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lt High SchoolCareer & College PrepNCESL noncredit english as a Second LanguageGeneral NoncreditShort-Term Vocational

Welcome from the DeanWelcome to the CommunityLearning Center (CLC) atMiraCosta College! We areexcited that you are thinkingabout taking classes withus and joining our CLCfamily. Our campus offersa variety of classes andprograms ranging from anadult high school diplomaprogram, noncredit Englishas a Second Language (ESL)courses, and a range ofchoices that can prepare you for college-level courses orcareer opportunities.We are here for you in your journey, even though ourclasses are offered entirely online for now. Friendly facultyand staff are available by phone or online chat to makesure you are ready for success.Whether you are a returning student, or joining us for thefirst time, thank you for choosing the CLC to help you reachyour goals.John MakevichThe MiraCosta Community College District servesthe communities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia,Encinitas, Olivenhain, Rancho Santa Fe, Cardiff, SolanaBeach, Del Mar, Carmel Valley, and parts of CampPendleton; however, all programs offered by thecollege (credit and noncredit) are open to thepublic regardless of residence.Continuing Education at MiraCosta Collegerespectfully serves our diverse community of lifelonglearners by providing a holistic selection of learningopportunities, enabling and empowering learners tolive successfully today and in the future.Continuing Education offers tuition–free noncreditcourses and programs in the following categories:Adult High SchoolCitizenshipESL English as a Second LanguageGED Test PreparationHealth & SafetyParentingCourses for Older AdultsCourses for Adults with DisabilitiesShort–Term Vocational & Workforce PreparationDean, Community Learning Center, Continuingand Community EducationMiraCosta CollegeCOMMUNITY LEARNING CENTERCommunity LocationsEven though we are onlinefor spring, we are herefor our community! Someclasses in the scheduleare targeted for a localneighborhood, so you maychoose to take classeswith others close to you.When we get back to ourlocations, you can bewith the same group ofclassmates!Choose a neighborhood by your zip Mission Avenue, Oceanside, CA 92058Admissions & Records Office760.795.8710 noncredit@miracosta.eduAdult Education Office760.795.8736 adulted@miracosta.eduNoncredit CounselingOswaldo Ramirezoramirez@miracosta.eduCynthia Vasquez Gonzalescvasquezgonzales@miracosta.eduOceanside: sbad: adia: 92024Encinitas: 92007-92023-92024-92075Olivenhain: 92024Rancho Santa Fe: 92014-92067-92091-92127Cardiff: 92007Solana Beach: 92075, 92014Del Mar: 92014Carmel Valley: 92130Parts of Camp PendletonJohn MakevichDean, Continuing & Community Education760.795.8701 jmakevich@miracosta.eduAngela SenigagliaDepartment Chair, Adult High School760.795.8721 asenigaglia@miracosta.eduErica DuranDepartment Chair, General Noncredit &Short-Term Vocational760.795.8703 eduran@miracosta.eduRuth GayDepartment Chair, Noncredit ESL760.795.8734

ADULT HIGH SCHOOLCAREER & COLLEGE PREPENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGEGENERAL NON-CREDITIM PAs ose r v f t h e dateicto C es and of theOVIcD -19 lasses produc.web Pleas are be tion oftesiteifor u check ng of fe his schreedthpdates: e Mira d remo ule, allm i raCtecos osta C ly dueota.ed u ll e g eOR TANTGuide18 ADULT HIGH SCHOOL19 CAREER & COLLEGE PREPAcademic SkillsHigh School Equivalency PreparationWorkforce Preparation20 NCESL English as a Second LanguageCitizenship22 GENERAL NONCREDITAdults with DisabilitiesHealth & SafetyOlder Adults23 SHORT-TERM VOCATIONALAutomotiveComputer SkillsWorkforce Preparation

HOW TO REGISTERIF YOU ARE A STUDENT WHO.REGISTRATIONBEGINS:was registered in classes spring, summer, or fall 2020 and know your SURF IDnumber and password you do not need to apply for admission: Go to the appropriate section of the schedule to select your classes,When you register, you will be asked the class number of each class youwish to take, write down the class numbers, then. Go to to register in classes online. For additionalinstructions on how to use SURF see page 15 or go to 9Adult High School and High SchoolEquivalency, College and CareerPreparation, NCESL English as aSecond Language and Citizenship,and Short-Term Vocational CoursesIF YOU ARE A NEW STUDENT.November 30General Noncredit Courses [Adultswith Disabilities, Health and Safety,and Older Adults]NOTEIf you are unable to use SURFor need assistance contact theAdmissions & Records Officeat 760.795.8710 or have not been registered in classes in spring, summer, or fall 2020, you willneed to apply for admission. Follow the steps below: Apply for admission at After MiraCosta College processes your application (typically within2–3 business days), you will receive an email with information aboutSURF, our online registration system accessible at ID numbers (also known as SURF IDs) are required in order touse the online system, prior to registering for classes. SURF ID numbersare NOT sent to the students. Students are required to retrieve theirSURF ID and create a password. Tutorials are available at Go to the appropriate section of the schedule to select your classes.When you register, you will be asked the class number of eachclass you wish to take, write down the class numbers, then go to to register for courses online. For additional instructionson how to use SURF see page 15 or go to Students registering in Adult High School, High School Equivalencyclasses or noncredit ESL may want to meet with a counselor prior toselecting and registering for classes.4DON’TKNOWYOURSURF ID?MiraCosta CollegeIf you have not retrieved your SURF ID number and have not created apassword, you will need to do so prior to registering online:Go to ID.You will need the email account you used while applying to MiraCostaCollege to create a password. If you do not know the email account youused when you applied or do not have an email account, you will needto contact the Student HelpDesk at 760.795.6655 or by email atstudenthelp@miracosta.edufor assistancecreating a password2021 Noncredit accessing your account.

ACCOUNT SET UPFOR NEW STUDENTSPlease note, you will need your Surf ID to complete this process. Please refer to the bottom ofpage 4 if you do not know your SURF ID.1. Go to: miracosta.edu3. Click letter P2. Click on A–Z Index6. Go to your registered email address toretrieve your one time passcode7. Enter your one time passcode andclick: Continue4. Click: Password (Student), Student AccountSet Up for NEW Students ONLY8. Create a password and click: Continue5. Enter Surf ID and click: Set Password?Congrats, Spartan. You’ve created your Surf account!

ADULT HIGH SCHOOLGET STARTED IN15 EASY STEPSFor livehelp,pleasedrop by ourZOOM info hours everyTues, 10–11am and Wed, 6– to MiraCosta College Complete the MiraCosta College application online at! Keep an eye out for a welcome email fromAdmissions & Records with important information.23456Go SURF reate a SURF account. Please see page 5 for instructions. You will need toCcreate a password in order to use SURF and access your classes online.Complete Orientation fter you apply, you will receive an email with instructions on how to accessAorientation. If you have questions, please email ncstudentsupport@miracosta.eduor call 760.757.2121 x8753.Meet with a Counselor oncredit counselors provide guidance by creating an Education Plan, helpNstudents select appropriate classes to meet their goal, and direct students toresources for mental health and personal care. To chat with a counselor ormake an appointment, email or for Classes Using SURF o to to register for courses online. For additionalGinstructions on how to use SURF see page 15 or go to assistance call the Admissions and Records Office at 760.795.8710 or College2021 Noncredit

NONCREDIT ESLEnglish as a Second LanguageGET STARTED IN15 EASY STEPSApply to MiraCosta College Complete the MiraCosta College application online at! Keep an eye out for a welcome email fromAdmissions & Records with important information.2345Go SURF reate a SURF account. Please see page 5 for instructions. You will need to create aCpassword in order to use SURF and access your classes online.Complete Placement & OrientationT o get started, please call 760.795.8736 or email to discuss yourclass options. lease use this link ( to sign up for orientation. If youPhave questions about ESL orientation, please contact ncstudentsupport@miracosta.eduor call 760.757.2121 x8753.Optional: Meet with a Counselor oncredit counselors provide guidance by creating an Education Plan, helpNstudents select classes to meet their goal, and direct students to resources for mentalhealth and personal care. To chat with a counselor or make an appointment, or visit for Classes Using SURF o to to register for courses online. For additional instructionsGon how to use SURF see page 15 or go to For assistancecall the Admissions and Records Office at 760.795.8710 or email Details & to Enroll2021 Noncredit

Hit theat MiraCosta College!is MiraCosta’s Online Registration & Student CenterComplete Online Orientation(Adult High School)Search for classesA dd or drop classesU se myEdPlan to stay on track withprogram requirementsV iew “To-Do List” itemsP ay fees (if applicable)P urchase a parking permit& student IDV iew your registration informationV iew and print unofficial transcripts,course history, and gradessurf.miracosta.edu8MiraCosta College2021 Noncredit

MORETHINGS TO KNOWAdding/Dropping ClassesChanges to your class schedule may be madeonline using SURF ( or inperson* at the Admissions & Records Officeat the Community Learning Center. You willnot be mailed a confirmation of registration.Students are responsible for officially addingor dropping a course. If you decide notto continue in a class for which you haveregistered, it is your responsibility to drop theclass officially by using SURF or by submittinga drop card to Admissions & Records.For assistance call 760.795.8710 or at First Class Meeting& Wait ListsTo ensure your place in a class, attend the first class meeting.Instructors may drop absent students to make room forstudents wishing to add the class from the wait list. Whileregistering in SURF, students may select the wait list option fora full class. In order to add a class that has been wait-listed,students will need to contact the instructor. If the instructoragrees to add the student to a class, they will provide thestudent with a permission number that the student can useto add the class in SURF. The instructor may also contactAdmissions and Records to add the student.*NOTE: As of the date of production of this scheduleall campuses are closed due to COVID-19. Pleasecheck the MiraCosta College website prior tocoming to campus to ensure that we are ServicesDisabled Student Programs& ServicesStudents with disabilities, whether physical, learning,or psychological, who believe that they may needaccommodations, are encouraged to contactDisabled Students Programs & Services as soon aspossible. Please call 760.795.6658 or email for more information and assistance.Class CancellationsClasses may be canceled due to insufficientenrollment. Every attempt will be made to contactstudents by email before the class meets. Studentsdo not need to drop a canceled class.Testing Services offersa variety of services tostudents and non-students.Students can utilize thecenter to complete theircredit placements, ESLCASAS appraisals, andaccess certain DSPStesting accommodations.As a PearsonVue-certifiedTest Center, the centeralso offers GED testingto students taking HighSchool Equivalency(GED) classes For moreinformation, pleasecontact or760.757.2121 x8841.Academic CounselingNoncredit Counselors provide academic, career, and personal counseling toall noncredit students. In addition, counselors will direct students to resourcesfor mental health, personal care, and community agencies. They also helpstudents identify pathways to higher education and vocational training during theeducation planning process. Students are encouraged to make an appointmentwith a counselor each term. Please call 760.795.8710 or email for a counseling appointment.

OVERVIEWA Brief Description of ClassesTHEAdult High School DiplomaMiraCosta College’s Adult High School prepares adultsfor higher education and increased employability in asupportive, challenging, and accessible environmentthat respects and honors diversity. Upon entrance intothe program, each student’s previous coursework, skilllevels, and academic and/or professional goals aredetermined in order to provide an individualized plan forgoal attainment. Students must earn a total of 160 credits,with at least 20 credits in residence.The Adult High School is fully accredited by theAccrediting Commission for Schools, and the AccreditingCommission for Community and Junior Colleges(ACCJC) through the Western Association of Schools andColleges (WASC).Career & College PreparationMiraCosta College offers career and college preparationfor students who wish to increase their skills in preparationfor college classes, for employment or advancement inthe workplace, or for personal growth. These courses areoffered in a variety of ways, including open enrollment,face-to-face, hybrid, and 100 percent online. (An openenrollment class means that students may enroll atany time throughout the semester.) Academic Skillsclasses include NCABE , NCENG and NCMTH. WorkforcePreparation classes include NCWFP, NCNURS andNCVOC 42, 43, 50.Noncredit ESL (NCESL)English as a Second LanguageThe MiraCosta noncredit ESL program offers students avariety of learning opportunities to achieve proficiency inthe English language and formulate and attain personal,academic, vocational, and/or civic goals. The noncreditESL program provides seven levels of ESL at the CommunityLearning Center during morning, afternoon, and eveninghours, and on the weekends. The program also offerscitizenship, career-track ESL, conversation classes,computer and digital literacy classes, reading and writingskills-based classes, and open-entry distance learning.Classes are also offered at schools, community centers,and libraries throughout the district.10MiraCosta College2021 Noncredit

General NoncreditShort-Term VocationalThe goal of adult education in California is to providecitizens of every age and educational level the opportunityto develop civic responsibility, a realization of the humanpotential, effective human relationships, and economicself-sufficiency. This broad goal forms the basis for thecourses and programs MiraCosta College offers in eachof the authorized categories of tuition-free noncreditinstruction. General Noncredit continuing education atMiraCosta College includes the following areas:Noncredit Short-Term Vocational instruction includesbusiness office computer applications, automotivetechnology, and introduction to health care courses thatprepare students for entry-level employment. Specificinformation is available on the Short-Term Vocationalwebpage at Skills for Adults with Developmental DisabilitiesCourses specifically designed to provide individualswith life-skill proficiencies that are essential to thefulfillment of academic, vocational, and personalgoals for adults with intellectual and developmentaldisabilities. Enrollment in Disabled Students Programs& Services (DSPS) is encouraged prior to registration.Please contact 760.795.6658 for more information.Health & SafetyCourses specifically designed to offer lifelongeducation to promote the health, safety, and thewell-being of individuals.Older AdultCourses specifically designed to offer lifelong educationfor the older adult population that provide opportunitiesfor personal growth and development, as well as skillsfor mental and physical well-being.ParentingCourses specifically designed to offer education inparenting, child development, and family relations inorder to enhance the quality of home, family, career,and community Details & to Enroll2021 Noncredit

TYPES OF CLASSESFor spring, our classes are offered in three formats: scheduled online, combination classes, and fully onlineclasses. Classes in all three formats meet the same academic requirements. Students should be familiarwith each format before registering to ensure they choose the classes that best fit their learning styles andacademic needs.12:00Scheduled online or ZOOM classesin noncredit meet online using alive videoconferencing tool (suchas ZOOM) at all of the days andtimes indicated in the class listing.These classes may have additionalinstruction, coursework, and activitiesto be completed online.Combination classes in noncreditrequire both scheduled onlinemeetings (ZOOM) and independentonline learning each week. Forexample, a class may meet for 3hours of ZOOM time each week 3hours weekly online. The online hourswill be completed in an independentlearning format.Fully online classes in noncreditrequire all instruction, coursework,and activities to be completedfully online. Classes offered100 percent online have no faceto-face requirements allowingfor the most flexibly in thisindependent learning format.What is ZOOM?Most noncredit classes will utilize an online,live videoconferencing tool called ZOOM.Classes in ZOOM can be accessed for free onmost computers, tablets, or mobile devices. Itis recommended (but not required) to have awebcam and microphone if you are using acomputer.During scheduled or arranged ZOOM times,students should be prepared to interact withtheir instructors, just like they would have in aface-to-face class.Scheduled online and combination classes willrequire that students be online at the same timeas their instructors (synchronous instruction)for some of their school work, and other timesstudents will work on their own time and at theirown pace (asynchronous instruction). Fully onlineclasses may offer optional ZOOM sessions forstudents to meet with instructors and get morehelp with the class.12MiraCosta CollegeTo ZOOM, students can use a phone, tablet,or computer.*Each class will have its own ZOOM and URL log-ininformation provided by the instructor.To learn more about ZOOM classes, studentscan contact their instructors directly, or theAdult Education Office at 760.795.8736,or email Noncredit

GUIDEHow to Read the ScheduleTHEClass # DaysSubject AreaSubjects are listedalphabetically.Catalog NumberWhen you enroll, you will beasked the catalog number ofthe course you wish to I RGIBBONSGIBBONSGIBBONSR

Continuing Education at MiraCosta College respectfully serves our diverse community of lifelong learners by providing a holistic selection of learning opportunities, enabling and empowering learners to live successfully today and in the future. Continuing Education offers tuition–free noncredit courses and programs in the following categories :

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with the Nursing Program's department chair or a MiraCosta College counselor. Contact Information Detailed information can be found in the LVN application packet available on the MiraCosta College website at Or, call the Nursing & Allied Health Office at 760.757.2121 x6466. 06/19 Revised

The MiraCosta Community College District mission is to provide superior educational opportunities and student-support services to a diverse population of learners with a focus on their success. MiraCosta offers associate degrees, university-transfer courses, career-and-technical education, certificate programs,

a ‘‘select’’ group of Continuing Education classes at, click on Student Portal at top, continue to WebAdvisor, then Continuing Education. Credit card payment is required. In-Person: Visit the Continuing Education Department located on the 2nd Floor of the Continuing Education and Public Services Building.

MiraCosta's Programs A d va nc e d M a n uf ac tu ri n g M ac hi nis t Te ch no lo gy C N C O pe rat io n & Pr og ra m mi ng Bl ue pri nt Re ad in g, G D &T, an d ot he r inc OS H A & LE A N M

Schoolcraft College Continuing Education Professional Development We are located in the Continuing Education Center. 734-462-4448 Continuing Education Center Hours Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Summer hours through September 3, 2010 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Join us on Facebook

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded to a student at the rate of 1 CEU for every 10 hours of contact. The CEU is a nationally recognized unit of measure to record an individual's continuing education. CEUs do not correlate to college credit classes. The college maintains student records of CEU .

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded to a student at the rate of 1 CEU for every 10 hours of contact. The CEU is a nationally recognized unit of measure to record an individual’s continuing education. CEUs do not correlate to college credit classes.

Small Group Work Sessions . Part 1: Group Discussion . 30-45 Minutes . Part 2: Group Report Out . 30 Minutes . Title: PowerPoint Presentation Author: Pawling, Neil Created Date: 9/19/2014 3:56:30 PM .