2021-22 Eceap Performance Standards

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2021-22 ECEAP PERFORMANCE STANDARDSIf you would like copies of this document in an alternative format or language, please contactDCYF Constituent Relations (1-800-723-4831 360-902-8060, ConstRelations@dcyf.wa.gov).Revised Date: June 7, 2021Early Learning Division Approved for Distribution by Name, Title

2021-22 ECEAP PERFORMANCE STANDARDSCONTENTSIntroduction to the 2021-22 ECEAP Performance Standards . 1Intent and Authority . 2IA-1 ECEAP Definitions . 2IA-2 Non-Discrimination. 3Child Outcomes . 4CO-1 Developmental Screening and Referrals . 4CO-2 Transition . 5CO-3 Observation . 5CO-4 MyTeachingStrategies GOLD Assessment. 5CO-5 Individualization . 6Family Engagement and Partnerships . 6FEP-1 Family Engagement and Partnership Principles. 6FEP-2 Parent-Teacher Conferences . 6FEP-3 Parent-Teacher Conference Content . 7FEP-4 Family Support Visits . 7FEP-5 Family Support Visit Content . 7FEP-6 Health Coordination Services for Families . 8FEP-7 Dental Screening . 8FEP-8 Medical Examinations . 9FEP-9 Family Confidentiality . 9FEP-10 Family Engagement . 9FEP-11 Family Engagement Content . 9FEP-12 Collaborative Visits with Other Programs . 10FEP-13 Resources and Referrals. 10Professional Development, Training and Requirements . 11PDTR-1 Staffing Patterns . 11PDTR-2 Staff Qualifications and Annual Learning Plans. 11PDTR-3 Lead Teacher Role . 11PDTR-4 Lead Teacher Qualifications . 12PDTR-5 Assistant Teacher Role . 12PDTR-6 Assistant Teacher Qualifications . 12PDTR-7 Volunteer Training and Background Check . 12PDTR-8 Employment Requirements . 12PDTR-9 Required Training . 13PDTR-10 Required Training by Role . 13PDTR-11 Staff Recruitment and Selection . 15PDTR-12 Staff Training Program . 15PDTR-13 College Credit . 15PDTR-14 Family Support Staff Role . 15PDTR-15 Family Support Staff Qualifications . 16PDTR-16 Coach Role . 16PDTR-17 Coach Qualifications . 17PDTR-18 Health Advocate Role . 17Revised Date: June 7, 2021Early Learning Division Approved for Distribution by Name, Title

PDTR-19 Health Advocate Qualifications . 17PDTR-20 Health Consultant Role. 17PDTR-21 Health Consultant Qualifications . 17PDTR-22 Nutrition Consultant. 17PDTR-23 Nutrition Consultant Qualifications . 17PDTR-24 Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant Role . 18PDTR-25 Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant Qualifications . 18Environment . 18ENV-1 Indoor Space . 18ENV-2 Environment-Materials and Equipment. 18ENV-3 Environment-Inclusive Design. 18ENV-4 Square Footage Outdoor. 19ENV-5 Outdoor Safe Facilities . 19ENV-6 Playground Safety . 19ENV-7 Environments-Materials and Curriculum . 19ENV-8 Curriculum – Use of Media . 19ENV-9 Environment-Culturally Responsive Materials. 19ENV-10 Safety Requirements . 19ENV-11 Indoor Safe Facilities . 20ENV-12 Fire Safety. 20ENV-13 Meal and Snack Schedule. 20ENV-14 Daily Routine-Tooth brushing . 20ENV-15 Menu Planning . 20ENV-16 Individual Meal Plans . 20ENV-17 Food Service and Practices. 21ENV-18 Food Sanitation-Handwashing . 21ENV-19 Food Sanitation-Meal Preparation. 21ENV-20 Contagious Disease Prevention-Handwashing. 21ENV-21 Contagious Disease Prevention-Reporting . 21ENV-22 Contagious Disease Notification . 21ENV-23 Immunizations. 21ENV-24 Medications. 21ENV-25 Infectious Disease Prevention-Toilets and Sinks . 22ENV-26 Pets and Animals . 22ENV-27 First Aid Kit . 22ENV-28 Safe Facilities-Drinking Water . 22ENV-29 Safe Facilities-Animals, Pests and Plants. 22ENV-30 Food Safety Inspection . 22ENV-31 Daily Routine-Working Day and School Day . 22Interactions and Curriculum . 23IC-1 Inclusive Environments Policy . 23IC-2 Individual Care Plan . 23IC-3 Curriculum . 24IC-4 Curriculum Planning. 24IC-5 Adult-Child Interactions . 24IC-6 Curriculum – Developmentally Appropriate and Culturally Relevant . 24IC-7 Environment (Indoors and Outdoors)– Children’s Interest . 25IC-8 Curriculum – Nutrition and Physical Activity Planning . 25IC-9 Positive Climate . 25IC-10 Child Guidance Policy and Techniques . 25IC-11 Child Guidance – Prohibited Practices . 26IC-12 Child Guidance – Physical Restraint. 26Revised Date: June 7, 2021Early Learning Division Approved for Distribution by Name, Title

Overview – Expulsion . 26IC-13 No Expulsion . 26IC-14 Square Footage Indoor . 27IC-15 Classroom Ratio . 27IC-16 Daily Routine . 27Program Administration and Oversight. 28PAO-1 New Facilities . 28PAO-2 Waiver to ECEAP Standards . 28PAO-3 Variance to ECEAP Standards. 28PAO-4 Confidentiality. 28PAO-5 Child Abuse and Neglect Policy . 28PAO-6 Parent Notifications . 28PAO-7 Parent Handbook and Related Policies . 28PAO-8 Attendance. 29PAO-9 Confidential Record Securing and Disposal . 29PAO-10 Health Records . 29PAO-11 Parent Consent Forms . 30PAO-12 Child Restraint Documentation . 30PAO-13 Monitoring and Compliance . 30PAO-14 Program Monitoring Documents . 30PAO-15 Pesticide Notifications . 30PAO-16 Health Screening . 30PAO-17 Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance Documents . 30PAO-18 Human Resources Documents . 31PAO-19 Health and Safety Documents . 31PAO-20 Early Childhood Education Documents. 32PAO-21 Child Records . 32PAO-22 Disaster Plan, Policies and Procedures . 32PAO-23 Transportation . 32PAO-24 Transportation Records . 33PAO-25 No Expulsion Policy . 33PAO-26 Health and Safety Policies and Procedures . 33PAO-27 Required Postings . 33PAO-28 Service Delivery Plan . 34PAO-29 Community Partnerships . 34PAO-30 Health Advisory Committee . 34PAO-31 Parent Policy Council . 34PAO-32 Community Assessment. 35PAO-33 Self-Assessment of ECEAP Compliance . 35PAO-34 Parent and Community Complaints . 36PAO-35 Free-of-Charge . 36PAO-36 Subcontractors . 36Overview – Recruitment, Eligibility, and Enrollment . 36PAO-37 Child Recruitment . 36PAO-38 Eligibility for ECEAP Services . 37PAO-39 Additional Children Allowed for Enrollment . 37PAO-40 Eligibility for Working Day ECEAP . 37PAO-41 Verifying Eligibility . 38PAO-42 Authority to Enroll Child . 38PAO-43 Calculating Family Size . 39PAO-44 Whose Income to Count . 39PAO-45 Which Income to Count . 39Revised Date: June 7, 2021Early Learning Division Approved for Distribution by Name, Title

PAO-46 When a Child Lives in Two Households . 40PAO-47 Verifying Annual Income . 40PAO-48 Prioritization . 41PAO-49 Over-Income Slots. 41PAO-50 Waiting Lists . 41PAO-51 Availability for Enrollment . 42PAO-52 Maintaining Enrollment . 42PAO-53 Serving Non-ECEAP Children in the Same Classroom . 42PAO-54 Health and Safety Planning . 42PAO-55 Infectious Disease Prevention Policy and Procedure . 42PAO-56 Early Childhood Education Service Delivery . 43PAO-57 Curriculum – Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy . 43PAO-58 Documentation Requirements . 43PAO-59 Administrative Documents . 43PAO-60 Family Partnership Documents . 44PAO-61 Family Records . 44PAO-62 Continuous Improvement System . 44PAO-63 Continuous Quality Improvement Visit . 44PAO-64 Stewardship of ECEAP Funds . 45PAO-65 Non Traditional Remote Services Policy . 45Revised Date: June 7, 2021Early Learning Division Approved for Distribution by Name, Title

2021-22 ECEAP PERFORMANCE STANDARDSIntroduction to the 2021-22 ECEAP Performance StandardsThe Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) is Washington State’s pre-kindergarten program thatsupports children and families who are furthest from opportunity. ECEAP provides high-quality comprehensive servicesthat focus on the whole child. Children receive individualized, child-centered services including education, healthcoordination and family support services.The ECEAP Performance Standards explain the service delivery requirements of the Washington State Early ChildhoodEducation and Assistance Program (ECEAP). They serve as the basis for ECEAP program monitoring. Contractors mustcomply with the Performance Standards as part of their contract with the Department of Children Youth and Families.ECEAP Contractors must also comply with all applicable federal, state, tribal or local regulations.DCYF ECEAP commits to dismantling racism and building an equitable state-funded preschool system in Washington.Increasing our understanding of and capacity to address the deep-rooted impacts of bias and racism at every level is thehighest priority for our team. We embrace equity as a foundation of and driving force behind our work by listening toand learning from families, contractor staff and communities. Driven by this commitment, we develop and revisesystems, policies and practices, with the goal of eliminating disparities and transforming lives.The 2021-22 Standard

Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP). They serve as the basis for ECEAP program monitoring. Contractors must comply with the Performance Standards as part of their contract with the Department of Children Youth and Families. ECEAP Contractors must also comply with all applicable fede

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2018-19 ECEAP OUTCOMES REPORT The value of comprehensive services in ECEAP and similar programs goes beyond the impact on individual children. Economist and Nobel Prize recipient James Heckman makes a strong case that investing in comprehensive services for disadvantaged young children is in our national interest in his detailed . 2017 letter

Early Achievers and ECEAP Alignment Progression – Community Engagement Template Interactions and Curriculum Key: New requirement Federal or state requirement. 5 (1)An early learning provider must have and follow a written curriculum philosophy that describes the program of planned daily activities related to early childhood or child development.

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