Chapter 460 Landscape Architecture Chapter 460 Landscape Architecture

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Landscape al460.06460.2ReferencesReferences460.07460.3Design ConsiderationsDesign Considerations460.08460.4Pedestrian Pavement/HardscapePedestrian460.09460.5 ing460.7LightingSite FurnishingsSignage and Information KiosksPublic ArtSite Furnishings460.01 General460.8Signage and Information Kiosks460.9PublicdiscussesArtThis chapterthe integration of landscape architecture at WSF terminalfacilities. Therecan be many approaches to the design of site landscape elements and460.1Generaltheir materials. Beyond meeting functional and code requirements and maintenanceThischapter discussesintegrationoftheylandscapearchitectureWSF it istheimportantthatintegratewith theatsurroundingcanbe manybuildings,approachesandto thedesignsite landscapeandtogethertheir ementselements,with gs, set an aesthetic tone and character for the terminal. Site landscape : pedestrian pavement/hardscape, landscaping (existing vegetation, soils,elements, together with the terminal buildings, set an aesthetic tone and character for the terminal.irrigation, and plantings), site lighting, and site furnishings. Exhibit 460-1 shows theSite landscape elements include: pedestrian pavement/hardscape, landscaping (existingEdmondssoils,FerryTerminal,was incorporatedintothesurroundingsof ,site lighting, andsitefurnishings.Exhibit460-1city park.MakingFerryuse ofexistingwhichlandscapingand nativeis a low ofcostshowsthe EdmondsTerminal,was incorporatedintofeaturesthe surroundingsan nalsmoreaestheticallypleasingtocity park. Making use of existing landscaping and native features is a low cost and lowthe public.method to make the ferry terminals more aesthetically pleasing to the public.maintenanceEdmonds TerminalTerminal dingLandscapeLandscapeEdmondsExhibit460-1Exhibit 460-1Consider the following goals in landscape design: Providing safe, inviting, accessible routes to and through the site by both vehicular Providingsafe, inviting,and pedestriantraffic.accessible routes to and through the site by both vehicular andpedestrian traffic. Enhancing views of the terminal from various vantage points. Providing low maintenance, high durability materials, furnishings and plantings.Consider the following goals in landscape design:Terminal Design Manual M 3082June 2012WSF Terminal Design Manual M 3082.05April 2016Page 460-1Page 460-1

Landscape ArchitectureChapter 460 Providing function within the terminal in the form of lighting and site furnishings. Protecting the environment through reduction of impervious area, habitatenhancement, stormwater treatment, erosion control, etc. Connecting the terminal to the surrounding community. For additional information,see the following essibilityEnvironmental ConsiderationsCivilPublic ArtParkingSite UtilitiesSignage and WayfindingSustainability/Low Impact Development460.02 ReferencesUnless otherwise noted, any code, standard, or other publication referenced hereinrefers to the latest edition of said document.(1)Federal/State Laws and CodesInternational Building Code (IBC), International Code Council(2)Design Guidance28 CFR Part 35 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in State and LocalGovernment ServicesDesign Manual M 22-01RCW 43.17.200 Allocation of moneys for acquisition of works of art – Expenditures byarts commission - ConditionsRoadside Classification Plan M 25-31Roadside Manual M 25-30Standard Plans M 21-01Standard Specifications M 41-10460.03 Design Considerations(1)AccessibilityWherever pedestrian facilities are intended to be a part of a transportation facility,28 CFR Part 35 requires that those pedestrian facilities meet ADA guidelines. Federalregulations require that all new construction, reconstruction, or alteration of existingtransportation facilities be designed and constructed to be accessible and useable bythose with disabilities and that existing facilities be retrofitted to be accessible. Designpedestrian facilities to accommodate all types of pedestrians, including children,adults, the elderly, and persons with mobility, sensory, or cognitive disabilities. Referto Chapter 300 for accessibility requirements.Page 460-2WSF Terminal Design Manual M 3082.05April 2016

Chapter 460(2)Landscape ArchitectureEnvironmental ConsiderationsChapterChapter460 460LandscapeArchitectureArchitectureRefer to Chapter 320 for general environmental requirements and designLandscapeguidance.Refer to the project NEPA/SEPA documentation for project-specific environmentaland constructedand constructedto accessibleto be accessibleand useableand useableby thoseby withthosedisabilitieswith disabilitiesand thatandexistingthat existingfacilitiesfacilitiesimpactsand460.04(1)be retrofittedbe retrofittedto be be iesfacilitiesto accommodateto accommodateall typesall oftypes en,children,adults,adults,the elderly,the elderly,and personsand personswith mobility,with ies.Refer Referto ChapterChapter300 for300accessibilityfor accessibilityrequirements.requirements.General(2) rationsProvide pedestrian pavements throughout the site that is safe, slip resistant, andRefer Referto Chapterto Chapter320 for320generalfor rementsand designand designguidance.guidance.Refer Referto the to theaccessible. Design pedestrian pavements using guidance in the Roadside ndocumentationfor project-specificfor mpactsand mitigation.and mitigation.M 25-30, the Design Manual M 22-01, and the Standard Plans M 21-01. Additionally,designsurfacesPavementto complywithADAstandards. Refer to Chapter t/ Hardscape:/ Hardscape:for guidelines.(1) (1)GeneralGeneralConsider the use of pervious pavement to reduce stormwater runoff. Refer entsthroughoutthroughoutthe ant,slip resistant,and accessible.and ntsusing usingguidanceguidancein theinRoadsidethe RoadsideManualManual, the Design, the DesignManualManual,,Whereinplaceconcreteis specifiedin pedestrianareas,ensurethatand ly,. cessurfacesto complyto complywithconcrete,ADAwith ADAreinforcement,scoringandforjointingcomply with WSDOT and ADA standards. Referstandards.standards.Refer Referto Chapterto Chapter300300guidelines.for the Design Manual Section 1510.05 for additional guidance.(2)ConsiderConsiderthe usetheofuseperviousof perviouspavementpavementto reduceto reducestormwaterstormwaterrunoff.runoff.Refer Referto Chapterto Chapter580 for580 forinformationinformationon perviouson trypavementPlazasPedestrianpavementmaterialsandin theareas,terminalplazasserveto setWhereWherecast incastplacein concreteplace concreteis specifiedis specifiedin patterningpedestrianin pedestrianareas,ensureensurethat entryconcrete,that gandjointingand d ADAstandards.standards.ReferReferto the toWSDOTthespaceWSDOTDesignDesignthevocabularyof therest oftheWSDOTsite’sCreatea estrianFacilityFacilityDesignfor e.Provide the highest level ofintricacy in pavement materials and patterning immediate to entries to help distinguish(2) lazasPlazasthem from and, in conjunction with plantings and site furnishings, support their pavementpavementmaterialsmaterialsand patterningandpatterningin the interminaltheentry plazasentryplazasserveintoserveset theto set tothevocabularyvocabularyof theofresttheofrestthe andofsite’’s pavement.CreateCreatea communitya communityspaceasspacethroughusetheofusecolorof lthroughasthesiteamenities.and scoringand scoringaspavementpatternsas patternsininthehardscape.the hardscape.ProvideProvidethe highestthe highestlevel oflevelintricacyof intricacyin pavementin ningand patterningimmediateimmediateto entriesto entriesto helptodistinguishhelp distinguishthem fromthemand,frominand,conjunctionin s neededfor WSForemergencywith ification.identification.DesignDesignthe use of removable bollards. Design removablescoringscoringand jointingand jointingpatternspatternsin responsein responseto adjacentto adjacentarchitecturearchitectureand anticipatedand rds in accordance with the Standard Plans M 21-01 and the WSDOT Designflows flowsas amenities.DesignDesignpavementpavementin the interminalthe terminalpedestrianpedestrianentry plazasentry plazasfor forManual M bitExhibit460-2460-2WSF Terminal Design Manual M 3082.05April 2016TerminalTerminalDesignDesignManualManualM 3082M 3082Page 460-3Page 460-3Page 460-3

Landscape ArchitectureLandscape Architecture(3)Chapter 460Chapter 460occasional vehicle access, where applicable. Where vehicular access is needed for WSF oremergencyand servicevehicles,the useof removableVehicleHolding,Parking,and considerCurbsideDrop-offAreasbollards. Design removablebollards in accordance with the WSDOT Standard Plans and the WSDOT Design Manual.In areas where vehicles will be in close proximity to pedestrians - such as vehicleholding,parking,and curbsidedrop-off- use sCurbsideDrop-offAreas or patterning toclearly indicate the hierarchy of pedestrian and vehicular spaces. Demarcate pedestrianIn areas where vehicles will be in close proximity to pedestrians - such as vehicle holding,only zones and designated pedestrian crossing zones. Provide well

Chapter 460 Landscape Architecture 460.01 General 460.02 References 460.03 Design Considerations 460.04 Pedestrian Pavement/Hardscape 460.05 Landscaping 460.06 Lighting 460.07 Site Furnishings 460.08 Signage and Information Kiosks 460.09 Public Art 460.01 General This chapter discusses the integration of landscape architecture at WSF terminal

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14 CFR Part 460 . Commercial Space . Human Space Flight -Checklist . Transportation . Purpose of Checklist . Checklist Sections . Other Tools . The following checklist is for the use of an applicant proposing to conduct . 460.7, 460.11, 460.13, 460.15, 460.17 460.51, aud 460.53. 431.8 ;

1.460-1 Long-term contracts. 1.460-2 Long-term manufacturing contracts. 1.460-3 Long-term construction contracts. 1.460-4 Methods of accounting for long-term contracts. 1.460-5 Cost allocation rules. 1.460-6 Look-back method. TAXABLE YEAR FOR WHICH DEDUCTIONS TAKEN 1.461-0 Table of contents. 1.461-1 General rule for taxable year .

1.460-1 Long-term contracts. 1.460-2 Long-term manufacturing contracts. 1.460-3 Long-term construction contracts. 1.460-4 Methods of accounting for long-term contracts. 1.460-5 Cost allocation rules. 1.460-6 Look-back method. TAXABLE YEAR FOR WHICH DEDUCTIONS TAKEN 1.461-0 Table of contents. 1.461-1 General rule for taxable year .

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of Landscape Architecture curriculum; phase-out of landscape architecture courses is initiated with the 1993-1994 academic year. July 1994 The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture curriculum is accredited for a normal five-year period. January 1995 The Master of Landscape Architecture Program is moved to a former

Landscape architecture is of great importance from the creation of livable cities, urban quality and urban landscape point of view. In this paper, missions and visions of urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture, architecture and the interrelating role of landscape architecture will be mentioned.

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