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STATE OF NEW JERSEYSTATE RECORDS COMMITTEEPO BOX 661, TRENTON, NJ, 08625-0661 609.530.3200www.treas.state.nj.usAGENDASTATE RECORDS COMMITTEEDecember 16, tml)Announcement of Open Public MeetingI.Review of October 21, 2021 MinutesII.Administrative Actions:III.A.Announcement of Approval of Destruction Authorization:Artemis Request: # 576959 - 577869B.Registered Imaging Systems / Amendments / Annual Reviews:Report to the State Records Committee: (See attached)New Business:A.Records Retention Schedules: (See attached)1. Department of Transportation - S870000 – Presented by James Jenkins2. Municipal Health Department - M640000 – Presented by Karen Perry3. State General Schedule - G100000 – Presented by Liz Hartmann4. County and Municipal General Schedule - C820000/M100000 – Presented by LizHartmann5. Board of Education Administration - M700101 – Presented by Liz Hartmann6. Board of Education Student - M700106 – Presented by Liz Hartmann

B.Special Request for Authorization for Records Disposal: (See attached)1. Northern Valley Regional High School – Damaged Records – Presented byKaren PerryIV.Old Business:A.Records Retention Schedules: (See attached)1. Community Affairs – NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency - S221509Retired – Presented by Marcella CampbellIV.New Business:A.Proposed Dates for 2022 State Records Committee Meetings

STATE OF NEW JERSEYSTATE RECORDS COMMITTEEPO BOX 661, TRENTON, NJ, 08625-0661 RECORDS COMMITTEEOctober 21, 2021Amanda Truppa, Secretary, called the 447th meeting of the State Records Committee to order at 10:06a.m. on the above date. This meeting was conducted virtually.Ms. Truppa stated there was a quorum present; Mr. Kramli was excused.ATTENDANCE:SRC:State Treasurer, Amanda Truppa, designeeDepartment of Community Affairs, Division of Local Government Services, JasonMartucci, designeeState Archives, Joseph KlettAttorney General, Susan Scott, designeeStaff:Liz Hartmann, Administrative Analyst 3, Records Management ServicesJohn Berry, Records Analyst 1, Records Management ServicesMarcella Campbell, Records Analyst 3, Records Management ServicesVirma Guzman-Reyes, Head Audit Clerk, Records Management ServicesKaren A. Perry, Records Analyst 1, Records Management ServicesRobert Herrick, Records Analyst 2, Records Management ServicesJames Jenkins, Records Analyst 2, Records Management ServicesDonald Cornelius, Archivist, State ArchivesOther:Michele Everly, CARMA, Gloucester CountyArgean Cook, NJ TransitJoan DePaolo, NJ TransitPatricia Horrell, HealthMary Miller, DCA – Housing and FinanceMichelle McKnight, DCA – Housing and FinanceKeith Harley, DEPPaul Komosinsky, DEPCheryl Keck, DEPAdolfo Guerrero, NJ TransitMariaLisa Bazela, Bergen CountyArt Staerk, AccuscanRhonda Pisano, Bernards TownshipEllanore Leong, NJ TransitJamie O’Donnell, NJEFALaura Wooding, NJ TransitTorri Thompson, DCA – Housing and Finance

Robert Porreca, MVCToi Fisher, NJ TransitChristopher Medina, NJ TransitMINUTES:APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS SRC MEETING MINUTES:Upon motion, seconded, the Committee voted to approve the minutes of the July 15, 2021 meeting allpresent approved.I.II.ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIONS:A.Announcement of Approval of Destruction Authorizations:Artemis Request # 574205-576958B.Imaging Certification Amendments/Annual Reviews/Administrative Actions:Report to the State Records CommitteeC.Report to the State Records Committee – approved with a change to include “copiesof” related to notices, agendas, minutes in records series 0021-0000New BusinessA. Records Retention Schedule:1. Motor Vehicle Commission – Imaging Services Center – ImagingUnit/Transaction – S794001 – approved with change, “microfilmrecommended’ to “microfilm or digitization recommended.”2. Environmental Protection - Environmental Safety & Health DischargePrevention – passed with changes to enumeration.3. Community Affairs – NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance – tabled pendingfurther considerationB. Special Request for Authorization for Records Disposal:1. NJ Transit – Approved2. Bernards Township – Approved

III.Other Business: A motion was made to allow other business.MariaLisa Bazela of Bergen County presented a question to the Committeeregarding Daniel’s Law, specifically how Bergen County’s Tax Board would redactinformation from microfilm and how the Committee recommends the counties handle it.Mr. Klett noted the State Records Committee oversees the retention of the recordseffected, however, does not have control of the legislation regarding Daniel's Law.Mr. Klett described how the State Archives is able to redact information from microfilmhoused at the Archives.There being no further business, the Committee adjourned at 11:02 a.m.Amanda TruppaSecretaryState Records Committee

Certification 50901-MP10121601-MPAgencyEmerson Board of EducationCatastrophic Illness in Children Relief FundNew Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing AuthorityDivision of OperationsBergen New Bridge Medical Center-One ContentBergen New Bridge Medical Center-UltiproTownship of North BrunswickCounty of Somerset EnterpriseTownship of West WindsorCamden County College Enterprise Imaging SystemEdgewater Park Township SchoolsTownship of Mount OliveEmerson Board of EducationBorough of Franklin LakesBorough of EatontownTownship of Parsippany Troy-HillsCounty of Passaic County Clerk eFilingCounty of PassaicCounty of Passaic County ClerkDepartment of Human Services Family CareAbsecon School DistrictMaple Shade School District09012225-MFBorough of Ramsey16020401-MP11051901-MPPassaic County Vocational School DistrictNew Jersey State Police, DNA Laboratory03061901-NMAmendment TypeNew RegistrationNew RegistrationAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual ReviewAnnual Review/AmendmentAnnual ReviewAnnual Review

RECORDS RETENTION AND DISPOSITION SCHEDULE AMENDMENTDEPARTMENTSCHEDULEHEADINGDepartment of TransportationAGENCY # S870000DIVISION:SCHEDULE # 008(RETIRED)BUREAU:PAGE #1OF2RETENTION SCHEDULE AMENDMENTSFORMER AGENCY NAME(DEPARTMENT/DIVISION/BUREAU)FORMER AGENCY NUMBERDepartment of TransportationS870000-008RECORDS SERIES LEVEL AMENDMENTSRECORDSERIES #0001-0001RECORD SERIES NAMEDOT Design/Construction Projects FileTYPE OFCHANGEDescriptionFORMER DESIGNATION (IFAPPLICABLE)Files pertaining to design andconstruction projects implementedand maintained throughout NJDOTpertaining, but not limited to thefollowing: road and/or bridgeconstruction projects, railroad utilityprojects, state aid projects, andconstruction of utility facilities.Includes records used for monitoring,reporting, and tracking the progressof all phases of an assigned project.Contains, but not limited to originalcorrespondence, copies of trafficcontrol/staging plans,contracts/agreements, task/workorder, reference reports,environmental permits, data sheets,information relating to researchstudies, e.g.; research files,DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY – DIVISION OF REVENUE AND ENTERPRISE SERVICES – RECORDS MANAGEMENT SERVICESNEW DESIGNATION (IF APPLICABLE)Files pertaining to design andconstruction projects implementedand maintained throughout NJDOTpertaining, but not limited to thefollowing: road and/or bridgeconstruction projects, railroad utilityprojects, state aid projects, andconstruction of utility facilities.Includes records used formonitoring, reporting, and trackingthe progress of all phases of anassigned project. Contains, but notlimited to original correspondence,copies of traffic control/stagingplans, contracts/agreements,task/work order, reference reports,environmental permits, data sheets,information relating to researchstudies, e.g.; research files,FORM RM-10 – REV 01/2013

AGENCY #RECORDS RETENTION AND DISPOSITION SCHEDULE AMENDMENTS870000demonstration files, pavementrecommendation and investigationfiles, floor plans, diagramming, pricequotes, pile driving, load test and allrelated materials.Documentation of completed projectsusing State and Federal Aid funds,Bridge Bond funds and other nonfederal funding sources. Filecontains inspections, agreements,Department of Actions, resolutions,applications, correspondence,engineering documents such asplans and reports and other relatedproject material.0001-0007Federal And State Aid Programs ProjectFiles District OfficesDescriptionDEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY – DIVISION OF REVENUE AND ENTERPRISE SERVICES – RECORDS MANAGEMENT SERVICESSCHEDULE #002PAGE #2OF2demonstration files, pavementrecommendation and investigationfiles, floor plans, diagramming, pricequotes, pile driving, load test and allrelated materials. Retention startdate for Federally funded projectsmandated by 2 CFR 200.334.10 years after final acceptance andFederal Project Closing Date.Documentation of completedprojects using State and Federal Aidfunds, Bridge Bond funds and othernon-federal funding sources. Filecontains inspections, agreements,Department of Actions, resolutions,applications, correspondence,engineering documents such asplans and reports and other relatedproject material. Retention startdate for Federally fundedprojects mandated by 2 CFR 200.334.7 years after final acceptance andFederal Project Closing Date.FORM RM-10 – REV 01/2013

STATE OF NEW JERSEYTransportationS870000-008Prepared by:DORES Records Management Services33 West State St. 5th Floor, PO Box 661 Trenton NJ 609-292-8711

Records Retention and Disposition ScheduleAgency: S870000Schedule: 008Department:Agency Representative:Amalia McshaneTitle:Acting Inspector GeneralTransportationPage #:1 of 17Phone #:SCHEDULE APPROVAL: Unless in litigation, the records covered by this schedule, upon expiration of their retention periods, will be deemed to have no continuing value to the State of New Jersey and will bedisposed of as indicated in accordance with the law and regulations of the State Records Committee. This schedule will become effective on the date approved by the State Records Committee.Agency Representative Signature:Secretary, State Records Committee Signature:Record Title and DescriptionAuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Date:Retention PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyDate:Disposition0001-0000PROJECT FILEPDestroy0001-0001DOT Design/Construction Projects File--Files pertaining to design and construction projects implemented andmaintained throughout NJDOT pertaining, but not limited to the following:road and/or bridge construction projects, railroad utility projects, state aidprojects, and construction of utility facilities. Includes records used formonitoring, reporting, and tracking the progress of all phases of anassigned project. Contains, but not limited to original correspondence,copies of traffic control/staging plans, contracts/agreements, task/workorder, reference reports, environmental permits, data sheets, informationrelating to research studies, e.g.; research files, demonstration files,pavement recommendation and investigation files, floor plans,diagramming, price quotes, pile driving, load test and all related materials.Retention start date for Federally funded projects mandated by 2 CFR 200.334.PDestroyDOT Facilities Project File - Major--Significant projects such as major rehabilitation or new constructionprojects for NJDOT facilities and buildings. Contains records of plumbing,electrical, heating and air conditioning equipment installation and/orspecifications, asbestos abatement and/or investigative reports, andoriginal as built drawings.P0001-0002* P - Public, C - Confidential10 yearsafter finalacceptanceand FederalProjectClosing Date.DestroyLife of thestructureCitation

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule0909-0001Schedule: 013Record Title and DescriptionAuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Agency: G100000Retention PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyPage #:27 of 69DispositionDisciplinary Actions - Departmental Personnel (Copy)PDisciplinary Actions - Management Personnel (Copy)P0909-0003Disciplinary Actions (Additional Copy)3 yrs afterfinal actionP 1 Years0910-0000Referrals - External And Internal--Records of potential job applicants received from sources inside/outside ofa state agency.0910-0001Referrals - External0910-0002Referrals - Internal0911-0000Request For Employment Disability Leave/Return (Copy)--Employees request for leave of absence with pay due to disability eitherthrough injury or illness incurred from employment. Original retained by theDepartment of Personnel.0911-0001Request For Disability Leave/Return - Departmental Personnel (Copy)0911-0002Request For Disability Leave/Return - Departmental Payroll (Copy)Destroy6 yrs after6 yrs afterterminationtermination of ofemployment employmentP 3 Years3 YearsDestroy0911-0003Request For Disability Leave/Return (Additional Copy)P 1 Years0909-0002* P - Public, C - ConfidentialDestroy6 yrs after6 yrs afterterminationtermination of ofemployment employmentDestroy3 yrs afterfinal action1 YearsDestroyP 3 Years3 YearsDestroyP 1 Years1 YearsDestroyP1 YearsDestroyCitation

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule0001-0003Schedule: 008Record Title and DescriptionAuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Agency: S870000DOT Facilities Project File - Minor--Minor projects such as minor rehabilitation, paving, painting, sheds, roofreplacements and coating for NJDOT facilities. Includes, but not limited to:correspondence, change orders, plans, specifications, warranties.Destroy10 yearsaftercompletion ofproject.P 3 YearsDestroyDestroyDOT Maintenance & Operator Project File--Records describing the planning and execution of ordinary and emergencymaintenance and operational activity taken on State roadways, bridges,and equipment. These include records of manpower, crew activities, eventresponse, emergency management response, and snow removal. Thesefurther include database data, pertaining to the Departments care andmaintenance of an asset over years of its life, including but not limited tostructures and roadways, not to include vehicle maintenance records aslisted on the State General Schedule.0001-0005Community Relations Project File--Contains general information regarding road projects, correspondence toand from property owners, state and county officials and information onroad project meetings conducted.PEnvironmental Project File--Files are used to document the environmental consideration andalternative actions to proposed highway developments. File may include,but not limited to: copies of consultant contracts and invoices, plans for,hazardous waste, noise, and ecology - including, hazardous wastesampling reports, noise mapping plans, ecology permit applications, Levelof Action Forms, Environmental Re-evaluation Forms, (copies),photographs, and related materials. Also includes environmentalcompliance files, and water analytical data files.P* P - Public, C - n PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyPage #:2 of 173 years aftercompletion ofproject.Destroy30 yearsafter finalacceptance.Citation

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule0001-0007Record Title and DescriptionAccess Design Project File--Documentation of changes made to driveways in the State by theDepartment in order to verify that the Department made the changes andnot the property owner illegally. May include but is not limited to: accesscutout plans, lot owner access concurrence form, lot owner leaseagreements, and records pertaining to appeals, revocations, modifications,adjustments, changes and related correspondence.0001-00090002-0000Retention PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyPFederal And State Aid Programs Project Files District Offices--Documentation of completed projects using State and Federal Aid funds,Bridge Bond funds and other non-federal funding sources. File containsinspections, agreements, Department of Actions, resolutions, applications,correspondence, engineering documents such as plans and reports andother related project material. Retention start date for Federally fundedprojects mandated by 2 CFR 200.334.0001-00080001-0010Schedule: 008AuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Agency: S870000Page #:3 of 17DispositionDestroy7 years afterfinalacceptanceand FederalProjectClosing Date.P 50 YearsArchival ReviewMaterials Project File--Documentation of all materials such as concrete, asphalt, metals, paints,aggregates, and various chemicals used to build and maintain roads,bridges, and other transportation structures pertaining to a specificfederally funded or state funded project. May include, but not limited to:original materials certifications, inspection reports, and laboratory analysis.PDestroyMaterials Producer File--Records relating to various companies that supply materials used onNJDOT projects to ensure that products meet with standards andspecifications. May include but not limited to: certifications, reports of plantinspections and approvals, mix designs and laboratory analysis reports.PREPORTS* P - Public, C - ConfidentialX30 yearsaftercompletion ofproject.Destroy30 yearsfrom date ofreceipt.Citation

Records Retention and Disposition ScheduleSchedule: 008Record Title and DescriptionAuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Agency: S8700000002-0001DOT Final Reports--Including but not limited to: Original manuscripts; e.g.; Research; Planning;All Project Development Reports including: Concept Development,Preliminary Engineering, State Long-Range Plan, and Tier 2 Screening.0002-0002Internal Audit Reports--Final reports and follow up documentation of internal audits.XRetention PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyPage #:4 of 17DispositionP 7 YearsArchival ReviewPDestroy7 years aftercompletion ofaudit.P 5 YearsDestroy0002-0003Railroad Accident Report File--Reports of railroad accidents at grade crossings includes: correspondenceand copies of forms submitted by railroad companies to the Federal RailAdministration.0002-0005Aviation Report File--Contains various external reports not included in the Aviation Studies files.P 20 YearsDestroy0002-0006Aircraft Accident And Incident Report File--Report file of aircraft accidents and incidents at all airports throughout NewJersey. Contains copy of report from the National Transportation SafetyBoard (NTSB), Office of Aviation Safety, copy of police reports, photos,witness statements and correspondence. Complete file is maintained bythe NTSB.PDestroy0002-0007Legislative And Gubernatorial Reports--Annual reports to the Governor and the New Jersey State Legislature asper law. (N.J.S.A. 27:1B) The file contains but is not limited to thefollowing: Capital Program, Capital Investment, Transportation Trust Fund,Pavement Report, Excess Property Report (NJDOT-owned but not utilizedproperty), Red Lights/5 Year Report, Safe Corridors, Barnegat BayWatershed Special Report, Congestion Busters Report, Truck Study,Bridge Bond, and supporting documentation.* P - Public, C - Confidential10 yearsafter finalreport.XP 50 YearsArchival ReviewCitation

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule0002-0008Schedule: 008Record Title and DescriptionAuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Agency: S870000Cultural Resources Impact Reports--Under various federal and state regulations, DOT may be required tomitigate any adverse impacts on cultural/historic areas by having a varietyof in-depth investigations and reports made. This includes, HistoricAmerican building Survey Reports, Historic American EngineeringReports, Mitigation Reports and Archaeological Data Recovery Reports.0002-0009Fixed Guideway Systems Safety & Oversight Reports--Reports of accidents for passenger lines not under NJ Transit, such as theHudson Bergen Light Rail, Newark City Subway Line, PATCO, andRiverline: correspondence & forms submitted by services providers.0002-0010Global Positioning System (GPS) Vehicle Data--Data that captures speeding or location violations from GPS devices onstate vehicles. Used to determine location and activity of vehicles inDepartment fleet. Reports are generated and accessed by NJDOTmanagement.0003-0000PLANS AND MAPS0003-0001Official Transportation Map--Digital and drawn maps and any original Official Transportation handdrawn map. Also known as the Official Map and Guide of New Jersey.0003-0002Operations Action Plan--Includes records pertaining to Continuity of Operations Plans, statewideand regional emergency management plan of action related to weatheremergencies.* P - Public, C - ConfidentialXXRetention PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyPage #:5 of 17DispositionPArchival Review30 yearsafter projectisconstructedor 1 yearafter projectdeactivation.P 15 YearsDestroyP 3 YearsDestroyP 10 YearsArchival ReviewPDestroy5 years afterupdated.Citation

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule0003-0003Record Title and DescriptionWorking/Shop Drawings--Detailed drawings prepared by Fabricator and once approved by theDesigner, the Fabricator manufactures the structural elements. This is theonly record that contains all the exact details relating to how the structureswere built. These records are necessary in order to determine futurerepairs and procedures for structures.XFinal As Built Plans--Contains maps and final As Built plan sheets (drawings) of construction ofNew Jersey roads, buildings, and structures, which provide a referencesource for structure details while a project is under construction and forfuture rehabilitation. Includes Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)Project Plans that contain system designs regarding fiber optic systems forplacement of variable message signs, closed circuit TV systems, trafficcamera video systems and other devices, and relocation of utilities planssubmitted by railroad and utility companies requesting state approval orrecommendations. May also contain correspondence, e.g.; MechanisticOverlay/Pavement Design, original drawings which provide a referencesource for details while a project is under construction and for futurerehabilitation.X0003-0005Bridge Boring Log Location Plans/Map--Plans used to ascertain location of exiting borings to identify soil type forBridge pavement and construction design. File contains but is not limitedto analysis, logs, plans, and supporting documentation.X0003-0006Straight Line Diagram Book--Includes but not limited to: Highway Performance Monitoring InventoryWorksheets which are the source documents for data in the HighwayPerformance Monitoring System. Information includes: physical descriptionand dimensions of highways, e.g.; lane and shoulder widths, trafficvolumes; includes Field Forms and maps that contain informationregarding county and municipal roadways, e.g.; geometry, jurisdiction,functional classification, length, intersections. Includes Road InventorySheet.0003-0004Schedule: 008AuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Agency: S870000* P - Public, C - ConfidentialRetention PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyPPage #:6 of 17DispositionArchival ReviewLife of thestructurePArchival ReviewLife of thestructureP 3 YearsArchival ReviewP 10 YearsDestroyCitation

Records Retention and Disposition ScheduleSchedule: 008Record Title and DescriptionAuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Agency: S870000Retention PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyPage #:7 of 17Disposition0004-0000INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS/TRANSPORTATIONSYSTEMS MANAGEMENT0004-0001Vehicle Count Data (Wavetronix Or Similar)--Traffic volume system that collects anonymous traffic data, volume, speedand occupancy.P 20 YearsDestroy0004-0002Adaptive Signal Control Data--Data collected from traffic sensors that capture current traffic demand datato adjust traffic signal timing to optimize traffic flow in coordinated trafficsignal systems.P 30 DaysDestroy0004-0003Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV)--Traffic camera footage maintained by NJDOT recording traffic conditions,traffic delays, incidents, and weather conditions.P 7 DaysDestroy0004-0004Video Image Detection - DATA ONLY--Traffic Signal Detection System. Detects vehicles approaching trafficsignal. Collects vehicle data for computerized/intelligent analytics.P 30 DaysDestroy0004-0005Traffic Operations Activities File--Contains daily log of radio communications between Safety Service Patrolmobile units and Central Dispatch Unit documenting citizen and lawenforcement complaints and lists activities between Mobile Unit andCentral Dispatch Unit entered onto database. Incident may pertain toproblems and/or emergencies such as: potholes, sign knockdowns,overturned trucks, flooded road, downed trees or power lines, etc. Includesbut not limited to the following reports: Report of Emergency Call, WeeklyLane Closure, Traffic Interference, and Incident Management ResponseTeam (IMRT). (N.J.S.A. 2A:14-1)P 10 YearsDestroy* P - Public, C - ConfidentialCitation

Records Retention and Disposition ScheduleSchedule: 008Record Title and DescriptionAuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Agency: S8700000004-0006Dynamic Message Sign Information--Traffic and emergency messages displayed on permanent and portablevariable message signs. These messages are deployed by NJDOT usingDynamic Message Software.0005-0000INVESTIGATIONS0005-0001Retention PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyPage #:8 of 17DispositionP 2 WeeksDestroyInternal Investigation File--Contains but not limited to: reports and records pertaining to internalinvestigation regarding theft, vandalism, workplace violence, and violationsto NJDOT and State policies. May include interim reports andcorrespondence.PDestroy0005-0002Environmental Laboratory Investigations--Includes physical and environmental chemical testing data, researchreports, correspondence, laboratory work records, special projects, etc.P 50 YearsDestroy0005-0003Pavement Investigations - Condition Assessment And Treatment History--Contains interim reports and correspondence pertaining to physicalevaluation of pavement conditions. Pavement evaluation inspection reportof pavement condition data and recommendations for addressing overallconditions and project specific recommendations. Contains numericalpavement condition assessment results from annual network conditionsurveys, and pavement treatment history information.P 15 YearsDestroy0005-0004Pavement Investigations - Visual Condition Images--Contains visual pavement condition images resulting from annual networkcondition surveys and ride quality QA testing.P 10 YearsDestroy0006-0000STUDIES, LOGS, AND BOOKS* P - Public, C - Confidential10 yearsafter finaldisposition.Citation

Records Retention and Disposition Schedule0006-0001Schedule: 008Record Title and DescriptionAuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Agency: S870000PTraffic And Engineering Studies--Studies are used to document project needs, and workable, acceptableand fundable solutions; e.g.; Planning or Corridor Studies, etc. Consists ofbut is not limited to: engineering reports, traffic studies and counts, copiesof plans, correspondence from public concerning public hearings,cost/benefit analysis, and general correspondence.0006-0002Aviation Studies File--Consists of various reports produced concerning airport and aviationstudies throughout the state. May also include economic andenvironmental impact studies and various other reports.0006-00030006-0004Retention PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyPage #:9 of 17DispositionDestroy20 yearsaftercompletion ofproject.XP 20 YearsArchival ReviewDiaries--Includes but not limited to: individuals original daily account of worksiteactivity or plant inspection, operations at drawbridges, type of vessel,accidents, weather conditions, time of openings, etc., e.g.; Field diaries.P 10 YearsDestroyDepartment Cashier Log--Initially prepared by the mailroom and completed by the Cashier's office.Log lists all checks, money order and cash received daily by mail.PDestroy1 year afteraudit.0007-0000BRIDGES AND STRUCTURES0007-0001Bridges And Structure Engineering Service File--Bridge Design Standards; Bridge and Rehabilitation and/or replacementprojects programming (scheduling); Bridge Design Policies; Review of newmethods of bridge design.XP 10 YearsArchival Review0007-0002Bridge & Structure - Engineering & Inspection File--Includes but not limited to: complete maintenance history of repairs andcosts, bridge inspection reports, correspondence, photographs, initial orfirst cycle inspection reports.XPArchival Review* P - Public, C - ConfidentialLife of thestructureCitation

Records Retention and Disposition ScheduleSchedule: 008Record Title and DescriptionAuditAlternate MediaArchival ReviewVital RecordConfidentialRecordSeries #Agency: S8700000007-0003Movable Bridges File - Maintenance--History of operations and maintenance of drawbridges. Records mayinclude: correspondence, complaints, work orders, accident reports,inspection reports, and related materials.0008-0000TRAFFIC0008-0001Retention PolicyTotalMinimumRetentionPeriod inPeriodAgencyPage #:10 of 17DispositionP 10 YearsDestroyTraffic Regulatory File - State--Information provides history of traffic control at a specific intersection orroadway segment on state highways and local road

Dec 16, 2021 · 21102001-MP Emerson Board of Education: Annual Review 13032108-NM Borough of Franklin Lakes: Annual Review 09101505-MP Borough of Eatontown: Annual Review 17060803-MP Township of Parsippany Troy-Hills: Annual Review 06031602-MF County of Passaic County Clerk eFiling: Annual Review 12021604-NM County of Passaic: Annual Review

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