FW No. 19-036 - Norris Center Paintin - Facilities Maintenance

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City of NaplesREQUEST FOR (FWQ) FORMAL WRITTEN QUOTESFW No. 19-036 - Norris Center Paintin - Facilities MaintenanceFWQ'S ARE DUE ON/BEFORE 2:00 PM, 4-10-19Minimum time frame To Due DateSection A:PRODUCT (COMMODITY) / SCOPE OF SERVICES:A. SCOPEOF SERVICESFumishall materials, laborandequipmentforthe pressure vei. Projectshall start neartheendofApril andshall becompleted withing30daysoftheNoticeto Proceed.'B. CONTRACT entative willserveastheCity'sContractManager.C. LICENSESAND PERMITSWinning bidder must be a Licensed Painting Contractor or General Contractor.D. CONDUCT!i?T, nt-r!? T, ?d.NT,T.mpl Yeeswil.' conductthemselves insucha d shal!at, a".times becourteous tothePublic-Although uniforms are notrequired, -properclothing'shali'be'worn ata"-timestoincludeshirts- necessarysafetVequipment, pants,shortorlong,and proper footwe'ar"Properlafety equi'cshall always be worn.E. CONTRACTORSEQUIPMENTAll vehiclesandBquipment must bemaintained ingoodrepair, appearanceandsanitarycondition atalltimes. Vehiclesmust. clearly identifiedwiththenameofthecompany andphone numberclearlyvisible. In'addition,the'contractor will'be'responsibleforusingthe necessarysafetyequipment accordingto Statestandardswhileworking'on City, Countv,"or'Stateroadsas a sub-contractorofthe City. -- - -. -./, -.j,F. DISPOSALOF DEBRIST hecontractor shall dispose ofall debris andother materials gathered from thedescribed work in compliance with City andCounty Laws.I. SCHEDULINGOFWORK1 Allworkwillbeperformed Mondaythrough Friday.SaturdayandSundayworkmaybeauthorized bytheContractManager.S' ?! T-s-?.!nteLwi" rem.ain p n cienciesand/or problems ation or sooner depending on the nature ofthe deficiency.II. PAYMENTREQUESTS,INVOICESANDWORKREPORTS . hvoices shalj besubmitted afterworkiscompleted witha detaileddescription oftheworkperformed.2. The successful bidder(s) will meet with Contract Manager and set up procedures prior to the start ofwork.G. NON-PERFORMANCETheCityreserves therighttocancel thecontract witha seven (7) daynotice should theContractor failto perform uptotheCompany Name:Requestfor(FWQ)FormalWrittenQuotes 1 of23AuthonzedSignature:v. 09. 26. 2017

requirements and standards identified in the specifications. The City may withhold part or all payments due to the Contractoruntil correction is made.H. QUALIFICATIONSrhecontractorsha, " be.!lce.nsed.wltha minirr umofthree(3)years'experienceinpainting, th theirFWQ-a Nstofatleastthree (3)commercial references wiThinthepastt*hreer(3)yea''rs The.City reserves the rightto contact these as references, inorderto determine the competency ofthe Contractor.I. INSPECTIONThecontract etothevariousstagestoobservetheprogressandquality ofthe executed work and determine ifthe work is proceeding in accordance with the Contract Documents "Co'ntractManager may authorize minor variations from the requirements ofthe Contract Documents.J. REJECTING DEFECTIVE rkandnot in accordance with Contract Documents. Parks & Parkways/Facilities Maintenance Superintendent will'be the final-Spr ter Lthe !'equiremT.nts o, ftl?econtract med. Citywillnotifythecontractor immediately ofunacceptable work. Ifworkhas"beenrejected, contractor shallcorrect all'defectweworkwithin 3 days of notification. The contractor will bear all costs to correct the defective work. Ifthe contractor fails to'correct'the?!?Y-e orkJ orif e. c.ontractorf?. ils.to Perform theworkinaccordance withtheContract Documents7the Citymaycorre'ct'arld/eme.dyanysuchdeficiency-with thecontractorto acent surfacesfrom spattering oroverruns usingadequatedropcloths, masking, etc., asnecessary.K. PROTECTIONOF PUBLICAND PRIVATEPROPERTY1 .Contractor shall assume full responsibility foranydamage to any property including butnot limited to walls, floors, tables,chajrs, trees, shrubs, lawns, walks, pavements, roadways, structures, utilities, and underground faciNties, 'resultinafromi 'theperformance of the work.!-T?:T5 trf-cto, ru.po nr ceipt ofeither written ororal noticetodiscontinue suchpractice shall immediately discontinue anypracticeobviously hazardous intheopinion ofthe Contract Manager.Thecontractor shallcomplywithall OSHA'and'other''Federal and State safety standards. Blocking ofthe public street, except under extreme emergency conditions, shallnotbe?Tr-,mi!!ed unless. Priorarrangements have been made withthe Contract Manager andthe City"Policeand Fire Departments"and other agencies havingjurisdiction over the street to be closed.SCHEDULE fMaterials to be used (PRODUCT SPECIFIED IS SHERWIN WILLIAMS, THE CITY WILLACCEPT ANA.PPR.OVEDEQ UIVALANT-THE The EQUIVALANTPRODUCT MUST BE REQUESTEDANDAPPROVED"BEFORE .FWQ IS SUBMITTED ON OR BEFORE 4/10/2019.)EXTERIORFINISHESALUMINUMPrimer: B66W00310 - Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl Universal Acrylic PrimerOffWhiteTopcoat: 65W00721 - Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100 Polyurethane (Part A) Extra White match red hand rails/doors-HIGHGLOSSFINISHcatalyst:B65V00720- ProIndustrialWaterbasedAcrolon 100Polyurethane(Part-BJ HardenerCONCRETE/CEMENTPrimer: A24W01100 - Loxon Masonry Coating Systems Conditioner White chaulk sealer-for stuccoTopcoat: A89W01151 - SuperPaint Exterior Latex Satin Extra WhiteWOODCoat 1: A49H00201- Wood Classics Interior Oil Stain Golden Oak Golden Oak stain-matchTopcoat: 013205000 - Minwax Indoor/Outdoor Helmsman Spar Urethane Varnish Satin Clear top coatforexteriorSURFACEPREPARATION1) ALUMINUMCompany Name:Request for (FWQ) Formal Written Quotes 2 of23Authorized Signature:v. 09. 26. 2017

Remove alloil, grease, dirt, oxideandotherforeign material bycleaning perSSPC-SP1, Solvent Cleaning.2) DRYWALL(Interiorand Exterior)Mustbe.clean.and, dry'A" nail. headsmust besetandspackled. Jointsmust betaped andcovered witha joint spackl ed moved priortopainting.Exteno7surfaces'must bespackled with exterior grade compounds.3) PREVIOUSL COATED SURFACESMSn!lnancepa!ntmgwillfrequently riortorepainting.However,all! contamination suchasoil, grease, loose paint, mill scale, dirt, foreign matter, rust, mold, mildew,'-mortaF, ' "surfacesofoldpaint films must be clean and dull beforerepainting. Thorough washing with an abrasivedeanserr willdean andduTin"on'e'operatSnLor:wash-tho roug du"bysandln?- SPOtPrimeanybareareaswithanappropriate primei:. "Recognizethat'any. surfarepreparation shortof total removal oftheoldcoatin9maycompromisetheservice'length ofthesystem.'Check'forcom.pat!bilityj3 yapplyin9 atest. Patch o!therecommended coatin9 system, covering at least2to3'squarefeet Aliowl to oneweekbeforetesting adhesion perASTM D3359. Ifthecoating system isincompatible, complete'removaFis required 4) SOLVENT CLEANINGsolverlt. cteaning .isa methodforremoving ds, andothersolublerustmi" scate- Change rags andcleaning solution frequently so'That a.Tin !.nSi ?-olvT-nt deaning does not.d!posits-ofoil, andgrease arenotspreadover additlorlai areas inthecleaning"process. Bes re'to allowadequ'ate ventilation.removeorForcomplete instructions, refertoSteelStructures PaintCouncilSurfacePreparation Specification No. "1'''(SSPC SP1)'5) STUCCOMuslbe dearl andfreeofanyloosestucco- lfrecommended virconditions prevai1'the surface may bepainted in 30days-The PHofthe surface should be between 6'and 9, unless'theproducts to be used are designed to be used in high pH environments such as Loxon.6) WOOD(Exterior)Must. becleananddry;prime andpaintassoonasPossible.Knotsandpitchstreaks mustbescraped,sanded,and!primedbeforea full primingcoatisapplied. Patchall nailholesandimperfections witha woodfille7o7puttyand sandTmooth.ENDOF SPECIFICATIONDATA PAGEAs of 09/11/2015, Complies with:OTC Yes LEED 09 Cl YesSCAQMDYesLEED 09 NC YesCARB Yes LEED 09 CS YesCARB SCM 2007Yes LEED 09 S YesMPI 107, 134 NGBSYesCHARACTERISTICSpro. lndustrial pro'cryl. u.niversal primeris anadvancedtechnology, selfcross-linkingacrylicprimer. ItisrustinhibitiveandI forcommercial, newconstruction andmaintenance applications. Itcan beused'asa primerunderwatei:-based'orsolvent-based high performancetopcoats. Rust inhibitive. Single component. Early moisture resistant. Fast dry. Low temperature application 40 FCompany Name:Requestfor(FWQ)FormalWrittenQuotes 3 of23AuthorizedSignature:v. 09.26.2017

. Interior and exterior use. Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilitiesColor: OffWhite, Gray, Red Oxide Recommended Spread Rate percoat: Wet mils: 5.0 -10. 0 Drymils: 1.8 - 3.6r,S er gei, 160: ,20s ?, ft/?al APProximate Theoretical coverage sqft/gal (m2/L) @ 1 mil/ 25microns dft' 577sqftNOTE: Brush or roll application mayrequire multiple coats to achieve maximum film thickness and uniformitDrying Time @ 6. 0 mils wet 50% RH: 40 F 77 F 120 FTo touch:Tack free:Torecoat:2 hrs8 hrs16hrs40 min 20 min2 hrs1 hr4 hrs2 hrsTo cure:45 days 30days 14 daysDrying time is temperature, humidity, and film thickness dependent.Finish: Low sheenFlash Point: N/AShelfLife: 36 months, unopened Store indoors at 40 F to 100 FTinting: Do not tintB66W310 (may vary by color)VOC (less exempt solvents):96 g/L; 0. 80 Ib/galAs per 40 CFR 59. 406 and SOR/2009-264, s. 12Volume Solids: 36% 2%Weight Solids: 49% 2%Weightper Gallon: 10.23 Ib RECOMMENDEDSYSTEMSWaterbornetopcoat:1-2 cts. Pro Industrial Acrylicor Pro Industrial DTM Acrlyicor Pro Industrial Multi-Surface Acrylicor Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Epoxy or Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100or Pro Industrial Waterbased Catalyzed EpoxySolventborne topcoat: 1-2cts. Pro Industrial High Performance Epoxy or Pro Industrial Urethane AlkydPro Industrial Pro-Cryl Universal Primer B66W310 OffWhite is GREENGUARD GOLD certified for lowchemical emissionsinto indoorairduring product usage. Formore information, visit ul. com/gg.System Tested: (unless otherwise indicated) Substrate: Steel?L!Ifac.e pr?.parationLSSPC sp1 1 ct-pro IndustrialPro-Cryl Universal Primer1 ct.ProIndustrialAcrylicAdhesion: Moisture Condensation Resistance:Method: ASTM D4541 Method: ASTM D4585, 100 F, 1250 Result: 500 psi hours Result: Passes Corrosion Weatherina:Method: ASTM D5894, 10cycles, Pencil Hardness: 3360 hours Method: ASTM D3363 Result: Passes"Result: H"DirectImpactResistance: SaltFogResistance: Method:ASTM D2794Method:ASTMB117, 1250hours Result: 140in. Ibs.Result: PassesDryHeat Resistance*: Provides performance comparable to Method:ASTM D2485products formulated In Lieu ofFederalResult: 200 F Specification: AA50557and PaintSpecification:SSPC-Paint23. Flexibility: Method:ASTM D522, 180 bend.1/4" mandrel Result: Passes'-------.-"''.-. Suitable for intermittent dryheat resistance upto SOOTwhen used asa system with Sher-Cryl HPA9/2015 www. sherwin-williams. com continued on backPRO INDUSTRIALT PRO-CRYL UNIVERSAL PRIMER SURFACE PREPARATIONWARNING! Removal ofold paint by sanding, scraping or other means may generate dust orfumes that contain lead.Exposure toleaddustorfumes maycause braindamageorotheradverse healtheffects, especially in'children orpregnantCompany Name:Request for (FWQ) Formal Written Quotes 4 of23AuthorizedSignature:v. 09. 26. 2017

women: cor'trollin? exposureto. erprotective equipment, suchasa properly fitted respirator (NIOSHapproved) andpropercontainment andcleanup. Formore information7callthe"NationalLeadInformation Centerat 1-800 24-LEAD(in US)orcontactyourlocal healthauthority.Do not use hydrocarbon solvents for cleaning.!ro &steel M!mmum tter performance, useCommerciaFBIast Cleaning perSSPC-SP6.Aluminum - Remove all oil, grease, dirt, oxideandotherforeign material perSSPC-SP1. Primetheareathesamedayascleaned.S' ? - ' vv?o. eath.er a,. minimum !sixmonths Priortocoating. SolventCleanperSSPC-SP1.Whenweathering is I-PL.OT, i, ?e.'-o ?! SL!rfac,e. hasbeen treated Yyith chromates silicates, first Solvent Clean per SSPC-SP1 and apply testpatch A"owpaintto dryatleastoneweekbeforetestin9adhesion. Ifadhesionispoor, brushblasting'perSSPC- SP16'is"oranecessary to remove these treatments. Rusty galvanizing requires a minimum of Hand Tool Cleaninaper SSPC-SP2. 'Drirthe area the same day as cleaned. '----. r--. - -. ,prevlo.u s!y-pa te.d, surfaces , rial.Smooth,hardorglossycoatirI surfaces should bedulled byabradingthesurface. Apply a testarea, allowing onis Poor;,additi()nalabrasionofthesurfaceand/orremoval ofthepreviouscoatingmaybeRetestsurfaceforadhesion. Ifpaintis peeling or badlyweathered, cleansurfacetosoundsubstrate'a d treatasa"new"surface asabove. Recognize that anysurface preparation short oftotal removal of theold coating'may'compromise'theservice length of the system.APPLICATIONPROCEDURESApply paint atthe recommended film thickness andspreading rate asindicated onfront page. Application ofcoatina belowminimum recommended spreading ratewill adversely affectcoating performance.SAFETYPRECAUTIONSRefer to the SDS sheets before use. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLYPublishedtechnical dataand instructions aresubjectto changewithoutnotice. ContactyourSherwin-Williams reoresentati technical data and immediatelyaftera rainorduringfoggyweather. Whenusingsprayapplication, usea 50%overlap with each pass ofthe gun to avoid holidays, bare areas, a'nd pinholes. Apply coating evenl'y'while'maintaining a wetedge to prevent lapping.APPLICATIONRefer to the SDS before usingtemperature: 40 Fminimum 120 Fmaximum (air, surface, and material)Atleast5 FabovedewpairRelative humidity: 85% maximum?lfo? s.f i.de'chan .inp,ressuresand lways with listed reducerspray equipment beforeuseapplication conditions.Anyreductionmust becompatiblewith theexisting environmentara nd'Reducer: WaterAirless SprayPressure .2000psiHose . 1/4" IDTip . . 015" - . 019"Company Name:Request for (FWQ) Formal Written Quotes 5 of23AuthorizedSignature:v. 09. 26. 2017

Filter. 60 meshReduction .Not recommendedConventional SprayGun . Binks95Fluid Nozzle 66Air Nozzle . 63PBAtomization Pressure . 60 psi Fluid Pressure . 25 psiReductionAs needed up to 5% byvolumeBrush . Nylon/Polyester Reduction . Not recommendedRoller . 3/8"wovenReductionAs needed up to 5% byvolumeIfspecific application equipment is listed above, equivalent equipment may be substituted.CLEANUPINFORMATIONcieln. s.?1?- a»n sp.Ttter imTe iatelywith soap andwarm wate1"- clean hands and toolsimmediately afterusewith soap and T. v ater"-?ft?rd?anir!.c1'. reventrustingoftheequipment.Followmanufacturer's safety recommendations when using solvents.HOTW09/11/2015B66W0031032 96 KOR, FRC, SP he "1fomr1at n andreTOmmendations setforth inthis Product DataSheetarebased upon tests conducted byoronbehalfof?*T?en in-. wl!!iamT comPany- such information andrecommendations setforth hereinaresubjecMo'change'and pertain*tothe product offeredatthetimeofpublication. Consult yourSherwin-Williams representative or'visitwww.'paTntdocs'com'toobtain the most current version of the PDSand/or an SDS.As of 12/19/2016, Complies with:OTCYes LEED 09 NC,CI YesOTC Phase II Yes LEED 09 CS YesSCAQMDYes LEED V4 Emissons NoCARB Yes LEED V4 VOC YesCARB SCM2007YesCanada Yes MPICHARACTERISTICSprorhdustrial watert ased Acrolon 10 isanadvanced technology, 100g/LVOC,waterbased, acrylic urethane. Itprovidesperformance properties comparable to premium quality solvent based ureFhanes. This isa highgloss, abrasion resistant"urethanethat hasexcellentweatheringproperties.* 9an be applied directly to water based ancl solvent based organic zinc rich primers. Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities. Acceptable for use in high performance architectural applicationsColor: many colorsRecommended Spread Rate per coat:Wet mils: 4.0 -8.0 Dry mils: 1.8 - 3.6Coverage: 200 - 400 sq ft/galApproximate spreading ratesarecalculated onvolume solidsanddonotincludeanyapplication loss. Note: Brushorrollapplication may require multiple coats to achieve maximum film thickness and unifo'rm'itDrying Time @ 5. 0 mils wet 50% RH:@55 F@77 F @120 FTo touch:3hr1.5hr45 minTo handle: 12 hrs 6 hrs 2 hrs To recoat: minimum: 16 hrs 8 hrs 2-4 hrs maximum: 3 monthsTo Cure: 14 Days 10 Days 2 daysPot Life:2.5 hrs 2 hrs 45 min Sweat-in-Time: NoneDrying time is temperature, humidity, and film thickness dependent.Company Name:Requestfor(FWQ)FormalWrittenQuotes 6 of23AuthorizedSignature:v. 09.26.2017

n :80 @60 HighGlossFlashPoint: 105 rsat40 FtoTintingpartAwith. CCE:. usethe 100%tintstren9thformula Pa9es-Fiveminutesminimum mixingona mechanicalshakerisrequired for complete mixing of color.Extra White B65W00721/B65V00720 VOC (less exempt solvents): Mixed/Unreduced: 97 a/L- 0. 81As per40 CFR59.406 and SOR/2009-264,s.12Mix Ratio: 4:1 by volumeVolume Solids: 45 2%Weight Solids: 52 2%Weight per Gallon: 9. 54 Ib RECOMMENDED SYSTEMSSteel:1 ct. Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl Primer Concrete: (high performance)l s'. p-roln ustrial. waterbased Acrolon 100 1 ct. Kern Cati-Coat HS Epoxy Filler/SealerSteel: 1-2cts. Pro Industrial WaterbasedAcrolon 1001 ct. Zinc-Clad IV Primer Concrete/Masonry:l s'. p-roln ustrial. waterbasecl Acrolon 1001 ct. LoxonConcrete & Masonry PrimerSteel: 1-2cts. Pro Industrial WaterbasedAcrolon 1001 ct. Zinc-Clad IV Primer Drywall:1 ct. Macropoxy 646-100 1 ct. ProMar 200 Zero VOC Primer1-2cts. Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100 1-2cts. Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100Aluminum: Galvanizing:1 ct. DTM Wash Primer 1 ct. DTM Wash Primer1-2cts. Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100 1-2cts. Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100Conc reteBlock(CMU):Pre-FinishedSiding:(Baked-on finishes) 1ct. Pro IndustrialAcrylicHeavy Duty Blockfiller1 ct. Bond-Plex1-2cts. Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100 1-2cts. Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100T hesystems listedabovearerepresentative oftheproduct'suse, othersystems maybeappropriate.System Tested: (*unless otherwise indicated below)Substrate: SteelSurface Preparation*: SSPC-SP101 ct. Waterbased Tile-Clad Primer @ 4.0 mils (100 microns) dft1 ct. Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100 @ 3. 0 mils (75 microns) dftAdhesion: Flexibility:Method: ASTM D4541 Method: ASTM D522, 180 bend, Result: 1080psi 1/8"mandrelResult: pass Accelerated Weathering- QUV:Pencil Hardness: Method:ASTM D45877QUV-A, Method:ASTM I2000 hours Result: 3H Result: Passes------., -.,Corrosion Weathering: Salt Fog Resistance: System TestedMethod: ASTMD5894, 10cycles (Zinc Clad IV,2 coats Water Based Acrolon 100) 3360 hours, Method: ASTM B117, 4000SS Result:Rating 10' perASTD61 forRatin9 9 PerASTMD610 forrusting,nomore'than rusting Wrustcreepag7atD!rect-lmpact. Resistance:. sc''ub Resistance: Method: ASTM D2794 Method:ASTM D2486, 5000 cycles. Result: 160in.Ibwith no visible wear Dry Heat Resistance: Method: ASTM D2485Result: 200Tcontinued on back(93 C)''12/2016-www. sherwin'-wiiliaml s"com '---. -. -. -.PRO INDUSTRIALWATERBASED ACROLON 100 SURFACE PREPARATIONWARNING!Removal ofold paintbysanding, scrapingorother means maygenerate dustorfumesthatcontain lead. o! "' t-o S?-dust. ol fum es ecially"in'childrenoi:pregnantwomen-contro"lng exposurelolead. w otherhazardous substances requires theuseofproper protective equipme'ntasuch.asa properly fitted respirator (NIOSH approved) and proper containment and cleanup. Formore'information'callthe NationalCompany Name:Request for (FWQ) Formal Written Quotes I 7 of 23AuthorizedSignature:v. 09. 26. 2017

Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (in US)orcontact your local health authority.surface-mus.t. beclean- ate adhesion-Reco9.nizethatanysurface Preparationshortoftotalremovaloftheold-coating ma compromise the service length ofthe system. Do not use hydrocarbon solvents for cleaning. on-&steel Remwe a"oil an Lgreasefrom surface by Solvent Cleaning perSSPC-SP1. Minimum surface preparation isc mnlercialBlastc!eaning pel'SSPC-SP6/NACE 3. Forbetter performance, useNearWhiteBlastCleaning pe7sSPC 'SP10/NACE2. Blastcleanallsurfacesusinga sharp,angularabrasiveforoptimum surfaceprofile(2mils , 50micPrime any bare steel the same day as it is cleaned or before flash rusting occurs.Aluminum - Removealloil,grease,dirt, oxideandotherforeignmaterial perSSPC-SP1.Primerrequired.Galvanizing - Allow toweather a minimum ofsixmonths priorto coating. Solvent Clean perSSPC-SP1. Whenweatherina is IJ?OTi, ?.e.'-o.r ?T-.sl rfac?, has, beer1tre d ith chr'omates orsilicates, firstSolvent Clean perSSPC-SP1 andapplya'testpatch" A"ow paintto dryat least oneweek before testin9 adhesion. Ifadhesion is poor, brush blasting"perSSPC- SP1/6 is"necessaryto remove thesetreatments. Rustygalvanizing requiresa minimum ofHandTool Cleaning perSSPC-SP2, pr'inthe area the same dayas cleaned. Primer required.'" - --o r- -- - - -,Concrete and Masonry - Forsurface preparation, referto SSPC-SP13/NACE 6, or ICRI No. 310. 2R , CSP1-3. Surfaces?!? ?-?.e-thorou9!11. y.cl ned. aJld -9- !lcret?ancl mortar must becurecl atleast28days@ 75 F (24 C). Surfacetemperatures must beatleast55 F(12. 8 C) beforefilling. Surfacemust befreeoflaitance, concrete dust dirt, form releaseagents, moisture curing membranes, loose cement and hardeners. Fill bug holes, airpockets andothervoids.' Primer"required.pre:Rn!shedsiding:(Fluorocarbon' SiliconePolyester, andPolyesterPolymers) Removeoil,grease,dirt,oxides,andother!ont-amJna s fro m the surface by cleaning perSSPC-SP1or waterblasting perNACEStandardRP-01-72'(cautJon:'ex ssiveyastirlgpressuremay tyofthepreviously pamtedsurface with the newcoating byapplying a test patch of2 - 3 square feet. Allow to drythoroughly foM weekbefore'checkiradhesion. Use recommended primer.APPLICATIONPROCEDURESMixseparate components thoroughly with lowspeed agitation before use. Make certain no pigment remains on the bottom ofcanTher1. comt:)ine 4 parts by volume of. part A with 1 part byvolume of part B- Mix thoroug hly with'low speed''aflTtthe-,Reduce 5% -15% by volume with water for brush and roll application. p p. at. ?erecorT1mended film thickness andspreading rateasindicated onfront page.Application ofcoating abovemaximum orbelowminimum recommended spreading rate mayadversely affectcoating performance.'SAFETYPRECAUTIONS?S! to t-h e. fe . D ashe t . sDSS)beforeuse- hangewithoutnotice. Contact your Sherwin-Williams representative for additional technical data and instructions.PERFORMANCETIPSwelds-and shal'p angles to prevent early failure in theseDo not mix Previously catalyzed materialSLripe-coa crevicesIt i.t?t.nf '-D 10 appl.ythe m?.ter. ia.1 beyond recommended pot life. When using spray application, use"a50%"overiap dpinholes. Ifnecessary, crosssprayata rightangle.areas-APPLICATIONRefertothesafetyData Sheets(SDSs)j)efore use.Temperature: 55 F(13 C) minimum 120 F(49 C)maximum(Air,surface, and material) At least 5 F (2. 8 C) above dew point Relative humidity: 85% maximumI?l.fo f !d-!'. chanae . i? p.res ures a.nd tip sizes may be. neededfor proper spray characteristics.Alwayspurgesprayequipment before usewithlisted reducer. Anyreduction must becompatible withtheexistingenvironmentaTand'Company Name:Request for (FWQ) Formal Written Quotes 8 of23Authon'zedSignature:v. 09.26.2017

application conditions. Reduction over 15% of material can affect film build, appearance, and adhesion.When using spray application, usea 50% overlap with each pass ofthegun to avoid holidays, bareareas, and pinholes. Ifnecessary, cross spray at a right angle.ClearTint Base(B65T00724)can be used asclearcoatReducer: WaterAirless SprayUnit. 30:1 PumpPressure . 2700-3000 psi Hose .1/4" IDTip . 013" - . 015"Filter . 60 meshReduction .As needed up to 15%byvolumeConventional Spray Gun. DeVilbiss JGAFluid Nozzle. EAir Nozzle 765Atomization Pressure . 45-55 PSIFluid Pressure . 10-20 PSIReduction .As needed up to 15% by volumeInorderto avoid blockageofsprayequipment, clean equipment beforeuseor beforeperiodsofextendeddowntimewithwater.Brush . Nylon/ polyesterRoller . 3/8" wovenReduction . As neededupto 15%byvolume Withwater, 5-15%minimum reduction requiredforbrushandrollIfspecificapplication equipment is notlistedabove, equivalent equipment maybesubstituted.CLEANUP INFORMATION?!.e.f nJ?ls'. atters'.,hal?d?andt001?immediatelyaner CLU Tent.wltI1 com!3liant cleanuP solvent toprevent rustingof therecommendations when using solvents.equipment.Followmanufacturer's'safetyKOR, FRC, SP he mformationand re ommendatjons setforth inthisProduct DataSheetarebased upontests conducted byoron behalfofI.hl? ! in. .w amT co,mp.any' s.uch.i.rlformation andrecommendations setforth hereinaresubjecttochangeand pertaintothe erwin-Williamsrepresentative orvisitwww. paTntdocsrcom'toobtain the most current version of the PDSand/oran SDS.As of 12/19/2016, Complies with:OTC Yes LEED 09 NC,CI YesOTC Phase II Yes LEED 09 CS YesSCAQMD Yes LEED V4 Emissons NoCARB Yes LEED V4 VOC YesCARB SCM2007YesCanada Yes MPICHARACTERISTICSp ndustrial-wateft ased Acrolo.r'.10 isanadvancedtechnology, perties comparable to premium quality solvent based urethanes. This is a high gloss, abrasion resistanturethanethat hasexcellentweatheringproperties.* 9an be applied directiy to water based and solvent based organic zinc rich primers. Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities. Acceptable for use in high performance architectural applicationsCompany Name:Requestfor(FWQ)FormalWrittenQuotes 9 of23AuthorizedSignature:v. 09.26.2017

Color: many colorsRecommended Spread Rate per coat:Wet mils: 4.0 -8.0 Dry mils: 1.8 - 3.6Coverage: 200 - 400 sq ft/galApproximate spreading ratesarecalculated onvolume solidsanddonot includeanyapplication loss. Note: Brushorrollapplication may require multiple coats to achieve maximum film thickness and uniformity ofappearance.Drying Time @ 5. 0 mils wet 50% RH:@55 F@77 F @120 FTo touch: 3 hr 1. 5 hr 45 minTo handle: 12 hrs 6 hrs 2 hrs To recoat:minimum: 16 hrs 8 hrs 2-4 hrsmaximum: 3 monthsTo Cure: 14 Days 10 Days 2 daysPot Life: 2. 5 hrs 2 hrs 45 min Sweat-in-Time: NoneDrying time is temperature, humidity, and film thickness dependent.Flmsh:80 @60 High Gloss Flashpoint: 'I05 FTcc catalyzed ShelfLife: 24 months, unopened Storeindoorsat40 FtoTinting partA withCCE:Usethe 100%tintstrength formula pages. Fiveminutes minimum mixingona mechanical shakerisrequired for complete mixing of color.Extra White B65W00721/B65V00720 VOC (less exempt solvents): Mixed/Unreduced: 97 a/L - 0. 81As per 40 CFR 59. 406 and SOR/2009-264, s.12Mix Ratio: 4:1 by volumeVolume Solids: 45 2%WeightSolids: 52 2%Weightper Gallon: 9.54 Ib RECOMMENDEDSYSTEMSSteel:1 ct. Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl Primer Concrete: (high performance)l'2cts-. pro lrldustrial waterbased Acrolon 100 1 ct. Kern Cati-Coat HS Epoxy Filler/SealerSteel: 1-2cts. Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 1001 ct. Zinc-CladIVPrimerConcrete/Masonry: -2cts. Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100 1 ct. Loxon Concrete & Masonry PrimerSteel: 1-2cts. Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 1001 ct. Zinc-Clad IV Primer Drywall:1 ct. Macropoxy646-100 1 ct. ProMar200 Zero VOC Primer1-2cts. Pro IndustrialWaterbasedAcrolon 100 1-2cts. Pro IndustrialWaterbasedAcrolon 100Aluminum: Galvanizing:1 ct. DTM Wash Primer 1 ct. DTM Wash Primer1-2cts. Pro IndustrialWaterbasedAcrolon 100 1-2cts. Pro IndustrialWaterbasedAcrolon 100Concrete Block (CMU): Pre-Finished Siding:(Baked-on finishes) 1 ct. Pro Industrial Heavy Duty Blockfiller 1 ct. Bond-PlexWB Acrylic1-2cts. Pro IndustrialWaterbasedAcrolon 100 1-2cts. Pro IndustrialWaterbasedAcrolon 100Thesystems listed abovearerepresentative ofthe product's use,othersystems maybeappropriate.System Tested: (*unless otherwise indicated below)Substrate:Steel SurfacePreparation*:SSPC-SP101 ct. Waterbased Tile-Clad Primer @ 4. 0 mils (100

or Pro Industrial Multi-Surface Acrylic or Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Epoxy or Pro Industrial Waterbased Acrolon 100 or Pro Industrial Waterbased Catalyzed Epoxy Solventborne topcoat: 1-2 cts. Pro Industrial High Performance Epoxy or Pro Industrial Urethane Alkyd Pro Industrial Pr

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many of us had other job offers and many were leaving the Lab. I went to Norris to ask for advice. Norris is a low-key but very effective man. He did an excellent job of helping people decide whether to stay here was, first of all.in the national interest and, perhaps three. It was short of the technical second, perhaps in their own interest as .

Introduction 3 Environmental Assessment September 2002 Norris Area Water and Wastewater Treatment Project . wastewater treatment facility in the Norris area of Yellowstone National Park. These facilities would replace existing utility systems that are not functioning properly or have completely

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Accreditation Programme for Nursing and Midwifery . Date of submission of report to Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council_ 2) The Review Team During the site visit, the review team members validate the self-assessment for each of the criteria. . as per DGNM guideline. Yes ⃝No

/Q/, /R/, and /J/. Cutler and colleagues (e.g., Cutler, Mehler, Norris, & Segui, 1986; Cutler & Norris, 1988; Cutler & Otake, 1994; Otake et al., 1993) conducted experiments to identify how sound sequences are segmented for lexical access using a syllabic monitoring task tha

(e.g., Merge; Norris, McQueen, & Cutler, 2000) models of speech perception. However, Norris et al. (2000) argued that feedback effects are obligatory in interactive models and, thus, that attentional modulation of lexi

Merge (McQueen, Norris, & Cutler,2006a;Norris, McQueen, & Cutler, 2000), linguistic knowledge does not feed back onto auditory representations of speech sounds unless and until the experimental task demands it. Interactive and autonomous models Most of the debate between proponents of interac

state CPA societies or both. Candidates submitted resumes which included work history, licensure information, professional volunteer activities, community service, and awards and honors. Candidates supplied a statement explaining why participating in the Leadership Academy would