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01Oracle ACE Programlogo guidelinesLast updated 08.07.20

Table of contentsIntroduction03Using the logo04Official color palette05Color and background usage06Minimum size07Clear space08Unacceptable usage09Copyright 2020, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracleand/or its affiliates. Other names maybe trademarks of their respective owners. 744420Oracle ACE Program logo guidelines

03IntroductionThe Oracle ACE program recognizes excellence in the global Oracletechnology and applications community. One becomes eligible bysharing IT knowledge and experience, and by meeting official criteria.The Oracle ACE logo gives qualified professionals a way to indicatetheir achievement. It may be used in various communications,including e-mail signatures, printed collateral, electronic messaging,business cards, and Web sites.The following guidelines have been created to assist you in using theOracle ACE logo. You may only use the logo in compliance with theserequirements. Use of the logo indicates your agreement to comply with theseguidelines. The Oracle ACE name and logo may be used only by theindividuals who have met the eligibility criteria and arerecognized as an Oracle ACE. The logo should not be used to promote a company or any otherentity except in direct and unambiguous connection to OracleACE program members.Oracle ACE Program logo guidelines

04Using the logoWebsiteThe Oracle ACE logo may be used on your personal Web page or blog as long as it isdirectly associated with your name and designated tier.Business cards and collateralThe Oracle ACE logo may be used on your personal business cards, on businesscards provided to you by your company, or personalized collateral, and otherpromotional materials ONLY if it is directly associated with your name anddesignated tier.Text references to the oracle ace programThe following designations may be used in reference to the program and to yourdesignated status: Oracle ACE Oracle ACE Director Oracle ACE Associate Oracle ACE AlumniWhere not to use the oracle ace logo The logo may not be used on products or on packaging. The logo may not appear on or in connection with any marketing materialsfor any individual other than the one who has earned Oracle ACE status.The logo may not appear on any company Web sites, even if the designated ACEprogram member is an employee of that company.Review and approval processThe designated ACE program member must agree to: Cooperate fully and provide Oracle with the right to review any relevantmaterials. Promptly make any changes required by Oracle to conform to these guidelines.Oracle ACE Program logo guidelines

05Official color paletteColor is one of the most effective elements for ensuring a clear andconsistent presentation of the Oracle Ace Program brand identityand is essential to maintaining a strong worldwide brand.The Oracle Ace Program color palette consists of Oracle Red, OracleBark, Oracle ACE Director Gold, and Oracle ACE Associate Grey.Consistent use of the official color palette is essential.Oracle RedPantone CPantone URGBCMYKHexPMS 3516 CPMS 3516 UR240 G76 B35C0 M86 Y100 K0C74634Oracle ACE Director GoldPantone CPantone URGBCMYKHexPMS 2009 CPMS 3514 UR250 G205 B98C0 M25 Y70 K0FACD62Oracle ACE Program logo guidelinesOracle BarkPantone CPantone URGBCMYKHexPMS 7533 CPMS 2322 UR65 G44 B25C36 M55 Y70 K75312D2AOracle ACE Associate GreyPantone CPantone URGBCMYKHexPMS Cool Grey 4R203 G206 B206C0 M0 Y0 K29CBCECE

06Color and background usageThe Oracle ACE Program logo is designed with Oracle Red and OracleBark. There are also single bark color, or black-and-white (one color)options for specific applications, such as budget print. The color logoon a white background is always preferred. Using the logo on blackor dark backgrounds is acceptable but not recommended. Mostimportantly, make sure the Oracle ACE Program logo is always legible.*Note: The black backgrounds displayed below are for stagingpurposes only, to illustrate how the Oracle ACE Program logo appearswhen placed on a black background, and are not part of the logo.2 colors (white background)1 color bark (white background)Black-and-white (white background)Reversed (black background)All logosOracle ACE Program logo guidelines

07Minimum sizeThe Oracle ACE Program logo should always be large enough to ensurelegibility. To ensure that the logo is prominent and readable at reducedsize, please observe the minimum size requirements in all media.The minimum size is measured by the width of the Oracle Signature, Inprinted materials, the Oracle Signature must be no less than 17.5mm or0.6965 inches in width. When displayed onscreen, the Oracle Signaturemust be no less than 57 pixels in width.17.5mm/0.6965 in. (print)57 pixels (on screen)Oracle ACE Program logo guidelines7mm (print)18 pixels (on screen)

08Clear spaceThe Oracle ACE Program logo should never compete visually with othergraphic elements. Use established minimum clear-space guidelines atall times.Clear space [x] is equal to the cap height of the O in the OracleSignature. That distance should be used to set off the logo bothhorizontally and vertically from other elements. Never use less than theminimum clear space. See clear space defined by x in the example.1/2 xOracle ACE Program logo guidelines

09Unacceptable usageDesign and usage standards ensure that the Oracle ACE Programlogo brand identity is instantly recognizable however and whereverit is used. You must follow brand guidelines carefully and avoidunauthorized variations such as those displayed below.Do not change the color ofthe logoDo not make a pattern outof the logoDo not choose a backgroundcolor that clashes with the colorof the logoDo not place the logo over fourcolor photography or illustrationthat impairs legibilityDo not stretch the logoDo not use the logo at an angle,it must always be displayedhorizontallyOracle ACE Program logo guidelines

The Oracle ACE name and logo may be used only by the individuals who have met the eligibility criteria and are recognized as an Oracle ACE. The logo should not be used to promote a company or any other entity except in direct and unambiguous connection to Oracle ACE program members. Introduction Oracle ACE Program logo guidelines

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