Planning and GuidedReporting, you can rapidly addressadditional requirements without addingIT complexity.When upgrading to a new product,no one wants to go backwardsin functionality you want to moveforward – whether it’s in a new car,mobile phone or cloud-based CPMsoftware. OneStream provides moreadvanced functionality than legacyCPM applications with functionforward capabilities across financialclose and consolidation, planningand forecasting, financial data quality,reporting and analytics.World-Class SupportExtensible Dimensionality Your success relies on getting quick,clear and accurate support. Ourdedicated support team is available24/7 to provide rapid and accurateresolutions allowing you to leadat speed. At OneStream, we arededicated to your success.OneStream delivers corporatestandards while also satisfyingbusiness unit and business processdetail requirements – all in a single,unified application.MarketPlaceHigh Scalability and PerformanceAchieve the security, availability,scalability and performance you needwith a modern, extensible cloud platform.Data BlendingCombine financial data with largevolumes of operational data to identifykey trends and financial signals thatsupport proactive decision-making ona daily or weekly basis.4

Are Your Hyperion Applications Hindering Your Potential?Unleash the Power of Finance with aTruly Unified PlatformTOMESUSURMore than 600 mid-sized to large enterprises around theworld and across industries are using OneStream for planning,financial close & consolidation, reporting, analytics andmore. In fact, 70% of our customers replaced multiple legacyapplications such as Oracle Hyperion, SAP BPC and IBMCognos. These organizations have achieved many benefits,including the following:COur Mission: Delivering 100%Customer SuccessCCESSReplace multiple legacy systems or cloudpoint solutions with a unified applicationReduce the time, effort and cost ofmaintaining legacy applicationsReduce manual steps and acceleratereporting and planningSupport corporate and LOB needsGain flexibility and agility in ITShifts Finance staff time from admin tovalue-added analysisEmpower the Enterprise with Financialand Operational InsightsStreamline financial close, consolidationand reportingIntegrate financial and operational dataacross the enterpriseDeliver timely and accurate results monthly,weekly, daily and take actionEvolve to Support Growth and NewBusiness RequirementsGain agility in planning, budgeting andforecastingAccelerate delivery of new applications andbusiness insightsAlign finance and operations, front-officeand back-officeImprove finance productivity, spend moretime on value-added analysisAccelerate insights, decision-making andpredict with confidenceDeploy new solutions rapidly, and at low costsSupport future growth and increasedbusiness complexity without new software5

Are Your Hyperion Applications Hindering Your Potential?Are You Ready to Take theOneStream Challenge?Still not convinced? Connect with a OneStreamtrusted Partner for a OneStream ConversionAssessment. Our experts will set up a short phoneinterview to learn about your requirements, find outwhat Hyperion applications you are currently usingand do a comparison to what life would look likewith OneStream.About OneStream SoftwareOneStream Software provides a market-leading intelligent finance platform that reduces thecomplexity of financial operations. OneStream unleashes the power of finance by unifying corporateperformance management (CPM) processes such as planning, financial close & consolidation,reporting and analytics through a single, extensible solution. We empower the enterprise withfinancial and operational insights to support faster and more informed decision-making. All in a cloudplatform designed to continually evolve and scale with your organization.OneStream’s Intelligent Finance platform can easily be extended with over 50 solutions from theOneStream MarketPlace. These downloadable solutions are fully battle-tested and optimized for theOneStream platform. They allow customers to easily extend the value of their investment to meetthe changing needs of finance and operations. MarketPlace solutions in use by customers includeAccount Reconciliations, Lease Accounting, Tax Provision, Predictive Analytics, People Planning,Capital Planning, Cash Planning, Sales Planning and many others.OneStream Software362 South StreetRochester, MI 48307-2240Phone: 2021, OneStream Software, Inc. All rights reserved.OneStream Software is a registered trademark of OneStream Software, Inc.6

Hyperion applications such as HFM, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Hyperion Strategic Finance, Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management, Oracle Essbase and others to support their critical finance processes. While these were great products for many years, th

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A Hyperion Product Update What's New in Hyperion System 9 BI Essbase Analytics and Enterprise Analytics? Release summary Hyperion System 9 BI Essbase Analytics (Essbase Analytics) and Hyperion System 9 BI Enterprise Analytics (Enterprise Analytics) are analytic database engines within Hyperion System 9that allow our customers to develop and deploy custom applications.With .

How Hyperion has changed 2. Major Hyperion components 3. Introduction to Hyperion Architecture 4. Implementing Hyperion 5. Hardware Sizing examples Note: We will cover the basic BI architecture for Hyperion system 9 and will not cover additional BI applications such as Planning, HFM, etc. Come See me for more information on these.

Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Enterprise 22 years of Hyperion experience Customer / administrator Micro Control Hyperion Enterprise Hyperion Employee . Oracle provides fully functional DRM to all 11.2 customers Only for use within EPM (HFM, Planning

Hyperion Intelligence 8.3 and OBIEE/Answers Back-end Platform Windows Oracle Hyperion Hyperion Planning Public Sector Planning Full-Use Essbase V. Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio Hyperion SmartView (Planning and Ad Hoc)

Hyperion Financial reports can be developed on a tool called Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio. This is the only tool to build or edit a Hyperion Financial report. Users are also able to view, delete and print FR through FR Studio. The web client, Workspace, is used to rename, delete, view, and print the Hyperion Financial reports.

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